In War and Famine: Missionaries in China's Honan Province in the 1940s (Apr., $34.95) by Erleen Shristensen is an eyewitness account of war's terrible cost.


Celestial Gallery (Mar., $75) by Romio Shrestha, foreword by Deepak Chopra, reinterprets traditional Tibetan mandalas with 39 full-color paintings.

Doorway to Eternity: Celebrating the Land of Krishna (Apr., $45) by Arjen van der Kooij presents more than 80 photographs by Ramon Dekkers of the landscape known to Hindus as Krishna's birthplace.


Frederick Douglass: A Precursor of Liberation Theology (Mar., $22 paper) by Reginald F. Davis follows his philosophical and theological development.

From Season to Season: Sports as American Religion (Mar., $25 paper), edited by Joseph L. Price. Nine scholars explore the relationship between the two seemingly dissimilar passions.

Encyclopedia of Religion in the South (May, $60), edited by Samuel S. Hill et al. treats both religious and cultural history.


Historical Atlas of the Islamic World (Mar., $25) by David Nicolle surveys the civilization.

Gregorian Chants (May, $35) by Colin Shearling. A CD accompanies this illustrated history of religious music.


Acts for God: Dramatic Sketches for Contemporary Services (Aug., $15.95 paper) by Howard Shirley. Nearly 40 short dramas can be used to introduce sermons.


Gateway to Judaism (Mar.; $23.99, paper $20.99) by Mordechai Becher is an illustrated guide to Jewish beliefs and practices.

Interlinear Haggadah (Apr., $22.99 paper) by Rabbi Menachem Davis is a word-for-word translation of the Passover Haggadah with the English displayed directly beneath the Hebrew.


Romancing the Buddha (May, $14 paper) by Michael Lisagor is an adventure-comedy story about the author's hunt for lost treasure in the jungles of urban America.

MONARCH (dist. by Kregel)

Hospital by the River: A Story of Hope (June, $15.99 paper) by Catherine Hamlin recalls a life and career in Ethiopia. Advertising.

Into the Promised Land: Beyond the Lesbian Struggle (June, $12.99 paper) by Jeanette Howard takes the reader through one woman's efforts. Advertising.

Touching the Soul of Islam: Sharing the Gospel in Muslim Cultures (June, $13.99 paper) by Bill Musk identifies surprising similarities between Muslim and biblical views.


The Black Pearl: Spiritual Illumination in Sufism and East Asian Philosophies (June, $16.95 paper) by Henry Bayman looks at similarities and differences among such East Asian religions as Buddhism, Taoism and Islamic Sufism.


The Mark of Jesus: Loving in a Way the World Can See (Mar., $14.99 paper) by Timothy George and John Woodbridge. A new approach to evangelism removes obstacles to spreading the word of the gospel.

Sex and the Single Guy (Apr., $12.99 paper) by Joseph Knable pleads for sexual purity.

A Crown in the Stars: Genesis Trilogy #3 (Apr., $12.99) by Kacy Barnett-Gramckow. The Most High Himself thwarts builders of a great tower by confounding human speech.


Blowing the Lid Off the God-Box: Letting Faith Loose in Your Life (Apr., $14.95 paper) by Anne Robertson encourages a broader and more understanding faith.

St. Benedict's Toolbox: The Nuts and Bolts of Everyday Benedictine Living (Apr., $16.95 paper) by Jane Tomaine serves as a practical guide.

God, the Ingenious Alchemist: Transforming Tragedy into Blessing (Aug., $14.95) by John R. Claypool demonstrates how God works with us to bring about blessing.

Practicing Reconciliation in a Violent World (Aug., $13.95 paper) by Michael Battle. Battle is a former associate of Desmond Tutu.


Am I Good Enough (Mar., $9.99) by Andy Stanley updates How Good Is Good Enough for teens.

A Return to Family Picnics (Mar., $32) by Russell Cronkhite. More than 120 recipes help revive family fellowships.

A Father, a Hero (Apr., $19.99) by James Dobson looks at the blessing of strong male role models.


A Sacred Sorrow (Mar., $13.99) by Michael Card. The musician takes a new look at the lives of Job, David, Jeremiah and Jesus.

Purse Driven Life (Mar., $11.99) by Anita Renfroe urges women to find deeper humor and joy in life.

The Power of a Prayer (Mar., $9.99) by Eugene Peterson is a collection of prayers from The Message.

Holy Superheroes (Apr., $12.99) by Greg Garrett finds lessons of faith, justice and redemption in comic books and in the motion pictures inspired by them.


Anointed to Be God's Servants (Mar., $19.99) by Henry and Tom Blackaby.Paul's example sets a plan for our own lives.

Why Men Hate Going to Church (Mar., $13.99 paper) by David Murrow calls on the church to respond to men's God-given masculine needs.

Captivating (Apr., $22.99) by John and Stasi Eldredge reveals the three core desires of every woman's heart.

Island of Saints (May, $19.99) by Andy Andrews is a tale of war, faith and forgiveness.

The Slumber of Christianity (July, $19.99) by Ted Dekker urges readers to forsake a mundane existence for God's highest pleasures.


