Ned Goes to Bed ($16.95) by Isabelle Jossa. Ned zooms to the moon in this bedtime tale. (2-5)

The Zoo Room ($16.95) by Louise Schofield, illus. by Malcolm Geste. Max and his family attend a party at the zoo. (3-6)

Cat and Fish ($16.95) by Joan Grant, illus. by Neil Curtis. A cat and fish discover that friendship can be a learning experience. (3-up)

The Lost Thing ($16.95) by Shaun Tan is set in a futuristic environment. (4-8)

The Boat ($16.95) by Helen Ward, illus. by Ian Andrew. During a storm, a boy in a boat rescues a man and his menagerie of animals. (6-up)

Night Wall ($16.95) by Duncan Weller. A girl and her cousin encounter monsters in the forest. (6-up)

My Gran's Different ($16.95) by Sue Lawson, illus. by Caroline Magerl. A child learns to accept his grandmother's Alzheimer's disease. (7-up)


Zen Tails adds Bruno Dreams by Peter Whitfield, illus. by Nancy Bevington ($15.95, 6-up).


Does God Hear My Prayer? by August Gold, photos by Diane Hardy Waller, examines ways to communicate with God. (3-6)

How Does God Listen? ($8.99) by Kay Lindahl, photos by Cynthia Maloney, explains how God listens and how learning to listen is important. (3-6)


Someday Is Not a Day of The Week ($15.95) by Denise Brennan-Nelson, illus. by Kevin O'Malley. After his parents keep postponing activities until "someday," Max is happy to discover that that day is today. (4-10)

Friend on Freedom River ($16.95) by Gloria Whelan, illus. by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen. A boy helps a family of runaway slaves cross the Detroit River to reach freedom in Canada. (6-12)

Let Them Play ($16.95) by Margot Theis Raven, illus. by Chris Ellison. In 1955, an all-black Little League Baseball team goes to the Little League World Series when no other South Carolina team will play them. (6-12)

America's White Table ($16.95) by Margot Theis Raven, illus. by Mike Benny, celebrates the significance of a "white table," a symbol for American service members fallen, missing or held captive. (6-12)


New Alphabet titles are P Is for Putt: A Golf Alphabet by Brad Herzog, illus. by Bruce Langton; W Is for Wind: A Weather Alphabet by Pat Michaels, illus. by Melanie Rose; Z Is for Zookeeper: A Zoo Alphabet by Marie and Roland Smith, illus. by Henry Cole; and T Is for Teachers: A School Alphabet by Stephen Layne and Deborah Dover Layne, illus. by Doris Ettlinger ($16.95 each, 4-10). And Discover America State by State adds F Is for First State: A Delaware Alphabet by Carol Crane, illus. by Elizabeth Traynor; N Is for Our Nation's Capital: A Washington, D.C. Alphabet by Marie and Roland Smith, illus. by Barbara Gibson; M Is for Mount Rushmore: A South Dakota Alphabet by William Anderson, illus. by Cheryl Harness; P Is for Peace Garden: A North Dakota Alphabet by Roxane B. Salonen, illus. by Joanna Yardley; and P Is for Potato: An Idaho Alphabet by Stan and Joy Steiner, illus. by Jocelyn Stack ($17.95 each, 4-10).

SNOW TREE BOOKS (Biblio, dist.)

The Big, Blue Lump ($16.95) by Yetti Frenkel. A bug teaches farm animals that being small does not mean being helpless. (2-5)

Trudy and the Captain's Cat ($16.95) by Yetti Frenkel. A seafaring cat cons a naïve and pampered housecat out of her fish. (4-up)



SoftPlay SoftSounds Soft Cloth Books offers SoftPlay: Busy Baby: My First Words Book, Things That Go: My First Opposites Book, On the Farm: My First Colors Book and Zoo Train: My First Counting Book; Sesame Beginnings:What's That Sound? andElmo Is So Silly!; and Fisher-Price Little People: Baby Animal Sounds and Sounds Around Town Sounds($24.95 each, 6 mos.-3 yrs.); and Sesame Beginnings:Let's Make Music! and Giggle with Elmo!($19.95 each, 6 mos.-3 yrs.). SoftPlay Block Books introduces Sesame Workshop: All Day with Sesame, Sweet Sesame and Sesame Building Blocks; and SoftPlay: My Little SoftPlay Block Books and My Little SoftPlay Shape Books($19.95 each, 6 mos.-3 yrs.). And SoftPlay Little Softy Books gains 12 SoftPlay Brand animal-shaped plush books ($15.95 each, 6 mos.-3 yrs.).

New SoftPlay Standard Soft Cloth Books are SoftPlay: My First Busy Book, Bedtime for Bunny, My First Mother Goose Rhymes, Old MacDonald's Farm: A Counting Book and Noah's Ark: My First Bible Book; Clifford the Big Red Dog: Clifford Helps Out and Clifford Playtime; Disney—Winnie the Pooh: Pooh's Big Adventure: A First Words Book and Pooh Says Hello: A Manners Book($19.95 each, paper $9.95, 6 mos.-3 yrs.); Fisher-Price Little People: Learning Colors and Learning to Count($19.95 each, 6 mos.-3 yrs.) and Barnyard Pals, I'm Going to School Today, Things That Go and Our Neighborhood($19.95 each, paper $9.95, 6 mos.-3 yrs.); Sesame Workshop: Good Night Elmo, Cookie's Color Caper, Get Dressed with Elmo and Where's Elmo? A Peek-a-Boo Book($19.95 each, paper $9.95, 6 mos.-3 yrs); and Happy Families in Elmo's World($19.95, 6 mos.- 3 yrs.); and Veggie Tales: God Loves You: A Book About Loving & Growing($19.95, 6 mos.-3 yrs.). And SoftPlay Felt Playset Books gains Softplay: Noah's Ark, Playhouse, Cinderella and Dinosaur Park; Sesame Workshop: Elmo Goes to School; and Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes: Rescue Heroes Save the Day($29,99 each, 3-up).


