She was hailed by Glamour magazine as "the queen of chick lit literati," and now Jane Green's taken another step along that royal road. Her latest opus,

To Have and to Hold, is the first of her six novels to hit the national hardcover charts (the trade paper editions of her last three titles racked up a combined 12-week tenure on PW's list). Broadway Books noted that, before becoming a chick lit hit, this British author worked in London as a journalist for many years, "with occasional forays into PR for film, television and the odd celebrity." According to publicity manager Heather Maguire, Broadway's marketing campaign includes numerous luncheons, dinners and "meet and greets" for booksellers in Green's tour cities—San Francisco; Chicago; New York; Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; and Fairfield County, Conn. She's on the road until June 11 and is set for a Today gig on July 2. Copies in print: 85,000.