Connecting... with God, Ourselves and the People in Our Lives (Mar., $12.95 paper) by Gloria Hutchinson fosters relationships.

Who Do You Say I Am?: Meditations on Jesus' Questions in the Gospels (Mar., $13.95 paper) by M. Basil Pennington invites readers to live the questions in the gospels rather than merely to seek pat answers.

Mahatma Gandhi: Non-Violent Liberator (Mar., $12.95 paper) by Richard Deats profiles the late leader and excerpts his essential writings.


Silent Storm: Finding Spiritual Shelter During Hepatitis C (Mar., $9.99 paper) by Mark Prater with C.L. Carden alleviates the depression attending long-term illness.

Renewal on the Run: Embracing the Privileges and Expectations of a Ministry Wife (Mar., $10.99 paper) by Jill Briscoe addresses issues that can make or break a ministry or a marriage.

I Have Called You Friends: New Testament Images that Challenge Us to Live as Christ Followers (May, $10.99 paper) by Fisher Humphreys. The images of athlete, priest and more represent the Christian life.

Great Love (for Girls): Truth for Teens in Today's Sexy Culture (Aug.) and ...(for Guys) (Aug., $10.99 each paper) by Chandra Peele and Aubrey Spears. Four-week Bible studies respond to the world's distorted view of sexuality.


Cherished Illusions (Mar., $11.99 paper) by Sarah Stern is a story about female friendship tested by contemporary conflicts over the Holy Land.

Sensational After 60 (Mar., $11.99 paper) by Shirley Mitchell is a followup to her Fabulous After 50.

Jesus: The Authorized Biography (Mar., $24.99) by Gary Wharton is a synthesis drawn from scripture.


Exploring the Pagan Path: Wisdom from the Elders (May, $15.99 paper) by Kristen Madden et al. takes readers through the phases of exploration, learning and living the pagan way.

Exploring the Northern Tradition: A Guide to the Gods, Lore, Rites and Celebrations from the Norse, German and Anglo-Saxon Traditions (May, $14.99 paper) by Galina Krasskova introduces a modern reconstruction of the ancient religion.


Hiring the Heavens (Apr., $12.95 paper) by Jean Slatter asserts that angelic guidance can solve life's problems.

Falling into the Arms of God: Meditations with St. Teresa of Avila (May, $18) by Megan Don aims to enrich everyday living. Advertising.


New Religious Movements: A Documentary Reader (Aug., $22 paper), edited by W. Michael Ashcraft and Dereck M. Daschke, considers the scope and contributions of these movements to contemporary and religious life.


Amulets, Talismans and Magical Jewelry: A Way to the Unseen, Ever-Present, Almighty God (Aug., $24.95 paper) by Barbara Black Koltuv gathers descriptions from scripture concerning these protective treasures.

NORTHSTONE (dist. by Pilgrim Press)

The Spirituality of Mazes and Labyrinths (Mar., $30) by Gailand MacQueen blends illustrations, myth, history and personal experience.

Your Soul at Work: How to Live Your Values in the Workplace (Mar., $18.95 paper) by Bruce Hiebert locates a worthy place within the realm of work.


Passionate Visionary: Leadership Lessons from the Apostle Paul (Mar., $TBA paper) by Richard S. Ascough and Charles A. Cotton proposes Paul as a paradigm for leadership style today.

Solace: A Correspondence of Gardening, Friendship and Healing (Mar., $TBA paper) by Diane Sims and Marla Fletcher. Two friends find gardening soothing to the soul.


Peacework: Prayer, Resistance, Community (Mar., $16) by Henri Nouwen. In print for the first time, this is a plea for all Christians to embrace Jesus's ethic of peacemaking.

Women of Mercy (Mar., $20 paper) by Kathy Coffey. Michael O'Neill McGrath illustrates the text portraying courageous women from Sarah to Mother Teresa.

Amazing Church: A Catholic Theologian Remembers Half a Century of Change (Mar., $15 paper) by Gregory Baum reflects on 60 years of serving the church.

The Way We Were: A Story of Conversion and Renewal (June, $20) by Joan Chittister. The upheaval and growth after the Second Vatican Council is seen as a microcosm of the Catholic Church.


The New Catholic Answer Bible (Mar., $29.95 paper) doubles the number of answers to questions about Catholic beliefs in earlier editions.

The Holy Eucharist Prayer Book (Mar., $5.95) by Alfred McBride, O. Praem., offers both traditional and original prayers.

The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith (Mar., $13.95 paper) by John Salza quotes only from the Bible to explain basic doctrines.


Belief (May, $21.95) by Joan Bakewell excerpts from BBC radio interviews with Karen Armstrong, A.S. Byatt and others.


Eastern Religions (Apr., $35) by Michael Coogan introduces Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism and Shinto.

White Collar Zen (May, $21) by Steven Heine says that Zen Buddhism can make professional life more rewarding.

Who Shall Lead Them? (July, $30) by Larry A. Witham charts the future course of Christian ministry in America.


The Whole Counsel of God: Vol. 1, God's Mighty Acts in the Old Testament (Aug., $39.99) by Richard C. Gamble. This first of three volumes explores the relationships between biblical, systematic and historical theology.


