Books on Tape, the Southern California—based audiobook division of Random House that primarily services library, school and mail-order customers, is experiencing a growth spurt. As of August 9, BOT has a brand-spanking-new studio space. "We have outgrown the current location and have built six new studios to replace the existing three," said executive producer Dan Musselman. "The expansion represents BOT's rapidly growing library business and a commitment to deliver a quality, timely product," he added. "The timing of this move is perfect, as we find ourselves producing over 300 titles annually." Musselman, who has worked in the audio industry for nearly 30 years, will oversee the 7,100-square-foot recording facility in Woodland Hills, Calif.

According to Amanda D'Acierno, director of publicity for Random House Audio, the new digs are state-of-the-art, containing six fully digital studios that feature a combination of drywall, sound-deadening board and fiberglass insulation that is said to create a "flawless recording environment." In addition to the main attraction—the studios—the new location boasts "elegant waiting areas, restoration and re-recording facilities and an editing center," said D'Acierno. Actor/narrator Scott Brick helped break things in on August 9, by taking the mic and beginning his work on Black Wind by Clive Cussler.