Eaglemont Press

Distributed by National Book Network. Featured: Adventures of Riley series titles, including Mission to Madagascar and Dolphins in Danger, both by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz, illus. by Sarah McIntyre. Discounts: 50%, retail; 52%, wholesale on orders of 25 or more. Booth: 4439.

Earbooks Verlag/Edel Classics

This first-time exhibitor is a division of Edel Classics and offers large-format picture books combined with music on a related theme; a part of the German Collective Stand. Featured:Venezia and La Danse, both by David Hamilton; Love My Jazz by Giuseppe Pino; Moods of La Habana by Robert Polidori; St. Matthew Passion (Johann Sebastian Bach); Echoes of Heaven; A Garden Symphony; Napoli; Berlin Cabaret; The Christmas Oratorio (Johann Sebastian Bach); American Beauties; Carmen's Dance; The Buddha Experience. Booth: 2225.

East Tennessee Trade Group

Booth: 4620.

eBooks Co.

Provider of digital books with distribution agreements in the U.S., U.K. and Australia. Booth: 2453.

EBSCO Educational Services

Booth: 5001.

Eclipse Press

This division of The Blood-Horse is distributed by National Book Network. Featured:The 10 Best Kentucky Derbies, The Blood-Horse Authoritative Guide to Betting and Thoroughbred Champions, titles by staff and correspondents of The Blood-Horse; Belmont Park by Richard Stone Reeves and Edward L. Bowen; The Sporting Art of Franklin B. Voss by Peter Winants; Man o' War: Thoroughbred Legends by Edward L. Bowen; Understanding Equine Colic by Bradford G. Bentz; Handicapping for Bettor or Worse by John Lindley; Trick Training Your Horses to Success by Jan Sharp; Care & Management of Horses by Heather Smith Thomas. Giveaways: posters. Discounts: 50%, retail; 52%, wholesale on orders of 25 or more. Booth: 4439.

Ecoles des Loisirs

Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

ECW Press

Exhibiting with IPG. Featured:Hi and Lois: Sunday Best by Brian Walker, Greg Walker and Chance Browne; Call to Arms by Val Litwin, Chris Bratseth, Brad Stokes and Erik Hanson; Let Them Eat Flax by Joe Schwarcz; The Mouth of the South by Jimmy Hart; All Shook Up by Mike Harrison; Murder's Out of Tune by Jeffrey Miller; Freezeout by Rick Gadziola; Randy Newman's American Dreams by Kevin Courrier; Winning with the Caller from Hell by Shaun Belding; The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Tag Teams by Greg Oliver and Steven Johnson. Giveaways:Call to Arms and Hi and Lois posters; books, The Mouth of the South and Let Them Eat Flax. Discounts: 50% on orders of 15 assorted backlist titles (spring 2005 titles/earlier). Booth: 2721.

EDC Publishing

Featured:Volcanoes by Stephanie Turnbull; Little Book of Flowers by Laura Howell; See Inside Castles by Katie Daynes; Trains and Tessa the Teacher, both by Felicity Brooks; Sharks by Phil Clarke; Aesop's Fables by Anna Milbourne; Snow Queen by Katie Daynes; Stories of Mermaids by Russell Punter; Don Quixote, retold by Henry Brook. Discounts: 50%, free freight on 50 books/kits (60-day net); 50%, free freight on 18 Kid Kits. Booth: 502.

Edel Classics

A part of the German Collective Stand. Booth: 2225.

Edelvives Grupo Editorial Luis Vives

Publishes educational textbooks as well as children's and young adult literature; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Eden Entertainment Productions

This first-time exhibitor offers an innovative animation series (graphic novel/ CD/DVD formats) to help kids develop personal and social skills, reinforce inspirational principles, good behavior and respect; targets pre-tweens/tweens ages seven—12 years. Featured:The Kharisma Crew Urrr... Little Brothers! (book/DVD) by L.T. Blassingame, Mark Munoz and Jeff Holder; The Kharisma Crew Favorite Tracks (CD) by L.T. Blassingame and Rob Mitchell; To and Fro by L.T. Blassingame. Giveaways:The Kharisma Crew Music Card Collectibles CD. Booth: 752.

Edhasa Editors y Distributora Hispano America

Publishes historical fiction and adventure novels; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones Barataria

Publishes books on art, photography, literature and multi-cultural studies; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones Continente

Offers titles on history, tango, alternative medicine, self-help and literature; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Ediciones del Eclipse

Publishes children's books and titles on high school theater, essays and tourism in Argentina; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Ediciones Folio

Publishes titles on art, photography, business and foreign languages; also offers audio, video and multicultural materials; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones Guadal

Offers children's books from Argentina; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Ediciones Jaguar

Offers books on body/mind/spirit, self-help and travel as well as cookbooks and large-print titles; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones Madrid

Exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones Medici

Publishes nonfiction books on health and family issues such as pregnancy, parenting and childcare; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones Morata

Publishes titles on education, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, sexuality, mathematics, medicine, philosophy and ethics for professionals, students and general public; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones Nowtilus

Publishes wide variety of fiction and nonfiction titles, including self-help, history and biography, current and social issues as well as computing and science fiction; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones Oniro

Offers nonfiction books for children and adults on various subjects, including Eastern wisdom, spirituality, personal growth, parenting, health, travel and games; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Educat Publishers

Publishes a wide range of children's early development educational products and books. Booth: 242.


This first-time exhibitor produces travel games, playing cards, blocks, maps, puzzles, flash cards, and party games using original art from children's book illustrators. Booth: 747.

Ediciones Pronaos

Offers books on architecture, art and gardening, including signed, numbered limited editions; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones Robinbook

Offers more than 850 nonfiction titles on various subjects; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones Serres

Offers illustrated children's and art books as well as children's self-help titles; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones SM

Offers children's books and Spanish-language educational materials; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones Torremozas

Specializes in women's literature and poetry; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Ediciones Turisticas

Publishes tourist guides and technical books about tourism; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Ediciones Tutor

Offers books on the outdoors, sports, gardening, arts and crafts, cooking, pets and self-help as well as yoga and sports videos; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Edilesa Fundación Huliera Vasco Leonese

Exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Featured: facsimile edition of the original Visigothic-Mozarabic Bible (960 A.D.) limited to 600 numbered editions. Booth: 2338.

Editions Philippe Auzou/Auzou Int'l

Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.Edition TemmenA part of the German Collective Stand. Booth: 2225.

Editorial Albatros

Offers titles on arts and crafts, pets, self-help, gardening and cooking, as well as children's books; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Editorial Bonum

Offers books on religion, spirituality, self-help, games, family, education and music from Argentina; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Editorial Casals

Publishes a wide range of educational and activity books, and literature geared for children and young adults; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Editorial Castalia

Publishes books on social history, the arts and literary criticism written by major Spanish and Hispanic-American authors; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Editorial Edaf

Publishes and distributes fiction and nonfiction titles, including children's books and gift books, exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Editorial Esfringe

Exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Editorial Juventud

Publishes illustrated books for children and classical Spanish literature for adults; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Editorial Médica Panamerica

Publishes titles on medicine and allied health; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Editorial Oceano de Mexico

Offers literature, politics, general interest and children's titles; exhibiting with Cepromex. Booth: 2438.

Editorial Pax

Exhibiting with Cepromex. Booth: 2438.

Editorial Sigmar

Offers children's fiction and nonfiction titles from Argentina; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Editorial Sirpus

Offers children's books, young adult and adult fiction and nonfiction titles; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Editorial Trillas

Offers titles on education, literature, general interest and science; exhibiting with Cepromex. Booth: 2438.

Editorial Verbigracia

Publishes fiction and nonfiction titles in various genres and on a variety of subjects; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Editorial Verbo Divino

Publishes Bibles and offers titles on biblical, spiritual and theological subjects; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Editorial Zendrera

Publishes children's books and cookbooks as well as titles on the environment and history; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Edizioni White Star

Exhibiting with Rizzoli Int'l Publications. Booth: 4027.

Educal S.A.

Offers fiction and nonfiction titles on Mexico for children and young adults; exhibiting with Cepromex. Booth: 2438.

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

Featured Eerdmans:C.S. Lewis: Images of His World by Douglas Gilbert and Clyde S. Kilby; The Doors of the Sea: Theological Reflections on the Indian Ocean Disaster of 2004 by David Bentley Hart; Celtic Treasures by J. Philip Newell; The Way into Narnia by Peter Schakel; War and Faith in Sudan by Gabriel Meyer; Notes on Beethoven, Notes on Mozart, Notes on Schubert titles by Conrad Wilson; Did God Have a Wife? by William G. Dever; Cruel Paradise: Life Stories of Dutch Emigrants by Hylke Speerstra; Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places by Eugene H. Peterson; The Original Story by John Barton and Julia Bowden. From Eerdmans Books for Young Readers:The Song of Francis and the Animals by Pat Mora, illus. by David Frampton; Music for the End of Time by Jen Bryant, illus. by Beth Peck; Good King Wenceslas, illus. by Tim Ladwig; Dancing with Elvis by Lynda Stephenson; Not Exactly Normal by Devin Brown; Georgia's Bones by Jen Bryant, illus by Bethanne Andersen; Klimt and His Cat by Bérènice Capatti, illus. by Octavia Monaco; Circles of Hope by Karen Lynn Williams; illus. by Linda Saport; Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, illus. by Jane Ray; At Jerusalem's Gate: Poems of Easter by Nikki Grimes, illus. by David Frampton. Giveaways: ARCs of Dancing with Elvis and Not Exactly Normal; copies of Notes on Mozart; Dutch chocolates; posters, postcards. Discounts: 50%, free freight. Booth: 832.


Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

Ellora's Cave

Booth: 1333.

