P.A. Hutchinson, a book-manufacturing firm based in Mayfield, Pa., has completed a two-year, $2.7-million expansion of its printing facilities that includes a larger physical plant, new equipment (including print-on-demand technology) and round-the-clock operations.

Chris Hutchinson, president of Hutchinson, said the expansion will allow the firm to "market our printing capabilities to the world's largest book publishers." Hutchinson said the expansion added 22,000 square feet to the company's plant, enlarging it to 100,000 square feet. The firm has also added 15 employees, boosting its staff to 120.

Hutchinson told PW the firm generated $13 million in revenue in 2003 and projects $15 million to $16 million this year. "We saw a 12% increase in sales last year and a 20% increase this year," he said. Hutchinson's clients include Aspen Publishers, Prometheus, IBM (manuals) and a number of Thomson companies.

Although concerned about the possible effect on U.S. printers of a recent court ruling in favor of On Demand Machine Corp.'s claim of infringement on a patent for on-demand digital printing, Hutchinson nevertheless said that print-on-demand is "a growing part of the business. We were an offset printer only, but we saw the need and it's become very important for backlist publishing."