Up! ($15) by Kristine O'Connell George, illus. by Hiroe Nakata, provides a toddler's perspective of the thrill of climbing up and being lifted up throughout the day. (2-4)

What Does Bunny See? A Book of Colors and Flowers ($15) by Linda Sue Park, illus. by Maggie Smith. A rabbit explores a garden. (3-6)

My Daddy Is a Giant ($16) by Carl Norac, illus. by Ingrid Godon. There's no safer place for a boy to be than in his father's arms. (3-6)

Because Your Daddy Loves You ($16) by Andrew Clements, illus. by R.W. Alley. At the beach, a patient father fixes things that go wrong. (3-8)

Lizette's Green Sock ($15) by Catherina Valckx. What will Lizette do with the green sock she finds while out walking? (4-7)

The Loathsome Dragon ($16) by David Wiesner and Kim Kahng, illus. by Wiesner, retells this story of a wicked queen who turns her stepdaughter into a dragon. (5-8)

Think Cool Thoughts ($15) by Elizabeth Perry, illus. by Linda Bronson. On a hot night, a girl sleeps on the rooftop with her mother and aunt. (5-8)

A Season for Mangoes ($15) by Regina Hanson, illus. by Eric Velasquez. In Jamaica, a girl shares her memories during a celebration of the life of her recently deceased grandmother. (5-8)

The Sun's Daughter: An Iroquois Tale ($16) by Pat Sherman, illus. by R. Gregory Christie. Sun vows not to touch the earth again until her trapped daughter is released. (5-9)

The Pink House at the Seashore ($16) by Deborah Blumenthal, illus. by Doug Chayka. A family visits the site of their beloved summer house that was destroyed by a storm. (6-9)

Author Day for Room 3T ($16) by Robin Pulver, illus. by Chuck Richards, describes an unusual author visit to a school. (6-10)

Queen Sophie Hartley ($15) by Stephanie Greene. A girl from a gifted family discovers her own special talent. (7-10)

Sketches from a Spy Tree ($16) by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer, illus. by Andrew Glass. Free-verse poems reveal a girl's complicated feelings about her twin and her new stepfather. (8-12)

One Final Firecracker ($16) by Gregory Maguire, illus. by Elaine Clayton, concludes the Hamlet Chronicles. (8-12)

A Bear Named Trouble ($14) by Marion Dane Bauer. A boy encounters a Kodiak bear in the Anchorage zoo. (8-up)

Project Mulberry ($16) by Linda Sue Park is the tale of a friendship and a science project. (9-13)

Taking Wing ($15) by Nancy Price Graff. In the summer of 1942, a boy sent to live with his grandparents on their Vermont farm learns to care for a brood of orphaned ducks. (10-14)

Sky Carver ($16) by Dean Whitlock. A boy sets off to find someone who can teach him how to use his magic wand. (10-14)

Good Brother, Bad Brother: The Story of Edwin Booth and John Wilkes Booth ($22) by James Cross Giblin is a dual biography of these actor siblings, one of whom killed Abraham Lincoln. (10-14)

Alone in the World: Orphans and Orphanages in America ($18) by Catherine Reef presents a history of orphanages. (10-14)

Before Hollywood: From Shadow Play to the Silver Screen ($20) by Paul Clee examines the origins of the movies. (10-up)

Board Book in SpanishCinco monitos brincando en la cama (Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed) by Eileen Christelow ($5.95, up to 2).


All the Pretty Horses: A Traditional Lullaby, illus. by Linda Saport ($5.95, up to 4); Sunshine Home by Eve Bunting, illus. by Diane de Groat ($5.95, 5-8); Owen Foote, Super Spy by Stephanie Greene, illus. by Martha Weston ($4.95, 6-8); El Niño: Stormy Weather for People and Wildlife by Caroline Arnold ($5.95, 8-11); Clara Schumann: Piano Virtuoso by Susanna Reich ($9.95, 8-up); and Toby Scudder, King of the School (formerly Toby Scudder, Ultimate Warrior) by David Gifaldi ($5.95, 9-12).



Journey Around A to Z offers Journey Around Chicago from A to Z by Martha Day Zschock ($17.95, all ages). And Little Limericks adds A Nantucket Nanny by Molly Manley, illus. by Janet Marshall ($12.95, 9-12).

COMPASS POINT BOOKS (877-371-1536)


Our Solar System adds five more topics ($22.60, 8-11), Black Holes, Constellations, The International Space Station, The Milky Way and Other Galaxies, and Space Walks. We the People continues with an addition of 18 titles ($22.60, 9-12), including The Salem Witch Trials, Great Women of the Civil War, The Arapaho and Their History, The Buffalo Soldiers, The Chumash and Their History, The Creek and Their History, and Industrial America. Signature Lives, a full-color 112-page biography series, launches with 20 titles ($30.60, ages 10-13) over three eras, including Christopher Columbus: Explorer of the New World, Frederick Douglass: Slave, Writer, Abolitionist and Harriet Beecher Stowe: Author and Advocate. Changing Times: The Renaissance Era begins with four titles ($26.60, 10-13), Crime and Punishment, Daily Life, Health and Disease, and Theater and Entertainment.

