Despite a considerable conflict of interest, Danny Pelosi, convicted of the murder of investment banker Ted Ammons, has offered an unfavorable review of Kieran Crowley's book, Almost Paradise: The East Hampton Murder of Ted Ammon, just published by St. Martin's Press.

Turns out Pelosi, currently in jail, dictated a few comments on the book to his fiancée, Jennifer Zolnowski, who posted the odd broadside on "I have been following this case and have a personal interest in it," wrote Pelosi, in what can certainly be termed an understatement. "There are many things in the book that aren't factual."

Pelosi cites what he calls an inaccurate account of a childhood incident with his brother that seems, in light of the crime, marginal to his conviction. Nevertheless, Pelosi/Zolnowski declares innocence and "vows to get the truth heard." The review switches awkwardly between Zolnowski ("Danny maintains his innocence") and Pelosi ("I know this because I am Danny Pelosi!!"). And their stint as a two-headed book reviewer was short—Amazon removed the review almost immediately.

John Murphy, publicity director at SMP, said he had no response, barely suppressing a laugh, but added: "Glad to see he's reading our books."