Holtzbrinck Publishers, one of the few large trade houses that does not offer free freight, will adopt that policy beginning this November. Alison Lazarus, president of the Holtzbrinck sales division, said the company's volume "has reached a point where it is now possible to make this change." Under Holtzbrinck's current terms, accounts pay the freight in exchange for slightly larger discounts, but Lazarus said that most of their customers have said they prefer free freight to the extra discount. With the adoption of free freight, Holtzbrinck will make some adjustments to its discount schedule. "The bottom line is, free freight allows customers to know what their cost of goods is," Lazarus said. Holtzbrinck is still working to determine what the minimum order will be to qualify for free freight, though Lazarus noted that accounts will be able to combine orders.

The new terms apply to all trade titles published by all Holtzbrinck divisions; its distribution clients' titles will also be shipped free, although they will continue to set their own discounts. Holtzbrinck college texts are note affected by the change, while mass market titles are already shipped free.