Pursuing the Passion of Jesus (Mar., $10.99 paper) by Dwight K. Nelson explains how "loving the least" can help fulfill God's plan.


The Nature of Evil (Mar., $35) by Daryl Koehn probes the darker side of humanity.

The Quest for the Ark of the Covenant: The True History of the Tablets of Moses (May, $27.50) by Stuart Munro-Hay is the story of one historian's search in Ethiopia.

The Sacred Neuron: The Extraordinary New Discoveries Linking Science and Religion (June, $29.50) by John Bowker takes a new path to relate emotions to faith.


Life with Strings Attached (Mar., $21.95) by Minnie Lamberth. The winner of the first Paraclete Fiction Award is about a seven-year-old girl in Alabama in the summer of 1972.

Sitting with Sufis: A Christian Experience of Learning Sufism (Mar., $14.95 paper) by Mary Blye Howe ventures deeply into another belief. 5-city author tour.

The Wet Engine: Exploring the Mad Wild Miracle of the Heart (May, $17.95) by Brian Doyle muses on the scientific, emotional, literary, philosophical and spiritual understandings of the heart. Author tour.

The Lure of Saints: A Protestant Experience of Catholic Tradition (May, $21.95) by Jon M. Sweeney assesses the impact that saints have had on the church and the world. 9-city author tour.Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality (May, $14.95 paper) by J. Brent Bill depicts the unique virtues of Quaker tradition. Author publicity.


Keeping the Peace: Mindfulness and Public Service (Apr., $12 paper) by Thich Nhat Hanh maintains that mindfulness can make a difference in effectiveness and job satisfaction for police officers, social workers and others. Advertising.

Sounds of Freedom: Musicians on Spirituality and Social Change (May, $18 with CD) by John Malkin. Musicians discuss the interplay of music, spirituality and social change. Advertising.


You Can Never Speak Up Too Often for the Love of All Things (Apr., $12.95 paper) by Paul R. Fleischman, M.D., contains meditative poetry to inspire reverence for the self and the earth.


The Prisoner: An Invitation to Hope (Mar., $16.95 paper) by Paul Everett concerns a former convict who is now a Capuchin monk.

Discovering Saint Patrick (Mar., $18.95 paper) by Thomas O'Loughlin challenges many preconceptions about the life of the saint.

Spirituality in the Mother Zone: Staying Centered, Finding God (May, $16.95 paper) by Trudelle Thomas helps women embrace motherhood and personhood.

Song of the Nightingale: A Modern Spiritual Canticle (July, $14.95 paper) by Michael Ford. The BBC religion journalist has written "a spirituality of searching."


The Beast in Sheep's Clothing: Exposing the Lies of Godless Human Science (May, $24.95) by David Michael Lindsey condemns the spiritual dangers hidden within philosophy, evolution and psychology.


The Sufi Book of Life: 99 Pathways of the Heart for the Modern Dervish (Mar., $14 paper) by Neil Douglas-Klota reinterprets fundamental spiritual practices found in all ancient and modern Sufi schools. 35,000 first printing. 8-city author tour.


Cities of God: The Religion of the Italian Communes (Mar., $65) by Augustine Thompson. O.P., gives voice to orthodox lay people and those who ministered to them.

Wandering Monks, Virgins and Pilgrims: Ascetic Travel in the Mediterranean World, 300—800 (May, $50) by Maribel Dietz sees why religious travel and monasticism diverged and altered so greatly.


Welcome to the Bangkok Slaughterhouse (Mar., $14.95 paper) by Father Joe Maier shares stories about the poor inhabitants of the Thai neighborhood of Klong Toey.


God in All Seasons: Twelve Months of Blessings (Mar., $4.95), compiled by Sarah M. Hupp, combines original text, quotations and scriptural excerpts. 15,000 first printing.


Standing in the Whirlwind: The Riveting Story of a Priest and the Congregations that Tormented Her (Mar., $24) by Nancy C. James relates one woman's struggle against evil.

Wells of Wisdom: Grandparents and Spiritual Journeys (May, $12 paper), edited by Andrew J. Weaver and Carolyn L. Stapleton, reflects on faith journeys from grandparents and the "grandparented."

Flying Changes: Horses as Spiritual Teachers (May, $23 paper) by Carter Heyward determines what steeds can teach us.

Hope Deferred: Heart-Healing Reflections on Reproductive Loss (June, $18 paper), edited by Nadine Pence Frantz and Mary T. Stimming, tells of five women's experience.


The I Ching: Book of Answers (Mar., $15.95 paper) and I Ching Readings: Interpreting the Answers (Apr., $14.95 paper) by Wu Wei are newly revised editions.


The Question of Zion (Apr., $24.95) by Jacqueline Rose examines one of the most powerful ideologies of modern times.

Religion and the Rise of Jim Crow in New Orleans (May, $35) by James B. Bennett fills in the gap between the end of reconstruction and the eve of the civil rights movement.

Passionately Human, No Less Divine: Religious Culture in the Black Churches of Chicago, 1915—1952 (July, $39.95) by Wallace D. Best reviews the new religious practices stimulated by migration and urbanization.


