Chicken Soup for the Soul NASCAR Xtreme Race Journal for Kids ($9.95) by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Matt Adams, includes NASCAR trivia and games. (up to 12)

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Real Deal ($12.95) by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Deborah Reber features stories and quizzes. (12-17)

High School's Not Forever ($12.95) by Jane Bluestein and Eric Katz, offers anecdotes and tips as well as input from teens across the country. (12-17)


If You're Happy and You Know It! ($16.95), illus. by Jane Cabrera. Paintings of animals illustrate this song. (3-6)

Talk Peace ($16.95) by Sam Williams, illus. by Mique Moriuchi, pays tribute to world peace. (3-6)

Bare Bear ($16.95) by Miriam Moss, illus. by Mary McQuillan. With the help of forest friends, a bear finds his clothes that have blown off the clothesline. (4-8)

Chickerella ($16.95) by Mary Jane Auch, illus. by Mary Jane and Herm Auch. With the help of her Fairy Goosemother, Chickerella is able to attend the Fowl Ball. (4-8)

If Frogs Made Weather ($16.95) by Marion Dane Bauer, illus. by Dorothy Donohue. What would happen if animals were responsible for the weather? (4-8)

Owls ($16.95) by Gail Gibbons examines these nocturnal creatures. (4-8)

The Pea Blossom ($16.95) by Hans Christian Andersen, retold and illus. by Amy Lowry Poole, is a rendition of this tale in which a small pea's journey transforms the life of a mother and daughter. (4-8)

A Small Dog's Big Life: Around the World with Owney ($16.95) by Irene Kelly. A dog becomes a world traveler after wandering into a post office. (4-8)

That Crazy Eddie ($15.95) by Judy Cox, illus. by Blanche Sims. A third grader discovers that teaming up with his best friend in the science fair competition isn't easy. (6-9)

The Flag with 56 Stars ($16.95) by Susan Goldman Rubin, illus. by Bill Farnsworth, provides an account of the liberation of Mauthausen, the Nazi concentration camp. (6-10)

Say-Hey and the Babe ($16.95), illus. by Neil Waldman, offers two interrelated baseball stories featuring Babe Ruth and Willie Mays. (7-10)

Don't Tell the Girls: A Family Memoir ($16.95) by Patricia Reilly Giff, illus. by Greg Spalenka, uncovers unexpected connections to the author's Irish ancestors. (8-12)

From Rags to Riches ($16.95) by Leslie Sills examines American girls' clothing from colonial times to the present. (8-12)

Naked Mole Rat Letters ($16.95) by Mary Amato. A girl sends fabricated e-mail letters in an attempt to sabotage her father's long-distance romance with a zookeeper. (8-12)

Pick of the Litter ($16.95) by Bill Wallace, illus. by Kevin Torline. A boy learns lessons about honor and friendship while helping his ill grandfather take care of his kennel. (8-12)

Poor Is Just a Starting Place ($16.95) by Leslie Wyatt, illus. by Marc Tauss. During the Depression, a girl is tired of being poor and wondering where her family's next meal will come from. (8-12)

Space Station Rat ($15.95) by Michael Daley. A lonely boy befriends a lavender rat he meets on a space station. (8-12)


New to Picture Book Biographies isA Picture Book of Samuel Adams by David A. Adler and Michael S. Adler, illus. by Ronald Himler ($16.95, 4-8). Holiday House Readers adds One Nosy Pup by Carol Wallace, illus. by Steve Bjorkman ($15.95, 5-7); and President George Washington by David A. Adler, illus. by John Wallner ($14.95, 5-8). Otto and the Bird Charmersis a new Tale of the Karmidee by Charlotte Haptie, illus. by John Nez ($17.95, 8-12).


Abigail Adams by Alexandra Wallner, Look at My Book! by Loreen Leedy and Chick & Chickens and Planets (Rev. Ed.) by Gail Gibbons ($6.95 each, 4-8); and Word Eater by Mary Amato ($6.95, 8-12).


Frog in Love ($5.99) by Max Velthuijs. This mini-book reveals what it means to be in love. (All ages)

Firebears: The Rescue Team ($15.95) by Rhonda Gowler Greene, illus. by Dan Andreasen, spotlights the work of the blaze-fighting Firebears. (2-4)

What We Do ($7.95) by Reg Cartwright. Various creatures explain who they are and what they do. (2-5)

Brave Little Raccoon ($16.95) by Erica Wolf. Can a young raccoon find her way home on her own? (2-6)

The Birthday Fish ($16.95) by Dan Yaccarino. A girl wonders if her birthday wish will come true. (3-6)

Meet Wild Boars ($17.95) by Meg Rosoff, illus. by Sophie Blackall, introduces a quartet of rude boars. (3-8)

Vera's Baby Sister ($16.95) by Vera Rosenberry. When Vera's new sibling arrives, she feels there is no place left in the house for her. (4-7)

Tallulah in the Kitchen ($16.95) by Nancy Wolff stars a cat who takes her cooking very seriously. (4-7)

Misery Moo ($15.95) by Jeanne Willis, illus. by Tony Ross. A cow can't seem to shake his nasty mood. (4-8)

This Is the House That Was Tidy & Neat ($16.95) by Teri Sloat, illus. by R.W. Alley. What will happen when Mom comes home to a chaotic house? (4-8)

Mud City: A Flamingo Story ($16.95) by Brenda Z. Guiberson follows a flamingo from egg to adulthood. (4-8)

The Happy Troll ($16.95) by Max Bolliger, illus. by Peter Sís, presents this classic tale with new art. (4-8)

Monday on the Mississippi ($16.95) by Marilyn Singer, illus. by Frané Lessac, pays tribute to this legendary river. (5-9)

Squashed in the Middle ($16.95) by Elizabeth Winthrop, illus. by Pat Cummings, conveys the frustration of being a middle child in a noisy, well-meaning family. (5-9)

Sammy: The Classroom Guinea Pig ($16.95) by Alix Berenzy. A teacher and her students try to figure out what is wrong with their class pet. (5-9)