Elsevier Health Science

Featured: the Pet Lovers Guide Series, including Natural Healing for Cats and Dogs by Barbara Fougere, Canine Arthritis and Joint Problems by Kurt Schulz, Brian S. Beale, Donald A. Hulse, Ian Holsworth and Sandra Hudson; First Aid and Emergencies by Tom Day and Cat and Dog Skin Diseases by Karen L. Campbell; Consciousness and Healing: Integral Approaches to Mind-Body Medicine by Marilyn Schlitz, Tina Amorok and Marc S. Micozzi, M.D.; Health Information for International Travel 2005—2006: CDC Yellow Book by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Phyllis E. Kozarsky, M.D., Paul M. Arguin, M.D. and Ava W. Navin; International Travel Health Guide by Stuart Rose and Jay Stephen Keystone, M.D. Booths: 3428, 3429.

Emina Soleil

Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

Emma Treehouse

Exhibiting with Publishers Assn. (U.K.). Featured: novelty concept books for preschoolers. Booth: 709.

Emmis Books

Featured:Holy Tango of Literature by Francis Heaney; Turn That Down! by Lew Grossburger; Life Principles by Bruce Weinstein; Our Red Sox by Robert Sullivan; Mastering the Universe by Roger Sweet and David Wecker; How to Think Like a Collector by Harry Rinker; In the Can by Lou Harry and Eric Furman; No Safe Harbor by Joe Burnworth; Shadows in the Asylum by D.A. Stern; Radical Prunings by Bonnie Thomas Abbott. Giveaways: ARCs; blads; books. Drawings: for pizza gift certificates. Booth: 3707.

Empire Publishing Service

Booth: 3033.

Encounter Books

Featured:Red Star Over Hollywood by Ron and Allis Radosh; The Prince of the City by Fred Siegel; Vile France by Denis Boyles; Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell. Giveaways: books, note pads. Discounts: free freight. Booth: 4383.

Encyclopaedia Universalis

Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

Entrepreneur Press

Distributed by McGraw-Hill. Featured:Ben: America's Original Entrepreneur: Franklin's Autobiography Adapted for Modern Business by Blaine McCormick; This Is Not Your Parents' Retirement by Patrick P. Astre; The Real Guide to Making Millions Through Real Estate by Lisa Vander; Millionaire Homeowner by Stuart Rider; Six Sigma for Small Business by Greg Brue; 202 Services You Can Sell for Big Profits and 202 Things You Can Make for Big Profits, both by James Stephenson; Business Plans Made Easy, 3rd Edition by David H. Bangs; No B.S. Direct Marketing and No B.S. Creating Entrepreneurial Wealth, both by Dan Kennedy. Booths: 3438, 3439.

Espasa Calpe

Publishes Spanish reference and literature titles as well as multimedia materials for teaching Spanish; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

ESPN Books

This first-time exhibitor publishes sports titles; formed in April 2004 by ESPN Networks. Featured:ESPN: College Football Encyclopedia, edited by Michael MacCambridge; The Best Hand I Ever Played by Steve Rosenbloom; And Now I Can Die in Peace by Bill Simmons; The 2006 ESPN Sports Almanac, edited by Gerry Brown and Michael Morrison. Giveaways: poker cards; T-shirt or miniature football; excerpts of The Best Hand I Ever Played and And Now I Can Die in Peace. Booth: 3958.

ESRI Press

Exhibiting with IPG. Featured:Fun with GPS by Donald Cooke; Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop, 2nd Edition by Tim Ormsby et al.; Cartographica Extraordinaire by David Rumsey and Edith Punt; Unlocking the Census with GIS by Alan Peters and Heather MacDonald; Getting to Know ArcObjects by Robert Burke; Thinking About GIS by Roger Tomlinson; Mapping Our World: GIS for Educators by Lyn Malone, Anita M. Palmer and Christine L. Voight. Giveaways: five copies of Cartographica Extraordinaire daily. Discounts: 50% on orders of 15 assorted backlist titles (spring 2005 titles/earlier). Booth: 2721.

Estafeta USA

This courier company delivers to more than 2,500 Mexican cities, with facilities on the U.S. border to facilitate customs clearance. Booth: 5206.

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

Booth: 761.

M. Evans & Co.

Distributed by National Book Network. Featured:Marlene Koch's Big Book of 350 Sensational Splenda Recipes by Marlene Koch; Sex So Great She Can't Get Enough by Barbara Keesling; BlindSpots: Stop Repeating the Mistakes That Mess Up Your Life, Career, Finances, and Happiness by Steven S. Simring, M.D. and Sue Klavans Simring with Florence Isaacs; Las Vegas Babylon: True Tales of Glitter, Glamour, and Greed by Jeff Burbank; Syndrome W: A Woman's Guide to Reversing Mid-Life Weight Gain by Harriet Mogul, M.D. with Diane Stafford; Come As You Aren't: Feeling at Home with Multicultural Celebrations by Norine Dresser; Mediterranean Vegetarian Cooking by Paola Gavin; The Oy of Cooking: A Jewish Grandmother's Legacy of Food and Memories by Susie Weinthal. Giveaways: promotional items for Las Vegas Babylon and Sex So Great She Can't Get Enough. Discounts: 50%, retail; 52%, wholesale on orders of 25 or more. Booth: 4439.

eWomen Publishing Network

Booth: 5258.

Executive Publishers Int'l

EPI is a first-time exhibitor publishing books, audiotapes and videotapes in the areas of business, spirituality and inspiration; exhibiting with Publisher's Group West. Featured:Leading Beyond Excellence by Lisa Williams; Soar... Spiritual Guidance for Overcoming Life's Turbulence by Christian Sorensen. Giveaways: books; pens; leadership certificates. Booth: 2746.

Exhibit A Press

This first-time exhibitor publishes graphic novels and comic books. Featured:Tales of Supernatural Law by Batton Lash. Giveaways: booksellers and librarians receive Supernatural Law #1 sampler. Booth: 5053.

Exley Giftbooks

Booth: 4783.

Exploration Films

Booth: 1640.

Express Book Freight

Booth: 4274.


Exhibiting with Book Sales Inc. Booth: 4234.


Booth: 1141.

Fairchild & Gallagher/

Where to Wear

Exhibiting with SCB Distributors. Featured: Where to Wear 2005 titles, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Italy (Rome, Florence & Milan) and Australia (Sydney & Melbourne); Ready to Wear 2005 Box Set, including New York, London, Italy and Paris guides. Discounts: see SCB booth for details. Booth: 4312.

Fairmount Books

Distributes remainders and publishers' overstocks on all subjects. Booth: 4921.

Fairwinds Press

A part of the Quayside Publishing Group; exhibiting with Book Sales Inc. Featured:Makeup Makeovers by Robert Jones; Supermarket Spa by Joey Green; Best-Dressed Teen by Chase Koopersmith; Walk Off 10 Pounds a Month by Stephanie Oakes; Ultrafit by Cindy Whitmarsh; 500 5-Ingredient Desserts by Carol Hildebrand; 3-Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipes by Sue Bonet; How to Marry a Mensch by Robin Gorman Newman; Chocolate Therapy by Kathy Farrell-Kingsley; Solutions for Adults with Aspberger Syndrome by Juanita P. Lovett. Discounts: extra 2%, standard freight terms. Booth: 4221.

F&W Publications

Featured from Writer's Digest Books: upcoming release by John Warner; A Writer's Paris by Eric Maisel; Some Writers Deserve to Starve by Elaura Niles. From North Light Books:Greeting Cards with Scrapbook Embellishments by MaryJo McGraw. From Impact:Manga Monster Madness by David Okum. From David & Charles:Bra by Stephanie Pedersen; Voices from Vietnam by Richard Verrone and Laura Calkins. Giveaways: galleys; Toothpaste forDinner bags; buttons. Discounts: free freight or extra points. Booth: 3379.

Fanshaw Books

This first-time U.K.-based exhibitor specializes in nonfiction remainders. Discounts: 50% plus freight for export customers. Booth: 4631.

Fantagraphics Books

Exhibiting with W.W. Norton & Co. Featured:ACME Novelty Library by Chris Ware; Art School Confidential by Daniel Clowes; The Complete Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz; Hank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace by Hank Ketcham; Zippy: Type 'Z' Personality by Bill Griffith; Night Fisher by R. Kikuo Johnson; Jimbo's Inferno by Gary Panter; Ghost of Hoppers by Jaime Hernandez; Billy Hazelnuts by Tony Millionaire. Giveaways:Peanuts posters and bookmarks; other promotional items. Discounts: see W.W. Norton booth for details. Booths: 3754, 3756.

Farinella & Assoc.

Booth: 428.

Farrar, Straus & Giroux

Featured:Ordinary Heroes by Scott Turow; Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham; Vita by Melania Mazzucco; I, Wabenzi by Rafi Zabor; The Captain of the Sleepers by Mayra Montero; Mirror to America by John Hope Franklin; The Assassin's Gate by George Packer; Grant and Sherman by Charles Bracelen Flood; Fortune's Formula by William Poundstone; Redemption Song by Chris Salewicz. Giveaways: ARCs of Vita, I, Wabenzi and The Assassin's Gate; "first look" copies of The Captain of the Sleepers, A Perfect Pledge by Rabindranath Maharaj and Waterloo by Karen Olsson; posters of Out of Eden by Alan Burdick and various FSG Classics titles. Booth: 3629.