Fighting Words: The Origins of Religious Violence (Apr., $26) by Hector Avalos studies the roots of violence done in the name of religion.

The Acts of the Apostles: What Really Happened in the Earliest Days of the Church (July, $28) by Gerd Ludemann judges the historical value of every event and action in this early Christian text.

The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims (Aug., $28) by Andrew G. Bostom, M.D., discusses the ruling conditions imposed upon non-Muslims conquered by jihad campaigns.


A Rebirth for Christianity (Apr., $14.95 paper) by Alvin Boyd Kuhn illustrates that Jesus was one of many incarnations of an enduring archetype that has surfaced in other religions.

Echoes from the Gnosis (Aug., $24.95 paper) by G.R.S. Mead fully revises the complete collection of 11 seminal works on Gnosticism.


No God but God (Mar., $25.95) by Reza Aslan places Islam in relationship to other world religions to show the promise of its future. Author tour.

Things of the Hidden God (Mar., $24.95) by Christopher Merrill. In a spiritual, emotional and vocational crisis, Merrill turns to the monks of Mount Athos.


Twenty-Five Words: How the Serenity Prayer Can Save Your Life (Mar., $12.95 paper) by Barb Rogers. It has saved Rogers's life too.


Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success (Mar., $17.99) by Coach Wooden with Jay Carty identifies the building blocks and key values.

From Dream to Destiny (Mar., $18.99) by Robert Morris. Joseph stands as the biblical model for passing 10 tests needed to make dreams a reality.

A Woman's Forbidden Emotion (Mar., $14.99 paper) by H. Norm Wright and Gary Oliver states that anger may be necessary to bring about change.

Sexual Healing (June, $19.99) by David Kyle Foster. The author reveals how he overcame sexual addiction.

Taking It to the Streets (July, $9.99 paper) by Ted Haggard advocates impacting communities through prayer walking.


How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization (May, $29.95) by Thomas E. Woods Jr. attests to the church's innumerable contributions.


Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse: The Official Field Manual for the End of the World (Mar., $9.99 paper) by Jason Boyette is a humorous take on "End Times."

The Naked Christian: Taking Off Religion to Find True Relationship (May, $12.99 paper) by Craig Borlase tells how to be unafraid of being naked before God.

Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2 (June, $13.99 paper) by Steve Stockman is a revised edition updated to include insights into the band's album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

Perspectives: A Life Guide for Twentysomethings (June, $12.99 paper) by Colin Creel is a life manual for searching Christians.

Adventures in Holy Matrimony: For Better or the Absolute Worst (June, $12.99 paper) by Julie Ann Fidler recounts her first four years of marriage.


The Potluck Club (Apr., $12.99 paper) by Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson is a novel about six Colorado women who cook and pray together.

Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture (June, $12.99 paper) by Donna Partow exhorts women to laugh and to draw closer to God.

Mean Girls All Grown Up (July, $14.99 paper) by Hayley DiMarco stresses positive friendship between women.

Rorey's Secret (Aug., $12.99 paper) by Leisha Kelly continues the Wortham family saga set in 1940.


Hello God: A Guide to Meaningful Jewish Practice (Mar., $23.95) by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi with Joel Segel could be described as "the Jewish art of happiness."


Field Notes on the Compassionate Life (Mar., $24.95) by Marc Ian Barasch suggests that a simple shift in consciousness can deeply affect our psyches, relationships and health.


Warm Smiles from Cold Mountains (June, $14.95 paper) by Reb Anderson is a third revised edition. Advertising.


Echoes from Calvary: Meditations on Franz Joseph Haydn's The Seven Last Words of Christ (Mar., $24.95 paper), edited by Richard Young, includes the thoughts of Martin Luther King, Martin Marty and others.

Back to Earth: Backpacker's Journey into Self and Spirit (July, $16.95 paper) by Kerry Temple. Hiking allows a reconnection with nature, God and spirituality.


Sacred Work: Planned Parenthood and Its Clergy Alliances (Mar., $24.95) by Tom Davis notes that the relationship between the reproductive rights organization and the clergy is not incongruent.


God, I Have Issues (Mar., $12.95 paper) by Mark E. Thibodeaux sends a gentle call to prayer in the midst of good and bad times.

Here on the Way to There (Mar., $12.95 paper) by William H. Shannon details what Catholics believe about life after death.

Healing Troubled Hearts (Mar., $13.95 paper) by Lyn Holley Doucet outlines a 15-week program to renew an embrace of life.

Until the Trumpet Sounds (Mar., $13.95 paper) by Zachary Grant claims that it is within reach of everyone to become a saint.


John Paul II, We Love You: World Youth Day Reflections 1984—2005 (Mar., $9.95 paper), edited by Barbara A. Murray, is an illustrated tribute to these gatherings.


What Do You Mean, You Can't Eat in My Home?: A Guide to How Newly Observant Jews and Their Less Observant Relatives Can Still Get Along (Aug., $23) by Azriela Jaffe offers many workable, sensible solutions. Author publicity.


Spiritual Exercises: Joining Body and Spirit in Prayer (Mar., $15 paper) by Nancy Roth. Pilates, Tai Chi, yoga and dance provide a metaphor for the spiritual journey.

