October Publications

Fans of Robert A. Heinlein (1907—1988) will welcome the reissue of the SF author's 1963 fantasy adventure, Glory Road. In his 1979 afterword, Samuel R. Delaney succinctly surveys Heinlein's writing career. Agent, Eleanor Wood at the Spectrum Literary Agency.(Tor, $24.95 320p ISBN 0-765-31221-2)

Jonathan Carroll aficionados won't want to miss the repackaging of his 1989 novel, Sleeping in Flame, with new artwork by Dave McKean. What starts as a love story in Vienna takes some fantastical twists. Agent, Richard Parks Agency.(Orb, $13.95 paper 304p ISBN 0-765-31186-0)

The Twilight Zones Scripts of Charles Beaumont: Volume One, edited by Roger Anker, features nine screenplays from the classic TV show ("The Howling Man," etc.), with extensive commentary on each selection. Richard Matheson provides a foreword. (Gauntlet [www.gauntletpress.com], $66 440p ISBN 1-887369-73-6)

The Best of Xero, edited by Pat and Dick Lupoff, includes contributions to the couple's Hugo Award—winning fanzine from such notable genre writers as Harlan Ellison, James Blish and Frederik Pohl. In his introduction, film critic Roger Ebert tells how he became involved in SF fandom. Agent, Scovil, Chichak, Galen.(Tachyon [www.tachyonpublications.com], $29.95 272p ISBN 1-892391-11-2)

September Publications

Hugo-nominee Eileen Gunn's collection, Stable Strategies and Others, showcases tales with fresh, unusual perspectives on ordinary life, including "Stable Strategies for Middle Management," based on the author's experiences as advertising director at Microsoft Corporation. William Gibson provides a foreword. Agent, Linn Prentiss.(Tachyon [www.tachyonpublications.com], $14.95 paper 224p ISBN 1-892391-18-X)

In his lively survey, The Evolution of the Weird Tale, S.T. Joshi, renowned critic of the macabre, assesses with his usual pungency a number of Golden Age American and English authors, H.P. Lovecraft and three of his disciples (including Frank Belknap Long), and such contemporary writers as David J. Schow and Poppy Z. Brite. (Hippocampus [www.hippocampuspress.com], $15 paper 216p ISBN 0-9748789-2-8)