Featured:Bringing Tuscany Home by Frances Mayes; The Family by Kitty Kelley; The Illustrated Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown; Blue Ribbon Day by Katie Couric. Giveaways:The Virtues of War by Steven Pressfield; Too Beautiful for You by Rod Liddle; How I Paid for College by Marc Acito. Booth: 2231.


Featured:Illustrated Guide to Jewelry Appraising, 3rd Edition: Antique, Period, Modern by Anna M. Miller.

Discounts: 50%.

Booth: 1015.


Featured:The Weekend Millionaire's Secrets to Investing in Real Estate by Mike Summey and Roger Dawson; The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller with Dave Jenks and Jay Papasan; The Ultimate New York Body Plan by David Kirsch; You Play to Win the Game by Herman Edwards with Shelly Smith; World Out of Balance by Paul Laudicina; Shine by Larry Thompson; McGraw-Hill's SAT I by Christopher Black and Mark Anestis; McGraw-Hill's SAT 2400! by Laurie Rozakis; Sarah Laughed by Vanessa Ochs; My Personal Best by John Wooden with Steve Jamison; The Show by Roland Lazenby.

Giveaways: McGraw-Hill fitness gear.

Drawings: raffles for a digital camera and Doom 3 poster.

Booths: 701. 801.


Specializes in prepress and printing services of children's and adult trade books.

Featured: Illustrated books, plush toys and cards.

Booth: 1862.


Featured:Research Design, 2nd Ed. by John Creswell; Leadership, 3rd Ed. by Peter Northouse; Encyclopedia of Murder & Violent Crime by Eric Hickey; The McDonaldization of Society, Revised New Century Edition by George Ritzer; When Teams Work Best by Frank Lafasto; Handbook of Qualitative Research, 2nd Ed. by Norman Denzin and Yvonna Lincoln; Differentiated Instructional Strategies by Ed Gayle H. Gregory and Carolyn Chapman; The Moral Imperative of School Leadership by Michael Fullan; How the Brain Learns, 2nd Ed. by David A. Sousa; What Every Teacher Should Know, The 10 Book Collection by Donna Walker Tileston.

Booth: 4237.


Children's educational book publisher recently purchased by and exhibiting with Ideals Publications.

Discounts: 50%, free freight.

Booth: 636.