Exploring Science debuts with four titles ($25.27, 10-13), Erosion: How Land Forms, How It Changes, Minerals: From Apatite to Zinc, Natural Resources: Using and Protecting Earth's Supplies, and Soil: Digging into Earth's Vital Resource.


The Very First Easter ($6.99) by Paul Maier, illus. by Francisco Ordaz, is a board book adaptation of this title. (1-up)

Things I See at Easter ($4.99) by Julie Stiegemeyer, illus. by Kathy Mitter, adapts this Easter story in board-book format. (1-up)

Bright Easter Day ($9.99) by Julie Stiegemeyer, illus. by Susan Spellman. Poetry and art reveal Jesus's story from Palm Sunday to Easter. (5-up)

The Story of Easter ($12.99) by Christopher Doyle, illus. by John Haysom, is a Bible-based retelling of the Easter story. (5-up)


Hindsight: Advice from Those Who Have Been There ($7.99). College students share what they have learned about school and encourage readers to turn to God. (14-up)


God, I Need to Talk to You About… releases Bad Words, Whining, Greed and Bullying by Susan Leigh, illus. by Bill Clark ($.99 each, 4-up). And Arch Books adds Mary Magdalene's Easter Story, Jesus and the Woman at the Well and Jesus, My Good Shepherd ($1.99 each, 5-9).


Baby Bible 123 ($10.99) by Robin Currie. Bible stories introduce numbers. (up to 3)

That's Not All I Found in the City ($12.99) by Lynn Hodges and Sue Buchanan. On a visit to New York with his mother and a friend, a boy learns the real Easter story. (4-7)

What Happens When Children Pray ($14.99) by Evelyn Christenson reveals ways children can talk to God about their lives. (4-7)

God Smiled, God Is There and I Know God ($12.99 each) by Dan Foote are story poems describing God's presence. (4-7)

Bionic Butterfly, Fleas and Thank You and Hear No Weevil ($12.99 each) by Matt Whitlock are tales that teach readers lessons about behaving correctly. (4-7)



Green Bananas debuts with four titles, including Flora the Fairy by Tony Bradmon, illus. by Emma Carlow ($19.96 each, paper $4.95, 4-6). What Kind of Animal Is It? introduces Frogs and Other Amphibians by Kathryn Smithyman and Bobbie Kalman, Birds of All Kinds by Rebecca Sjonger and Kalman, Animals Called Mammals and Animals Called Fish by Kalman and Kristina Lundblad, Reptiles of All Kinds by Kelley MacAulay and Kalman and Many Kinds of Animals by Molly Aloian and Kalman ($23.92 each, paper $6.95, 5-9). The World of Insects issues Insect Bodies, Helpful and Harmful Insects, Insects That Work Together and Insect Life Cycles by Aloian and Kalman ($23.92 each, paper $6.95, 5-9). Red Bananas starts up with six titles, including The Surprise Party by Tony Bradmon, illus. by Martin Chatterton ($19.96 each, paper $4.95, 6-8).

New to Earth's Endangered Animals are Endangered Pandas by John Crossingham and Bobbie Kalman, Endangered Leopards and Endangered Chimpanzees by Kalman and Hadley Dyer and Endangered Elephants by Kalman ($22.60 each, paper $6.95, 6-10). Joining Food Chains are four titles ($22.60 each, paper $6.95, 6-10). Nature's Changes begins with Camouflage: Changing to Hide and Photosynthesis: Changing Sunlight into Food by Kalman, Metamorphosis: Changing Bodies by Kalman and Kathryn Smithyman and Changing Seasons by Kalman and Kelley MacAulay ($23.92 each, paper $6.95, 6-10). In the Footsteps of Explorers launches with Christopher Columbus by Adrianna Morganelli, Henry Hudson by Carrie Gleason, Francisco Pizarro by John Zronik and Lewis and Clark by Ellen Rodger ($23.92 each, paper $8.95, 8-14). Lands, Peoples & Cultures issues three titles ($22.60 each, paper $7.95, 8-14). And Peoples of the Ancient World offers Life in the Ancient Indus River Valley, Life of the Ancient Vikings, Life in Ancient Africa, Life in Ancient South America, Life in Ancient Japan and Life of the Ancient Celts by Hazel Richardson ($23.92 each, paper $8.95, 8-14).

Series in SpanishSerie Ciclos de vida (The Life Cycle Series) offers six titles ($22.60 each, paper $6.95, ages 5-12). And Serie La ciencia de los seres vivos (The Science of Living Things Series) introduces ¿Qué son los biomas? (What Is a Biome?), ¿Qué son las redes y cadenas alimentarias? (What Are Food Chains and Webs?), ¿Qué es el reino animal? (What Is the Animal Kingdom?) and ¿Qué es el ciclo de vida? (What Is a Life Cycle?) ($22.60 each, paper $6.95, ages 5-12).