Choir Boy ($16.95) by Charlie Anders presents a bittersweet story about growing up different. (12-up)

STACEY INTERNATIONAL (Interlink Publishing Group, dist.)

A Gift of the Sands ($16.95) by Julia Johnson, illus. by Emily Styles, chronicles the adventures of a beautiful pearl that longs to be shown to the Sultan. (3-8)


Dancing Boy ($15.95) by Ron Himler. In this wordless tale, a boy leads children on a dance through town. (All ages)

Look! ($6.95) by Kyra Teis is a board book presenting shapes, colors and patterns. (1-4)

Cyril the Mandrill ($16.95) by Francesca Greco. Though the other zoo animals make fun of Cyril's colors, when winter arrives his vivid markings cheer everyone up. (4-8)

My Brother Needs a Boa ($16.95) by Anne Weston, illus. by Cheryl Nathan. A shopkeeper in a rainforest village needs a snake to catch the rat that is chasing his customers away. (4-8)

Rata Pata Scata Fata ($15.95, paper $5.95) by Phillis Gershator, illus. by Holly Meade. In the Caribbean, Junjun uses magic words to help him finish his chores. (4-8)

Lonek's Journey: The True Story of a Boy's Escape to Freedom ($13.95) by Dorit Bader Whiteman. A Polish boy escapes from persecution under Hitler and from a Siberian gulag to settle in Palestine. (10-up)

See You in Free Amsterdam: The Hidden Letters of Flip Slier ($13.95), trans. by Marion Pritchard, collects letters written during WWII by an 18-year-old Jewish boy in a Nazi labor camp in Holland. (12-up)


Los Animales de la granja/Farm Animals and Los colores de los animales/Animal Colors by Brian Wildsmith ($5.95 each, up to 4); and Backpack Baby/El bebé de la mochila and Mine!/¡Sólo mío! by Miriam Cohen ($5.95 each, 1-2).

Board Books in English/Haitian CreoleHow Many? and Where Does It Go? by Cheryl Christian; and What Happens Next?, Where's the Baby?, Where's the Kitten? and Where's the Puppy? by Christian, photos by Laura Dwight ($5.50 each, 6 mos.-4 yrs.).


The Socksnatchers by Lorna Balian ($15.95, 4-8); and The Sweet Touch by Balian ($16.95, 4-8).


Playful Puppy and Naughty Kitten ($12.95 each). Animals star in these books made from flocking material. (1-3)

Cat Goes Fiddle-I-Fee ($5.95) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Emily Bolam, is a board book starring noisy barnyard animals. (2-3)

10 Little Sock Monkeys ($9.95) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by William Winburn. Two by two, playful sock monkeys disappear. (2-4)

Knick-Knack Paddywhack ($5.95) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Emily Bolam. In this board-book tale, a father drives his son crazy by banging on a drum and other objects. (2-4)

Ready for Easter ($7.95) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Laura Rader. Rosie Rabbit prepares for Easter in this board book with reusable stickers. (2-4)

Rainbow Frogs ($7.95) by Melissa Tyrell, illus. by Becky Wallis. In a gray world, colorful frogs create a rainbow. (2-4)

Engine No. 5's Busy Day ($7.95) by Melissa Tyrell, illus. by Heather Stewart, is a board book revealing what an engine encounters at each station. (2-4)

Just Like Mommy! and Just Like Daddy! ($6.95 each) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Eric Brown. Children imitate parents in these board books featuring foil art. (3-5)

Old McDonald Had a Cow ($12.95) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Richard Brown. This book made of flocking material offers a spin on this song. (3-6)

Are You Sleepy Yet, Petey? ($12.95) by Marie Hodge, illus. by Renée Graef. A boy tries to convince his dog to take a nap. (3-7)

Gilbert the Great ($14.95) by Jane Clarke, illus. by Charles Fuge. A shark finds a new playmate after his best friend moves away. (3-7)

ABC USA ($14.95), illus. by Martin Jarrie. Folk art illustrats this alphabet book celebrating American culture and history. (3-8)

Yes, Please! No, Thank You! ($14.95) by Valerie Wheeler, illus. by Glin Dibley. Children envision things they'd enjoy doing and things they would not. (4-7)

My Closet Threw a Party ($14.95) by Robyn Parnell, illus. by Jimmy Pickering. A party springs to life in a girl's cluttered closet and messy room. (4-7)

A Blue So Blue ($14.95) by Jean-Francois Dumont. A boy searches for the perfect blue hue. (5-8)

The Kids' Family Tree Book ($14.95) by Caroline Leavitt, illus. by Ian Phillips, provides research suggestions and projects for aspiring genealogists. (8-11)

Paper, Scissors, Sculpt! ($19.95) by Ben Gonzales presents instructions for a form of paper crafting that uses scissors and scoring. (8-up)

High-Flying Paper Airplanes ($17.95) by Jacob Botermans introduces 35 paper aircraft. (12-up)


Floaties! gains Dolphin Splash by Ann Tobias, illus. by Terry Austin; Five Little Ducks, illus. by Juliet Williams; Fairy Magic by Dawn Bentley, illus. by Amy Brown; Fishy Fun by Bentley, illus. by Austin; Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Peek-A-Boo! by Judith Moffatt; and Dance, Mermaids, Dance by Tobias, illus. by Brown ($7.95 each, 2-4). Young Reader's Shakespeare adds Othello by Adam McKeown, illus. by Sterling Hundley ($14.95, 10-14). And Stories for Young People welcomes Oscar Wilde, ed. by Merlin Holland, illus. by Louise Brierley; and Mark Twain, ed. by Gregg Camfield, illus. by Sally Wern Comport ($14.95 each, 12-14).


