The new year has started where the old one left off—with political parody. After the barnstorming success of America (The Book) comes Air America (The Book). Or does it? According to sources, comedian Sam Seder, who co-hosts the radio network's Majority Report with actress Janeane Garofalo, and that show's producer, comedic author Stephen Sherrill, will co-write the untitled work for HarperCollins senior vice-president David Hirshey in what will reportedly be a postelection hurry-up. According to sources, the deal is close, but it's being held up by negotiations over how to involve other Air America personalities, especially bestselling author Al Franken. Franken already has an outstanding deal for his own book with regular pub Dutton. Agent Jonathon Lazear did not return a call by press time, but sources say that things at the politics-focused radio network are getting, well, political. Hirshey is excited about the book with or without Franken: "It will stir up a lot of anger and a lot of laughs."

In another corner of Harper, legal is said to be poring over

Jose Canseco'supcoming steroid tell-all Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits and How Baseball Got Big.

Judith Regan is printing 150,000 copies of the slugger's book and landed a 60 Minutes spot for it, said sources. The piece will air February 20, the day before the embargoed title drops. Sources said that Canseco, who originally planned on self-pubbing after an initial round didn't bring home any publishers, will out a baseball "institution" as a steroid user.