Cranky Pants ($16.95) by Stephen Sanzo, illus. by Matt Whitlock, chronicles a cranky boy's day. (3-6)


Kokopelli and Company In Attack of the Smart Pies ($15.95) by Larry Gonick is a novel featuring Koko, Feather and the rest of the New Muses of MUSE magazine. (9-14)

Perseus ($15.95) by Geraldine McCaughrean retells the Perseus myth. (9-14)


Robert Finds a Way ($15.95) by Barbara Seuling, illus. by Paul Brewer. Robert attempts to turn his dog into a "wonder dog." (6-9)


My Bodyworks: Songs About Your Bones, Muscles, Heart and More! ($16.95) by Jane Schoenberg with music by Steven Schoenberg, illus. by Cynthia Fisher, designed by Barry Moser, packages a book of songs with a CD. (3-8)



Why Did She Have to Die? ($4.99) by Lurlene McDaniel. A girl's jealousy gives way to guilt when her sister dies suddenly. (12-up)


Indy 500: The Inside Track by Nancy Roe Pimm ($8.95, 9-up); and Dog Days by David Lubar ($4.99, 10-up).


Forest Bright, Forest Night ($16.95, paper $8.95) by Jennifer Ward, illus. by Jamichael Henterly, introduces forest animals that sleep during the day and those that sleep at night. (3-8)

All Around Me, I See ($16.95, paper $8.95) by Laya Steinberg, illus. by Cris Arbo. On a family hike, a child encounters various creatures. (3-8)

Near One Cattail: Turtles, Logs and Leaping Frogs ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Anthony Fredericks, illus. by Jennifer DiRubbio, focuses on animals living in wetland areas. (4-10)


Ready or Not, Dawdle Duckling ($15.99) by Toni Buzzeo, illus. by Margaret Spengler. Mama Duck plays hide-and-seek with her ducklings. (2-up)

Hello, Sun! ($9.99) by Dayle Ann Dodds, illus. by Sachiko Yoshikawa. A warm, sunny day turns into a windy, snowy day. (2-up)

Cows Going Past ($9.99) by Bruce Balan, illus. by Scott Nash, is a tale about some surprising cows. (2-up)

You're Weird! ($9.99) by Kevin Luthardt. After accusing each other of being weird, Rabbit and Turtle discover that they both like weird things. (2-up)

Little Spotted Cat ($14.99) by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, illus. by Dan Andreasen, features a spunky cat who is notready to nap. (3-up)

City Angel ($16.99) by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Kyrsten Brooker. City Angel adds fun and comfort to everyone's day. (4-up)

The Gruffalo's Child ($16.99) by Julia Donaldson, illus. by Axel Scheffler. The Gruffalo's child goes in search of the Big Bad Mouse, a creature her father met years before. (4-up)

The Surprise Visitor ($16.99) by Juli Kangas. Edgar Small finds a speckled blue egg on his front step. (4-up)

The Visit ($16.99) by Reeve Lindbergh, illus. by Wendy Anderson Halperin, recounts two sisters' adventures on their aunt and uncle's farm. (4-up)

Henry and Pawl and the Round Yellow Ball ($16.99) by Tom Casmer, illus. by Mary GrandPré. The pictures Henry creates with his new art kit don't turn out the way he thinks they should. (4-up)

Wet Dog! ($16.99) by Elise Broach, illus. by David Catrow. A dog seeks relief on a hot day. (4-up)

Amanda Pig and the Really Hot Day ($14.99) by Jean Van Leeuwen, illus. by Ann Schweninger. A plucky pig is determined to beat the heat. (4-up)

Hotdog on TV ($14.99) by Karen Taha, illus. by Hideko Takahashi. Hotdog wants to audition for a dog food commercial. (4-up)

Sweet Briar Goes to Camp ($16.99) by Karma Wilson, illus. by LeUyen Pham, introduces a not-so-sweet-smelling skunk who goes off to day camp. (4-up)

Freedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-Ins ($16.99) by Carole Boston Weatherford, illus. by Jerome Lagarrigue, centers on a girl whose older brother participates in the 1960 sit-in at a segregated lunch counter. (5-up)

I Saw Your Face ($16.99) by Tom Feelings, text by Kwame Dawes, presents Feelings' drawings of young people from around the world. (5-up)

Big Surprise in the Bug Tank ($14.99) by Ruth Horowitz, illus. by Joan Holub. What do two brothers do when their collection of roaches quickly multiplies? (5-up)

The Real Slam Dunk ($15.99, paper $4.99) by Charisse Richardson, illus. by Kadir Nelson. A professional basketball player visits the classroom of a boy who wants to follow the same career path. (7-up)

Sly the Sleuth and the Pet Mysteries ($15.99) by Donna Jo Napoli and Robert Furrow, illus. by Heather Maione. A girl solves the mystery surrounding strange new pets in her neighborhood. (7-up)

Celia Cruz, Queen of Salsa ($15.99) by Veronica Chambers, illus. by Julie Maren, describes the childhood and career of this Cuban singer. (7-up)

Heroes and She-roes: Poems of Amazing and Everyday Heroes ($16.99) by J. Patrick Lewis, illus. by Jim Cooke, collects poetry celebrating such heroes as Gandhi, Rosa Parks, teachers and firefighters. (9-up)