Grandma, Where Are You? and Grandpa, Will You Play with Me? ($5.95 each) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Emilie Boone, are tales about Little Hippo and his grandparents. (3-6)

Scary Stories for Campfires ($5.95) by Arthur Myers and Margaret Rau, compiles ghost stories. (8-12)

Fantasy! Cartooning ($9.95) by Ben Caldwell is a guide to creating fantasy art. (10-up)



There are eight new Asterix adventures by Rene Goscinny, illus. by Albert Uderzo ($12.95 each, 10-up).


How Does Your Garden Grow? Great Gardening for Green-Fingered Kids ($24.95) by Clare Matthews rounds up 40 gardening projects. (2-10)


It's Not Magic, It's Science ($14.95) by Hope Buttitta, illus. by Tom LaBaff and Orrin Lundgen, rounds up 50 science activities. (8-up)

Cool Chemistry Concoctions ($14.95) by Joe Rhatigan and Veronika Alice Gunter, illus. by Tom LaBaff, presents 50 experiments. (8-up)


Kids' Crafts releases Crochet by Jane Davis ($19.95, 8-up). And Art for Kids introduces Cartooning by Art Roche and Drawing by Kathryn Temple ($17.95 each, 8-up).


The Girls' World Book of Friendship Crafts ($14.95) by Joanne O'Sullivan outlines projects for making gifts for friends. (8-up)

Write Now! ($6.95) by Joe Rhatigan, Rain Newcomb and Veronica Alice Gunter, illus. by Barbara Pollak, offers tips for creative writing. (10-up)



Mini Magic Color Books presents Baby Animals, Dinosaurs, My Pets and Sea Creatures by Louisa Sladen, illus. by Luana Rinaldo ($3.95 each, 1-3). Animal Snuggles adds Easter Bunny by Sally Crabtree, illus. by Sally Chambers ($8.95, 2-4). And new Magic Skeleton titles are Magic Atlas by James Harrison, illus. by Tim Hutchinson and Richard Watts; and Discover Hidden Worlds by Janet Sacks, illus. by Jan Smith and Gill Tomblin ($9.95 each, 5-7).


How To Keep Dinosaurs ($9.95) by Robert Mash is a manual for kids who are raising their first pet dinosaur. (12-up)


The Sugar Bear Story ($9.95) by Ernestine Ygnacio-De Soto is a Chumash Indian tale.


Is a Worry Worrying You? ($15.95) by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz, illus. by Marie LeTourneau, addresses childhood worries. (3-8)

You Can't Milk a Dancing Cow ($15.95) by Tom Dunsmuir, illus. by Brian T. Jones, presents a barnyard tale. (3-8)


Encyclopedia of Animals ($24.95) by Genevieve Warnau. Photos illustrate this guide to 210 animals. (8-up)


Dinosaurs Galore! ($16.95) by Giles Andreae, illus. by David Wojtowycz, portrays various dinosaurs. (3-7)

Hoppity Skip Little Chick ($15.95) by Jo Brown. Little Chick can't wait to show his mother his new game. (3-7)

A Surprise for Rosie ($15.95) by Julia Rawlinson, illus. by Tim Warnes. A father rabbit has a surprise for his daughter. (3-7)

The Teeny Weeny Tadpole ($15.95) by Sheridan Cain, illus. by Jack Tickle. What happens when a tadpole meets a tadpole-eating fish? (3-7)

The Very Ugly Bug ($15.95) by Liz Pichon. A bug that longs to fit in encounters a hungry bird. (3-7)

My Dog ($12.95) by Angela Joy, illus. by Nicola Slater, is a touch-and-feel story about a boy who wants a dog. (3-7)


Storytime Board Books: The Crunching Munching Caterpillar by Sheridan Cain and The Very Lazy Ladybug by Isobel Finn, both illus. by Jack Tickle ($6.95 each, 2-4).


Night-Night, Emily! by Claire Freedman, illus. by Jane Massey; and Smiley Shark by Ruth Galloway ($6.95 each, 3-7).


Thanks to the Animals ($16.95) by Allen Sockabasin, illus. by Rebekah Raye. Forest animals care for a Native American baby who falls off a sled. (2-6)

Playing War ($16.95) by Kathy Beckwith, illus. by Lea Lyon. A refugee child's experience with real war lends a new perspective to a neighborhood game. (6-10)


Clabbernappers ($17.95) by Len Bailey. In this fantasy, the King of Elidor asks a young Oklahoma cowboy to rescue the kidnapped queen. (10-up)


Dragonback adds Dragon and Slave by Timothy Zahn ($17.95, 13-up).


The Wizard of Washington Square by Jane Yolen and Beyond the Hanging Wall by Sara Douglass ($5.99 each, 13-up).


Dragonback offers Dragon and Soldier by Timothy Zahn ($5.99, 13-up). The Web reprints Gulliverzone by Stephen Baxter ($5.99, 13-up). And Magic Books presents Steel Magic by Andre Norton ($5.99, 13-up).


The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens ($19.95, paper $13.95), ed. by Jane Yolen and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, compiles 2004's stories by various authors. (13-up)


The Encyclopedia of Weird by Sheila De La Rosa ($4.99, 7-13); New Magics, ed. by Patrick Nielsen Hayden ($5.99, 13-up); and The Beginning Place by Ursula K. Le Guin ($6.99, 13-up).


