Though this week's second fiction newbie, Sammy's Hill, is a debut novel, its author is hardly a stranger to writing. Kristin Gore, the second oldest daughter of Al and Tipper, has written for several television shows during the past five years, including Saturday Night Live and Futurama. She wrote for the Harvard Lampoon while at Harvard and will soon be practicing her craft in another medium—her novel has been sold to Columbia Pictures, with Gore signed to do the screenplay. Sammy's Hill, which is set—surprise—in and around our nation's capital, was published by Miramax with a 100,000-copy printing. Gore's coast-to-coast tour kicked off in New York City on September 8 and concludes on November 13 at the Miami International Book Fair. Media hits have included Today, The View, Entertainment Tonight, CNN's American Morning, The Early Show, Deborah Norville, etc.