Farrar, Straus & Giroux Books for Young Readers

Featured:Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin; The Vacation by Polly Horvath; Under the Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher Staples; Carl's Sleepy Afternoon by Alexandra Day; A Pipkin of Pepper by Helen Cooper; Hidden Child by Isaac Millman; Full Service by Will Weaver; Strong at the Heart: How It Feels to Heal from Childhood Sexual Abuse by Carolyn Lehman; The Great Blue House by Kate Banks, illus. by Georg Hallensleben; I Could Do That! Esther Morris Gets Women the Vote by Linda Arms White, illus. by Nancy Carpenter. From Sunburst Paperbacks:And If the Moon Could Talk by Kate Banks, illus. by Georg Hallensleben; The Canning Season by Polly Horvath; Heads or Tails: Stories from the Sixth Grade, Jack Adrift: Fourth Grade Without a Clue, Jack onthe Tracks: Four Seasons of Fifth Grade, Jack's Black Book and Jack's New Power, titles by Jack Gantos; Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. Giveaways: ARCs of Elsewhere, Under the Persimmon Tree and The Vacation; posters; promotional materials. Booth: 3628.

Fase Software S.A.

Exhibiting with Cepromex. Booth: 2438.

Fashion Dex

This first-time exhibitor offers handbooks, design books, directories and textbooks for the fashion trade. Featured:A Designer's Book of Bridal Gowns by Debby Roosa; Winning the Great Garment War and The Guide to Material Sourcing, titles by David Birnbaum; The Birnbaum Report. Discounts: 10% (first-time orders); extra 10% (all orders). Booth: 5201.

FC&A Publishing

Distributed by National Book Network. Featured:The Cure Conspiracy: Medical Myths, Alternative Therapies and Natural Remedies Even Your Doctor May Not Know, The FC&A 2005 Information Almanac, Personal Finance for Seniors and Unleash the Inner Healing Power of Foods, titles by Frank K. Wood and the Editors of FC&A Publishing; Easy Does It: Cheap and Simple Ways to Solve Common Household Problems, Quick, Delicious and Nutritious: Fabulous Meals for Folks Over 50, 1,001 Gardening Secrets the Experts Never Tell You and Fix It, Clean It and Make It Last, titles by Gayle K. Wood; Encyclopedia of 301 Crochet Patterns, Stitches and Designs and 460 Woodworking Patterns, both by the designers of FC&A Craft Publishing. Discounts: 50%, retail; 52%, wholesale on orders of 25 or more. Booth: 4439.

FC Editorial

Booth: 2338.

Federación de Gremios de Editores de España

This Spanish national stand is organized by the Federation of Spanish Publishers Assn. Featured: 2,000 titles from 50 participating publishers; information on doing business with Spanish publishers. Booth: 2338.

Federal Street Press

Booth: 5020.

Frederick Fell Publishers

Featured:The Greatest Salesman in the World (illus. edition), Og Mandino Great Trilogy (promotional edition) and The Greatest Miracle in the World (gift edition), titles by Og Mandino; Peak Performance Principles by John Noe; Demystifying Business with Cookies and Elephants by Gordon Ettie; Secrets of Mind Power, New Edition by Harry Lorayne; So You Want to Be a Lawyer by Mary Ann Calibrese; So You Want to Be a Doctor by Nirkiska Malladi; Fell Coins 2006 by Steve Nolte and Robert Lane; West of the Equator by Cheryl Dubois. Discounts: extra 3%, free freight; show special (new distribution clients). Booth: 4972.

Feral House

Exhibiting with Publishers Group West. Featured:SuicideGirls, edited by Missy Suicide; Sin-a-Rama: Sleaze Sex Paperbacks of the Sixties, edited by Adam Parfrey, Earl Kemp, Miriam Linna et al.; Big Dead Place: Inside the Strange and Menacing World of Antarctica by Nicholas Johnson; Sex and Rockets: The Occult Word of Jack Parsons by John Carter; Against Civilization, edited by John Zerzan; When Sex Was Dirty by Josh Alan Friedman; Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore by Albert Mudrian; Orgasmatron: The Heavy Metal Artwork of Joe Petagno; War Is a Racket by Smedley D. Butler; It's a Man's World by Adam Parfrey. Booth: 2750.

Filipacchi Publishing

Hachette Filipacchi Media is its parent company; exhibiting with Publishers Group West. Featured:Renovate and Decorate, both by Fred A. Bernstein; The New Woman's Day Cookbook by Elizabeth Alston and the Editors of Woman's Day; Car & Driver: Fifty Years at Speed by Marty Padgett; titles by the Editors of Woman's Day Specials, including The Bathroom Book, The Kitchen Book and 52 Weekend Decorating Projects by Jean-Louis Ginibre; The Elle Decor Home by the Editors of Elle Decor. Discounts: see PGW booth for details. Booth: 2760.


This first-time exhibitor offers an online inventory and order management system for volume booksellers. Booth: 4909.

Firefly Books

Publishes and distributes juvenile and adult books and calendars. Featured from Firefly:Rocks and Fossils: A Visual Guide by Robert R. Coenraads; Menopause Bible, edited by Robin Phillips; Firefly Encyclopedia of Trees, edited by Steve Cafferty; Concise Atlas of the Stars by Serge Brunier; Explorers by Andrea De Porti; New Atlas of the Stars by Axel Mellinger and Susanne Hoffman; Elements of Style: An Encyclopedia of Domestic Architectural Detail, edited by Stephen Calloway. From Whitecap Books:America: A Visual Journey by Tanya Lloyd Kyi. From Robert Rose:Food Substitute Bible by David Joachim. From Boston Mills Press:State Houses: America's 50 State Capitol Buildings by Susan Thrane. Discounts: 50% on backlist retail trade titles, free freight. Booth: 4648.

First Book

This national nonprofit gives children from low-income families their first new books. Featured: information on programs and publishing partners. Booth: 656.

First Books/Inkwater Press

From First Books: Newcomer's Handbook for Moving to and Living in series, including Los Angeles by Joan Wai, NewYorkCity by Beldem Merims, The USA and Washington, D.C. by Mike Livingston, Boston by Heather Gordon, Chicago by Jeremy Solomon and Bernadette Duperron; The Moving Book: A Kids' Survival Guide by Gabriel Davis; Pass the 6: A Training Guide for the NASD's Series 6 Exam and Pass the 63: A Training Guide for NASAA's Series 63 Exam, both by Robert Walker; The Pet-Moving Handbook by Carrie Straub. Featured from Inkwater Press:The Rest of the Iceberg: An Insider's View on the World of Sport and Celebrity by Robert Smith; Where the Clouds Meet the Water by Kimberly Contag and James Grabowska; The Go-Go Boy Sonnets: Men of the New York Club Scene by Edmund Miller; The Profit Playbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Accelerating the Growth and Profits of Your Business by Kevin M. Callahan; InterneTeaming: Tools to Create High Performance Remote Teams by Shauna Wilson; Riding the Waves: The Rise and Fall of Geotek by Yaron Eitan with Uri Miron; Reflections of a Common Man: Poetry for the Cowboy in All of Us by Sydney J. Cregger, Jr.; A Wartime Affair: The Romantic and Criminal Adventures of Charles Bergman, Esq. in New York, 1863 by Michael Rumney; Curmudgeon by Lucinda Jane Perry; Josie and Her Iron Horses by Rosemary Anderson Taggart. Booth: 4753.

First Mom's Club Publishing Co.

Featured:My Cookie Business, My Pony Ride Business, My Fishing Business and How to Become an Entrepreneurial Kid, titles by Dianne Linderman; Fiona No No by Pamela Jaeger; Animal Adventures at the Farm by April Bassett; The Great American Petting Zoo (DVD), produced by April Bassett. Discounts: free freight. Booth: 555.

Fitness Challenge

Booth: 1619.

Fitzhenry & Whiteside

Booth: 4534.

Five Mile Press

This Australian publisher offers children's books, adult nonfiction titles and stationery products/lines. Featured:Classic Fairies Storybook Collection by Shirley Barber; Jigsaw Books series, including Dinosaurs and Animals of the World by Garry Fleming and Ocean Creatures by Lee Krutop; Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Songs by Tracey Maroney. Booth: 453.

Five O'Clock Dog

Booth: 3678.

Five Star Publications

Booth: 4701.


Offers modular book fixtures worldwide; exhibiting with the Bob Steight Design Group. Booth: 1603.

Flashlight Press

Offers children's picture books; exhibiting with the Combined Book Exhibit; distributed by IPG. Featured:Alley Oops by Janice Levy, illus. by Cynthia B. Decker; Carla's Sandwich by Debbie Herman, illus. by Sheila Bailey; The Only One Club by Jane Naliboff, illus. by Jeff Hopkins; Holly Bloom's Garden by Sarah Ashman and Nancy Parent, illus. by Lori Mitchel; The Ring Bear by David Slater, illus. by S.G. Brooks; Getting to KnowRuben Plotnick by Roz Rosenbluth, illus. by Maurie Manning. Discounts: 50% on 15 assorted backlist titles (from spring 2005/earlier). Booth: 2721.

Fleischhauer & Spohn Gmbh & Co.

A part of the German Collective Stand. Booth: 2225.


Booth: 757.


Exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.


This sidelines exhibitor offers more than 250 hand, glove and finger puppets. Featured: summer line previews. Discounts: free freight on orders of $500 and more. Booth: 507.

Fomento Cultural Banamex

Offers art titles; exhibiting with Cepromex. Booth: 2438.

Fondo de Cultura Economica USA

This Mexican publisher offers children's titles, literature, and books on anthropology, economics and Latin American history and culture. Booth: 2255.


Produces and distributes audiobooks in Spanish. Featured audio:How to Make Love All Night by Barbara Keesling; Gustavo Cisneros: The Pioneer by Pablo Bachelet; Mensaje de Garcia by Charles Patrick Garcia; The Count of Monte Cristo; The Lady of the Camellias; Isura, the Slave; Les Misérables; The Trojan Horse 1 by J.J. Benitez. Booth: 2243.

Foo Dog Books

Booth: 4929.