Dreamer from the Village: The Story of Marc Chagall ($16.95) by Michelle Markel, illus. by Emily Lisker, chronicles the life of this artist. (5-up)

Sea Surprise ($15.95) by Leo Landry. Sea creatures find a way to jolt Eel's zap back into him. (7-9)

Mummy Math: An Adventure in Geometry ($16.95) by Cindy Neuschwander, illus. by Bryan Langdo. Trapped inside an Egyptian pyramid, two children use their math skills to escape. (7-10)

Guinea Pig Scientists: Bold Self-Experiments in Science and Medicine ($19.95) by Leslie Dendy and Mel Boring offers 10 stories spanning from the 18th century to the present. (9-up)

A Book About Design: Complicated Doesn't Make It Good ($18.95) by Mark Gonyea introduces concepts of design. (9-up)

Shakespeare's Secret ($16.95) by Elise Broach is a novel involving a missing diamond, a mysterious neighbor and a link to Shakespeare. (10-15)

Wing Nut ($16.95) by M.J. Auch. Though Grady and his mother have been on the road since his father died, their roaming days may be over when their car breaks down in rural Pennsylvania. (10-15)

The Last Codfish ($16.95) by J.D. McNeill. This tale of loss and survival centers on the friendship between two very different young people. (10-15)

My Thirteenth Season ($15.95) by Kristi Roberts stars a girl who seeks revenge against her male Little League teammates. (10-up)

Monkey Business: Stories from Around the World ($18.95) by Shirley Climo, illus. by Erik Brooks, collects 14 tales about monkeys. (10-up)

On Etruscan Time ($16.95) by Tracy Barrett. While on an anthropological dig, a boy discovers an unsettling stone. (10-up)

The Silver Penny ($16.95) by Randall Wright. A boy's journey takes him through a lifetime of experiences. (10-up)

America Through the Lens: Photographers Who Changed the Nation ($18.95) by Martin Sandler presents a view of America as captured by noted photographers. (10-up)

In the Night, on Lanvale Street ($16.95) by Jane Leslie Conly. Two siblings help a former neighbor solve a murder. (12-up)

Red Hot Salsa: Bilingual Poems on Being Young and Latino in the United States ($14.95), ed. by Lori Marie Carlson, is a poetry collection from the editor of Cool Salsa. (12-up)

By These Ten Bones ($16.95) by Clare B. Dunkle is a tale of werewolves and love set in medieval Scotland. (12-up)

A Room on Lorelei Street ($16.95) by Mary E. Pearson. To escape her eccentric family, Zoe tries living on her own. (14-up)


Unlikely Exploits concludes with The Rise of the House of McNally by Philip Ardagh, illus. by David Roberts ($9.95, 8-up). And The Shamer Chronicles adds Shamer's Signet by Lene Kaaberbol ($16.95, 11-up).


Humphrey's Bear by Jan Wahl, illus. by William Joyce ($16.95, paper $6.95, 2-6).


The Flea's Sneeze by Lynn Downey, illus. by Karla Firehammer ($6.95, 3-6); Pig and Crow by Kay Chorao ($6.95, 4-7); and Firebird by Demi ($7.95, 6-10).


Found Alphabet ($16) by Ramon Shindler and Wojciech Graniczewski, illus. by Anita Andrzejewska and Andrzej Pilichowski-Ragno. Found objects create an alphabetical array of images. (All ages)

Mary Had a Little Lamb and Hey, Diddle, Diddle! ($5.95 each), illus. by Sally Mavor, present these rhymes with fabric art. (up to 4)

Curious George's First Words About Animals ($9.95), illus. by Anna Grossnickle Hines in the style of H.A. Rey, is a boxed set of four board books featuring animals. (1-4)

Slide, Already! ($12) by Kit Allen. This tale celebrates trying something a bit scary for the first time. (2-5)

The Little Book of Not So ($9.95) by Charise Mericle Harper is a book of opposites highlighting good and not-so good things in life. (2-5)

Eat Your Peas, Ivy Louise! ($12) by Leo Landry introduces a circus starring the Tender Tiny Peas. (2-6)

Curious George Gets a Medal: Gift Ed. ($9.95) by H.A. Rey packages this story of George's trip into space with a gold medal. (3-8)

Carmine: A Little More Red ($16) by Melissa Sweet presents a twist on Little Red Riding Hood. (4-8)

The Pirate's Eye ($16) by Robert Priest is a companion to The Old Pirate of Central Park. (4-8)

Bad Bears and a Bunny ($16) by Daniel Pinkwater, illus. by Jill Pinkwater. What happens when polar bears Irving and Muktuk get invited to a party at a fancy hotel? (4-8)

Mr. Blewitt's Nose ($16) by Alastair Taylor. Primrose Pumpkin searches for the face that belongs to the nose she finds on a park bench. (4-8)

The Village of Basketeers ($16) by Lynda Gene Rymond, illus. by Nicoletta Ceccoli. Can residents of a village of basketweavers tame the wild wind? (4-8)

Three About Thurston ($15) by Susan Milord chronicles three adventures of a rooster and his pals. (4-8)

The Silent Witness: A True Story of the Civil War ($16) by Robin Friedman, illus. by Claire Nivola. A girl and her doll watch the Civil War unfold. (4-8)

I See a Kookaburra! Discovering Animal Habitats Around the World ($16) by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, illus. by Jenkins, examines various animal habitats. (4-8)

Song of the Waterboatman and Other Pond Poems ($16) by Joyce Sidman, illus. by Beckie Prange, is a poetry collection illustrated with woodcuts. (5-9)

Little Stevie Wonder ($18) by Quincy Troupe, illus. by Lisa Cohen. This celebration of Wonder's life and talent includes a CD featuring two of his songs. (5-9)

Morgy Coast to Coast ($15) by Maggie Lewis, illus. by Michael Chesworth, is a sequel to Morgy Makes His Move. (6-9)

