Zondervan and Doubleday Religious Group both made "significantly large" deals last week—both, coincidentally, four-book ones. Zondervan signed for four books from

Anne Graham Lotz, who is the daughter of preacher Billy Graham and heads her own AnGel Ministries. The preacher/author, formerly published by Word, signed the new deal for four books on Old Testament themes, by way of agent

Rick Christian of Alive Communications. At Doubleday,

Michelle Rapkin signed with

Steve Waldman at the nondenominational Web site Beliefnet.com to put together a series of books on religious topics, to be called

Beliefnet Guides. The North American and book club deal was signed with agent

Rafe Sagalyn, and the first guides, to evangelical Christianity and the Kabbalah, will be out next spring.

Andrew Corbin will edit the books, which were the result of brainstorming among publisher, agent and Waldman.