A-LIST (dist. by IPG)

Graphics Programming with GDI+ & DirectX (Nov., $39.95) by Alex Polyakov and Vitaly Brusentsev looks at promising innovations in graphics technologies.

Hacker Debugging Uncovered (Feb., $44.95) by Kris Kaspersky offers tips for using debuggers such as NuMega SoftIce, Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger and Microsoft Kernel Debugger.


Building Your eBay Traffic the Smart Way: Use Froogle, Datafeeds, Cross-Selling, Advanced Listing Strategies, and More to Boost Your Sales on the Web's #1 Auction Site (Jan., $17.95) by Joseph Sinclair reveals new strategies for reaching online shoppers who are regulars on shopping-oriented search engines like Yahoo! Shopping, Amazon and Google's Froogle.


Deploying OpenLDAP (Oct., $44.99) by Tom Jackiewicz delves into the logic and fundamentals of directories, focusing on open standards.

Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL E-Commerce: From Novice to Professional (Nov., $49.99) by Cristian Darie, Mihai Bucica and Emilian Balanescu is geared for intermediate PHP 5 and MySQL developers, and programmers familiar with Web development technologies.

PHP 5 Objects, Patterns, Practice (Nov., $39.99) by Matt Zandstraexplores object-oriented programming in PHP 5's latest and most powerful version.

Foundations of Oracle SQL (Jan., $34.99) by Lex de Haan explains Oracle SQL fundamentals in detail with real-world examples.

Hardening Linux (Feb., $39.99) by James Turnbullcovers topics such as the security of mail, Web and file servers.


Dreamweaver MX 2004 Design Projects (Nov., $39.99) by Rachel Andrew, Christopher Schmitt , Allan Kent and Craig Grannelloffers four real-world case-study Web sites featuring a common archetype for each, taken from inception to completion.

The Web Designer's Reference: An Integrated Approach to Web Design with XHTML and CSS (Nov., $39.99) by Craig Grannell provides an accessible, integrated reference using XHTML, CSS and presentation-oriented JavaScript.

Extreme Photoshop CS (Dec., $39.99) by Matt Kloskowskicovers popular styles and techniques in professional Photoshop design and illustration with step-by-step tutorials and in-depth explanations.


How Companies Buy Software: Leading CTOs and Technology Executives on What They Look for When Buying Software (Sept., $99.95) by Aspatore Books staff. Top CTOs discuss all the factors.

Software Leadership Strategies: CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CMOs and Other Top Executives on the Most Commonly Faced Problems and Opportunities, and Specific Strategies for Dealing with Them (Nov., $99.95) by Aspatore Books staff. Leading software executives speculate on industry trends and recommend leadership strategies.


Maximizing ROI on Software Development (Sept. $79.95) by Vijay Sikka addresses technical and business aspects of software QA and testing.

Outsourcing Offshore Software Development: Making It Work (Oct., $79.95) by Tandy Gold covers the financial growth of the offshore development industry, and explains how to choose and manage vendors, control risk and manage employees.

Database and Applications Security: Integrating Information Security and Data Management (Feb., $79.95) by Bhavani Thuraisingham provides an overview of the technology, including emerging applications such as bioinformatics, stream information processing and peer-to-peer computing.


Look Mom! I Built My Own Web Site (Feb., $16.95) by Zohar Amihud guides readers through creating and hosting a personal Web site.


Computer Science Made Simple: Learn How Hardware and Software Work—and How to Make Them Work for You (Jan., $12.95) by V. Anton Spraul explains programming and software development, networks, computer graphics and more.


Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects, Third Edition, Volume 1: The Essentials (Sept., $59.95 with DVD) by Trishand Chris Meyer explains how to use After Effects 6.5's keyframe animation, masking, mattes and plug-in effects.

Creating Killer Titles with Final Cut Pro: Using LiveType and Calligraphy (Oct., $54.95 with DVD) by Philip Hodgettsteaches how to create titles with the integrated use of Final Cut Pro.

Designing DVD Menus (Nov., $44.95) byMichael Burns and George Cairnsanalyzes an array of projects to demonstrate the use of animation, picture-within-a-picture, background movie clips and audio and imaging effects when creating titles, menu screens, transitions and interactive features.

COLLINS & BROWN (dist. by Sterling)

Digital Manipulation Basics (Oct., $12.95) by Les Meehan explains how to use commonly available computer software to improve and enhance digital photos.


