"Initially a teacher contacted me," said Lori Squires, owner of B Is for Books in Bolton, Conn., explaining how she got into the Book Buck business and started offering $1 off coupons for books in her store. "She and three other third-grade teachers bought Book Bucks to give out as incentives to children in their class," said Squires, who designed the coupons on an Excel spreadsheet so that she could track them when they were redeemed. "It was really beneficial for us to give them away," she said. "We got new people into the store, because they had a Buck to spend." It's been so successful that Squires is now working with the PTA on a program where B Is for Books donates a Book Buck for every one that the PTA buys. In exchange, the PTA is promoting B Is for Books's regular gift certificates as an end-of-the-year gift for parents to buy for teachers.