Fordham Univ. Press

Exhibiting with the AAUP. Featured:The Search for Major Plagge: The Nazi Who Saved Jews by Michael Good; Red Tail Captured, Red Tail Free by Alexander Jefferson with Lewis Carlson; Army GI, Pacifist CO by Frank Dietrich and Albert Dietrich, edited by Scott H. Bennett. Booth: 4480.

ForeWord Magazine

Provides reviews and feature stories on category trends and more. Featured: information about award program, ForeWordreviews.com and original fee-for-review program for publishers/authors; latest edition of eWord. Giveaways: May/June ForeWord magazine; subscriptions to electronic version, ForeWord This Week. Booth: 5257.

Forrester & Vos

Booth: 3889.

Fosi Publishing

Booth: 2210.

Walter Foster Publishing

Offers how-to instruction books and activity kits for art enthusiasts authored by experienced artists and well-known licensees such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network and Hasbro; exhibiting with Book Sales Inc. Featured: selected titles. Booth: 4235.


Introducing new illustrated postcard and note card boxes including Jazz, Edward Gorey, Andre Kertesz, William Eggleston, Portraits of Writers, Kiss, Stella Marrs and Madd Dog. Featured: new list of books and catalogues from major European and American galleries including Fotofolio, Magnum, Yvon Lambert, Flasher, Albright Knox Art Gallery. Giveaways: free postcards.Discounts: additional 5% on postcards and note card orders. Christmas dating on calendar and holiday card orders. Booth: 4014.

Fox Chapel Publishing Co.

Exhibiting with IPG. Featured:Woodworker's Pocket Reference by Charles Self; Little Book of Whittling by Chris Lubkemann; Art of Carving Duck Decoys by Tom Matus; Learn to Turn by Barry Gross; Art of Chainsaw Carving by Jessie Groeschen; Turning Custom Duck Calls by Ed Glenn and Greg Keats; Carving Fantasy & Legend Figures by Shawn Cipa; Carving Cypress Knees by Carole Jean Boyd and Jack A. Williams; Wildlife Intarsia by Judy Gale Roberts and Jerry Booher; Woodturning Wizardry by David Springett. Discounts: 50% on 15 assorted backlist titles (spring 2005/earlier). Booth: 2721.


Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

France Edition

Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

Frankfurt Book Fair/German

Collective Stand

The international division of the Frankfurt Book Fair organizes the German Collective Stand at BookExpo America. Featured: new titles from German publishers in all subjects. Giveaways: cotton bags. Booth: 2225.

Franklin Electronic Publishers

Designs, develops, publishes and distributes electronic learning solutions on handheld devices, memory media cards and via internet downloads. Booth: 4689.

Franklin Fixtures

Manufactures bookstore display fixtures; international services include project management and installation. Featured: the Franklin Flex Design System with a range of fixtures. Booth: 4121.

Randall Fraser Publishing

This first-time exhibitor offers the Dewey Doo-it series of books and CDs that teach children about kindness and compassion, with each story inspired by a special cause such as hunger, homelessness, physical disability or child safety; distributed by National Book Network. Featured:Dewey Doo-it Helps Owlie Fly Again by Brahm Wenger and Alan Green, illus. by Jean Gillmore. Discounts: 50%, retail; 52%, wholesale on orders of 25 or more. Booth: 4439.

Robert Frederick Ltd.

Exhibiting with Publishers Assn. (U.K.). Booth: 703.


Booth: 2946.

Free Spirit Publishing

Featured:100 Things Guys Need to Know by Bill Zimmerman; Respect: A Girl's Guide to Getting Respect by Courtney Macavinta and Andrea R. Vander Pluym; Tails Are Not for Pulling by Elizabeth Verdick, illus. by Marieka Heinlen; Speak Up and Get Along! by Scott Cooper; Too Stressed to Think? by Annie Fox and Ruth Kirschner; The Courage to Be Yourself by Al Dessetta and Educators for Social Responsibility; The Teen Survival Guide to Dating and Relating by Annie Fox; What Do You Stand For? For Kids by Barbara A. Lewis; When a Friend Dies: A Book for Teens About Grieving & Healing by Marilyn E. Gootman; After You Lose Someone You Love by Amy, Allie and David Dennison. Discounts: 55%, free freight (nonreturnable); 50%, free freight (returnable). Booth: 222.

Freight Management Systems

Booth: 5030.Friends of Libraries USA/Center for the BookPromotes author programs in libraries; provides consulting services, networking opportunities and educational resources to member groups and libraries. Booth: 1316.

Fulcrum Publishing

Featured:Every Day Is a Good Day: Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous Women by Wilma Mankiller; Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway by Kirk Johnson and Ray Troll; Easy & Elegant Rose Designs by Ellen Spector Platt; Valley of the Dunes: Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve by Bob Rozinski and Wendy Shattil, text by Audrey DeLella Benedict. Booth: 2938.

Fundaçion Export

This Argentinean agency offers export promotion; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

R.W. Furst & Sons

Booth: 5219.

Future Horizons

Booth: 1033.

Fyos Entertainment

A part of the African-American Publishers Pavilion. Booth: 1225.

Gaia Books

Publishes books on mind, body and spirit with a focus on health, environment and well-being; co-edition sales available to international markets; selected titles for direct sales to U.S. retail market; a part of the Octopus Publishing Group. Booth: 4566.

Galaxy Press

Featured: book and audio CD sets by L. Ron Hubbard, including The Ultimate Adventure, Battlefield Earth, 20th Anniversary Edition, Mission Earth series (10 vols.), Slaves of Sleep & Masters of Sleep, Ole Doc Methuselah and Typewriter in the Sky; Writers of the Future Presented by L. Ron Hubbard, Volume XXI. Giveaways: galleys; signed Chick Corea CDs; audio books. Discounts: 50%, free freight (minimum). Booths: 3145, 3147.

Galerna/Editorial y Distribuidora

Exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Argentina's largest distributor offers books on anthropology, cinema, theater, education and literature. Booth: 2454.

Gallimard Guides

Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

Gallup Press

Exhibiting with Publishers Group West. Featured:Teach with Your Strengths by Roseanne Liesveld and Jo Ann Miller with Jennifer Robinson; Married to the Brand by William J. McEwan. Giveaways: ARCs. Discounts: see PGW booth for details. Booth: 2745.

Games Workshop

Booth: 4952.


Booth: 421.

Gardners Books Ltd.

Exhibiting with Baker & Taylor, this U.K. book wholesaler supplies titles internationally. Booth: 3321.

Geddes & Grosset

Publishes reference books, phrasebooks and dictionaries as well as children's books; exhibiting with Publishers Assn. (U.K.). Booth: 706.

Gefen Publishing

Booth: 1806.

Gemser Publications

This Barcelona-based packager and publisher offers illustrated books for children; co-editions available; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.


Booth: 4938.

GemStone Press

Exhibiting with Jewish Light Publishing and SkyLight Paths Publishing. Featured: titles by Antoinette Matlins: Colored Gemstones, 2nd Edition: The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide; Jewelry & Gems: The Buying Guide, 6th Edition; Diamonds: The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide, 2nd Edition. Discounts: 50%. Booth: 3226.

Genesis Press

Distributed by Kensington Publishing Corp. Featured:Intentional Mistakes by Michele Sudler; Conquering Dr. Wexler's Heart by Kimberly White; Song in the Park by Martin Brant; Unconditional by A.C. Arthur; Last Train to Memphis by Elsa Cook; Angel's Paradise by Janice Angelique; Suddenly You by Crystal Hubbard; Matters of Life and Death by Lesego Malepe. Giveaways: numerous "fun" items. Drawings: for a book club subscription for one year, "free" books every month. Discounts: see Kensington booth for details. Booths: 3720, 3721.

Georgetown Univ. Press

Exhibiting with the AAUP. Featured:Attending Children: A Doctor's Education by Margaret E. Mohrmann; Breaking Silence: The Case That Changed the Face of Human Rights by Richard Alan White; Kidney for Sale by Owner by Mark J. Cherry; The Moral Theology of Pope John Paul II by Charles E. Curran; Common Calling: The Laity and Governance of the Catholic Church by Stephen J. Pope. Discounts: 46%. Booth: 4485.

German Book Office/NY

This nonprofit organization, administered by the Frankfurt Book Fair, promotes German books and licenses and acts as a liaison between the German and North American publishing communities; a part of the German Collective Stand. Featured: adult trade titles; children's books from subrights list. Booth: 2225.

Getty Publications

Distributed by Oxford Univ. Press. Featured:Key to Rome by Frederick and Vanessa Vreeland; Old Age: A Social History by Pat Thane; Strong Stuff: Herakles and His Labors by John Harris, illus. by Gary Baseman; European Art in the Fifteenth Century by Stefano Zuffi; Angels and Demons in Art by Rosa Giorgi; Luxury Arts of the Renaissance by Marina Belozerskaya; Antiquity and Photography: Early Views of Ancient Mediterranean Sites by Claire L. Lyons; Seeing Rothko by Glenn Phillips and Thomas Crow; Joséphine and the Arts of the Empire by Eleanor P. DeLorme; The Getty Villa by Marion True and Jorge Silvetti. Giveaways: full-color danglers for Strong Stuff.Booth: 4275.

Giant North America Corp.

Booth: 1518.Gibbs Smith PublisherFeatured:The King's English by Betsy Burton; Biro: European-Inspired Cuisine by Marcel Biro and Shannon Kring Biro; 101 Things to Do with a BBQ; 101 Things to Do with a Tortilla; 101 Things to Do with Ramen; 101 Things to Do with a Casserole; EmilyMinds Her Manners and Emily Works Out, both by Betty Lou Phillips. Giveaways: stainless steel travel mugs; tote bags; pens; review copies and galleys of selected titles. Discounts: 52% plus free freight on 10 or more backlist units. Booth: 2959.

