Janet Evanovich's latest bestseller, Metro Girl, lands in the #2 spot on PW's list the first week out. The race with #1, David Baldacci's Hour Game, was very, very close; it's Evanovich's first book since 2000 to miss the top slot. There's still next week, though, as HarperCollins launched the book with a one-million-copy first printing and a 14-city tour ending November 17. Evanovich's latest introduces a new heroine, Alexandra Barnaby, named after her Web master daughter, Alex, and her St. Bernard, Barnaby; all three are on the road on the Metro Girl Bus Tour Express, which started in Miami on November 3. Each night, they pull into a new city to party with fans (food and balloons are part of the celebration). At many of the stores, DJs or local radio stations provide '80s and '90s pop tunes to keep crowds entertained—Wal-Mart in Dallas hired a five-piece band for its Metro Girl event. The tour ends with a stop in Homestead, Fla., for the last Nascar race of the season (the other main character in the book is a sexy Nascar driver).