Viking/Plume president Clare Ferraro, who says she is a fan of bestselling British women's author

Jane Green, herself paid a healthy advance, reportedly into seven figures, to lure her, for three books, from Broadway, where she was previously published. Ferraro bought U.S., first serial and audio rights from

Deborah Schneider at Gelfman Schneider, representing Green's U.K. agent;

Trena Keating will edit, and the first of the new titles, out next spring, will be

The Other Woman.... A diet prepared for the director of the hit documentary Super Size Meto detoxify him and lower his weight after he had been eating solely at McDonald's for a month for the movie, was bought for Rodale by

Margot Schupf. It's called

The Great American Detox Diet and was expanded by holistic health counselor

Alex Jamieson from the plan she gave director

Morgan Spurlock (who's also her boyfriend).North American rights were bought from agent

Elyse Cheney at Sanford Greenburger.... Atria publisher

Judith Curr re-upped for another pair of legal thrillers about popular D.A. Butch Karp by

Robert K. Tanenbaum. It was a world English deal, for

Wendy Walker to edit, with Pocket paperbacks to follow. Agent

Robert DiForio made the deal.... What is claimed as the first definitive account of the high school killings at Columbine was bought for Dutton by

Mitch Hoffman. It's called

A Lasting Impression on the World, and author

Dave Cullen of has spent five years of research on it, including a first use of recently released FBI reports profiling the young killers. Hoffman won the book at an auction run by

Betsy Lerner of The Gernert Company.... An unusual literary history, tracing how thrillers have become America's favorite form of fiction in recent decades, was bought for Random House by

Mark Tavani. It's called

The Triumph of the Thriller and the author, who has written thrillers himself, is former speechwriter and now book reviewer

Patrick Anderson. The book was bought for world rights from agent

Ronald Goldfarb.

Hot Deals will be on vacation next week.