Ginkgo Press

Booth: 3902.

Girl Scouts of the USA

Featured:Let's Play: Games for Girls Ages 5—11 by Toni Eubanks and Janet Lombardi; titles by Harriet S. Mosatche, including CentsAbility for Girls 9—11, Uniquely ME! The Way to Be/Nadie Como Yo! Una manera de ser and Studio 2B Focus: Got Money?Giveaways: totes; samples of Girl Scout cookies. Booth: 516.

Global Book Publishing

Exhibiting with Book Sales Inc. Booth: 4227.

Globe Pequot Press

Featured from Lyons Press:Tale of Two Cities by Tony Massarotti and John Harper; Un-American: Voice of Dissent by Bill Katovsky and Timothy Carlson; Young Men with Guns by Chantal Escoto; My First Crush: Misadventures in the Wine Trade by Linda Kaplan; True Fans: A Basketball Odyssey by Dan Austin. From Globe Pequot:Windows to the Sea: Behind the Scenes at America's Great Public Aquariums by John Grant and Ray Jones; Watching Football: Discovering the Game Within the Game by Daryl "Moose" Johnston with Jim Gigliotti; Best of the Mid-West by Dan Kaercher. From Insiders' Guides:100 Best Wedding Destinations in the U.S. by Kathryn Gabriel; Loving Adventure Golf by Pilot Productions. From TwoDot:How the West Was Worn: Bustles and Buckskins in the Wild Frontier by Chris Enss; Fanny Draper's Letters from a Dakota Homestead by The Draper Family Trust. From Falcon:Rock Climbing Europe by Stuart M. Green; Trees of New England by Charles Fergus. From Cadogan:Cadogan Book of Historic London Walks by Leo Hollis; Lear's Italy: In the Footsteps of Edward Lear by Michael Montgomery. From Bradt Guides:Eccentric California by Jan Friedman; Argentina by Erin McCloskey; Costa Rica by Larissa Banting. Giveaways: galleys; books; mugs; hats. Discounts: 50% or free freight on 25 or more backlist titles (returnable); 53% or free freight (nonreturnable). Booths: 2102, 2103.

Glove Box Guides

Exhibiting with SCB Distributors. Featured:Hungry? Hawaii: The Lowdown on Where the Real People Eat!; Hungry? Los Angeles: The Lowdown on Where the Real People Eat!, 3rd Edition; Hungry? Los Angeles: The Lowdown on Where the Real People Eat!; Thirsty? New York City: The Lowdown on Where the RealPeople Drink!Giveaways: copies of Hungry? New York CityDiscounts: see SCB booth for details. Booth: 3773.

David R. Godine Publisher

Featured from David R. Godine:Say What You Mean! A Troubleshooter's Guide to English Style & Usage by R.L. Trask; Lettered Creatures by Brad & Mark Leithauser; A Rage for Rock Gardening by Nicola Shulman; In the Flesh by Christina Wolf. From Black Sparrow Books:The Golden West: Hollywood Stories by Daniel Fuchs; The Riot Inside Me by Wanda Coleman. From Godine Books for Children:Beneath the Streets of Boston by Joe McKendry; The Farmer in the Dell by Ilse Plume. Giveaways: posters of Sustenance & Desire by Bascove; samplers of The Gypsies by Pushkin. Discounts: 50% on backlist order of 25 or more books; free copy of Say What You Mean! or The Golden West with any order. Booths: 3908.

Godsfield Press

Publishes high-quality illustrated co-editions for the international market, focusing on health, personal growth, sacred living and spiritual; a part of the Octopus Publishing Group. Booth: 4566.

Goldhil Home Media Int'l

Booth: 1637.

Goliath Books

Exhibiting with SCB Distributors. Featured:Legs by Dave Naz; Beluga by Jean van Cleemput; Stripped Naked by Peter Gorman; Bubble Bath Girls by Andrew Einhorn; Paul M. Smith by Paul M. Smith; Champion by Walter Kundzicz; Natural Beauties by Strobblehouse. Discounts: see SCB booth for details. Booth: 3776.

Good Books

Featured:Soup! by Pippa Cuthbert and Lindsay Cameron Wilson; House Calls and Hitching Posts by Dorcas Sharp Hoover. Featured children's books:Snow Friends by M. Christina Butler, illus. by Tina Macnaughton; The Sea Mice and the Stars by Kenneth Steven, illus. by Louise Ho; Robot Dog by Mark Oliver; Don't Say That, Willy Nilly! by Anna Powell, illus. David Roberts; Ituku's Christmas Journey by Elena Pasquali, illus. by Dubravka Kolanovic; On That Christmas Night by Lois Rock, illus. by Helen Cann. Giveaways: bags. Booth: 1326.


This first-time exhibitor offers on-line advertising opportunities for publishers of all sizes; visit www.print.google.com/ publisher for information. Booth: 1309.

Gooseberry Patch Co.

Booth: 1114.

Gotham Distribution Corp.

This first-time exhibitor distributes Collectables Records and Alpha Video; Collectables Records is the largest independent reissue record label in the U.S. with more than 3,000 CDs listed in catalogue; Alpha Video is known as "the premier video company for the true movie collector" with 800 titles available. Featured: selected CD and video titles. Booth: 1623.

Grafe Und Unzer

A part of the German Collective Stand. Booth: 2225.

Grandreams Books/Son Schein Press

Offers a full-line of children's promotional board books, pop-ups, novelty, color and activity books; Spanish editions available. Featured: licensed books and ancillary products from Arthur, Garfield, Small Heroes, Sneak-a-Peak and Weekly Reader; a range of educational workbooks, puzzle books and flash cards. Booth: 411.

Grange Books

Offers a wide range of adult fiction and illustrated nonfiction in art and history as well as children's books; exhibiting with Publishers Assn. (U.K.). Featured: extensive backlist; new and reprinted promotional titles. Booth: 4732.

Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co.

Featured adult titles: NW Homegrown Cookbook series by Cynthia Nims; Culture Shock! and Culture Smart! guides series; One Tough Mother by Gert Boyle; 2006 GACPC state calendars. Featured children's books: Misadventures of Seldovia Sam series. Drawings: for free Columbia Sportswear ski jackets. Discounts: retailers: extra 5% (10-book minimum); wholesalers: extra 3% (50-book minimum). Booths: 3612—3617.

Graphique de France

Booth: 4082.

Greater NY Area Independent Publishers Assn.

Booth: 5106.

Great Jones Books

Booth: 4980.

Great Potential Press

Featured:Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults: ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, Asperger's, Depression and Other Disorders by James T. Webb, Edward R. Amend, Nadia E. Webb, Jean Goerss, M.D., Paul Beljan and F. Richard Olenchak; Losing Our Minds: Gifted Children Left Behind by Deborah Ruf; Guiding the Gifted Child, New and Revised by James T. Webb, Janet L. Gore and Arlene R. DeVries; Literature Links by Teresa Masiello. Booth: 5202.

Greenery Press

Distributed by SCB Distributors. Booth: 3773.

Greenleaf Book Group

Offers consulting and distribution services to small presses and independent publishers. Booth: 4424.

Greenline Publications

Distributed by National Book Network. Featured:The Fun Seeker's Miami by Gretchen Schmidt; The Fun Seeker's San Francisco by Julianne Balmain; The Fun Seeker's New Orleans by Carolyn Kolb; The 25 Best Civil War Sites by Clint Johnson; The Fun Seeker's Chicago by Ryan Ver Berkmoes; The Fun Seeker's Athens by Coral Davenport and Jane Foster; The Fun Seeker's Los Angeles by Jordan Rane; The Fun Seeker's Las Vegas by Norine Dworkin; The 25 Best World War II Sites: European Theater and The Best 25 World War II Sites: Pacific Theater, both by Chuck Thompson. Discounts: 50%, retail; 52%, wholesale on orders of 25 or more. Booth: 4439.

Green Pastures Publishing

Booth: 722.

Greenwich Workshop Press

Exhibiting with Workman Publishing Co. Featured:Into the Sunlit Splendor: The Aviation Art of William S. Phillips by Ann and Charlie Cooper. Giveaways: fine art posters. Booths: 3867, 3967.


This first-time exhibitor publishes fiction and poetry. Featured: titles by Robert Mercer-Nairne, including novels Like No Other, The Letter Writer, and poetry Mercer-Nairne in Malta, On Fire. Booth: 5210.

Groupe Eyrolles

Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.


Imprints include Atlantic Monthly Press, Grove Press, Black Cat and Canongate; exhibiting with Publishers Group West. Featured from Atlantic Monthly Press:The English Teacher by Lily King; Nell Gwyn by Charles Beauclark. From Grove Press Hardcovers:The Third Brother by Nick McDonell; The Amphora Project by William Kotzwinkle. From Grove Press Paperbacks:Broken for You by Stephanie Kallos; The Divine Husband by Francisco Goldman; Zappa by Barry Miles. From Black Cat:Carlito's Way by Edwin Torres; Hunting Accidents by James Greer. From Canongate:A Short History of Myth by Karen Armstrong; Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood; Weight by Jeanette Winterson; The New Book of Lists by David Wallechinsky and Amy Wallace; The War Diaries by Alan Taylor. Giveaways: ARCs of The English Teacher, The Third Brother, The Amphora Project, A Short History of Myth.Discounts: see PGW booth for details. Booths: 2739—2743.


Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

Grupo Anaya

This Madrid-based publisher offers literature titles, reference materials, children's books, dictionaries and language-course books; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Grupo Clasa

This Argentinean publisher offers encyclopedias and dictionaries, family and home titles, cookbooks, children's books; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Grupo Editorial Tomo

This Mexican publisher offers general-interest, religion and technology titles; exhibiting with Cepromex. Booth: 2438.