Agnes Parker... Happy Camper? ($16.99) by Kathleen O'Dell, illus. by Charise Mericle Harper. Two best friends learn that they won't be sharing the same cabin at camp. (9-up)

Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two ($16.99) by Joseph Bruchac, centers on a teenage Navajo boy who becomes a wartime code talker. (10-up)

Turn to Stone ($16.99) by Philip Gross is the story of a teenage runaway who ends up at an artists' academy. (12-up)

Just Like That ($16.99) by Marsha Qualey. Hanna begins serious soul-searching after the death of two teens whom she met the night they died. (12-up)

Dead on Town Line ($15.99) by Leslie Connor, illus. by Gina Triplett. Murdered by a classmate, Cassie finds herself caught between the world she knew and a new realm. (12-up)


The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, illus. by Axel Scheffler ($6.99, 2-up).


Family Fun: My Great Idea ($18.95) presents ideas for solving everyday problems. (All ages)

Quintessential Disney ($30) by Robert Tieman contains five three-dimensional scenes from Disney animated movies. (All ages)

Chicken Little Unplucked! An Optimisfit's Survival Guide ($19.95) by Monique Peterson is an advice book based on this film. (All ages)

The Imagineering Workout ($15.95) by The Disney Imagineers, ed. by Peggy Van Pelt, outlines exercises designed to encourage creative ideas. (All ages)


The Imagineering Field Guide to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World by Alex Wright is the inaugural An Imagineer's-Eye Tour title ($9.95, all ages).


The Imagineering Way: Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity by The Imagineers ($10.95, all ages).


My Side of the Story: 101 Dalmatians/ Cruella De Vil and Peter Pan/Captain Hook ($12.99 each) reveal two sides to these stories. (All ages)

Disney Princess Enchanted Library ($17.99) offers six mini books featuring princesses' adventures. (3-7)

Disney Princess Pretty Please ($12.99) collects stories that provide advice on good manners. (3-7)

Disney Princess Teatime! ($15.99). Readers share teatime with Disney princesses. (3-7)

Chicken Little: Who's That Chicken? and Sticky Situations ($14.99 each) are interactive books featuring this character. (3-7)

Disney Box of Screams ($12.99) collects five slightly scary storybooks in a carry-along case. (3-7)

Disney/Pixar 5-Minute Stories ($12.99) by Laura Driscoll rounds up five stories featuring Disney/Pixar characters. (3-7)

Disney Learning Our Town Roll-A-Rama and Disney Princess Roll-A-Rama ($14.99 each) are interactive books presenting scenes featuring Disney characters. (3-7)

Disney Out of This World Cartoon Tales ($14.99) collects retellings of Lilo & Stitch, Peter Pan and Treasure Planet. (5-10)


The Love Bug Official Movie Scrapbook and The Love Bug Wish You Were Here: A Postcard Book ($6.99 each) are tie-ins to this film. (8-up)


JoJo's Circus debuts with My Name Is JoJo and Clown School ($3.50 each, 3-5).



The Cheetah Girls Supa-star Scrapbook ($6.99) and The Cheetah Girls Quiz Book ($3.99) are tie-ins to this movie. (8-12)



That's So Raven offers My Too Cool for School Binder ($12.99, all ages); and 2 Good 2 Be True, Tell It Like It Is, Dueling Divas and Showtime! ($4.99 each, 8-12). Kim Possible returns in Ready to Rumble ($3.99, 7-10). Kim Possible/Pick a Villain starts up with Game On and Badical Battles ($3.99 each, 7-10). Lizzie McGuire is back in a Very Lizzie Summer and Totally Stylin' ($6.99 each, 8-12); and My Third Way Cool Boxed Set ($12.99, 8-12). All Over It and The 'Rents are new Lizzie McGuire Junior Novels ($4.99 each, 8-12). And Lizzie McGuire Mysteries adds In the Doghouse by Lisa Banim ($4.99, 8-12).


My Very First Bible ($12.99), illus. by Diana Mayo, presents biblical stories. (5-8)

The Party Book ($12.99) by Jane Bull compiles tips for hosting parties. (5-8)

I Love Tennis ($12.99) is an introduction to this sport. (5-8)

Small Pet Care: How to Look After Your Rabbit, Guinea Pig, or Hamster ($9.99) is a guide for pet owners. (5-8)

Animals Like Us ($19.99) focuses on endangered animals. (8-up)

Madagascar: The Essential Guide ($12.99) ties in to this forthcoming film. (8-up)

Star Wars Episode III: Incredible Cross Sections and The Visual Dictionaries ($19.99 each) are based on this movie. (8-up)

Batman: The Ultimate Guide to the Dark Knight ($24.99) by Scott Beatty examines the Dark Knight's career. (8-up)

Fantastic Four: The Ultimate Guide ($24.99) by Tom DeFalco is an illustrated guide to the world of these characters. (8-up)

Batman Begins Visual Guide ($19.99) is a tie-in to the upcoming movie. (8-up)

Chicken Little: The Essential Guide ($12.99) profiles the characters in this film. (8-up)

Tales of the Dead: Ancient Rome ($14.99) by Stewart Ross. This reference includes the fictional tale of one man's life in Roman society. (8-up)

Titles in Spanish

123 para bebe (Baby 123), Colores para bebe (Baby Colors), Gatitos juguetones (Playful Kittens), Perritos juguetones (Playful Puppies), Toca y aprende animales salvajes (Touch and Feel Wild Animals) and Tocy y aprende el hogar (Touch and Feel Home) ($4.99 each, up to 5).