Captain Arsenio: Inventions and (Mis)adventures in Flight ($16) by Pablo Bernasconi introduces a fellow who tries repeatedly to build the perfect flying machine. (6-up)

Ten Thousand Charms ($16) by Leander Watts is a tale with supernatural elements, set in upstate New York in the 19th century. (11-up)

Runner ($16) by Carl Dueker is a suspense novel that touches upon patriotism and terrorism. (12-up)

Kipling's Choice ($16) by Geert Spillebeen, trans. by Terese Edelstein. This historical novel focuses on the last days in the life of Rudyard Kipling's son, who died in a WWI battle. (12-up)

A Wreath for Emmett Till ($17) by Marilyn Nelson, illus. by Philippe Lardy, is a tribute to the teenager whose 1955 lynching helped spark the civil rights movement. (12-up)


Scientists in the Field adds Gorilla Doctors: Saving Endangered Great Apes by Pamela Turner ($17, 8-12); and The Prairie Builders: Reconstructing America's Lost Grasslands by Sneed B. Collard III ($17, 10-12). And Falcon returns in Falcon and the Carousel of Time by Luli Gray ($15, 10-14).


Venus and Serena: Serving from the Hip ($14) by Venus and Serena Williams with Hilary Beard. These tennis champs offer advice on education, friendship and sportsmanship. (12-up)


Stop That Pickle by Peter Armour, illus. by Andrew Shachat; A Gardener's Alphabet by Mary Azarian; Hamburger Heaven by Wong Herbert Yee; Polkabats and Octopus Slacks: 14 Stories by Calef Brown; and Animals in Flight by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page ($5.95 each, 4-8); Black Potatoes: The Story of the Great Irish Famine, 1845—1850 by Susan Campbell Bartoletti ($9.95, 10-14); and A Day for Vincent Chin and Me by Jacqueline Turner Banks ($5.95, 10-14).


Scientists in the Field reprints Looking for Life in the Universe: The Search for ExtraterrestrialIntelligence by Ellen Jackson, photos by Nic Bishop ($6.95, 7-12). And The Squire's Tale continues with The Ballad of Sir Dinadan by Gerald Morris ($5.95, 10-14).



The Rise and Fall of a 10th Grade Social Climber ($7.99) by Lauren Mechling and Laura Moser is a coming-of-age tale set in a Brooklyn high school. (13-up)

After Summer ($6.99) by Nick Earls chronicles a 17-year-old boy's last summer before entering the "real world." (13-up)


The Education of Robert Nifkin by Daniel Pinkwater ($6.99, 13-up); and The Fattening Hut by Pat Lowery Collins ($7.99, 13-up).


The Witch's Walking Stick ($16) by Susan Meddaugh. A girl outwits a witch and avenges her selfish siblings. (4-8)

Going Fishing ($16) by Bruce McMillan. In Iceland, Fridrik's grandfathers pass on to him his country's fish-oriented traditions and family history. (4-8)

Lessons ($15) by Bonnie Geisert. Concerned about her father's depression after the birth of her brother, Rachel uncovers a family secret. (8-12)


Gooney Bird Greene is back in Gooney Bird and the Room Mother by Lois Lowry, illus. by Middy Thomas ($15, 6-10).


The Etcher's Studio by Arthur Geisert; Missing Molly by Lisa Jahn-Clough; Tacky in Trouble by Helen Lester, illus. by Lynn Munsinger; Under the Cherry Blossom Tree, retoldby Allen Say; Fast Food! Gulp! Gulp! by Bernard Waber; and Let's Clean Up! by Peggy Perry Anderson ($5.95 each, 4-8).


Daddy's Girl ($16.99) by Garrison Keillor, illus. by Robin Preiss Glasser, spotlights the special relationship between father and daughter. (up to 4)

The Pigeon Has Feelings Too! and The Pigeon Loves Things That Go! ($6.99 each) by Mo Willems. In these board books, a pigeon experiences a range of emotions; and envisions driving various vehicles. (up to 4)

The Hello, Goodbye Window ($15.95) by Norton Juster, illus. by Chris Raschka. The kitchen window at her grandparent's house is a magic gateway for a girl. (2-up)

Time to Say Please! ($15.99) by Mo Willems. This book on manners is a companion to Time to Pee! (3-6)

Shhh! ($15.99) by Jeanne Willis, illus. by Tony Ross, is a story that issues a plea for peace. (4-7)

Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton-Trent ($16.99) by Lauren Child tells of a young genius who is the answer to his rich parents' prayers. (4-7)

The Last Badge ($16.99) by George McClements. A boy who is a 12th-generation scout has to earn one last—elusive—badge. (4-7)

The Big Race Starring Tommy Tortoise and Harry Hare ($16.99) by Shirley Glaser, illus. by Milton Glaser. In this version of a familiar fable, Tommy passes some world-famous landmarks. (4-7)

The Heart's Language ($16.99) by Lois-Ann Yamanaka, illus. by Aaron Jasinski, centers on a boy who understands only the language of the heart. (4-8)

Big Sister, Little Sister ($15.95) by LeUyen Pham is a celebration of sisterhood. (4-8)

Yoko's World of Kindness: Golden Rules for a Happy Classroom ($19.99) by Rosemary Wells, with additional art by Jody Wheeler and John Nez, compiles six tales set in school. (5-7)

Mama Went to Jail for the Vote ($15.99) by Kathleen Karr, illus. by Malene Laugesen. Like her mother, a girl joins the fight for women's suffrage. (5-9)

Animal Stackers ($15.99) by Jennifer Belle, illus. by David McPhail, is a poetry collection and alphabet book. (5-9)

The Dragon Keeper ($16.99) by Carole Wilkinson. A young slave in ancient China comes to the aid of an aging dragon. (8-12)

Sixth-Grade Glommers, Norks, and Me ($14.99) by Lisa Papademetriou is a novel exploring the traumas of friendships and self-discovery. (8-12)