The Cherry Tree Egg ($14.99) by Mark Birchall. When Weasel finds an egg, Tortoise and Mole persuade him not to eat it, but to let it hatch. (3-5)

No More Teasing! ($16.99) by Emma Chichester Clark stars the monkey cousins introduced in No More Kissing! (4-7)

Blue ($16.99) by Philippe Dupasquier. Collage art illustrates this exploration of color. (4-7)

Dolphin Boy ($14.99) by Michael Morpurgo, illus. by Michael Foreman. Jim and the other residents of a poor fishing village return a dolphin to the sea. (5-8)


The Secret of Iguando ($8.99) by Robert Dodds features two siblings on an expedition in the Mexican jungle with their zoologist father. (9-12)


Dog Story ($16.99) by Kathy Henderson, illus. by Brita Granström. Jo wants a dog more than anything, but her parents are horrified at the idea. (4-7)

The Lonely Giraffe ($16.99) by Peter Blight, illus. by Michael Terry. Far from the action on the jungle floor, a giraffe feels left out until all the animals band together when the river overflows. (4-7)


Little Hotchpotch ($8.99) by Brian Patten, illus. by Michael Terry. A shy creature embarks on a quest for identity after seeing the reflection of his eyes in a frozen pond. (4-7)

The Nonsense Verse of Lewis Carroll ($9.99) by Lewis Carroll, illus. by Lorna Hussey, is an illustrated collection of timeless verse. (7-up)

Wicked Poems ($15), ed. by Roger McGough, illus. by Neal Layton, collects original poems as well as verse by Shakespeare, Kipling, Nash and Eliot. (10-up)


The Wooden Dragon ($14.99) by Joan Aiken, illus. by Bee Willey. A wooden dragon watches over a girl when her older brother leaves home. (5-8)


Mog Time: Six Stories About Mog ($24.99) by Judith Kerr compiles tales featuring this cat. (2-4)

Oscar and Hoo Forever (16.99) by Theo, illus. by Michael Dudock de Wit, is a sequel to Oscar and Hoo. (4-8)


OWW! ($9.99) by Michael Rosen, illus. by Jonathan Langley. What happens when a piglet rolls onto a thistle? (2-4)



The White Rider: A Tom Marlowe Adventure ($8.99) by Chris Priestly. This sequel to Death and the Arrow is set in London in 1716. (12-up)


Let's Go! ($14.99) by Mary Murphy. Little Penguin uses his imagination to travel to a tropical island. (2-4)


New Farm Sound Board Books by Russell Julian are Busy Dog, Happy Cockerel, Hungry Pig and Lost Calf($8.99 each, 2-3). And joining Mr. Wolf Mini Pop-Ups are What's the Time, Mr. Wolf? and Mr. Wolf's Week($8.99 each, 2-4).


Can I Play? ($8.99) by Janet Thomas, illus. by Alison Bartlett, reveals the ups and downs of playground relationships. (3-5)



Fish Go Woof ($9.99) by Miranda Maxwell-Hyslop. Readers mix and match animals and their noises in this split-page book. (2-5)

Brothers and Sisters ($8.99) by Rob Lewis. Though they annoy each other, brothers and sisters can also be best friends. (3-6)

Frog Princess ($8.99) by Jan Ormerod, illus. by Emma Damon, retells this classic story. (4-7)


Floppy Ears ($13.99) by Ruth Louise Symes, illus. by Tony Kenyon, offers a tale about two rabbit siblings. (3-5)

The Nightspinners ($14.99) by Kate Petty, illus. by Mary Claire Smith. Tiny spiders weave a web of silk to help a weaver create dresses for a heartless queen. (5-8)


Adventures of Cow ($14.95) by Cow, as told to Lori Korchek, photos by Marshall Taylor. A miniature cow journeys through a land filled with pigs, cats and frogs. (3-6)

Winchell Cuts the Cheese ($14.95) by Peter van Dijk, illus. by Taylor Lee. Is Winchell the pig responsible for the unpleasant odor wafting through the barnyard? (3-6).

Doorknob the Rabbit and the Carnival of Bugs ($14.95) by SerWacki. A blue rabbit tries to get rid of 6,000 bugs that have invaded his home. (4-7)

Finklehopper Frog Cheers ($14.95) by Irene Livingston, illus. by Brian Lies. Finklehopper stands his ground against bullies and helps a pal overcome her fears of competing in a race. (4-7)

My Secret Bully ($15.95) by Trudy Ludwig, illus. by Abigail Marble. Monica's mother helps her regain confidence after a friend humiliates her. (5-8)


Petit Connoisseur adds Fashion by Karen Salmansohn, illus. by Brian Stauffer ($6.95, 1-3). And Edgar & Ellen are back in Pet's Revenge by Charles Ogden, illus. by Rick Carton ($12.95, 9-up).


The Slinky Malinkiseries debuts with Slinky Malinki by Lynley Dodd ($6.95, 2-5). And Dodd's Hairy Maclary returns in Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack ($6.95, 2-5).


The Noisy Airplane Ride by Mike Downs, illus. by Dave Gordon ($6.95, 4-8); and The Young Adventurer's Guide to Everest: From Avalanche to Zopkio by Jonathan Chester ($7.95, 8-11).


The Book of ZZZ's ($15.95) by Arlene Alda captures the peace and magic of dreams. (2-5)

Over Under ($15.95) by Marthe Jocelyn, illus. by Tom Slaughter. Cut-paper art illustrates this introduction to opposites. (2-5)

Wanda and the Wild Hair ($15.95) by Barbara Azore, illus. by Georgia Graham. Though Wanda loves her wild hair, it drives the adults in her life to distraction. (3-6)

Brave Jack and the Unicorn ($15.95) by Janet McNaughton, illus. by Susan Tooke. A boy saves a princess in this tale of good and evil. (5-8)


Flower ($8.95) by Irene Watts. In this story about the meaning of family, an orphan from the past tries to help a girl who is searching for answers. (9-up)

She Dared: Heroines, Scoundrels, and Renegades ($8.95) by Ed Butts, illus. by Heather Collins, profiles 12 women who dared to defy convention and who left their marks on history. (10-14)

The Big Night Out ($15.95) by Jeanne Beker, illus. by Nathalie Dion, is a guide for planning and pulling off special occasions. (10-up)

Season of Rage: Hugh Burnett and the Struggle for Human Rights ($9.95) by John Cooper explains how in 1954 civil rights activists fought to change racist laws in Ontario. (10-up)

Claire by Moonlight ($9.95) by Lynne Kositsky is a novel centering on an Acadian girl in 1755. (12-up)

A Home for Foundlings ($12.95) by Marthe Jocelyn traces the story of the first London orphanage. (12-up)


Heartland by Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet, illus. by Yvette Moore ($9.95, all ages); and Heart and Soul: The Story of Florence Nightingale by Gena Gorrell ($11.95, 10-up).


