Don't miss your chance for a free listing in PW's pre-BEA issue, where we list all attendees and their products and show specials. Last week, PW sent out more than 1,000 submission requests to vendors attending BookExpo America 2005 in New York City at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, June 2—5.

Our vendor listing is especially important because it arrives in booksellers' hands a full month before BEA so booksellers can use the guide to plan meetings, discover show discounts and plan orders.

If you haven't gotten your call-for-information form, there are two ways you can submit this information for our May 2 issue.

Online Submission

Publishers Weekly is partnering with BEA to promote attendees. To be listed in BEA's on-site directory, all registered exhibitors can go to BEA's Web site and log in all their information. Starting this year, exhibitors can now use the same online form to input all information used in PW's May 2 listing and BEA's on-site directory. Go to

E-mail Submission

You can also submit information for PW's listing the way you have been doing for years—by responding to the following eight points (in this order) and e-mailing the response to Send e-mails with the subject line "BEA Preview Issue."

The questions for our free listing:

  1. Give company name, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address and convention contact person.

  2. Are you a first-time exhibitor? If so, give a brief description of your company business.

  3. Are you a service company? If so, give a brief description of your company business.

  4. Are you exhibiting in a special section or with a designated group/pavilion? If so, which?

  5. What products or books are you featuring at your booth? If you are displaying books, please give titles and authors' names (first/last). List no more than 10 titles in order of importance (per division, imprint, subsidiary or distribution client). Due to space limitations, some titles may be eliminated without prior notification.

  6. List/describe any giveaways or drawings being conducted at your booth.

  7. List any discounts, freight allowances or dating plans being promoting at your booth.

  8. What is your booth number?

Please submit the requested information no later than Friday, February 18.

To ensure complete coverage of your company's products in this issue, please coordinate with all your divisions, imprints, subsidiaries and distribution clients, including children's and audio, before submitting your response. Any questions, contact Kevin Howell at (646) 746-6804 or