Diary of a Fairy Godmother ($14.99) by Esme Raji Codell, illus. by Drazen Kozjan, presents the story of an aspiring fairy godmother. (9-12)

The Book Without Words: A Fable of Medieval Magic ($16.95) by Avi. Set in medieval England, this is a fable about life and death, greed and betrayal, magic and secrets. (10-14)

My Brother's Keeper ($15.99) by Patricia McCormick. This novel explores the anguish of living with divided loyalties and the cost of keeping family secrets. (10-up)

The Dashwood Sisters' Secrets of Love ($15.99) by Rosie Rushton is a novel about sisterhood, friendship and romance. (12-up)


Baby Einstein, concept by Julie Aigner-Clark, illus. by Nadeem Zaidi, adds Baby da Vinci: My Body ($7.99, up to 2); Baby Noah World Animals ($5.99, 1 month-up); Seasons Discovery Cards ($9.99, 9 mos.-up); Word Adventure ($14.99, 18 mos.-up); and Baby Galileo Sees the Stars ($10.99, 18 mos.-up). And McDuff returns in McDuff's Wild Romp by Rosemary Wells, illus. by Susan Jeffers ($9.99, 2-5).


The Book of Mean People by Toni and Slade Morrison, illus. by Pascal Lemaitre ($4.99, 2-7); The Meanest Doll in the World by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin, illus. by Brian Selznick ($8.99, 8-12); The Million Dollar Goal by Dan Gutman ($5.99, 8-12); Journey to Ellis Island: How My Father Came to America by Carol Bierman, illus. by Laurie McGaw ($8.99, 8-up); Praying at the Sweetwater Motel by April Young Fritz ($5.99, 10-14); and Flavor of the Week by Tucker Shaw and Jake, Reinvented by Gordon Korman ($5.99 each, 12-up).


Witch Twins return in Witch Twins and the Ghost of Glenn Bly by Adele Griffin ($5.99, 7-11). And Tales from the Odyssey gains The Final Battle by Mary Pope Osborne ($4.99, 8-11).


The School Is Not White! A True Story of the Civil Rights Movement ($16.99) by Doreen Rappaport, illus. by Curtis James. In this story set in Mississippi 11 years after the Supreme Court ruled against segregated schools, there are still "all-black" schools that are unequal to the "white" schools. (All ages)

A Brave Spaceboy ($15.99) by Dana Kessimakis Smith, illus. by Laura Freeman. Two brothers pretend that their move to a new home is a trip to Mars. (3-up)

The Greatest Potato ($15.99) by Penelope Stowell, illus. by Sharon Watts, centers on a practical jokester who is a cook at a restaurant. (4-7)

Day of Tears: A Novel in Dialogue ($15.99) by Julius Lester. This novel relayed entirely in dialogue is based on the biggest slave auction in American history. (9-13)

The Color of Fire ($15.99) by Ann Rinaldi. In 1741 New York, whites accuse black slaves of planning an uprising. (10-up)

The Hoopster ($16.99) by Alan Lawrence Sitomer. Set in the inner city, this is a tale about overcoming adversity. (12-up)


Jump at the Sun Fairy-tale Classics adds Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel ($3.50 each, 3-7).


Numbering All the Bones by Ann Rinaldi ($5.99, 10-14).



Percy Jackson and the Olympians kicks off with The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan ($17.95, 10-up). Young Bonddebuts with SilverFin by Charlie Higson ($16.95, 10-up). And Artemis Fowl returns in The Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer ($16.95, 10-up).


The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer ($7.99, 10-up); and The Prophecy of the Stones by Flavia Bujor ($7.99, 10-up).


Artemis Fowl reprints The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer ($5.99, 10-up).



Sons of the Dark adds Outcast by Lynne Ewing ($9.99, 12-up)


Captain Factdebuts with Space Adventure and Dinosaur Adventure by Knife and Packer ($4.99 each, 7-10). W.I.T.C.H. Graphic Novels launches with Graphic Novel #1 and Graphic Novel #2 ($5.99 each, 8-12). W.I.T.C.H. continues with Worlds Apart and The Courage to Choose; and W.I.T.C.H. Adventures gains Heartbreak Island and Stolen Spring ($4.99 each, 8-12).And joining From the Files of Madison Finn is Keep It Real by Laura Dower ($4.99, 8-12).



Betty & Veronica star in Betty & Veronica's Guide to Life and Betty & Veronica: Best Friends Forever ($4.99 each, 8-12); and Are You a Betty orVeronica? ($3.99, 8-12).


Little Colt's Palm Sunday ($14.95) by Michelle Medlock Adams, illus. by Wayne Parmenter. A donkey explains how he was chosen to carry Christ into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. (5-8)


If Jesus Came to Visit Me ($6.95) by Jill Roman Lord, illus. by Renée Graef, is a board book introducing the concept of Jesus as God and man. (2-5)

Jesus in the Temple and David and Goliath ($6.95 each) by Patricia A. Pingry, illus. by Nancy Munger, are board books offering biblical tales. (2-5)

Let's Be Patient and Let's Be Thankful ($7.95 each) by P.K. Hallinan. These board books teach the value of patience; and thankfulness. (2-5)

Baby Looney Tunes: Colors by Patricia A. Pingry and Shapes by Eve DeGrie, both illus. by Drew Rose ($6.95 each) are concept board books. (2-5)

Peter Cottontail's Busy Day ($9.95) by Joseph R. Ritchie, illus. by Lydia Halverson, is an Easter lift-the-flap board-book tale. (2-5)

Here Comes Peter Cottontail ($9.95) by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins, illus. by Wendy Rasmussen, is a fold-out book presenting this holiday song. (2-5)

Baby Looney Tunes, 1-10, illus. by Lydia Halverson; and Baby Looney Tunes: ABCs, illus. by Drew Rose ($7.95 each) are fold-out board books introducing numbers; and letters. (2-5)

Thingumajig Book of Do's and Don'ts and Thingumajig Book of Manners ($7.95 each) by Irene Keller, illus. by Dick Keller, are board books encouraging good behavior; and manners. (2-7)