Troubleshoot Your PC with Jean Andrews: A Pocket Guide (Oct., $9.99) byJean Andrews answers questions involving common PC problems.

When Pancakes Go Bad: Optical Delusions with Adobe Photoshop (Oct., $29.99) byAvi Muchnick and the Worth1000.com. Have fun with photos by rendering characters invisible while leaving their clothes untouched or combining animal parts to create goofy characters.


The Practical Handbook of Internet Computing (Sept., $139.95) by Munidar P. Singh analyzes a broad array of technologies and concerns related to the Internet, including corporate intranets.

Distributed Sensor Networks (Oct., $139.95) by S. Sitharama Iyengar and Richard R. Brooks introduces a new way to collect and process data.

Speculative Execution in High Performance Computer Architectures (Feb., $99.95) by David Kaeli and Pen-Chung Yew describes some of the speculative execution techniques used to overcome performance problems in computer architectures.


Tony Redmond's Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with SPI (Oct., $59.95) by Tony Redmond covers implementation, migration and management issues for Exchange.


Innovation Happens Elsewhere: Open Source as Business Strategy (Oct., $49.95) by Ron Goldman and Richard P. Gabriel discusses the authors' experiences building a creative community outside of their organization and lessons they learned.

Network Algorithmics: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Designing Fast Networked Devices (Nov., $59.95) by George Varghese explains the protocols in order to understand the fundamentals of network infrastructure.

Content Networking: Architecture, Protocols, and Practice (Feb., $54.95) by Markus Hofmann and Lee Beaumon explains how to make content available on the Web and describes basic concepts and principles.


Measuring Up: The Business Case for GIS (Sept., $24.95) by Christopher Thomas and Milton Ospina offers case studies on how companies and government agencies that have implemented geographic information systems (GIS) have met business goals.

Designing Better Maps: A Guide for GIS Users (Feb., $24.95) by Cynthia A. Brewer focuses on effective layouts, type and color.


The Digital Designer's Bible: The Print and Web Designers' Toolkit for Stress-Free Working Practice (Oct., $35) by Alistair Dabbs and Alastair Campbell looks to achieve the best results from software while avoiding errors. 25,000 first printing.

The Complete Guide to Digital Color: Creative Use of Color in Digital Arts (Oct., $29.95) by Chris Linford covers all aspects of using color in digital design. 25,000 first printing.


On Intelligence (Oct., $25 cloth) by Jeff Hawkins with Sandra Blakeslee. The founder of Palm Computing and Handspring offers his theory on the differences between how the human brain and computers work, and speculates on the future of intelligent machines. Advertising.


Link 'Em Up on Outlook (Sept., $19.95) by Stephen Link covers installation, customization, features, as well as digital certificates, programming and troubleshooting.

The Spreadsheet at 25: The Evolution of the Invention that Changed the World (Dec., $25), edited by Bill Jelen, looks at the evolution of the spreadsheet from the 1979 invention of VisiCalc to the present.

IDEA GROUP (dist. by IPG)

The 2nd Digital Revolution (Feb., $39.95) by Stephen J. Andriole posits that one must think simultaneously about business and technology in an integrated plan for future success.


Best Technology Practices in Higher Education (Jan., $39.50 cloth) by Les Lloyd covers information and recommendations on projects for the classroom or institution.


Explorer's Guide to Open Source Java Tools (Oct., $39.95; $20 e-book) by Michael P. Nash helps to determine if open-source Java projects address programming needs.

Manager's Guide to Open Source (Nov., $39.95; $20 e-book)by Maria Winslow looks to achieve cost savings, increase reliability and security, decrease reliance on sole vendors and reduce software audit liabilities with Linux.

Subversion in Action (Nov., $39.95; $20 e-book) by Jeffrey Machols assists developers in streamlining development and code management process with Subversion commands.

MC PRESS (dist. by IPG)

IBM WebSphere Application Server-Express: Step by Step (Sept., $49.95) by Sue Kelling and Marilyn Dukart includes information on installation, configuration, management and deployment of IBM's new WebSphere Application Server-Express.

WebSphere Development Studio Client: Step by Step (Nov., $74.95) by Joe Pluta takes programmers through an integrated example that includes building a Web site, adding content, attaching to an iSeries program and deploying to a WebSphere Application Server.