Do Mice Eat Rice? ($12.95) by Al Wight, illus. by Roger Clarke, explores foods and animals. (All ages)

Fun with Asian Food ($15.95) by Devagi Sanmugam, illus. by Marijke den Ouden, serves up 14 recipes. (All ages)

An Illustrated History of Japan ($19.95) by Shigeo Nishimura chronicles important events in Japanese history. (All ages)

Long-Long's New Year ($16.95) by Catherine Gower, illus. by He Zhihong. A Chinese boy and his grandfather travel to the city to buy food and decorations for the New Year. (All ages)

Taekwondo for Kids ($11.95) by Y.H. Park is a guide by a former coach of the U.S. Olympic Taekwondo team. (All ages)

The Deer and the Woodcutter: A Korean Folktale ($15.95) by Kim So-un, illus. by Jeong Kyoung-Sim, retells this story about why the rooster crows. (All ages)


Children's Favorite Stories adds Indonesian Children's Favorite Stories by Joan Suyenaga and Salim Martowiredijo ($16.95, all ages).



Chameleonstars in Chameleon Races and Chameleon Swims by Laura Hambleton ($7.95 each, dual language editions $8.95 each, up to 4).


Bella Balistica returns in Bella Balistica and the Indian Summer by Adam Guillain ($9.95, 8-11).



Word Play/Juego con palabras introduces Let's Get to Work!/¡Vamos a trabajar! and Let's Go!/¡Vamos a viajar!($6.95 each, 2-5). And The Little Book of... adds Dinosaurs by Cherie Winner and Space by Sara Hoffman ($9.95 each, 4-7).



Parables for Kids by Danae Dobson and James Dobson, illus. by Carolyn Ewing ($12.99, 5-10); and Just Like Ice Cream by Lissa Halls Johnson ($7.99, 12-15).


Little Blessings: Blessings Come in Shapes and Many-Colored Blessings ($6.99 each) by Dandi Daley Mackall, illus. by Elena Kucharik, are concept board books. (up to 5)

Sweet Dreams and Blessings to Go ($8.99 each) by Sally Lloyd-Jones, illus by Patricia Jennings are lift-the-flap board books about God's love. (up to 5)

My Happy Heart and My Thankful Heart ($8.99 each) by Sally Lloyd-Jones, illus. by Patricia Jennings, are board books focusing on love and thankfulness. (up to 5)

Before I Dream Bedtime Storybook with CD ($14.99) by Karyn Henley, illus. by Taia Morley, repackages this collection of 50 biblical stories with a CD of songs. (3-8)


Left Behind: The Young Trib Force presents Deceived and Protected by Jerry B. Jenkins, Tim LaHaye and Chris Fabry ($14.99 each, 12-up).


Red Rock Mysteries debuts with Haunted Waters, Stolen Secrets, Missing Pieces and Wild Rescue by Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry ($5.99 each, 8-12).



Big Jinny: The Story of a Grizzly Bear ($15) by Frank B. Linderman, illus. by Elizabeth Lochrie, recounts a grizzly cub's adventure through the wilds of western America. (9-up)



Grandmother Stories issues Rabbit and the Wolves by Deborah Duvall, illus. by Murv Jacob ($15.95, all ages).


Horse of Seven Moons ($14.95) by Karen Tascheck. Unbeknownst to each other, a 16-year-old Apache and a 14-year-old white girl share a horse. (12-up)

URJ PRESS (212-650-4120)

The Purim Costume ($13.95) by Peninnah Schram, illus. by Tammy Keiser, tells the Persian story of Purim through the eyes of a contemporary American girl. (5-8)

VERMONT FOLKLIFE CENTER (Univ. Press of New England, dist.)

Paperback Series Reprint

Folklife Center Children's Book Series reprints Daisy and the Doll by Michael and Angela Shelf Medearis, illus. by Larry Johnson ($7.95, 6-10).


Seen Art? ($16.99) by Jon Scieszka, illus. by Lane Smith, offers a guide to New York City's Museum of Modern Art. (All ages)

Froggy's Sleepover ($15.99) by Jonathan London, illus. by Frank Remkiewicz. What happens on Froggy's first sleepover? (2-up)

Llama, Llama, Red Pajama ($15.99) by Anna Dewdney. Baby Llama turns bedtime into a llama drama. (2-up)

Henry's 100 Days of Kindergarten ($15.99) by Nancy Carlson. Henry and his classmates anticipate the 100th day of school. (3-up)

Honk-Honk-Ashoo & Swella-Bow-Wow ($14.99) by Ralph Cosentino. After taking in a little dog, Honk-Honk-Ashoo discovers the rewards of a life shared. (3-up)

Belinda in Paris ($15.99) by Amy Young. Belinda the ballerina causes a buzz when she lands in Paris. (3-up)

Cool Time Song ($15.99) by Carole Lexa Schaeffer, illus. by Pierr Morgan. When the sun sets, a song is heard on the savanna. (3-up)

Good Morning, Digger ($15.99) by Anne Rockwell, illus. by Melanie Hope Greenberg. A boy watches as a construction crew transforms a vacant lot into a new neighborhood center. (3-up)

The Dancing Tiger ($15.99) by Malachy Doyle, illus. by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher. A tiger who only appears when the moon is full dances through the seasons. (3-up)

Firefighters to the Rescue! ($15.99) by Kersten Hamilton, illus. by Rich Davis, focuses on the lives of firefighters. (3-up)

Silly Chicken ($15.99) by Rukhsana Khan, illus. by Yunmee Kyong. Raini thinks her mother loves their chicken more than she loves her. (4-up)