Fun Flaps continues with Baby Talk, Noisy Farm, Animal Talk and Noisy Trucks ($4.99 each, up to 2). There are six new Sparkly titles, including Sparkly Ballerina and Sparkly Witch and Wizard ($5.99 each, 2-5). Make Believe welcomes Make Believe Fairy and Make Believe Princess ($6.99 each, 2-5). New to DK See-Through are Do Cars Fly? and Do Gloves Go on Feet? ($6.99 each, 2-5). Peekaboogreets Bathtime Peekaboo and Playtime Peekaboo ($6.99 each, 2-5). Joining Watch Me Grow are Elephant, Kitten, Farm Animals and Puppy ($7.99 each, 5-8). DK Read and Listen adds DK Classics Black Beauty, DK Classics Heidi, DK Classics Peter Pan and DK Classics Robin Hood ($9.99 each, 5-8). DK 24 Hours releases Coral Reef and Water Hole ($12.99 each, 5-8). Machines at Work rolls on with Crane and Truck ($8.99 each, 5-8). And For a Day offers Astronaut for a Day and Ballerina for a Day ($12.99 each, 5-8).

DK Readers presents Story of Chocolate by C.J. Polin, Solo Sailing by Esther Ripley, A Trip to the Doctor by Deborah Lock, Sniffles and Sneezes by Penny Durant, JLA Readers: Green Lantern's Book of Inventions and The Flash's Book of Speed by Clare Hibbert, Star Wars Readers: Star Pilot by Laura Bullerand Galactic Crisis by Ryder Windham, MLB Readers: A Bat Boy's Day and Let's Go to the Ballpark by James Buckley, Jr., Transformers Energon Readers: Megatron Returns and Terrorcon Attack, Star War Readers: What Is a Wookie? by Laura Bullerand Journey Through Space by Ryder Wyndham and Spanish Readers: Crias Salvajes (Breeds of the Jungle) and Bomberos (Firefighters) ($12.99 each, paper $3.99, 5-8). For a Day offers Astronaut for a Day and Ballerina for a Day ($12.99 each, 5-8). DK First Reference series adds First Human Body Encyclopedia ($15.99, 5-8). Voyages Through Time offersKingdom of the Dead by Peter Ackroyd($19.99, 8-up). New E.Guides are Human Body, Insect, Mammal and Rock and Mineral ($17.99 each, 8-up). E.encyclopedia introduces Animal ($29.99, 8-up). New DK Biography titles are Albert Einstein and Harry Houdini ($14.99 each, paper $4.99, 8-up). And Eyewitness continues with Food, Vietnam War and NASCAR ($15.99 each, 8-up).


Glitter Stickers shines on with Angel, Fairy, Princess and Witch and Wizard ($6.99 each, 2-5). DK Picture Stickers introduces Sharks, Springtime, Barnyard and Reptiles ($3.99 each, 5-8). Sticker Activity Books adds six titles by Jane Bull, including Dinosaur and Parties ($6.99 each, 5-8). There are five new Barbie Spanish and Bilingual Sticker Books ($6.99-$12.99 each, 5-8). Ultimate Sticker Books releases 12 titles, among them Ultimate Shabbat Sticker Book, Star Wars Episode III Ultimate Sticker Book and Chicken Little Ultimate Sticker Book ($6.99 each, 8-up). Joining Nature Activity are Bird-Watcher, Bug Hunter, Rock and Fossil Hunter and Star Gazer ($9.99 each, 8-up). And Voyage to the Planets and Beyond issues Sticker Book, Mission Report and 3-D Space Adventures ($6.99 each, 8-up).


Little Tom Turkey ($15.95) by Frances Bloxam, illus. by Jim Sollers, introduces a young turkey determined to grow up to be an imposing gobbler. (3-up)

The Little Green Island with a Little Red House: A Book of Colors and Critters ($9.95) by Sharon Lovejoy is a rhyming rebus tale. (3-up)

The Live Bale of Hay: A Real Maine Adventure ($15.95) by Carol Shorey Dean, illus. by Sandra Dunn. Two girls are frightened when a hay bale turns out to be a black bear. (4-up)



The Boy Who Saved Christmas ($14.95) by Vincent McDonnell. A boy and his animal friends set out to rescue Santa. (7-12)

The Boss ($12.95) by Michael Smith tells of a 16-year-old explorer's adventures in the Antarctic. (7-12)

Race Against Time ($10.95) by Vincent McDonnell is a mystery tale set in the world of motor racing. (7-12)


Holly Pond Hill: A Child's Book of Bedtime Prayers ($9.99) by Paul Kortepeter, illus. by Susan Wheeler, features woodland creatures. (All ages)