Using Color in Your Art! ($12.95) by Sandi Henry is a guide for young artists. (8-up)

Wordplay Café ($12.95) by Michael Kline aims to build readers' vocabulary. (8-up)

The Secret Life of Math ($12.95) by Ann McCallum, illus. by Carolyn Norton, examines how math helps people solve everyday problems. (8-up)


Something Special ($15.95) by Terri Cohlene, illus. by Doug Keith. A curious frog discovers that every kiss is "something special." (3-10)

Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes ($15.95) by Demian Yumei, illus. by Nicole Tamarin. A girl marvels at how much energy and cooperation is required to grow tomatoes in her garden. (3-10)



The Jigsaw Puzzle Family: The Stepkids' Guide to Fitting It Together ($12.95) by Cynthia MacGregor rounds up stories and advice for blended families. (9-15)



Magnetic Hunt and Find Books: The Nose Knows offers It's Easter! and Who Says Moo? by Brenda Sexton ($14.99 each, 2-4). Joining Now I'm Reading are Phonics Wheels ($12.99) and Game Board Book ($19.99) by Nora Gaydos (4-7). Math Gear releases Fast Addition Facts and Fast Subtraction Facts ($7.99 each, 4-up); and Fast Multiplication Facts and Fast Division Facts ($7.99 each, 7-up). And Phonics Comicsdebuts with Monster Madness and Alien Alert by Elizabeth Jaffe ($4.99 each, 6-up).


In God's Hands ($16.99) by Lawrence Kushner and Gary Schmidt, illus. by Matthew Baek. Two men—one rich and one poor—discover their roles in making miracles happen. (5-up)


Duck's Key, Where Can It Be? ($14.95) by Jez Alborough presents a lift-the-flap rhyming adventure. (1-3)

Will You Carry Me? ($15.95) by Heleen van Rossum, illus. by Peter van Harmelen. A tired toddler and his innovative mother skip, jump, swim and fly home from the park. (2-4)

On the Road ($14.95) by Susan Steggall. This car ride from city to sea reveals changing landscapes and various traffic signs. (2-5)

Standing Up ($14.95) by Marie-Anne Gillet, illus. by Isabelle Gilboux. A boy perfects the second step in potty training. (2-5)

Are We There Yet? ($15.95) by Alison Lester follows a family's six-month road trip around Australia. (5-9)


I Love... ($11.95) by Minne, illus. by Natali Fortier, examines life's simple pleasures. (All ages)



Social Studies Connects presents No Rules for Rex! by Daisy Alberto, illus. by Jerry Smath ($4.99, 5-7); and Lila the Fair by Laura Driscoll, illus. by Blanche Sims; Pet Peeves by Sarah Willson, illus. by John Nez; and Which Way, Wendy? by Tennant Redbank, illus. by Rebecca Thornburgh ($4.99 each, 6-8).


Math Matters en Español starts up with Cuenta con Pablo by Barbara deRubertis and El problema de 100 libras by Jennifer Dussling, both illus. by Rebecca Thornburgh; ¿Que sigué, Nina? by Sue Kassirer, illus. by Page Eastburn O'Rourke; and ¿Dónde está ese hueso? by Lucille Recht Penner, illus. by Lynn Adams ($4.95 each, 5-7); and La feria musical de matemáticas by Kassirer, illus. by Jerry Smath; and Tod el apretado by Daphne Skinner, illus. by John Nez ($4.95 each, 6-8).


It's Purim Time! ($12.95) by Latifa Berry Kropf, photos by Tod Cohen. In this photoessay, children act out the story of Purim. (2-6)

Noah and the Ziz ($17.95, paper $7.95) by Jacqueline Jules, illus. by Katherine Janus Kahn. The king of birds learns a lesson when he helps Noah gather animals before the flood. (3-7)

The Seventh Day ($16.95, paper $6.95) by Deborah Bodin Cohen, illus. by Melanie Hall, offers an adaptation of the creation story. (3-8)


City 123 ($15.95), photos by Zoran Milich is a counting book featuring city scenes. (2-5)

Bearcub and Mama ($15.95) by Sharon Jennings, illus. by Mélanie Watt. While lost during a storm, Bearcub remembers everything his mother has taught him. (3-7)

The Boy Who Loved Bananas ($15.95) by George Elliott, illus. by Andrej Krystoforski. Matthew goes bananas after watching monkeys at the zoo. (3-7)

A Treasure at Sea for Dragon and Me ($14.95) by Jean Pendziwol, illus. by Martine Gourbault. A girl and her dragon friend spend a day at the beach. (3-7)

Martin Bridge: Ready for Takeoff! ($14.95, paper $4.95) by Jessica Scott Kerrin, illus. by Joseph Kelly. Three stories show how Martin's well-intentioned plans go awry. (7-10)

Into the Volcano ($16.95) by Donna O'Meara. Photos and text focus on volcanoes. (8-12)

Walking with the Dead ($16.95) by L.M. Falcone. Two friends find themselves on a mission to the world of the dead. (9-12)

Media Madness ($14.95, paper $8.95) by Dominic Ali, illus. by Michael Cho, is a guide to TV, music videos, radio, the Internet and other media. (10-14)

The Ghost Horse of Meadow Green ($16.95, paper $6.95) by Anne Louise MacDonald. Why has the horse that Kim saw from the school bus window vanished? (10-14)

Battle Scars ($16.95, paper $6.95) by John Wilson is a sequel to The Flags of War. (10-14)

The Turning ($16.95, paper $6.95) by Gillian Chan. An ancient force lures a teenager into the woods near his house. (12-up)


Franklin is back in Franklin's Big Search-and-Solve Flap Book, based on characters created by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark ($12.95, 3-6). Kids Can Read welcomes Pup and Hound in Trouble and Pup and Hound Stay Up Late by Susan Hood, illus. by Linda Hendry ($14.95 each, paper $3.95, 5-6); Franklin and the Cookies and Franklin's Library Book ($14.95 each, paper $3.95, 6-7); and Firefighters and Postal Workers by Paulette Bourgeois, illus. by Kim LaFave ($14.95 each, paper $3.95, 6-8). Joining Wildlife is Snakes by Adrienne Mason, illus. by Nancy Gray Ogle ($10.95, paper $6.95, 5-10). Animal Behavior presents Animals Migrating by Etta Kaner, illus. by Pat Stephens ($12.95, paper $5.95, 7-11). Kids Can Do It adds Hemp Jewelry by Judy Ann Sadler, illus. by Jane Kurisu; and Birdhouses by Renée Schwarz ($12.95 each, paper $6.95, 8-up). And Visions in Poetry releases The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes, illus. by Murray Kimber ($16.95, 10-up).