Grupo Hispano Editorial

Exhibiting with Advanced Marketing Services (AMS). Featured from Silver Dolphin en Español:Baby Einstein in Spanish by Julie Aigner-Clark; Disney's Movie Theater (three titles); Sticker Books (eight titles); Magnetic Board Books (five titles); Carry Along Books (two titles); Treasuries (11 titles); Uncover: Cuerpo Humano; T-Rex; Auto de Carreras; Tarantula & Tiburon. From Numen: Artistas Serie Mayor (12 titles); Artistas Serie Menor (32 titles); Cube Books: Mar, Tierra, Cachorros& Caballos; Africa Lejana by Gianni Biansanti; Marco Polo by Michael Yamashita; Puentes by Angia Sassi Perino and Giorgio Faraggiana; Rascacielos by Antonio Terranova. From Degustis: Williams Sonoma Cookbook Series by Chuck Williams; Williams Sonoma Cocina del Mundo Series by Chuck Williams; Cocina dia a dia (10 titles); Cocina para siempre (four titles). Booth: 2761.

Grupo Imaginador de Ediciones

This Argentinean publisher offers adult fiction and self-help titles as well as comics and children's books; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Grupo Noriega Editores

This Mexican publisher offers general-interest and literature titles as well as educational and technical books; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Grupo Olimpia Editores

This Mexican publisher offers literature titles; exhibiting with Cepromex. Booth: 2438.

Gryphon House

Distributed by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution. Featured:Reading Games for Young Children by Jackie Silberg; Primary Art: It's the Process, Not the Product by MaryAnn Kohl; Preschool Math by Bob Williams, Joy Lubawy and Debbie Cunningham; The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book for PreschoolClassrooms by Barbara Sprung, Merle Froschl with Blythe Hinitz; Everyday Literacy: Environmental Print Activities for Young Children Ages 3 to 8 by Stephanie Mueller; Simple Transitions for Infants and Toddlers by Karen Miller; Giant Encyclopedia of Learning Center Activities and Giant Encyclopedia of Transition Activities, titles edited by Kathy Charner, Maureen Murphy, and Jennifer Ford; The Inclusive Learning Center Book for Preschool Children with Special Needs by Christy Isbell and Rebecca Isbell; The Instant Curriculum, Revised: Over 750 Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities for Busy Teachers of Young Children by Pam Schiller and Joan Rosanno. Discounts: 50% plus free freight (U.S. only) on one in-stock backlist order (minimum 10 assorted books; no short discount titles). Booth: 4852.

Guadalajara Int'l Book Fair

The Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) is the largest and most comprehensive trade event for book profesionals in Latin America; exhibiting with Cepromex. Featured: information about the 19th annual FIL (11/26—12/4). Booth: 2438.

Guilford Publications

Featured:The Bipolar Workbook by Monica Ramirez Basco; Boys of Few Words: Raising Our Sons to Communicate and Connect by Adam Cox; Winter Blues, Revised Edition by Norman E. Rosenthal; FormatEase, Version 4.0 by Guilford Press Software; "I'm Like So Fat!": Helping Your Teen Make Healthy Choices About Eating and Exercise in a Weight-Obsessed World by Dianne Neumark-Sztainer; It's Not All In Your Head: How Worrying About Your Health Could Be Making You Sick—And What You Can Do About It by Gordon J.G. Asmundson and Steven Taylor; Mommies, Daddies, and Surrogates: Answering Tough Questions and Building Strong Families by Diane Ehrensaft. Discounts: 50% on five assorted frontlist and 20 assorted backlist titles. Booth: 4278.

Gumdrop Book Remainders

Offers remainders from various educational publishers. Featured: selected new titles. Booth: 5022.

Hachette Illustrated

Booth: 4566.

Hachette Litteratures

Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

Peter Haddock Ltd.

Exhibiting with Publishers Assn. (U.K.). Booth: 703.

Nancy Hall

Provides full-service book production, development of juvenile and educational materials from concept through production-ready materials and manufactured product, specializing in continuity, school book clubs and fairs, as well as traditional trade and mass-market distributions. Booth: 506.

Hamlyn Publishing

Booth: 4566.

Hammond World Atlas

A part of the Langenscheidt Publishing Group. Featured:World Travel Atlas; Comparative World Atlas; Explorer World Atlas; Scholastic New Headline World Atlas; Student's Notebook Atlas; Citation World Atlas. Booth: 4302.

Hampton Roads Publishing Co.

Booth: 2007.

Handprint Books/Blue Apple

Exhibiting with Chronicle Books. Featured from Handprint:Rosie and the Nightmare by Philip Waechter; Ten Cows to Texas by Peggy Mercer, illus. by Bill Crews; BrainJuice: American History, Fresh Squeezed! by Carol Diggory Shields, illus. by Richard Thompson. Featured from Blue Apple:DogShark Readers: Red Set by Robert Wurzburg; Where's My House? and Where's My Friend?, both by Simms Taback; Snail, Where Are You? by Tomi Ungerer; Circus Parade by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Tanya Roitman; Flip-a-Face Books:Baby Talk and Baby Animals by Sami; William and the Dragon by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Rick Brown; 35 Uses for a Daughter by Deborah Zemke; Tangram Magician by Lisa Campbell Ernst and Lee Ernst. Giveaways:DogShark Readers posters. Discounts: receive free freight or extra 4% on orders of 50 backlist units. Booths: 3038, 3039.


Booth: 1210.

Hannecke Display Systems

Designs, produces and distributes permanent point-of-sale display solutions for the publishing industry and bookselling market. Featured: stock and custom display systems; patented spinner system. Booth: 4332.

Happy Books

Booth: 443.

Happy Heart

Booth: 5110.

Harbor House Books

This first-time exhibitor publishes fiction and nonfiction titles in various genres, including suspense and horror, historical and paranormal. Featured:Calling Al Pacino by David Sheldon and Joan McCall; The Tate Revenge by William Rawlings, Jr.; Deadlands by Scott A. Johnson; The Mayor's Guide to the Stately Ghost of Augusta by Scott A. Johnson; Falling Stars: Air Crashes That Filled Rock and Roll Heaven by Rich Everitt; Un-natural Heroes: Heartwarming Stories of Survival from Graniteville Chemical Spill Survivors by Nina Nidiffer; Rebel Train by David Healey; Dogs of War by Steve Ruthenbeck. Giveaways: review copies/galleys (press-pass holders only). Discounts: 50%; free freight on orders over $250. Booth: 2200.

Harcourt School Supply

Booth: 207.

Harcourt Trade Publishers

Featured from Harcourt adult hardcovers:The Life All Around Me by Ellen Foster by Kaye Gibbons; The Age of Anxiety: McCarthyism to Terrorism by Haynes Johnson; Snowstruck: In the Grip of Avalanches by Jill Fredston; The Great Stink by Clare Clark; Everything I'm Cracked Up to Be by Jen Trynin; Girl Detective: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her by Melanie Rehak; Cotton by Christopher Wilson; Becoming Strangers by Louise Dean; Tropicana Nights by Rosa Lowinger and Ofelia Fox; House of Paper by Ruben Gallego. From Harvest paperbacks:Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin; Karoo Boy by Troy Blacklaws; A Tale of Love and Darkness by Amos Oz; Please Don't Come Back from the Moon by Dean Bakopolous; Kung Fu High School by Ryan Gattis; All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren; Florida by Christine Schutt; Madeleine Is Sleeping by Sarah Shun-Lei Bynum; Two Harbors by Kate Benson; Best New American Voices, edited by Jane Smiley. From Harcourt children's/middle grade/young adult:Santa Claus: The World's Number One Toy Expert by Marla Frazee; Secrets of Dripping Fang, Book One: The Onts by Dan Greenburg; Who's Under That Hat? by David A. Carter and Sarah Weeks; Chet Gecko Detective Handbook (and Cookbook) by Bruce Hale; Boy, Girl, Boy by Ron Koertge; Ithaka by Adele Geras; Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert; The Great Fuzz Frenzy by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens-Crummel; Thor's Wedding Day by Bruce Coville; Marie, Dancing by Carolyn Meyer. Giveaways: books; ARCs; tennis balls; posters; aprons; recipe cards. Drawings: for Santa Claus pogo stick (Fri., June 3). Discounts: for U.S. retail customers (returnable): 48%, free freight on a minimum order of 50 backlist books. Booths: 3420, 3421.

Harlequin Enterprises

Featured from Mira Books:A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber; Endless Chain by Emilie Richards; Killer Takes All by Erica Spindler; Ghost Walk by Heather Graham; Dark Sky by Carla Neggers; A Grave Mistake by Stella Cameron. From HQN:McKettrick's Choice by Linda Lael Miller; Summer Lovin' by Carly Phillips. From Red Dress Ink:Sex, Murder and a Double Latte by Kyra Davis. Booths: 4167, 4267.

HarperCollins Children's Books

Featured:The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie tie-in program; Capt. Hook by J.V. Hart; Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney; Replay by Sharon Creech; Poppy's Return by Avi; Ready or Not by Meg Cabot; Leon and the Champion Chip by Allen Kurzweil. Giveaways:Diary of a Spider badge holders; Ready or Not mints, Series of Unfortunate Events mirrors. Booths: 3338, 3339.

HarperCollins Publishers

Featured: titles from various imprints; launch of Collins imprint; relaunch of Perennial; "By Request" program. Giveaways: ARCs: Painted Drum by Louise Erdrich (HarperCollins); Back-ward Facing Man by Don Silver (Ecco); Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire (Regan); Marley and Me by John Grogan (Morrow); Often Wrong, Never in Doubt by Donny Deutsch (Collins Business); Blood Fugues by Edgardo Vega Yunque (Rayo). Booths: 3338, 3339.

Harris Inc.

