Brigitte Weeks, who is leaving her position as editor-in-chief of Bookspan as part of a corporate restructuring, will not be the only Bookspan employee vacating the Time-Life Building next month. A company spokesperson has confirmed reports that the giant book club is moving its remaining staff out of its high-priced offices on New York's City's Sixth Avenue.

Editorial and communication operations are moving downtown, to offices on E. 26th Street, while marketing operations are being centralized in Bookspan's offices in suburban Garden City, L.I. Bookspan has operated from separate offices since it was formed in late 1999 through the merger of Book-of-the-Month Club and Doubleday Direct. BOMC had called the T-L Building, where it occupied one floor, home, while Doubleday Direct's operations have been centered in Garden City. Bookspan has slowly moved more jobs to Garden City, including most marketing functions, leaving BOMC with more space than it needed.

Weeks's departure comes only 18 months after she took the post, following the resignation of Mel Parker as editorial director. A Bookspan spokesperson had no comment on whether Weeks will be replaced or if other jobs are being eliminated. Weeks had reported to Seth Radwell, president of Bookspan's editorial and marketing group.

Weeks had served as editor-in-chief of Book-of-the-Month Club, the precursor to Bookspan, for five years before resigning in 1993. She joined Bookspan in May 2002 as editor-in-chief of Crossings Book Club.