A book its author says he wants to be more true to the life of the late Marlon Brando than was the star's own autobiography has been signed for HarperEntertainment by executive editor Maureen O'Brien. The author is George Englund, who for nearly 50 years was a close friend, confidante and advisor to the actor, and who produced and directed his 1963 movie The Ugly American. Englund, who signed for world rights directly with the editor, said, "There has not been a book, I felt, including his autobiography, for which I was the agent, that pictured Marlon as he is. I felt that after our years of close friendship I could attempt to write the book he deserved." He said he had known for some time that the 80-year-old actor's last illness would be fatal, and was with him only 24 hours before he died last week. The book will be published this fall.