Belonging (May, $12 paper) by Lucinda Mosher launches the Faith in the Neighborhood series, books about interfaith understanding.


What's Next After Now? Post-Spirituality and the Creative Life (Aug., $14.95 paper) by Steven Harrison declares that the present is a place of creativity in which we can be constantly inspired to fulfill human potential.


John Paul II (Mar., $14.99 paper) by Renzo Allegri sees the Pope as a poet, mystic, philosopher, theoretician and man of God.

The Truth About Trouble (Mar., $11.99 paper) by Michael Scanlan teaches that life's trials can lead to greater maturity and closer intimacy with God.

God's Mercy Revealed (May, $10.99 paper) by Msgr. Peter Magee reverses the human willingness to seek distance from the Divine.


Everything Arises, Everything Falls Away (Mar., $14.95 paper) by Ajahn Chah. The Thai Buddhist master tells how to embrace meditation as a path to freedom. 15,000 first printing.

Peaceful Death, Joyful Rebirth (Apr., $22.95) by Tulku Thondup concerns facing death without fear. 15,000 first printing.

Waking Up to What You Do (May, $21.95) by Diane Eshin Rizzetto utilizes Zen precepts to enhance clarity and awareness. 20,000 first printing.

It's Up to You (June, $19.95) by Dzigar Kongtrül brings honest self-reflection into daily life. 20,000 first printing.


Becoming Fully Human: The Greatest Glory of God (Apr., $14.95 paper) by Joan D. Chittister develops a spirituality that understands what it means to be human and to see others as sacred.


Beware of God (Apr., $19.95) by Shalom Auslander highlights what he sees as the absurdity of organized religion.


Grown Folks Business (June, $14 paper) by Victoria Christopher Murray. A husband announces to his wife that he is in love with another man. 10-city author tour.

Those Pearly Gates: A Homegrown Novel (July, $13 paper) by Julie Cannon is the third installment in the series set in Georgia. Author tour.


Faith Without Certainty: Liberal Theology in the 21st Century (Apr., $18 paper) by Paul Rasor explicates a religious tradition rooted not in authority, but in experience and conscience.


The Secret Book of John: The Gnostic Gospel—Annotated & Explained (Mar., $16.99 paper) by Stevan Davies tells the story of the devolution of God from perfect oneness to imprisonment in the material world. $20,000 ad/promo. 10-city author tour.

The Knitting Way: A Guide to Spiritual Self-Discovery (Mar., $16.99 paper) by Linda T. Skolnik and Janice MacDaniels. A simple craft can apply to the larger scheme of life and spirituality. $15,000 ad/promo. 12-city author tour.

Women of Color Pray: A Journey of Strength, Faith, Hope and Courage (May, $15.99 paper), edited by Christal M. Jackson, heeds women from around the world. $15,000 ad/promo. 12-city author tour.

Spiritual Texts on Mary: Annotated & Explained (June, $16.99 paper) by Mary Ford-Grabowsky opens up the words, letting readers experience the beauty and mystery surrounding Mary. $15,000 ad/promo. 6-city author tour.

The Book of Mormon: Selections Annotated & Explained (July, $16.99 paper) by Jana Riess provides an accessible commentary.6-city author tour.


17 Roadblocks on the Highway of Life (Mar., $15 paper) by Brian Harbour adds to the Smyth & Helwys Choice Select Group Studies series.

God's Call to Be: When Being Precedes Doing (Mar., $15 paper) by Al Cadenhead. Readers can look through the layers of their lives to see their identities as creatures of God.

Lingering Grief (Aug., $12 paper) by Charles Bugg was prompted by his son's brain cancer.


Echoes from an Empty Sky: The Origins of the Buddhist Doctrine of the Two Truths (Mar., $18.95 paper) by John B. Buescher deals with the two truths: conventional and ultimate.

Wisdom Nectar: Dudjom Rinpoché's Heart Advice (Mar., $29.95) by Dudjom Rinpoché. Ron Garry translates key writings into English.

Lighting the Way (Apr., $15.95 paper) by the Dalai Lama contains three fundamental Buddhist teachings given by the author to Western students.

Balancing the Mind: A Tibetan Buddhist Approach to Refining Attention (June, $18.95 paper) by B. Alan Wallace encourages exceptionally high degrees of attentional stability and clarity.


The Circle of Life: The Heart's Journey Through the Seasons (Mar., $19.95 paper) by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr connects the year's seasons with the seasons of our lives. 20,000 first printing. Spiritual Book Associates selection.

In the Beginning... There Were No Diapers: Laughing and Learning in the First Years of Fatherhood (Apr., $12.95 paper) by Tim Bete advises to parent more and worry less.


The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom (Apr., $21.95) by Angeles Arrien. Changing at midlife returns the soul to its deepest values.

The Diamond in Your Pocket: Discovering Your True Radiance (May, $22.95) by Gangaji. The search for enlightenment can be realized within.

Finding God Through Sex: Awakening the One of Spirit Through the Two of Flesh (May, $16.95 paper) by David Deida sees sex as an act of devotional surrender to the Divine.

Natural Radiance (June, $19.95) by Lama Surya Das is a tool for the daily practice of Dzogchen.