My Pet Kitten and My Pet Puppy ($5.95 each) by Marilyn Baillie, illus. by Jane Kurisu. A kitten and a puppy offer pet care information. (5-8)

Sports Hall of Weird ($4.95) by Kevin Sylvester rounds up weird sports facts. (7-up)


Joining Jumbo Books is The Jumbo Book of Needlecrafts by Judy Ann Sadler, Gwen Blakley Kinsler, Jackie Young and Biz Storms, illus. by Esperança Melo, June Bradford and Jane Kurisu ($16.95, 8-up).


City Signs, photos by Zoran Milich; and Big Week for Little Mouse by Eugenie Fernandes, illus. by Kim Fernandes ($5.95 each, 2-5).


My First Year ($14.95), illus. by Kady MacDonald Denton, is a baby record book. (All ages)

My First Horse and Pony Book ($9.95) by Judith Draper, photos by Matthew Roberts, introduces facts about horses and ponies. (5-8)

Kingfisher First Atlas ($10.95) includes maps and pictograms. (5-8)

The Children's Illustrated Bible ($14.95) collects biblical stories, maps and photos of contemporary sites. (8-14)

The Kingfisher Student Atlas of North America ($24.95) contains statistics, illustrations and relief maps. (9-12)


Mirror, Mirror issues Who Will I Be? and Cuddle Me! by Chris Inns ($5.95 each, up to 5). Animal Babies welcomes Animal Babies Around the House and Animal Babies on the Farm ($6.95 each, 2-5). Amazing Machines zooms on with Cool Cars by Tony Mitton ($9.95, 2-5). Joining The Best Book of... is Ancient Greece by Deborah Murrell ($12.95, 5-8). Kingfisher Young Knowledge offers Deserts by Nicola Davies and Whales and Dolphins by Caroline Harris ($8.95 each, 5-8). I Wonder Why presents I Wonder Why Pine Trees Have Needles and Other Questions About Forests by Jackie Gaff ($11.95, 5-8). New Bodyscope titles are Brain Power and Building Blocks by Patricia MacNair ($9.95 each, 7-10). And Kingfisher Knowledge adds Life in Ancient Rome by Simon Adams and Stars & Planets by Carole Stott ($11.95 each, 9-14).


A Spider Bought a Bicycle ($10.95) by Michael Rosen, illus. by Inga Moore, rounds up poems, rhymes and songs. (5-8)

Kingfisher First Encyclopedia ($9.95) collects information on more than 100 topics. (5-8)

My First Reference Set ($24.95) offers copies of Kingfisher First Dictionary, Kingfisher First Thesaurus and Kingfisher First Encyclopedia. (5-8)

The Story of King Arthur ($7.95), retold by Robin Lister, illus. by Alan Barker, compiles Arthurian legends. (9-12)

The Story of Robin Hood ($7.95), retold by Robert Leeson, illus. by Barbara Lofthouse, chronicles the escapades of this hero. (9-12)

Shakespeare's Verse ($10.95), selected by Gina Pollinger, illus. by Emma Chichester Clark, presents passages from the Bard's plays and poems. (9-14)


Handy Harvey is back in Harvey the Baker and Harvey the Carpenter by Lars Klinting ($4.95 each, 2-5). New First-Time Stories are It's My Turn! and Our New Baby by Heather Maisner, illus. by Kristina Stephenson ($3.95 each, 2-5). The Kingfisher Treasury of Stories offers Stories for Four Year Olds by Edward and Nancy Bishen, illus. by Carolyn Dinan ($5.95, 4-8); and Dragon Stories by Margaret Clark, illus. by Mark Robertson ($5.95, 5-8). I Am Reading continues with Barn Party by Claire O'Brien, illus. by Tim Archbold; Joe Lion's Big Boots by Kara May, illus. by Jonathan Allen; Granddad's Dinosaur by Brough Girling, illus. by Stephen Dell; and Princess Rosa's Winter by Judith Hindley, illus. by Margaret Chamberlain ($3.95 each, 6-8). Sidesplitters adds Fantastically Funny Stories, selected by Michael Rosen; Seriously Silly School Jokes, illus. by Tony Trimmer; and What a Hoot, illus. by Martin Chatterton ($3.95 each, 7-10). Traces issues Framed! and Lost Bullet by Malcolm Rose ($5.95 each, 8-12). And My Side of the Story releases Trouble at the Mill by Philip Wooderson, Escape from War by James Riordan, Journey to Jamestown by Lois Ruby and The Brothers' War by Patricia Hermes ($6.95 each, 9-12).


The Best Book Of... reprints Dinosaurs by Chris Maynard, Mummies by Philip Steele and Sharks by Claire Llewellyn ($5.95 each, 5-8).