My Best Friend ($15.99) by Mary Ann Rodman, illus. by E.B. Lewis. Lily picks Tamika to be her best friend, but Tamika already has a best friend. (4-up)

There's a Dolphin in the Grand Canal! ($15.99) by John Bemelmans Marciano. Luca is bored on vacation in Venice—until he spots a dolphin. (4-up)

Clementine in the City ($15.99) by Jessie Hartland. Clementine arrives in the city to join the circus. (4-up)

My Pony Jack ($13.99) by Cari Meister, illus. by Amy Young, reveals that caring for a pony is fun, but it's a lot of work. (4-up)

Cork & Fuzz ($13.99) by Dori Chaconas, illus. by Lisa McCue, describes the antics of a muskrat and a possum. (5-up)

Only Emma ($14.99) by Sally Warner, illus. by Jamie Harper. An only child isn't pleased when a four-year-old moves in temporarily. (7-up)

D Is for Dahl ($15.99) by Wendy Cooling, illus. by Quentin Blake, compiles facts and trivia about Roald Dahl and his novels' characters. (8-up)

Gentle's Holler ($15.99) by Kerry Madden. One of nine siblings, Livy Two is the self-appointed guardian of her little sister. (9-up)

A Friend Called Anne ($15.99) by Jacqueline van Maarsen, retold by Carol Ann Lee. Anne Frank's best friend tells of their friendship and her own experiences in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. (9-up)

Catch a Tiger by the Toe ($15.99) by Ellen Levine. In 1953, Jamie's father is a member of the Communist Party. (10-up)

Broken Song ($15.99) by Kathryn Lasky. Since life in Russia in 1897 is very hard for Jews, Reuven wants to escape with his baby sister. (11-up)

Understanding the Holy Land ($17.99) by Mitch Frank is a Q&A guide to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (11-up)

Guys Write for Guys Read ($16.99, paper $10.99), compiled by Jon Scieszka. Authors popular with boys, including Brian Jacques, Matt Groening and Stephen King, here write about being boys. (11-up)

Prom ($16.99) by Laurie Halse Anderson. Ashley's best friend ropes her into helping to organize the prom. (12-up)

Caught in the Act ($16.99) by Peter Moore. Ethan realizes that Lydia will do anything to keep the boy of her dreams: him. (12-up)

Singer ($16.99) by Jean Thesman is a novel based on the Irish folktale "Children of Lir." (12-up)

Black and White ($15.99) by Paul Volponi tells of two good boys who make a bad mistake and confront the realities of the urban criminal justice system. (12-up)

The Dragon Throne ($16.99) by Michael Cadnum. Two knights escort two young women on a perilous pilgrimage to Rome. (12-up)

Grace Happens ($15.99) by Jan Czech. Grace's movie star mother announces they are spending the summer on Martha's Vineyard, an island that holds the secret to their family history. (12-up)


Corduroy returns in Corduroy Goes to the Library: Lift-the-Flap Book, based on the character by Don Freeman, illus. by Lisa McCue ($11.99, 2-up). Bones continues with Bones and the Cupcake Mystery by David A. Adler, illus. by Barbara Johansen Newman ($13.99, 5-up). Horrible Harry is back in Horrible Harry and the Goog by Suzy Kline, illus. by Frank Remkiewicz ($13.99, 7-up). Hank the Cowdogstars in The Case of the Falling Sky and The Case of the Tricky Trap by John R. Erickson, illus. by Gerald Holmes ($15.99 each, paper $4.99, 8-up). And Winning Season adds Fast Company and Double Fake by Rich Wallace ($14.99 each, 9-up).


Papa Pride ($15.95) by Kathy Mallat. This tale of a father wolf and his pups celebrates the father-son bond. (2-6)

Little Shark ($15.95) by Anne Rockwell, illus. by Megan Halsey, rounds up facts about sharks. (3-7)

Girl vs. Wave ($16.95) by Scott Bass, illus. by Julie Collins. Ruby won't let a little wave wipe out her surfing dreams. (4-8)

Red, White, and Blue Goodbye ($16.95) by Sarah Wones Tomp, illus. by Ann Barrow. When it comes time for a father to ship out, saying goodbye is difficult. (4-8)

Mahjong All Day Long ($16.95) by Ginnie Lo, illus. by Beth Lo, centers on a family that plays mahjong morning, noon and night. (4-8)

The Great Cake Bake ($16.95) by Helen Ketteman, illus. by Matt Collins. Donna Rae makes a patriotic cake for the Fourth of July baking competition. (5-8)

Captain Raptor and the Moon Mystery ($16.95) by Kevin O'Malley, illus. by Patrick O'Brien, features dinosaurs in outer space. (5-up)

Sled Dogs Run ($16.95) by Jonathan London, illus. by Jon Van Zyle, describes a girl's first dogsled run. (6-9)

Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude ($16.95) by Kevin O'Malley, illus. by O'Malley, Carol Heyer and Scott Goto. A boy and girl relate a fairy tale to the class in their individual styles. (6-10)

Houdini: World's Greatest Mystery Man and Escape King ($16.95) by Kathleen Krull, illus. by Eric Velasquez, recounts the highlights of this performer's life. (6-10)

Let It Begin Here! Lexington & Concord: First Battles of the American Revolution ($16.95) by Dennis Brindell Fradin, illus. by Larry Day, chronicles these pivotal battles. (7-11)

I Am Sacajawea, I Am York: Our Journey West with Lewis and Clark ($16.95) by Claire Rudolf Murphy, illus. by Higgins Bond, tells the story of this expedition from the perspectives of two members. (7-12)

Blood Red Horse ($16.95) by K.M. Grant. This adventure launches the de Granville Trilogy. (10-up)

Shelf Life ($16.95) by Robert Corbet is a novel about teens working in a supermarket. (12-up)

The Driving Book: Everything New Drivers Need to Know but Don't Know to Ask ($16.95, paper $9.95) by Karen Gravelle, illus. by Helen Flook, is a guide for beginning drivers. (15-18)


A Polar Bear Journey by Debbie Miller, illus. by John Van Zyle; The Great Ships by Patrick O'Brien ($7.95, 6-10); and Fifteen Love by Robert Corbet ($6.95, 12-up).


