Within the last three months, Red Wheel/Weiser Conari has acquired two small publishers and added a new distribution client.

Red Wheel's most recent deal was the purchase of Phanes Press, a publisher of 52 books that deal with the spiritual, philosophical and cultural traditions of the Western world. Bonni Hamilton, Red Wheel's publicity director, said that as the Phanes titles are reprinted they will appear as Weiser Books. Among Phanes bestselling titles are Awakening Osiris and The Pythagorean Sourcebook. A paperback edition of the Pagan Dream of the Renaissance by Joscelyn Godwin is planned for later this year. Godwin is the translator of the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, the book that is the focus of The Rule of Four.

Earlier this year, Red Wheel acquired Belle Tress Books. Founded by author Samara Anjelae, Belle Tress has published five books, including three children's titles. Hamilton said that Red Wheel's immediate plan is to keep publishing the titles under the Belle Tress name.

The new addition to Red Wheel's distribution roster is Moment Point Press. Previously distributed by the bankrupt Words, Moment Point has a backlist of 18 titles.