Suction Cup Critters
($14.95) by Michael Sherman explains how to make window decorations out of pipe cleaners, punch-out artwork and suction cups. (6-up)

The Klutz Book of Ball Games ($14.95) by Doug Stillinger packages three balls with instructions for games to play with them. (6-up)

Carabiners: Scratch Off: Punch Lines, Truth or Dare and Your Future ($3.95 each) are three miniature books, each attached to a pen and a carabiner for clipping to backpacks. (6-up)

How to Make Monstrous, Huge, Unbelievably Big Bubbles ($16.95) by David Stein and the editors of Klutz contains tools and instructions for making giant bubbles. (8-up)

Make Your Own Itty-Bitty: Angels, Ballerinas and Princesses ($9.95 each) offer directions and craft supplies for creating miniature dolls. (8-up)

Klutz to Go: Books-in-a-Cup: Lime and Orange ($9.95 each). For traveling kids, these offer four activity books, stickers and pencil packaged in a cup. (8-up)

Dial with Style: Decorate Your Cell Phone ($12.95) by Susan Fox and Karen Phillips presents materials and instructions for decorating a cell phone. (11-up)


Am I Making God Smile? ($12.99) by Jeannie St. John Taylor. Erik learns to turn bad things into things that make God smile. (4-7)

The Super Short Amazing Story of David & Goliath ($10.99) by Scott Burroughs and Chrysti Burroughs offers a version of this biblical tale. (4-7)


God Can Use Me releases Lenny Loses His Lunch by Dan Taylor and Damon Taylor, illus. by Damon Taylor ($10.99, 4-7).


The Fine China Plate ($10.99) by Robin Jones Gunn is a story about remaining pure so as to be ready at any time to serve the King. (7-10)


Title in Spanish

El mejor nido (The Best Nest) by P.D. Eastman, trans. by Teresa Mlawer ($8.99, 6-8).

Paperback in SpanishTili y el Muro (Tillie and the Wall) by Leo Lionni, trans. by Teresa Mlawer ($6.99, 6-8).


Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds ($16.95) by Paula Yoo, illus. by Dom Lee, is a biography of Sammy Lee, the first Asian-American Olympic gold medallist. (6-up)

Poems to Dream Together/Poemas par soñar juntos ($16.95) by Francisco Alarcón, illus. by Paula Barragán, collects bilingual poems celebrating family, nature and the power of dreams. (7-12)

Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan ($17.95) by Mary Williams, illus. by R. Gregory Christie, relays the true tale of Sudanese orphans' trek to reach safety in a refugee camp. (7-up)

Mama's Window ($16.95) by Lynne Rubright. An African American boy struggles to adapt to his new life with his uncle and to keep his late mother's dream alive. (8-12)

Title in Spanish

Estela en el mercado de pulgas (Estela's Swap) by Alexis O'Neill, illus. by Enrique O. Sanchez ($16.95, paper $7.95, 6-10).


Summer Sun Risin' by W. Nikola-Lisa, illus. by Don Tate ($7.95, 3-6); and The Secret to Freedom by Marcia Vaughan, illus. by Larry Johnson ($7.95, 6-up).



Meet the Dinosaurs issues six titles by Don Lessem, illus. by John Bindon ($6.95 each, 7-10). And new Biography titles are Ariel Sharon by Norman Finkelstein, Fidel Castro by Ellen Butts and Joyce Schwartz, Hillary Rodham Clinton by Margaret Goldstein, Tony Blair by Thomas Collins and Vladimir Putin by Tom Streissguth ($7.95 each, 11-17).


Choo Choo Clickety-Clack! ($14.95) by Margaret Mayo, illus. by Alex Ayliffe, introduces vehicles of various shapes and sizes. (3-7)

Blackberry Stew ($15.95) by Isabell Monk, illus. by Janice Lee Porter. Hope learns that as long as she has her memories, her late grandfather will live on. (3-8)

A Style All Her Own ($15.95) by Laurie Friedman, illus. by Sharon Watts. What happens when stylish Isabelle is asked to wear a drab flower girl dress? (5-8)

Tooth Fairy's First Night ($15.95) by Anne Bowen, illus. by Jon Berkeley. The first night on the job is tougher than a tooth fairy anticipates. (5-8)

Tiger Turcotte Takes on the Know-It-All ($6.95) by Pansie Hart Flood, illus. by Amy Wummer. Second grader Tiger realizes that maybe girls aren't so bad after all. (6-10)

Silver Child ($15.95) by Cliff McNish. Six youngsters have life-altering experiences and attempt to save humanity. (10-up)

Secrets of a Civil War Submarine: Solving the Mysteries of theH.L. Hunley ($18.95) by Sally Walker recounts the history of this submarine. (11-14)


Words Are Categorical adds Pitch and Throw, Grasp and Know: What Is a Synonym? by Brian Cleary, illus. by Brian Gable ($14.95, 7-9). And Mallory returns in Mallory vs. Max by Laurie Friedman, illus. by Tamara Schmitz ($15.95, 7-12).


On My Own Biographies welcomes Cesar Chavez by Ginger Wadsworth, illus. by Mark Schroder; Leif Eriksson by Shannon Knudsen, illus. by Mark Oldroyd; and Sojourner Truth by Gwenyth Swain, illus. by Matthew Archambault ($5.95 each, 7-10). And On My Own Holidays celebrates Chinese New Year by Judith Jango-Cohen, illus. by Jason Chin; Cinco de Mayo by Linda Lowery, illus. by Barbara Knutson; Easter Around the World by Shannon Knudsen, illus. by David Erickson; and Veterans Day by Marlene Targ Brill, illus. by Qi Wang ($5.95 each, 7-10).


Mallory on the Move by Laurie Friedman, illus. by Tamara Schmitz ($5.95, 7-10).



Amazing Athletes welcomes Alex Rodriguez and Michael Phelps by Jeffrey Zuehlke; and Annika Sorenstam, Carly Patterson and Sammy Sosa by Jeff Savage ($5.95 each, 8-11).