Slippers at Home and Naptime for Slippers ($12.99 each) by Andrew Clements, illus. by Janie Bynum, are tales introducing a puppy and the four people who live in his house. (2-up)

The Great Easter Egg Hunt ($15.99) by Michael Garland challenges readers to find hidden objects and solve puzzles. (3-up)

Zinnia's Flower Garden ($14.99) by Monica Wellington examines the process of growing. (3-up)

Do Kangaroos Wear Seat Belts? ($15.99) by Jane Kurtz, illus. by Jane Manning. On a trip to the zoo, a toddler learns about the ways in which animals protect their young. (3-up)

Hey, Mama Goose ($15.99) by Jane Breskin Zalben, illus. by Emilie Chollat. Real estate agent Mother Goose helps fairy tale characters find new dwellings when the Old Woman tires of living in a shoe. (3-up)

Alexander's Pretending Day ($15.99) by Bunny Crumpacker, illus. by Dan Andreasen, is a story centering on an imaginative boy and his patient mother. (3-up)

Waggers ($16.99) by Philemon Sturges, illus. by Jim Ishikawa. Why do puppies like to chase other dogs' tails? (3-up)

Do Your ABC's, Little Brown Bear ($15.99) by Jonathan London, illus. by Margie Moore. A bear and his father play games whose names begin with each alphabet letter. (3-up)

Miss Bindergarten Has a Wild Day in Kindergarten ($16.99) by Joseph Slate, illus. by Ashley Wolff. Chaos reins in this teacher's classroom. (3-up)

Gomer and Little Gomer ($14.99) by R.A. Herman, illus. by Steve Haskamp, is a tale revealing the bond between a dog and his stuffed toy. (3-up)

If I Built a Car ($15.99) by Chris Van Dusen. The car Jack would like to build includes a snack bar and a robot driver. (3-up)

Amazing You! Getting Smart About Your Private Parts ($15.99) by Gail Saltz, illus. by Lynne Cravath, celebrates the human body. (3-up)

The Milkman ($15.99) by Carol Foskett Cordsen, illus. by Douglas B. Jones, follows a milkman on his morning rounds. (3-up)

Emma in Charge ($12.99) by David McPhail. A bear shepherds her flock of toys through a busy day. (3-up)

This Little Pirate ($15.99) by Philemon Sturges, illus. by Amy Walrod. Rival pig pirate bands star in this variation on "This Little Piggy." (3-up)

Faucet Fish ($15.99) by Fay Robinson, illus. by Wayne Anderson. Various fish wiggle out of Elizabeth's bathroom faucet. (3-up)

Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse ($16.99) by Judy Schachner recounts this Siamese kitty's adventure. (4-up)

The Matzo Ball Boy ($15.99) by Lisa Shulman, illus. by Roseanne Litzinger, offers a spin on the tale of the gingerbread man. (4-up)

Wild & Woolly ($15.99) by Mary Jessie Parker, illus. by Shannon McNeill, tells of the friendship between two very different sheep. (4-up)

The Amazing Adventures of Bathman! ($15.99) by Andrew Pelletier, illus. by Peter Elwell. Bathman must save Rubber Ducky before she disappears down the drain. (4-up)

Dad, Aren't You Glad? ($12.99) by Lynn Plourde, illus. by Amy Wummer, shows what happens when a boy offers to help his father with his chores. (4-up)

Waiting for May ($16.99) by Janet Morgan Stoeke. A boy anticipates the arrival of his new baby sister, adopted from China. (4-up)

No Dogs Here! ($15.99) by Kathryn Hewitt. Bemoaning the unfairness of a "No Dogs Allowed" rule, three canines dress up and try to pass as people. (4-up)

Everybody Makes Mistakes ($15.99) by Christine Kole MacLean, illus. by C.B. Decker. While in "time out," Jack ponders the many mistakes the adults in his life have made. (4-up)

Pajama Day ($16.99) by Lynn Plourde, illus. by Thor Wickstrom. It's pajama day in Mrs. Shepherd's classroom. (5-up)

Rough Weather Ahead for Walter the Farting Dog ($15.99) by William Kotzwinkle, Glenn Murray and Elizabeth Gundy, illus. by Audrey Colman. Walter's hot air aids butterflies in distress. (5-up)

Dangerous Crossing: The Revolutionary Voyage of John Quincy Adams ($16.99) by Stephen Krensky, illus. by Greg Harlin. Adams and his son cross the ocean to help the colonies win freedom. (6-up)

The Perfect Wizard: Hans Christian Andersen ($16.99) by Jane Yolen, illus. by Dennis Nolan, reveals how Andersen's stories were inspired by his life experiences. (6-up)

Ogre Eats Everything ($14.99) by Bethany Roberts, illus. by Marsha Winborn. How does Mary Belle keep her unruly friend Ogre in line? (6-up)

Heron Cove ($15.99) by Ruth Wallace-Brodeur. A girl uncovers painful family history and finds the strength to help her relatives heal. (9-up)

Confessions of a Closet Catholic ($15.99) by Sarah Darer Littman. After Justine gives up being Jewish for Lent, she worries that her religious exploration is responsible for her beloved Bubbe's stroke. (10-up)

