A nationally known emotional healer and "life coach" who fulfilled one of her life's ambitions by becoming a mother, at age 57—she gave birth to twins this month—has just signed to do an inspirational book for the Fireside imprint at Simon & Schuster. She is Aleta St. James, who has been widely featured in print and on TV as a pioneer in wellness coaching and currently directs the anti-stress programs at Pulse Wellness Centers in New York City. Fireside's

Trish Todd signed her to write

Surrender to Success, which will be edited by

Nancy Hancock for publication next November, on her twins' first birthday. St. James will tell how she used her own principles and skills to start a family at an age that would once have been thought physically impossible and will also describe how her techniques have helped many celebrity clients. The deal, for world English rights plus first serial and audio, was signed with

Matthew Guma at Inkwell Management.