Programming Portlets (Nov., $59.95) by Ron Lynn, Joey Bernal and Peter Blinstrubas teaches developers skills, from writing new portlets to rendering one with a JSP.

The Business Case for On Demand Computing (Feb., $49.95) by Keith Rutledge and Kris Neely explains 21st-century on-demand business computing and how to transform an existing business information practice to an on-demand model.


Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out, Second Edition (Oct., $44.99 with CD) by Ed Bott, Carl Siechert and Craig Stinson gives the latest information to reach PC mastery.

Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for Developers (Sept., $29.99) by Sean Campbell, Scott Swigart et al. introduces features and benefits of the next version of Visual Studio .NET.

Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Step by Step (Nov., $29.99 with CD) by Olga Londer provides lessons and hands-on exercises covering topics such as finding information on SharePoint sites; creating and managing sites; sharing documents and more.

Take Back Your Life!: Using Microsoft Outlook to Get Organized and Stay Organized (Sept., $19.99) by Sally McGhee identifies proven time-management and productivity techniques for handling incoming information.


Murach's Beginning Java 5.0 (Dec., $49.50) by Joel Murach, Doug Lowe and Andrea Steelman. This second edition trains entry-level Java developers in 20 chapters.


Breakthrough: Stories and Strategies of Radical Innovation (Oct., $29.95 cloth) by Mark Stefik and Barbara Stefik analyzes how innovation happens via stories by technology inventors and managers.

Digital Nation: Toward an Inclusive Information Society (Nov., $27.95 cloth) by Anthony G. Wilhelm discusses how to build a more inclusive information society.

Paying with Plastic: The Digital Revolution in Borrowing and Buying (Jan., $24.95) by David S. Evans and Richard Schmalensee. This second edition sourcebook on the credit-card industry looks at cardholder rewards, merchant fees and card acceptance.

NO STARCH PRESS (dist. by O'Reilly)

Steal This File Sharing Book: What They Won't Tell You About File Sharing (Sept., $19.95) by Wallace Wang shows how to use the file-sharing networks of Kazaa, Morpheus and Usenet wisely.

Computer Security for Non-Geeks: What You Need to Know to Secure Your Computer or Network (Dec., $29.95) by Tony Bradley identifies the risks of computing on the Internet.

Silence on the Wire: A Field Guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect Attacks (Oct., $49.95) by Michal Zalewski dissects security and privacy problems associated with everyday computing and shows how to defend systems.


Spam Kings: The Race to Stop Spam from Destroying the Internet (Sept., $22.95) by Brian McWilliams exposes the shadowy world of junk e-mail and those responsible for it.

Office 2004 for Macintosh: The Missing Manual (Oct., $29.95) by Nan Barber, Tonya Engst and David Reynolds offers power-user techniques and detailed coverage of what's new (and removed) in Office 2004.

iPod & iTunes Hacks (Oct., $24.95) by Hadley Stern explains how to get the most out of an iPod with 100 tips and tricks.

Home Hacking Projects for Geeks (Dec., $29.95) by Eric Faulkner and Tony Northrup presents 13 projects that include automating light switches, building home theaters using Windows or Linux-based PCs, and setting up home security systems.


Julie King's Everyday Photoshop Elements (Sept., $29.99) by Julie King shares tips on how to achieve professional results with digital and scanned images.

Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet (Sept., $19.99) by Simon Johnson looks to educate parents about the dangers to their children and suggests ways to protect them.

Windows XP Answers from the Xperts (Oct., $24.99) by Jim Boyce and Deb Shinder gives advice on upgrading, maintaining and troubleshooting Windows XP.

Google Power: Unleash the Full Potential of Google (Nov., $24.99) by Chris Sherman explains how to extract the best content from Google without having to learn complicated code.


eBay Powerseller Secrets (Sept., $24.99) by Brad Schepp and Debra Schepp reveals how an elite group of power sellers is able to achieve record sales and provide superior customer service.


How to Do Everything with Musicmatch (Sept., $24.99) by Rick Broida and Denny Atkin includes how to digitize a music library, rip and burn CDs, tune in Internet radio, share files and purchase songs online, create custom playlists and more.


Microsoft Office Word QuickSteps (Oct., $16.99) by Marty Matthews is geared for beginning to intermediate users.

PC Upgrading and Troubleshooting QuickSteps (Jan., $16.99) by Kirk Steers gives easy solutions for common PC problems.