Peter Rabbit: A Lift-the-Flap Rebus Story Book ($7.99), inspired by Beatrix Potter, is a board book presenting a rebus tale with flaps. (3-up)Series

Seedlings, inspired by Beatrix Potter, offers Meet Peter Rabbit's Friends, Who Lives Here, Peter Rabbit?, Peter Rabbit's Five Fluffy Bunnies and Peter Rabbit's I Love My Mommy($6.99 each, 1-up); Peter Rabbit's Springtime($4.99, 1-up); Where Are You Peter Rabbit?($6.99, 2-up); Peter Rabbit's My First Board Book($4.99, 2-up); and Peter Rabbit and His Friends: A Block Puzzle and Board Book Set($10.99, 3-up). And Flower Fairies Friends, inspired by Cicely Mary Barker, welcomes How to Be a Flower Fairy ($9.99, 3-up); Buttercup Goes to the Ball: Book, Bag and Necklace, How Zinnia Got Her Name: Book, Bag and Necklace and Home Sweet Home: A Little Book of Fairy Dwellings($5.99 each, 3-up); and Blackthorn's Changing Seasons and Rose Plays Hide and Seek($4.99 each, 3-up).


Flower Fairies Friends, inspired by Cicely Mary Barker,star in Flower Fairies Paper Dolls($6.99, 3-up); Flower Fairies Sparkly Sticker Book($5.99, 3-up); and Sweet Pea's Garden Craft Book($7.99, 3-up).


Don't Tell That to Beasley ($9.99) by Tara McClary Reeves and Christa McClary McElveen, illus. by Justin Gerard. This tale starring a buffalo celebrates uniqueness. (3-8)

Guido's Gondola ($9.99) by Renee Riva, illus. by Steve Björkman. A young rat learns a lesson when he trades in his gondola for a series of faster boats. (3-8)

Izzy the Lizzy ($9.99) by Renee Riva, illus. by Steve Björkman, is a tale about a hungry lizard and spider and the wise bee who is not interested in becoming their lunch. (3-8)


Praise Baby Board Books, illus. by Katherine Stratton, offers God of Wonders by Marc Byrd and Steve Hindalong, I Could Sing of Your Love Forever by Martin Smith, God Is Love by E.S. Lorenz and Joyful, Joyful by Henry van Dyke ($6.99 each, up to 2).


Hyperlinkz: The Incredible Adventures of the World Wide Websters continues with Hack Attack and Road Blog by Robert Elmer ($5.99, 12-up).



Dangles and Bangles: 25 Funky Accessories to Make and Wear ($9.95) by Sherri Haab and Michelle Haab, illus. by Barbara Pollack, offers instructions for making such items as belts, jewelry and purses. (10-up)


Xtreme Art adds Draw Manga Monsters! by Christopher Hart ($6.95, 8-up). Kids Draw gains Manga Shoujo by Hart ($10.95, 8-up). Joining The Crafty Diva is The Crafty Diva's Lifestyle Makeover($12.95, 10-up). And Cool Chix continues with Style Trix for Cool Chix by Leanne Warrick($9.95, 10-up).



Watts Library—Biomes and Habitats introduces The Chaparral: Life on the Scrubby Coast, Coral Reefs: Life Below the Sea and Marine Habitats: Life in Saltwater by Salvatore Tocci; and Freshwater Habitats: Life in Freshwater Ecosystems by Laurie Toupin ($8.95 each, 10-12. Watts Library—U.S. Government & Military offers Congress and The Electoral College by Suzanne LeVert and The Presidency and The Supreme Court by Brendan January ($8.95 each, 10-12). Inventions That Shaped the World presents The Airplane by Nancy Robinson Masters, Currency by Patricia Kummer, Motion Pictures by Robyn Conley and The Telescope by Tamra Orr ($9.95 each, 10-13). Life Balance issues Date Violence and Schizophrenia by Elaine Landau, Death and Dying by Carol Antoinette Peacock, Emotional Intelligence by Linda Wasmer Andrews, Healthy Sexuality by Kristen Kemp and Keeping a Journal by Trudi Strain Trueit ($6.95 each, 10-13). And People of the Ancient World welcomes The Ancient Chinese and Ancient Mesopotamia by Virginia Schomp, The Ancient Egyptians by Lila Perl, The Ancient Greeks and The Ancient Romans by Allison Lassieur and The Ancient Inca by Patricia Calvert ($9.95 each, 11-13).



Mustang Mountain continues with Swift Horse by Sharon Siamon ($6.95, 8-12). World Religions adds Hinduism by Ranchor Prime, Buddhism by Mel Thompson, Islam by Jan Thompson, Judaism by Ian Graham, Christianity by Alan Brown and Sikhism by Joy Barrow ($12.95 each, 8-14). And Skater Stuntboys by Pam Withers joins Take It to the Extreme ($6.95, 12-16).



