A pair of high-profile authors of contemporary romance, Geralyn Dawson and Carly Phillips, have changed publishers, each in three-book deals that will sew them up for a while. NAL had been after Dawson for some time, said agent Denise Marcil, and Kara Welsh, publisher of its new Eclipse imprint, and editor Laura Cifelli, made what turned out to be an irresistible offer to take her away from Pocket Books. Her new books, a series about three brothers named Callahan, will add a dash of intrigue to her Texas-set romance tales. The deal was for U.S., Canada and open market, with Marcil hanging on to U.K. and translation. Meanwhile, Trident Media Group chief Robert Gottlieb made a seven-figure deal to take Phillips away from Warner to become a Harlequin hardcover author (she used to write paperbacks for the house). No titles yet, but the spicy tone will continue; Diane Moggy signed the world rights deal, with Trident keeping audio.