Citrix Metaframe Access Suite Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide (Sept., $59.99) by Steve Kaplan and Tim Reeser provides detailed and advanced configuration information for all Access Suite components.


Home Networking Demystified (Dec., $19.95) by Larry Long eliminates the anxiety of building or expanding a home network.


Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics (Oct., $49.99) by Chris Davis, Aaron Philipp and David Cowen provides the necessary tools and knowledge to render forensics that will stand up in court.


Hardening Network Security (Oct., $39.99) by John Mallery et al. shows how to protect against known and unknown vulnerabilities in networking environments involving multiple platforms and applications.


Sun Certified Web Component Developer Study Guide (Exam 310-080) (Nov., $59.99) by David Bridgewater covers both certification objectives and knowledge to perform real-world development.


Portable DBA: Oracle (Sept., $29.99) by Robert Freeman explains the most commonly used Oracle database versions with tables to diagnose problems quickly.


Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure! (Sept., $24.95 cloth) by Dave Gorman recounts the author's obsession with an Internet game that asks for word combinations that result in only one hit from the search engine. 50,000 first printing. Ad/promo.


Find the Bug: A Book of Incorrect Programs (Sept., $34.99) by Adam Barroffers exercises that teach users how to read, understand and improve code.

UML for Mere Mortals (Oct., $39.99) by Robert A. Maksimchuk and Eric J. Naiburg provides information on the industry standard Unified Modeling Language for non-techies.

Forensic Discovery (Feb., $39.99) by Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema teaches computer forensic analysis.


Adobe Photoshop One-Click Wow! (Dec., $29.99 with CD) by Jack Davis offers Layer Styles that can transform photos, type and graphics.

Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic (Nov., $39.99 with CD) by James Rankin explores every aspect of After Effects 6.5, from importing and managing footage to viewing and editing layers, animating type and more.


Home Networking: A Visual Do-It-Yourself Guide (Sept., $24.95) by Brain Underdahl uses Linksys equipment to illustrate how to set up a secure home network by non-technical home PC users.

The Business Case for E-Learning (Oct., $24.99) by Thomas Kelly and Nader Nanjiani discusses how e-communication, e-training and e-assessment can build an effective Internet learning program.

TCP/IP First-Step (Nov., $29.95) by Mark Sportack is a beginner's manual.


IBM WebSphere and Lotus: Implementing Collaboration Solutions (Sept., $59.99) by John Lamb, Michael Laskey and Gopal Indurkhya shows how to build applications that combine the strengths of both products.

Inventor's Guide to Trademarks and Patents (Oct., $34.99) by Craig Fellenstein, Jaclyn Vassallo and Rachel Ralston offers business-focused understanding of intellectual property.


Design and Deploy Websites with Macromedia Dreamweaver and Contribute: Training from the Source (Sept., $44.99) by Joseph Lowery explains how to use Dreamweaver and Contribute to update Web sites without altering style, layout and code standards.


Behind the Seen: How Walter Murch Edited

Cold Mountain

Using Apple's Final Cut Pro and What This Means for Cinema (Oct., $39.99) by Charles Koppelman examines the creative process of Academy Award—winning editor Murch through his work on Cold Mountain.

Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works (Oct., $45) by Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler applies real-world experience to Web redesign workflow.

Digital Modeling (Dec., $49.99) by Shawn Dunn covers modeling basics, artistic skills and workflow plans to produce multiple models.


Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling (Oct., $34.99) Chris Crawford assesses designing interactive storytelling programs, with suggestions on how to keep an audience coming back for more.


Creating a Newsletter in InDesign: Visual QuickProject Guide (Sept., $12.99) by Katrin Straub and Torsten Buck teaches readers how to create multipage newsletters with a simple visual technique.

DVD Studio Pro 3 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickPro Guide (Oct., $29.99 by Martin Sitter covers the new features of Pro 3: Alpha Transitions, a Graphic View and more.

Apple Pro Training Series: Motion (Nov., $44.99) by Damian Allen offers a guide to the motion graphics software.

Global Mobile: Connecting Without Walls, Wires, or Borders (Jan., $14.99) by Fred Johnson addresses mobile uses from getting on the wireless network in Starbucks to preparing for a trip around the globe.


Outsource: Competing in the Global Productivity Race (Sept., $27.99) by Ed Yourdon suggests ways to work with outsource facilitiees.

iTunes & iPod Garage (Oct., $24.99) by Kirk McElhearn covers iTunes for both Mac and Windows, plus using iPods for music, contacts, calendars and more.

