Author Whitley Strieber had a huge hit 20 years ago with Communion, his nonfiction account of being abducted by aliens, and is currently back in the spotlight as the author of The Coming Global Superstorm, one of the sources for the current big disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow. He has always written as a novelist too, however, and his latest sale, at auction last week, is of a major novel based on his recollections of the aliens he says abducted him, and who, he believes, are still among us. The Grays is described as an epic story of a struggle for control of our planet between the enigmatic space visitors and earth's inhabitants; it was sold at auction by agent Russ Galen at Scovil Chichak Galen. The winner was Bob Gleason at Tor/Forge, with a major offer for North American rights, who plans to publish in fall next year. Danny Baror is handling foreign rights.