Hula Lullaby ($15.99) by Erin Eitter Kono. An island symphony rocks a girl to sleep in her mother's arms. (up to 3)

Thumbelina ($16.99) by Lauren Mills retells this Hans Christian Andersen tale. (3-6)

Bad Cat Puts on His Top Hat ($15.99) by Tracy-Lee McGuinness-Kelly is a sequel to Bad Cat. (3-6)

Bathtub Blues ($15.99) by Kate McMullan, illus. by Janie Bynum. The young stars of Rock-a-Baby Band take a bath after their messy outdoor adventures. (3-6)

Old Mr. Mackle Hackle ($15.99) by Gunnar Madsen, illus. by Irana Shepherd. How will Mr. Mackle Hackle get his hen to cackle? (3-6)

Sweep Dreams ($16.99) by Nancy Willard, illus. by Mary GrandPré, tells of a man who falls in love with a dancing broom. (3-6)

Ruth and Naomi ($15.99) by Jean Marzollo, retells the tale of these biblical characters. (3-6)

Freddy and the French Fries: Fries Alive! ($12.99) by David Baldacci, illus. by Rudy Baldacci. A young science whiz has an ambitious plan to win new customers for his family's business. (8-12)

Click Here (To Find Out How I Survived Seventh Grade) ($15.99) by Denise Vega. In this first novel, Erin's blog lands on the school Web site. (8-12)

How to Be a Pirate ($10.99) by Cressida Cowell is a companion novel to How to Train Your Dragon. (8-12)

The Alchemist's Son: Soul Stealer ($14.99) by Martin Booth is a sequel to Doctor Illuminatus. (8-12)

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment ($16.99) by James Patterson introduces six kids who are 98% human and 2% bird. (12-up)

47 ($16.99) by Walter Mosley. A slave boy is swept up in a struggle for his freedom after he meets a mysterious runaway slave. (12-up)


Just Being Me debuts with I'm Not Sleepy! and I'm So Mad! by Nicole Hollander ($7.99 each, 3-6). Little Steps Books issues Little Skills and Mini Manners by Tanya Napier, illus. by Airlie Anderson ($9.99 each, 3-6). The Callahan Cousins launches with Summer Begins by Elizabeth Doyle Carey, illus. by Donna Kae Nelson ($10.99, 8-12). Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan adds Killers of the Dawn ($15.99, 8-12). And Spy High gains Mission Five: Blood Relations and Mission Six: The Annihilation Agenda by A.J. Butcher ($15.95 each, paper $6.95, 12-up).


Make Me a Pop Star! ($7.99) by Michelle Tauber, illus. by A.V. Phibes, is a guide for kids who aspire to stardom. (8-12)

Um, Like... OM: A Girl Goddess's Guide to Yoga ($9.99) by Evan Cooper is a primer for teenage yoga fans. (12-up)

Surfer Girl ($12.99) by Sanoe Lake with Steven Jarrett. A champion surfer and actress offers advice to aspiring surfers. (12-up)


Arthur returns in Arthur Tells a Story by Marc Brown ($3.99, 3-6). Brown's Buster series debuts with Buster on the Town, Buster on the Farm, Buster Plays Along, Buster and the Giant Pumpkin, Buster and the Dance Contest and Buster Hits the Trail ($3.99 each, hardcover $13.99, 6-9). Extreme Team by Matt Christopher adds Head to Head, BMX Racer and On the Edge ($4.99 each, hardcover $15.99, 7-10). Explorers Wanted! kicks off with In the Jungle, Under the Sea, On Safari and In the Wilderness by Simon Chapman ($5.99 each, 8-12). Matt Christopher Legends in Sports welcomes Muhammad Ali ($4.99, 8-12). Sidekicks by Dan Danko and Tom Mason issues The Brotherhood of Rotten Babysitters ($4.99, 8-12). Launching The Dating Game by Natalie Standiford are The Dating Game and Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard to Do ($9.99 each, 12-up). Clique presents Revenge of the Wannabes by Lisi Harrison ($9.99, 12-up). TheA-List adds Tall Cool One by Zoey Dean ($9.99, 15-up). And Cecily von Ziegesar's Gossip Girl chatters on with Nobody Does It Better ($9.99, 15-up).

Paperback ReprintThe Girl's Guide to Life by Catherine Dee ($15.99, 8-12).


Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan issues The Vampire Prince and Hunters of the Dusk ($5.99 each, 8-12).


Reading Makes You Feel Good ($15.99) by Todd Parr celebrates the joys of reading. (3-6)

Sakes Alive! A Cattle Drive ($15.99) by Karma Wilson, illus. by Karla Firehammer. Two cows steal the farmer's car and go for a joyride. (3-6)

Far from Xanadu ($16.99) by Julie Anne Peters. A teenage girl in a small Kansas town falls in love with the new, cool, straight girl at school. (12-up)

Paperback ReprintKeeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters ($7.99, 12-up).


The Gaggle Sisters Sing Again ($15.95) by Chris Jackson is the second book in the Gaggle Sisters trilogy. (2-7)

The Baseball Card ($15.95) by Jack Siemiatycki and Avi Slodovnick, illus. by Laura Watson. On his first trip to the ballpark, a boy listens to his father's story about Babe Ruth. (4-9)


Penelope returns in Penelope and the Monsters by Sheri Radford, illus. by Christine Tripp ($15.95, 2-7).

Paperback in SpanishLa estampa de béisbol (The Baseball Card) by Jack Siemiatycki and Avi Slodovnick, illus. by Laura Watson ($10.95, 4-9).


Step-Chain continues with She's No Angel and Too Good to Be True by Ann Bryant ($4.95 each, 9-13).Paperback Reissue

Shoes for Amélie by Connie Colker Steiner, illus. by Denis Rodier ($6.95, 8-12).


Fooling the Tooth Fairy ($17) by Martin Nelson Burton, illus. by Clint Hansen. A boy discovers that the Tooth Fairy is smarter than he thought. (4-8)


The London Town Wild Life Series introduces A Raft of Sea Otters: The Playful Life of a Furry Survivor by Vicki León, A Shimmer of Butterflies: The Brief, Brilliant Life of a Magical Insect by Joni Phelps Hunt, A Dazzle of Hummingbirds: The Colorful Life of a Tiny Scrapper by Bruce Berger and The Secrets of Tropical Rainforests: Hot and Humid and Teeming with Life by Jean Hamilton ($7.95 each, 10-up).

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