December Publications

In 2029, Resistance fighter Paul Keeley takes on the evil Skynet in Aaron Allston's fast-paced Terminator Hunt, the latest novel based on the popular film Terminator: Rise of the Machines. Fans are sure to enjoy seeing the same battles, deaths and exotic hardware that filled previous entries in this intelligently done franchise series. Agent, Russell Galen.(Tor, $24.95 320p ISBN 0-765-30853-3)

The grim city of Sanctuary and its often grimmer inhabitants provide plenty of fantasy fun in Thieves' World: Enemies of Fortune, an all-original shared-world anthology, edited by Lynn Abbey (Thieves' World: Turning Points). Standouts include Robin Wayne Bailey's "Protection," in which Lord Spider's mistress gives the term "catwoman" a whole new shade of meaning, and Andrew Offut's "Dark of the Moon," in which Lone is deceived in gruesome fashion by a lovely girl who isn't what she seems. Agent, Jonathan Matson at Harold Matson Co.(Tor, $26.95 352p ISBN 0-312-87490-1)

Suzy McKee Charnas's Stagestruck Vampires and Other Phantasms collects nine distinctive vampire stories, one a collaboration with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, by this winner of Hugo, Nebula and Tiptree awards. Two new autobiographical essays round off the volume. (Tachyon [], $24.95 344p ISBN 1-892391-21-X)

New Worlds, an anthology edited by Michael Moorcock, showcases 30 stories from the British SF magazine of the same name that made such a literary splash in the 1960s. Contributors include M. John Harrison, James Sallis, Thomas M. Disch and Charles Platt. (Thunder's Mouth [PGW, dist.], $18.95 paper 480p ISBN 1-56858-317-6)

Jay Halpern's unconventional horror novel, The Jade Unicorn, is available in a special 25th anniversary edition. A graphic tale of violent crime and cosmic conflict, this one's not for the fainthearted. (Overlook Connection [], $37.95 480p ISBN 1-892950-66-9)

Infrapress, a division of books (, launches its list with Peters Atkins's critically acclaimed 1992 horror novel, Morningstar($14.99 paper 256p ISBN 0-9742907-7-7), and Talking in the Dark: Selected Stories, by World Fantasy Award—winner Dennis Etchison ($16.50 paper 368p ISBN 0-9742907-6-9). Infrapress plans to reprint cult classics and publish original fiction in mainstream as well as genre.

Fans of Clark Ashton Smith (1893—1961) will welcome The Maker of Gargoyles and Other Stories, which gathers seven ornate tales by the legendary fantasy author, poet and artist. In his introduction, Darrell Schweitzer aptly notes that Smith will always be read "by the connoisseur of the darkest of dark and ironic fantasy." (Wildside [], $29.95 154p ISBN 0-8095-1121-5)

November Publication

Originally published in Toronto's Globe and Mail, the short essays in Hugo-winner Spider Robinson's The Crazy Years offer provocative comment on a wide range of subjects, including the U.S. space program, smoking, the environment, intellectual property rights and SF. (BenBella [], $14.95 paper 304p ISBN 1-932100-35-0)