Divided Loyalties: A Revolutionary War Fifer's Story ($7.95) by Phyllis Hall Haislip. Teddy, whose father is a patriot and mother is a loyalist, joins the fife and drum corps during the American Revolution. (9-13)


This Is the Matzah ($15.95) by Abby Levine, illus. by Paige Billin-Frye. Max and his family prepare for Passover. (3-7)

Grandma Lena's Big Ol' Turnip ($15.95) by Denia Lewis Hester, illus. by Jackie Urbanovic. The entire family helps pull a giant turnip out of the ground. (3-8)

Megan's Birthday Tree: A Story About Open Adoption ($15.95) by Laurie Lears, illus. by Bill Farnsworth. Megan, who is adopted, has a special relationship with her birth mother. (4-8)

My Mom's Having a Baby! ($15.95) by Dori Hillestad Butler, illus. by Carol Thompson. While her mother is pregnant, Elizabeth learns about the baby's development. (4-8)

Brianna Breathes Easy: A Story About Asthma ($15.95) by Virginia Kroll, illus. by Jayoung Cho. Brianna learns how to manage her asthma. (5-8)

Mr. Tanen's Ties Rule! ($15.95) by Maryann Cocca-Leffler. On Career Day, a visitor arrives to evaluate the school for a special award. (5-8)

Police Cat ($15.95) by Enid Hinkes, illus. by Wendy Rasmussen. When the unofficial police cat saves a family from a burning building, will he finally get the respect he deserves? (5-8)

Hamster Camp: How Harry Got Fit ($15.95) by Teresa Bateman, illus. by Nancy Cote. At camp, Harry learns to live a healthier lifestyle. (5-9)

Nathan's Wish: A Story About Cerebral Palsy ($15.95) by Laurie Lears, illus. by Stacey Schuett. A boy with cerebral palsy discovers he can do many things. (6-9)

Tails of Spring Break ($15.95) by Anne Warren Smith. Katie starts a pet-sitting business. (7-10)

Alexandra Hopewell, Labor Coach ($15.95) by Dore Hillestad Butler. A fifth grader wants to be her mother's labor coach. (8-11)

Deadly Drive ($15.95) by David Patneaude. Casey discovers who killed her mother in a hit-and-run accident years earlier. (11-14)


The Boxcar Children Mysteries adds The Ghost of the Chattering Bones and The Sword of the Silver Knight, characters created by Gertrude Chandler Warner ($14.95 each, paper $4.50, 7-12).


New Prairie titles are Eaglet's World by Evelyn Minshull, illus. by Andrea Gabriel ($6.95, 4-8); Wanda's Monster by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Nancy Hayashi ($6.95, 5-8); No Bad News by Kenneth Cole, photos by John Ruebartsch ($7.95, 7-11); Daisy and the Girl Scouts: The Story of Juliette Gordon Low by Fern Brown, illus. by Marie DeJohn ($7.95, 8-11); and Trading Places with Tank Talbott by Dori Hillestad Butler ($6.95, 8-11).



Star Sisterz debuts with Nova Rocks by Tea Emesse and Carmen Dives In by Linda Johns ($5.99 each, 8-up).


The Best Worst Brother ($14.95) by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen, illus. by Charlotte Fremaux. Emma is impatient for her brother, who has Down's syndrome, to begin to talk. (4-8)


The Sibling Slam Book ($15.95), ed. by Donald Meyer. Teens share their thoughts and feelings about their siblings with disabilities. (12-up)


Belly Button Book! ($6.95) by Sandra Boynton features a navel-shaped, die-cut cover. (up to 4)

My Grandpa's Briefcase ($16.95) by P.H. Hanson is a companion to My Granny's Purse. (3-up)


Magic Charm Books reissues The Cat Next Door and The Good Luck Pony by Elizabeth Koda-Callan ($9.95 each, 4-9).


BrainQuest by Chris Welles Feder reissues 13 titles ($10.95 each, 2-3 to 12-13).


The First Easter ($3.99) by Jesslyn DeBoer retells the story of Easter. (up to 4)

Jesus Is Coming ($3.99) by Jesslyn DeBoer describes Jesus' ride into Jerusalem. (up to 4)

My Day with Jesus ($3.99) by Alice Joyce Davidson. A donkey tells of being chosen to carry Jesus into Jerusalem. (up to 4)

My Good Shepherd ($3.99) by Alice Joyce Davidson. A lamb loses his way when he wanders away from his shepherd. (up to 4)

Easter, Easter Almost Here ($6.99) by Kathleen Long Bostrom, illus. by Ana Martin Larranaga, describes the events of Palm Sunday. (up to 4)

Counting Baby's Blessings ($6.99) by Melody Carlson offers 40 poems. (up to 6)

Bob and Larry's Silly Slides ($6.99) by Cindy Kenney. Bob and Larry create slides of their Veggie friends. (up to 6)

The Giant Surprise ($16.99) by Hiawyn Oram, illus. by Tudor Humphries, is a tale based on the characters from C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. (3-7)

Dear God, It's Me ($14.99) by Sue Buchanan and Lynn Hodges, illus. by John Bendall Brunello, includes a CD featuring this song. (4-8)

What Is the Color of Love? ($14.99) by Nan Gurley, illus. by Bill Farnsworth. Emma's grandmother makes her a coat to wrap her in the colors of love. (4-8)

A Knight to Remember ($9.99) by Cindy Kenney and Doug Peterson. Veggie character Princess Petunia falls in love with a silly duke. (4-8)

Molly & the Good Shepherd ($12.99) by Chris Auer, illus. by Amy Wummer. At the museum, Molly admires a painting of the Good Shepherd. (4-8)

The Legend of the Sand Dollar ($15.99) by Chris Auer, illus. by Rick Johnson. Kerry and a new friend find a sand dollar. (4-8)

The Mess Detectives: The Couch Potato Caper ($6.99) by Doug Peterson. The Mess Detectives rescue Laura after she is captured by couch potatoes. (4-8)


Big Idea Books/Veggie Town Values debuts with The Spoon in the Stone, Frog Wars, Field of Beans and Lost in Place by Doug Peterson ($3.99 each, 4-8). 2:52 Soul Gear adds Big Bad Bible Giants by Ed Strauss, illus. by Anthony Carpenter ($7.99, 8-12); and four Mysteries of the Eckert House by Chris Auer ($4.99 each, 8-12). Spirit of the Games concludes with Cody's Varsity Rush and Three Point Play by Todd Hafer ($4.99 each, 8-12). Faithgirlz! continues with four titles by Nancy Rue ($5.99 each, 8-12). And Keystone Stables issues Trouble Times Two and Teamwork at Camp Tioga by Marsha Hubler ($4.99 each, 10-up).

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