The Xanadu Adventure ($16.99) by Lloyd Alexander. Vesper Holly and her friends set out for the site of the legendary Troy. (10-up)

We Beat the Street: How a Friendship Led to Success by Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt, with Sharon Draper. Three doctors who grew up in poor, single-parent homes tell how they made a pact to attend college and medical school. (10-up)

Americans Who Tell the Truth ($18.99) by Robert Shetterly profiles 50 individuals who weren't afraid to speak out. (10-up)

The Manny ($15.99) by Sarah Thomson. Justin takes a summer job as a nanny in order to meet girls. (12-up)

Dark Fusion: Dread Locks ($15.99) by Neal Shusterman is the tale of a girl who gradually turns people to stone. (12-up)

24 Girls in 7 Days ($15.99) by Alex Bradley tells what happens when Jack's friends place an ad in the school newspaper to find him a date for the prom. (14-up)

Looking for Alaska ($15.99) by John Green. At boarding school, a boy falls in love with an elusive girl. (14-up)

Sleep Rough Tonight ($16.99) by Ian Bone. A boy who is the class clown becomes apprentice to an ex-con. (14-up)

Pretty Things ($15.99) by Sarra Manning. Four actors in a summer theatre production of The Taming of the Shrewfall in and out of love and hate with each other. (14-up)


Hoofbeats starts up with Lara and the Gray Mare, Lara and the Moon-Colored Filly, Lara at the Athenry Castle and Lara at the Silent Place by Kathleen Duey ($15.99 each, paper $4.99, 6-up). And Lowar's Blade Trilogy continues with The Secrets of Grim Wood by R.L. LaFevers ($15.99, 7-up).


ABC: A Child's First Alphabet Book by Alison Jay ($8.99, 1-up).



Baby's Day Board Books adds Goodnight Baby, Messy Baby and Playtime Baby by Francesca Allen and Felicity Brooks ($8.95 each, 9 mos.-up). Joining First Picture Board Books by Francesca Allen and Caroline Young are First Picture 123 and First Picture ABC, illus. by Jo Litchfield ($11.95 each, 9 mos.-up). New Luxury Touchy-Feely Board Books by Fiona Watt are Dinosaurs, Fairies and Mermaids ($15.95 each, 9 mos.-up). Little Luxury Touchy-Feely Board Booksgains That's Not My Fairy by Watt, illus. by Rachel Wells ($9.95, 9 mos.-up). Watt's That's Not My Monster, illus. by Wells,joins Touchy-Feely Board Books ($7.95, 9 mos.-up). Chunky Board Books issues Cars, Creepy-Crawlies, Under the Sea and Wild Animals by Jo Litchfield ($4.95 each, 9 mos.-up). New Kid Kits are My Bathtime Kid Kit ($9.95, 10 mos.-up); Princess Things to Make and Do Kid Kit ($15.95, 6-up); First North American Dream Catcher Kid Kit and Beginners Dinosaurs Kid Kit ($9.95 each, 6-up); Midnight Horse Kid Kit ($10.95, 9-13); and World of the Microscope Kid Kit ($26.95, 10-up). Jigsaw Books welcomes Emergency, Tractors and Trains by Jo Litchfield ($7.95 each, 18 mos.-up). And Farmyard Tales Readers offers Complete Book of Farmyard Tales by Heather Amery, illus. by Stephen Cartwright ($24.95, 2-up).

Dinosaur, In the Nest and Rainy Day by Anna Milbourneare new to First Discovery ($9.95 each, 2-up). Stencil Book presents Stencil Book by Gillian Doherty and Jenny Tyler, illus. by Stephen Cartwright ($9.95, 3-up). Nursery Rhymes introduces Little Book of Nursery Rhymes by Caroline Hooper and Emma Daynes ($6.95, 3-up). There are three new Luxury Lift-the-Flap Learners by Alastair Smith and Sarah Khan ($11.95 each, 3-up). First Stories presents Fairy Tales, Combined Vol. ($13.95)and Princess Stories, Combined Vol. ($12.95)by Heather Amery, illus. by Stephen Cartwright (3-up). Look and Say Board Books adds School by Jo Litchfield ($7.95, 3-up). The Ballet Treasury series gains Ballet Treasury by Susanna Davidson and Katie Daynes ($19.95, 3-up). Stories for Young Children releases Stories from India by Anna Milbourne, illus. by Linda Edwards ($16.95, 4-up). Children's Cooking serves up Easter Cooking by Rebecca Gilpin and Catherine Atkinson ($6.95 paper, 4-up); Little Round the World Cookbook—Internet Linked by Angela Wilkes and Fiona Watt ($7.95, 9-up); and Children's Cookbook by Gilpin ($18.95, 10-up). And among the 11 new Young Reading Gift Books are Cinderella, Puss in Boots and Snow Queen ($8.95 each, 5-12).