This first-time exhibitor is the company of author Angelica Harris; exhibiting with Blue Falcon Editing. Featured: titles by Angelica Harris, including The Quest for Excalibur and Excalibur and the Holy Grail. Giveaways: promotional items, books. Booth: 5125.

Hartley & Marks Publishing

Booth: 2857.

Hartmann Verlag Halle

Booth: 2303.

Hartman Publishing

Booth: 5205.

Harvard Common Press

Distributed by National Book Network. Featured:The Barbecue Queens' Big Book of Barbecue by Karen Adler and Judith M. Fertig; Perfect Party Food and The Perfect Basket, both by Diane Phillips; A Baker's Field Guide to Candy & Confections by Dede Wilson; The Connoisseur's Guide to Sushi by Dave Lowry; Some Like It Hot by Clifford Wright. Giveaways: chopsticks, buttons. Drawings: raffle for "perfect party food" gift basket. Discounts: 50%, retail; 52%, wholesale on orders of 25 or more. Booth: 4439.

Harvard Univ. Press

Featured:The Failure of the Founding Fathers by Bruce Ackerman; Dominance By Design by Michael Adas; Abducted by Susan A. Clancy; Cleopatra and Rome by Diana E.E. Kleiner; The Smaller Majority by Piotr Naskrecki; Frontiers of Justice by Martha C. Nussbaum; Rome from the Ground Up by James H.S. McGregor; Indivisible By Two: Lives of Extraordinary Twins by Nancy L. Segal; An Instinct for War by Roger J. Spiller; A New Deal for the World by Elizabeth Borgwardt. Discounts: 46% on trade and text backlist (excluding Loeb Classical Library); free freight (no minimum/10-copy maximum per text-disount title). Booth: 3911.

Harvest House Publishers

Booth: 903.

Hatherleigh Press

Exhibiting with W.W. Norton & Co. Featured:The Body Sculpting Bible for Brides by James Villepigue and Hugo Rivera; Drugs for Less by Michael P. Cecil, M.D.; Fit Food by Ellen Haas; Workouts for Women by Joni Hyde; Powersculpt (with bonus DVD) by Paul Frediani; Capital Punishment: Confessions of a White-collar Boxer by John Oden; The Carb Cycling Diet by Roman Malkov, M.D.; Natural Baby and Childcare by Lauren Feder, M.D.; My Fat Cat and My Fat Dog, both by Martha Garvey. Giveaways:Drugs for Less pill cutters. Drawings: for a personal training session with celebrity trainer Paul Frediani. Discounts: see W.W. Norton booth for details. Booth: 3757.

Haworth Press

Booth: 1113.

Hay House

Featured from Hay House:Secrets & Mysteries of the World by Sylvia Browne; Love Notes by Jim Brickman; The Gift of Peace by Ben Stein and Phil Demuth; The New Golden Rules by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.; Who Are You? by Stedman Graham; Vitamins for the Soul by Sonia Choquette; Power Thoughts: 365 Affirmations by Louise L. Hay; Angel Medicine, Goddesses & Angels and Contacting Your Spirit Guide, both by Doreen Virtue; The Mommy Chronicles by Stephanie Triplett and Sara Ellington; card decks, calendars and kits (10 new titles); 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace (note cards, journals, candles). From Princess Books:Practical Praying and Final Beginnings, both by John Edward. From New Beginnings Press:Yes, You Can Be a Successful Income Investor! by Ben Stein. Giveaways: books; cards; lifestyle products. Discounts: 50% on orders of 15 titles (fall 2005 list); free freight. Booth: 4867.

Haymarket Books

This first-time exhibitor publishes nonfiction books related to the history of movements for social change in the U.S. and engaged in contemporary political debates; distributed by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution. Featured:What's My Name, Fool?: Sports and Resistance in the United States by Dave Zirin. Giveaways: copies of What's My Name, Fool?Discounts: 50% plus free freight (U.S. only) on one in-stock backlist order (minimum 10 assorted books; no short discount titles). Booth: 4851.

Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services (PES)

Exhibiting with HCI Books. Featured:The Harder They Fall by Gary Stromberg; Meth by Dirk Johnson; Clean by Chris Beckman; 52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts by Francine Ward. Discounts: 50%, free freight. Booth: 3473.

HCI Books

Featured:What the Bleep Do We Know by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse and Jack Forem; Chicken Soup for the Soul's Life Lessons for Relationships by Jack Canfield and John Bradshaw; The Gold Coast Cure by Ivy and Andrew Larson, M.D.; Reallionaire by Farrah Gray; The Velveteen Principles by Toni Raiten D'Antonio; Your Life Only a Gazillion Times Better by Judy May Murphy; Living in the Spiritual Zone by Gary Quinn; Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongen; The Conception Chronicles by Patty Debano; Chicken Soup for the Soul Stories for a Better World by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Bradley Winch, Susanna Palomares and Linda K. Williams. Discounts: 50%, free freight. Booth: 3473.

Health Communications

Booth: 3473.

Heat Brothers Co.

Booth: 1637.


Distributed by National Book Network. Featured:Kids in the Biz by Troy A. Rutter; The Solo Performer's Journey by Michael Kearns; Acting in Animation by Ed Hooks; The Playwrights' Center Monologues for Men and The Playwrights' Center Monologues for Women, both by Kristen Gandrow and Polly K. Carl; Playwriting at Work and Play by Michael Wright; Character and Conflict by Mark Axelrod; Find Your Voice by Gail Noppe-Brandon. Discounts: 50%, retail; 52%, wholesale on orders of 25 or more. Booth: 4439.


Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

Hermes Press

Booth: 4938.

Heyday Books

Featured from Heyday Books:Corazón de la Muerte: Altars and Offerings for Days of the Dead by Rafael Jesús González with the Oakland Museum of California; Perfume Dreams by Andrew Lam; First Families by L. Frank and Kim Hogeland; The High Sierra of California, poems by Gary Snyder, woodcuts by Tom Killion. From Heyday for Kids:Peace Is a Four Letter Word by Janet Nichols Lynch; Lion Singer, written and illus. by Sylvia Ross; Chain Letter, written by Lucille Lang Day, illus. by Doug Dworkin. Booth: 3488.

Adriana Hidalgo Editora

Publishes essays, poetry, biographies and contemporary Argentinean literature; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Himalayan Institute Press

Booth: 4679.

Hinkler Books

Booth: 2000.

S. Hirzel Verlag

A part of the German Collective Stand. Booth: 2225.

Holiday House

Booth: 225.

Holloway House

Featured:Pimp by Robert "Iceberg Slim" Beck; Never Die Alone by Donald Goines; I Am Not Ashamed by Barbara Payton; Mama Saves a Victim by Nora DeLoach; The Book of the Navajo by Raymond Friday Locke; Skin Deep by Marianne Ruuth; Langston Hughes by Joe Nazel; Black Chicago by Odie Hawkins; Some Like It Dark by K. Washington; The Nigger Bible by Robert deCoy. Giveaways: posters of African-American personalities. Discounts: baker's dozen offer. Booth: 4576.

Henry Holt & Co.

Featured from Henry Holt:Pardonable Lies by Jacqueline Winspear; Night Draws Near by Anthony Shadid; My Beautiful Loss of Faith Story by Julia Sweeney; Satisfaction by Gregory Burns; Olivier by Terry Coleman; Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster. From Metropolitan Books:Bait & Switch by Barbara Ehrenreich; Imperial Ambitions by Noam Chomsky. From Times Books:His Oldest Friend by Sonny Kleinfield; Pornified by Pamela Paul; The Next Attack by Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon. From Owl:Arc of Justice by Kevin Boyle; On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins. From Books for Young Readers:Rosa by Nikki Giovanni and Bryan Collier; First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming; Grandpa Gazillions by Laurie Keller; The Giants and the Joneses by Julia Donaldson. Giveaways: ARCs of Pardonable Lies, Bait & Switch, Brooklyn Follies, My Beautiful Loss of Faith Story, Pornified, Night Draws Near, His Oldest Friend, The Giants and the Joneses. Booth: 3638.

Hooked On Phonics

This first-time exhibitor offers reading programs for preschool to early grade children. Featured book/audio sets: Learn to Read Kinder System; Learn to Read 1st Grade System; Learn to Read 2nd Grade System; Ready to Read Letters Preschool System; Ready to Read Letter Sounds Preschool System; Ready to Read, Ready for School. Featured DVDs: Learn to Read Deluxe System; Ready to Read Deluxe System. Booth: 260.


Booth: 1607.

Hoopoe Books/ISHK

This first-time exhibitor offers illustrated children's books by Afghan author Idries Shah under the Hoopoe Books imprint; publishes adult titles on traditional psychology, Afghan culture and history, mind/body health and environment under the ISHK imprint; Spanish/English bilingual editions available. Booth: 5204.


Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

Houghton Mifflin Co.