Chinese Poetry and Prophecy (June; $24.95, cloth $60) by Michel Strickmann compares the role of divination in Chinese culture to its practice in other Asian religions.

Dostoevsky's Religion (Aug., $49.50) by Steven Cassedy reassesses the novelist's portrayal of the nature of Christianity.


The Deities Are Many: A Polytheistic Theology (Mar., $14.95 paper) by Jordan Paper finds examples in a wide range of world religions.

Gandhi's Pilgrimage of Faith: From Darkness to Light (Apr., $21.95 paper) by Uma Majmudar documents the leader's lifelong path.


Mother of Prevention (Mar., $12.95 paper) by Lori Copeland. A young widow moves her family to San Francisco for a fresh start.

The Road to Home (Apr., $12.95 paper) by Vanessa Del Fabbro. The friendship between two women has a profound impact on both their lives.

Love the Sinner (May, $12.95 paper) by Lynn Bullock. In this cozy, a woman tries to learn who killed her husband.

Last Resort (June, $12.95 paper) by Hannah Alexander is the next entry in the Hideaway series.


The Occult Significance of Forgiveness (Mar., $20 paper) by Sergei O. Prokofieff encourages those forces that lead to forgiveness.


Passover Splendor: Cherished Objects for the Seder Table (Apr., $19.95) by Barbara Rush showcases over 60 ritual artifacts from museums and private collections.

Best Bar/Bat Mitzvah: Planning the Perfect Party (June, $25) by Amy Nebens suggests options for menus, entertainment, decorations and activities.


The Faith of the American Soldier (Apr., $19.99) by Stephen Mansfield reproduces personal testimonies of soldiers from the American Revolution to the war on terror. 30,000 first printing.

Silent No More (Apr., $19.99) by Rod Parsley states that the issues plaguing American society will not change unless Christians take a stand. 30,000 first printing.

Reaching Your Dreams (Apr., $13.99 paper) by Tommy Barnett defines passions that bring glory to God. 20,000 first printing.


Intelligence in Nature (Mar., $23.95) by Jeremy Narby ventures into traditional cultures to determine nature's secret way of knowing.

The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues: Finding the Way Home (May, $24.95) by Sandra Maitri uses the nine-pointed symbol to illuminate the worst pitfalls and highest virtues of personality types.

The Art of Amazement (May, $12.95 paper) by Rabbi Alexander Seinfeld. The spirituality of Judaism can lead to true happiness.


Equipping the Saints: A Guide for Giving to Faith-Based Organizations (Mar., $15.95 paper) by Barbara J. Elliott makes the case for supporting causes motivated by faith.

Time and Eternity: The Question of Time in Church, Natural Science and Theology (May, $29.95 paper) by Antje Jackelén explores the problem and the concept of time.

Spiritual Information: 100 Perspectives on Science and Religion (May, $39.95 paper), edited by Charles L. Harper Jr. contains 100 essays on interdisciplinary approaches to the study of science and religion.


The Quest for the Shaman: Shape-Shifters, Sorcerers and Spirit Healers in Ancient Europe (June, $34.95) by Miranda and Steven Aldhouse-Green pictures ritual behavior.


Making Peace: A Catholic Guide to Turning Conflict into Grace (Apr., $12.95) by Ed Gaffney and Terri Sortor formulates methods of negotiating resolution.

What Do I Own & What Owns Me?: A Spirituality of Stewardship (Apr., $12.95) by Daniel Conway incorporates stewardship practices into all aspects of contemporary life.


Lies That Go Unchallenged (May, $12.99 paper) by Charles Colson encourages all to counter falsehoods spread by today's culture.

Left Behind: The Rising (Mar., $25.99) by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins introduces characters before they were "left behind."

I Told the Mountain to Move (Mar., $19.99) by Patricia Raybon shares how a determination to practice the discipline of prayer changed her life.

To Fly Again (Apr., $19.99) by Gracia Burnham with Dean Merrill advises how to survive life's tailspins.

The North Face of God (May, $19.99) by Ken Gire. The metaphor of climbing mountains and facing adversity brings hope for times when God seems silent.


Journey to Tibet's Lost Lama: A Woman's Pilgrimage, the Karmapa in Exile, and the Fate of Modern Tibet (July, $12.95 paper) by Gaby Naher combines personal, spiritual and historical perspectives on Tibetan culture and its Lama heritage.


Torah: A Modern Commentary, Revised Edition (Mar., $60), edited by Gunther Plaut, brings new features, such as gender-neutrality, to the work first published in 1981. 15,000 first printing.

The Jewish Home, Revised Edition (Mar., $14.95 paper) by Daniel Syme explains Jewish ritual and observance.

Choosing Judaism, Revised Edition (Apr., $10.95 paper) by Lydia Kukoff delves into issues that affect converts to Judaism.

A Vision of Holiness: The Future of Reform Judaism (June, $15.95 paper) by Richard Levy assesses the forces facing the Reform Movement.


Angels Sing in Me: The James Dillet Freeman Memorial Book (Sept., $24.95), edited by Michael A. Maday and Phil White, offers a selection of the storyteller's poetry and prose.


