A detailed account of the 1972 massacre of Israeli Olympic athletes and the long-term vengeance the Mossad wreaked upon the assassins has been bought for Random House by Will Murphy. The author is Aharon Klein, an expert on Mideast intelligence and security in Time's Jerusalem bureau, and a former military intelligence operative. The buy was made from Flip Brophy at Sterling Lord Literistic, acting for Israel's Harris/Elon agency.... Edward Hemingway, a grandson of Ernest, is coauthor of a book called Literary Libations: A Bartending Guide to Great American Writers, an illustrated account of the relationship between writers and the bottle—his grandfather doubtless among the subjects. His coauthor is writer and filmmaker Mark Bailey, and Algonquin's Antonia Fusco bought the book from David Kuhn of Kuhn Projects.... Little, Brown's Michael Pietsch bought the next two novels by Alice Hoffman, the first of which, The Ice Queen, will be out in April; it's about a woman who has to reinvent herself after being struck by lightning, and was bought from Elaine Markson. Her LB editorwill be Asya Muchnik.