The Poems for Young Children series offers Poems for Young Children, compiled by Philip Hawthorn, illus. by Cathy Shimmen ($14.95, 5-up). Jigsaw Books presents Dinosaur Jigsaw Atlas by Alice Pearcy ($14.95, 5-up). Joining World of Animals is World of Animals—Internet Linked by Susanna Davidson and Mike Unwin ($19.95, 6-up). Famous Lives Gift Books welcomes Alexander the Great, Christopher Columbus, Cleopatra and Florence Nightingale ($8.95 each, 7-up). Archaeology—Internet Linked by Abigail Wheatley and Struan Reid is a new Archaeology title ($19.95, 7-up). Mysteries and Marvels issues Mysteries & Marvels of Science—Internet Linked by Phil Clarke, Laura Howell and Sarah Khan ($19.95, 8-12). Introduction to Art adds Introduction to Modern Art—Internet Linked by Rosie Dickens ($19.95, 8-up). True Adventure Stories offers True Adventure Stories, Combined Vol. by Paul Dowswell and Gill Harvey ($12.95, 9-up). Joining Introduction to Asia is Introduction to Asia—Internet Linked by Elizabeth Dalby ($17.95, 9-up). Stories from Shakespeare presents Stories from Shakespeare—Internet Linked by Anna Claybourne ($24.95, 10-up). And new to Art Ideas are Mini Art Ideas ($7.95) and Complete Book of Art Ideas, Combined Vol. ($39.95)by Fiona Watt (10-up).


1001 Things to Spot spies 1001 Bugs to Spot by Emma Helbrough ($6.95, 3-up). Songbooks chimes in with Farmyard Tales Songbook by Anthony Marks, illus. by Stephen Cartwright($6.95, 3-up). Jobs People Do adds Daisy the Doctor and Sam the Chef by Felicity Brooks and Keith Newell ($6.95 each, 4-up). Activity Books presents seven new titles, including How to Draw Fairies and Mermaids, Sparkly Things to Make and Do and Valentine Things to Make and Do ($8.95 each, 4-up). Great Searchesfinds Great Castle Search by Jane Bingham ($7.95, 4-up). Young Reading Series 1has six additions, including Elves and the Shoemaker, Ghosts and Sinbad; and Young Reading Series 2gains six books, among them Canterville Ghost, House of Shadows and Stage Fright ($5.95 each, 5-12). Pirates CD Pack and Treasure Island CD Pack by Russell Punter and Angela Wilkes are new Young Reading CD Packs ($9.95 each, 5-12). And Young Puzzles continues with Puzzle Pyramid by Susannah Leigh ($6.95, 5-up).

Sticker Atlas of the World issues Sticker Atlas of the World—Internet Referenced by Stephanie Turnbull and Fiona Patchett ($8.95, 6-up). New Beginners titles are Ancient Greeks, Elizabeth I, Firefighters and Knights, by Turnbull and Katie Daynes ($4.95 each, 6-up). Easy Tunes offers Easy Guitar Tunes, Guitar Tunes for Children and Very Easy Guitar Tunes, by Anthony Marks ($8.95 each, 7-up). Victorians adds Victorians—Internet Linked by Ruth Brocklehurst ($8.95, 8-up). True Stories of Pirates by Lucy Lethbridge joins True Adventure Stories ($4.95, 9-up). Paperback Classics continues with Classic Horror, Combined Vol. by John Grant and Mike Stocks ($12.95, 9-up); and Moby Dick by Henry Brock ($4.95, 9-up). Geography presents Encyclopedia of World Geography—Internet Linked, Reduced Size by Gillian Doherty, Anna Claybourne and Susanna Davidson ($19.95, 9-up). New to Cut-Out Models is Make This Model Trojan Horse by Ian Ashman ($9.95, 9-up). And Facts of Life offers Babies by Susan Meredith and Robyn Gee ($7.95, 10-up).


Klimt and His Cat ($18) by Berenice Capatti, illus. by Octavia Monaco. Klimt's cat explores the life and work of this Viennese painter. (All ages)

At Jerusalem's Gate ($20) by Nikki Grimes, illus. by David Frampton. Poems and woodcut art focus on the first Easter. (All ages)

Circles of Hope ($16) by Karen Lynn Williams, illus. by Linda Saport. After many futile attempts to plant a tree in honor of his new baby sister, a Haitian boy finds a solution. (4-up)

Adam and Eve ($17) by Jane Ray recounts this biblical story. (5-up)

Georgia's Bones ($16) by Jen Bryant, illus. by Bethanne Andersen, chronicles the life of Georgia O'Keeffe. (6-up)


Glory by Nancy White Carlstrom, illus. by Debra Reid Jenkins ($8, 3-up); The Great Stone Face by Gary D. Schmidt, illus. by Bill Farnsworth ($8, 6-up); and The Dog of Knots by Kathy Walden Kaplan ($7.50, 9-up).



History of Medicine adds four titles, Prehistoric and Egyptian Medicine, Greek and Roman Medicine, Medicine in the Middle Ages and History of Medicine, all by Ian Dawson ($19.95 each, 10-up). And Inside issues two titles, Inside the Tomb of Tutankhamun by Jacqueline Morley, illus. by John James and Inside the beagle with Charles Darwin by Fiona Macdonald, illus. by Mark Bergin ($19.95 each, 10-up).

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