Comics Publishers Look Ahead
Publishers address returns, kids' comics, shelf space and the future of graphic novels.

Manga Sells Anime—and Vice Versa
The phenomenal growth in both mainstream popularity and sales of Japanese animation (anime), manga and, increasingly, manwha (or Korean comics), illustrates the ways that these forms of visual storytelling are linked in the minds and passions of their fans.'Swan' Comes to the U.S.
This fall, the much-anticipated CMX Pure Manga division of DC Comics launches with five books, including Swan, one of the most popular shojo (or girl's manga), by famed manga writer and artist Ariyoshi Kyoko.Manga in the Hood
Santa Inoue's Tokyo Tribes is one of the year's most anticipated new manga series.Comics Revive Transformers, G.I. Joe
They say the 1980s are back in pop culture; indeed, that decade's two biggest toy icons have certainly come back with a vengeance. Hasbro, the nearly century-old toy company, has spent the last couple of years expanding its global publishing program with successful forays into comic book and graphic novel publishing.'American Flagg!' Returns
One of the best-loved comics of the 1980s, Howard Chaykin's science-fiction political satire American Flagg! has been out of print for well over a decade, but plenty of recent comics have appropriated its look and feel.Jeff Smith on 'Bone'
Cartoonist Jeff Smith recently concluded his 1,300-page fantasy epic, Bone, which he self-published for 12 years.