Point & Click Linux! (Nov., $29.99) by Robin Miller provides visual instructions for all Linux programs.


Mapping Security: The Corporate Security Sourcebook for Today's Global Economy (Nov., $34.99) by Tom Patterson with Scott Gleeson Blue unlocks the mysteries of corporate security around the world.

The Art of Virus Research and Defense (Feb., $49.99) by Peter Szor looks at anti-virus research, how viruses are created and spread, and how to effectively protect against them.


TechTV's Secrets of Digital Cameras (Dec., $19.99) by Rick Oldano addresses how to select the right camera, take the best pictures, manipulate images, archive and share photos and more.


Digital Photography Made Easy (Oct., $9.95 with CD) by Don Lindich encourages digital camera use with answers to commonly asked questions.


Photographers' Guide to Web Publishing (Sept., $19.95) by Charles Saunders explains how to build and maintain a professional-looking Web site.


Oracle Dataguard: Standby Database Failover Handbook (Sept., $16.95) by Bipul Kumar teaches how to use Oracle for a disaster recovery strategy.

Easy Oracle PHP by Example: Easy Dynamic Web Pages with Oracle Data (Feb., $27.95) by Mladen Gogala gives examples of Oracle queries in PHP, updating from PHP and passing parameters to a PHP program.


The Rough Guide to iPod & iTunes (Oct., $8.99) by Peter Buckley and Duncan Clark covers everything from how to choose an iPod to downloading playlists.

The Rough Guide to PCs & Windows (Oct., $11.99) by Peter Buckley and Duncan Clark. This second edition covers the essentials along with tips and tricks to improve the performance of Windows.


PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS (Oct., $48.95) by Kirk Lafler is an accessible manual with examples on the SQL procedure.

Genetic Analysis of Complex Traits Using SAS (Dec., $TBA), edited by Arnold Saxton, demonstrates how to use SAS/Genetics for a wide variety of analyses.


Gamers: Writers, Artist and Programmers on the Pleasures of Pixels (Nov., $14.95) by Shanna Compton traces how video games have spawned blockbuster movies, university courses, magazines and other American pop-culture entertainment.


Analyzing Computer Systems Performance with PERL:PDQ (Sept., $69.95) by Neil Gunther presents hands-on techniques and sample PERL scripts.

The Complete IS-IS Routing Protocol (Oct., $89.95) by Hannes Gredler and Walter Goralski updates ISP network engineers, architects and operators on IS-IS technology.

SYNGRESS (dist. by O'Reilly)

The Mezonic Agenda: Hacking the Presidency (Oct., $35.95) by Herbert H. Thompson and Spyros Nomikos is a cyber-thriller where readers can "hack along" with the hero to alter e-voting software and an election.

Inside the SPAM Cartel (Nov., $49.95) by Spammer-X exposes the underworld of the sophisticated and sizable spam economy.

Google Hacking for Penetration Testers (Dec., $44.95) by Johnny Long equips Web administrators with applications to ensure their sites are invulnerable.


Caution! Music & Video Downloading: Protecting Your PC (Oct., $19.99)by David W. Mercer covers music and video downloading and file sharing.

PC Magazine Printing Great Digital Photos (Oct., $29.99) byDavid Karlins includes selecting ink and paper, calibrating computer monitors and color matching, and editing images for printing.

The Database Hacker's Handbook: Hacking Database Servers (Jan., $50) by David Litchfield et al. covers how to break into and how to defend the most popular database server software.

Master Visually Mac OS X v. 10.3 Tiger (Jan., $24.99) by Daniel Drew Turner features the series' visual approach to customizing a Mac, using Media Mac and troubleshooting local and remote networking.

PC Magazine Fighting Spyware, Viruses and Other Malware (Jan., $29.99) by Ed Tittel explains how to defend your computer and your home network.


HDTV for Dummies (Nov., $16.99)by Danny Briere and Pat Hurley demystifies the concept of high-definition TV.

Laptops for Dummies (Dec., $ 21.99) by Dan Gookin covers synchronizing with a desktop, coordinating e-mail, remote access, networking, power management and security.

Google Programming for Dummies (Jan., $24.99 with CD)by Arthur Griffith explains efficient information retrieval plus other uses, including spell-check and Internet game construction.

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