Women with a Mission: Religion, Gender and the Politics of Women in Clergy (June, $37.50) by Laura R. Solson et al. moves beyond stereotypes of women as a silent, oppressed minority.


Goddesses and the Divine Feminine: A Western Religious History (May, $27.50) by Rosemary Radford Ruether examines sacred female imagery in Western culture from prehistory to the present.


Blessing Same-Sex Unions: The Perils of Queer Romance and the Confusions of Christian Marriage (May, $29) by Mark D. Jordan looks at selected ideals of Christian marriage in terms of the debates over same-sex unions.

Critical Terms for the Study of Buddhism (May, $19 paper) by Donald S. Lopez Jr. is an introduction to the faith.


Peter Cartwright: Legendary Frontier Preacher (July, $35) by Robert Bray presents the cantankerous western frontiersman.


The Alabados of New Mexico (July, $49.95) by Thomas J. Steele focuses on the sacred Spanish-language hymns that originated in 18th-century New Spain.


Freedom's Coming: Religious Culture and the Shaping of the South from the Civil War Through the Civil Rights Era (Mar., $34.95) by Paul Harvey chronicles the relationship between religion and race in the South.


Christianity in the United States: A Historical Survey and Interpretation (Mar., $13 paper) by David W. Wills presents a comprehensive overview.

Ambrose's Patriarchs: Ethics for the Common Man (Mar.; $15, cloth $35) by Marcia L. Colish studies the patriarch treatises of Ambrose of Milan.

The Church and Galileo (Mar.; $30, cloth $60), edited by Ernan McMullin, gathers scholarly essays regarding Galileo's turbulent relationship with the Catholic Church.


Padres: The National Chicano PriestMovement (May, $19.95 paper) by Richard Edward Martinez recounts the organization's defense of Mexican American rights within and outside the U.S. Catholic Church.


Thomas Merton's Gethsemani: Landscapes of Paradise (May, $29.95). More than 100 of Harry L. Hinkle's photographs that testify to the beauty of Merton's beloved monastery at Gethsemani accompany quotations from the Roman Catholic convert.


Living Your Heart's Desire: God's Call and Your Vocation (Apr., $12 paper) by Gregory S. Clapper uses contemporary films to illustrate how to lead a fulfilled and joyful Christian life.

Journeying Through the Days 2006: A Calendar & Journal for Personal Reflection (May, $15 paper) combines inspiring quotations with images by the nature photographer Susan Ruach.

Forgiving Your Family: A Journey to Healing (June, $12 paper) by Kathleen Fischer applies New Testament ideals to family conflicts.


A Lifetime Companion to the Laws of Jewish Family Life (Mar., $24.95) by Deena R. Zimmerman, M.D., describes Jewish laws covering marital activities.

Losing the Rat Race, Winning at Life (Apr., $19.95) by Marc D. Angel is a prescription for peace of heart in pressured times.

Dignity Beyond Death: The Jewish Preparation for Burial (May, $24.95) by Rochel U. Berman looks at the volunteers who undertake to prepare the dead for burial.


Whose Bible Is It? A History of the Scriptures Through the Ages (Mar., $24.95) by Jaroslav Pelikan takes readers step by step through the evolution of the Bible.

A Continual Feast: Words of Comfort and Celebration, Collected by Father Tim (Mar., $24.95) by Jan Karon compiles observations culled from the journals of Mitford's Father Tim Kavanagh.


The Supplicating Voice: The Writings of Samuel Johnson (Apr., $13 paper), edited by John F. Thornton and Susan B. Varenne. Selections from Johnson's oeuvre portray the man.


Teaching True Love to a Sex-at-13 Generation (Mar., $13.99 paper) by Eric and Leslie Ludy contains advice for parents of adolescents.

So You Want to Be More Like Christ: Eight Essentials to Get You There (Apr., $22.99) by Charles R. Swindoll is a guide to understanding the pillars of prayer, humility, self-control, sacrifice, submission, solitude, silence and hope.

God and the Oval Office (Apr., $13.99 paper) by John C. McCollister researches the religious faith of each U.S. president.

Daughters Gone Wild, Dads Gone Crazy (Apr., $13.99 paper) by Charles and Heather Stone. The father-and-daughter writing team relate the real-life drama of her adolescence, which included 15 psychologists, four expulsions and four rehabs.

The Unauthorized Guide to Sex and the Church (Aug., $17.99 paper) by Carmen Renee Berry surveys Christian views on sex and sexuality.


Plenty Good Room (Apr., $23.95) by Cheri Paris Edwards is a debut novel about a child care worker who agrees to take an outspoken, church-going teenager into her home. Author publicity.

Heaven Sent (Apr., $12.95 paper) by Montré Bible. The descendant of a fallen half-angel and a human discovers his heritage in this first novel.

Choose Me (June, $23.95) by Xenia Ruiz. Now a celibate Christian, Latina Eva meets Adam, an African-American cancer survivor.


Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone (Apr., $22.99) by Joyce Meyercontends that God provides all the security one needs. 6-city author tour.

The Art of Creative Living: Making Every Day a Radiant Masterpiece (Apr., $19.99) by Thomas Kinkade recommends the creative process as the path to increased spiritual awareness.

A Treasury of Adoption Miracles: True Stories of God's Presence Today (Apr., $12.99) by Karen Kingsbury. The adoptive mother shares uplifting firsthand stories.

Why the Ten Commandments Matter (May, $17.99) by D. James Kennedy advocates a return to these fundamental laws.

Losers and Winners, Saints and Sinners: How to Finish Strong in the Spiritual Race (June, $18.99) by Greg Laurie makes the point that winners do not quit when they stumble.

Chloe (June, $10.99 paper) by Lyn Cote begins the author's Women of Ivy Manor series about four generations of 20th century women.


Whence Came a Prince (Mar., $13.99 paper) by Liz Curtis Higgs concludes her saga set in 18th-century Scotland.

To Be Told (Mar., $11.99) by Dan B. Allender proposes that reading one's past leads to a more fulfilling future.

Preparing Your Daughter for Every Young Woman's Battle (June, $13.99 paper) by Shannon Ethridge counsels parents how to talk to their daughters about God's standards for sexuality, purity and dating.

Foolish No More! (July, $16.99) by Ted Haggard finds a message of liberating faith in the book of Galatians.


Custodians of Truth (June, $22.95 paper) by Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins illuminates the purpose and secrets of the Rex Deus lineage.


The Lazarus Trap (Mar., $14.99 paper) by David Bunn. In this novel, the protagonist wonders whether waking up dead is the chance of a lifetime.

Wrapped in Rain (Mar., $13.99 paper) by Charles Martin is a Southern novel in which Miss Ella Rain influences two young boys.

Monster (Apr., $24.99) by Frank Peretti. This time the monsters aren't make-believe. 250,000 first printing.

Unspoken (May, $14.99 paper) by Angela Hunt ponders what animals would say if they could speak.


The Gospel According to America: A Meditation on a God-blessed, Christ-haunted Idea (Mar., $14.95 paper) by David Dark finds common ground in popular culture for discussion among American Christians. 25,000 first printing.

The Reformation for Armchair Theologians (Apr., $14.95 paper) by Glenn S. Sunshine. Humorous illustrations punctuate the guide to this period of church history.

Reflections over the Long Haul: A Memoir (June, $24.95) by Robert McAfee Brown assembles the late theologian's reminiscences.


The Master: Parables for Enlightenment (Mar., $15.95) by Kevin Edwards integrates wisdom from the Bible, the Gita, Buddha and Jesus. Author tour.


Little Blessings from a Big God: Finding More of God Through the Lives of Your Children (Mar., $10.99 paper) by Michelle Medlock Adams submits first-person stories of life-changing lessons gleaned through the eyes of children. 35,000 first printing.

Instant Messages from God for Teens: Girls Only and ...Guys Only (both May, $9.99 each paper) by Margaret Feinberg and Natalie Nichols have a tech-friendly design to appeal to teens. 15,000 first printing each.


Genuine Happiness: Meditation as the Path to Fulfillment (Apr., $24.95) by B. Alan Wallace is a practical guide.


Mormonism for Dummies (Mar., $19.99 paper) by Jana Riess describes the denomination's beliefs and rituals.

Women in the Bible for Dummies (May, $21.99 paper) by Rev. John Trigilio discusses famous and infamous females found in the Old and New Testaments.


The Dharma of Star Wars (Apr., $14.95 paper) by Matthew Bortolin is a take on the spiritual training of the Jedi. 20,000 first printing.

The Four Noble Truths: The Foundation of Buddhist Thought, Vol. 1 (Apr., $12.95 paper) by Geshe Tashi Tsering summarizes the Buddhist worldview.

Waking Up Together: Intimate Partnership on the Spiritual Path (May, $16.95 paper) by Ellen and Charles Birx says that spiritual and romantic lives can be integrated.


Preaching in the New Millennium: Celebrating the Tercentennial of Yale University (Mar., $38) by Frederick J. Streets collects sermons from 15 religious leaders to highlight Yale's religious history.

Methodism: Empire of the Spirit (Apr., $30) by David Hempton shows how Methodism reshaped British and American culture during the age of industrialization.

Before Darwin: Reconciling God and Nature (Apr., $25) by Keith Thomson traces the multiple historic conflicts and accommodations within religion and the emerging sciences predating Charles Darwin.

The Ancient Synagogue: The First Thousand Years, Second Edition (July, $45) by Lee I. Levine tracks the origins and development of the synagogue from the Hellenist period through Late Antiquity.


Breaker's Reef (Mar., $12.99 paper) by Terri Blackstock. In book #4 in the Cape Refuge series, the murder scene of a teenage girl matches one in a book by the famous mystery writer who has just moved to the island.

Pathway to Purpose for Women (Apr., $18.99) by Katie Brazelton is a how-do guide filled with true personal stories.

God Is Closer than You Think (Apr., $18.99) by John Ortberg demonstrates how daily life is sometimes like a Where's Waldo puzzle.

Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham (Aug., $24.99) by Harold Myra and Marshall Shelley enumerates 20 key principles exemplified by the life of the evangelist.

Velvet Elvis (Aug., $18.99) by Rob Bell urges readers to consider God beyond the picture concocted by others.

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