Featured from Houghton Mifflin Adult: Generation Rx by Greg Critser; One Bullet Away by Nathaniel Fick; Blinding Light by Paul Theroux; The Chosen by Jerome Karabel; Lincoln's Melancholy by Joshua Wolf Shenk; Henry Adams and the Making of America by Garry Wills; Torch by Cheryl Strayed; Third Girl from the Left by Martha Southgate; User ID by Jenefer Shute. From Mariner/HM Paperback:Heir to the Glimmering World by Cynthia Ozick; The Ancestors Tale by Richard Dawkins; Bury the Chains by Adam Hochschild; Queen of Scots by John Guy; Royal Ghosts by Samrat Upadhyay; Good Women by Jane Stevenson; Waiting for Teddy Williams by Howard Frank Mosher; Prisoner of the Vatican by David Kertzer; "Negro President" by Garry Wills; Planet Dog by Sandra and Harry Choron; The Best American Series. From Houghton Mifflin Cookbooks:Perfect Recipes for Having People Over by Pam Anderson; Susanna Foo Fresh Inspiration by Susanna Foo; The All-American Dessert Book by Nancy Baggett. From Houghton Mifflin Guidebooks:The Secret Lives of Common Birds by Marie Read; Kaufman Field Guide to Insects by Kenn Kaufman. From Houghton Mifflin Books for Children:Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg; Zathura 6 (movie tie-in); The Journey That Saved Curious George by Louise Borden, illus. by Allen Drummond; Curious George 6 (movie tie-in); Curious George's Big Book of Curiosity; Prehistoric Actual Size by Steve Jenkins; Eddie's Kingdom by D.B. Johnson; The Good Lion by Beryl Markham, illus. by Don Brown; Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing by April Prince Jones, illus. by François Roca; Polar Express Twentieth Anniversary Edition by Chris Van Allsburg; Book of Mordred by Vivian Vande Velde. From Walter Lorraine Books:Kamishibai Man by Allen Say; Tacky and the Winter Games by Helen Lester; illus. by Lynn Munsinger; Black and White by David Macaulay; Lights Out by Arthur Geisert; The Finest Christmas Tree by Ann and John Hassett; The Problem with Chickens by Bruce McMillan, illus. by Gunnella; The Warthog's Tail by Debby Atwell; Martha and Skits by Susan Meddaugh; You Come to Yokum by Carol Otis Hurst; The Last Mall Rat by Erik Esckilsen. From Graphia:A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb; Zen in the Art of the SAT by Matt Bardin and Susan Fine; Open the Unusual Door, edited by Barbara Summers; I Just Hope It's Legal: Poems of Sadness, Madness, and Joy by Liz Rosenberg and Deena November; Lost in the Labyrinth by Patrice Kindl. From Clarion:Bee-bim-Bop! by Linda Sue Park, illus. by Ho Baek Lee; Pete the Sheep-Sheep by Jackie French, illus. by Bruce Whatley; That's What Leprechauns Do by Eve Bunting, illus. by Emily Arnold McCully; Lizzie Nonsense by Jan Ormerod. From Kingfisher:How to Be a Princess in 7 Days or Less by Jessie Eckel; The Kingfisher Book of Horse and Pony Stories, compiled by Jenny Oldfield; Saddles, Stars & Stripes: Blackwater Creek and Saddles, Stars & Stripes: Chance of a Lifetime, both by Debra Kent; Voyager: Space by Mike Goldsmith with Sally Ride; Voyager: Wild Weather by Caroline Harris with Warren Faidley; Fantasy Encyclopedia by Judy Allen. Giveaways: galleys; Post-its; masks; posters; ARCs; buttons. Booths: 3554, 3555.

House of Joy

Booth: 824.

Howard Publishing Co.

Featured:Who Wants to Be a Champion by Pat Williams; VeggieTales Gift Book series; You by Ed Young, Jr.; Dreamality by Bob Coy; Fire by Bill Bright and Jack Cavanaugh; The Legend of the Christmas Kiss by Barbie Jenkins and Joyce Revoir; Rocking Chair Tales by John William Smith; Make It Real by Point of Grace; Life's Too Short series by Judy Gordon; Hugs for Scrapbookers by Stephanie Howard. Discounts: 50%, free freight (60-day net). Booth: 910.

Hoyt and Bryan Law Offices

Booth: 1808.

Hudson Hills Press

Distributed by National Book Network. Featured:Moving Pictures: The Un-Easy Relationship Between American Art and Early Film by Nancy Mowll Mathews; Rockwell Kent: The Mythic and the Modern by Jake Milgram Wien; An American Impressionist: The Art and Life of Alson Skinner Clark by Deborah Epstein Solon; High Drama: Eugene Berman and the Legacy of the Melancholic Sublime by Michael Duncan and Jody Blake; Claude Raguet Hirst: Transforming the American Still Life by Martha M. Evans; Rembrandt and His Time: Masterworks from The Albertina by Marian Bisanz-Prakken; John Himmelfarb: A Catalogue Raisonné by Linda Kramer and Michael Bonesteel; Sasanian and Post-Sasanian Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass by David Whitehouse; Peter Corbin: An Artist's Creel by Tom Davis and John Merwin; Gary Bukovnik: Watercolors by Claire Henry et al.; Manuel Neri: Artists Books/The Collaborative Process by Bruce Nixon and Robert Flynn Johnson. Discounts: 50%, retail; 52%, wholesale on orders of 25 or more. Booth: 4439.

Human Kinetics Publishers

Featured:Strength Training Anatomy by Frédéric Delavier; Natural Bodybuilding by John Hansen; Hatha Yoga Illustrated by Martin Kirk; Coaching Youth Football, 4th Edition by American Sport Education Program; Coaching Girls' Basketball Successfully by Jill Prudden; 5K and 10K Training by Brian Clark; The Woman Triathlete by Christina Gandolfo; Wrestling Tough by Mike Chapman; Mastering Judo by Masao Takahashi; Coaching Football Successfully by Allan Trimble. Discounts: free freight. Booth: 4582.

Human Resources Dvt. Press

Booth: 5229.

Hungarian Publishers & Booksellers Assn.

Booth: 2338.

Hunter House Publishers

Featured:Awesome Foods for Active Kids by Anita Bean; After the Storm by Kendall Johnson; Sexual Healing (3rd ed.) by Barbara Keesling; The Journey to Pain Relief by Phyllis Berger; To Bed or Not to Bed by Veray Bodansky and Steve Bodansky; How to Love Your Marriage by Eve Eschner Hogan; How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved by Sandra Brown; Tantric Sex for Women: A Guide for Lesbian, Bi, Hetero, and Solo Lovers by Christa Schulte; The Cortisol Connection and The Cortisol Connection Diet, both by Shawn Talbott. Booth: 2849.

Hushion House Publishing

A sales and marketing agency representing small presses and independent publishers from Canada, the U.S., Great Britain, Belgium and Australia with emphasis on business, health, self-help, New Age and young-adult titles; distributed in the U.S. by Stackpole Distribution. Booth: 941.

Hylas Publishing

Booth: 4874.


Featured:The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer; Between You and Me by Mike Wallace; Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell; It Ain't Easy Being Green by Jim Henson; Silver Lining by Cecelia Ahern; Daisy Cooks by Daisy Martinez; ABC tie-in books for Lost, Desperate Housewives and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition; Home Rules by Nate Berkus; Yearnings by Rabbi Irwin Kula; Trace Evidence by Elizabeth Becka. Giveaways:Lipstick Jungle and The Tender Bar ARCs; excerpts from Between You and Me; food samples from Daisy Cooks; Trace Evidence hardcover copies; Daily Candy guide to BEA. Booth: 3959.

Hyperion Books for Children/Disney Publishing Worldwide

Exhibiting with the Time Warner Book Group. Featured from Hyperion Books for Children:A Family of Poems by Caroline Kennedy, illus. by Jon J. Muth; Leonardo, The Terrible Monster by Mo Willems; You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah! by Fiona Rosenbloom. From Disney Editions:The Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson. From Disney Press:Disney Fairies: Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg by Gail Carson Levine, illus. by David Christiana; Walt Disney's Cinderella (DVD); the W.I.T.C.H. series. From Miramax/Hyperion Books for Children:The Mismantle Chronicles Book One: Urchin of the Riding Stars by M.I. McAllister; The King in the Window by Adam Gopnik; The Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth and Opal Deception, both by Eoin Colfer. From Jump at the Sun:Bang! by Sharon G. Flake. From Michael di Capua:Terrific by Jon Agee. Giveaways: ARCs of Played by Dana Davidson, Amazing Grace by Megan Shull, If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince? by Melissa Kantor, Pond Scum by Alan Silberberg, You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah!, The Kingdom Keepers, Bang!, The Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth, Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, Urchin of the Riding Stars; galleys of A Room with a Zoo by Jules Feiffer, Terrific, Hanukkah, Shmanukkah! by Esme Raji Codell, illus by LeUyen Pham, Leonardo, The Terrible Monster; blads of A Family of Poems and Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg.Booth: 3959.


Develops and markets a Windows-based, Internet-enabled point of sales and inventory control program for booksellers, called the IBID System. Featured: IBIDie (new product); Legacy, Version 14 (most recent); IBID HUB (multi-store back office system); software demonstrations. Booth: 3267.

Ice Water Press

Booth: 523.

ICU Eyewear

Booth: 5002.

Idea Books

Booth: 4216.

Idea Group

Publishes research and professional publications on information science, technology and management; imprints include Idea Group Publishing, IRM Press, Information Science Publishing, CyperTech Publishing and Idea Group Reference. Featured: 120 titles (various imprints). Drawings: raffle for $100 American Express gift certificate. Booth: 4781.

Ideals Publications/Guideposts

A division of Guideposts. Giveaways:Ideals magazines. Discounts: 50%, free freight. Booth: 344.

IDW Publishing

Publishes graphic novels; offers licensed products. Featured:Little Book of Horror: War of the Worlds by Steve Niles and Ted McKeever; Metal Gear Solid by Kris Oprisko and Ashley Wood; 24 by various writers; Richard Matheson's Hell House by Ian Edginton and Simon Fraser; Clive Barker's Thief of Always by Kris Oprisko and Gabriel Hernandez; CSI: Secret Identity by Steven Grant and Gabriel Rodriguez; Shaun of the Dead by Chris Ryall and Zach Howard; 30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales by Steve Niles et al.; GrimJack by John Ostrander and Timothy Truman; Jon Sable by Mike Grell. Booth: 4996.

If (That Company Called)

Booth: 4788.

Ilex Press

Specializes in illustrated books on digital, video and Web design; exhibiting with Publishers Assn. (U.K.). Featured: finished books, mock-ups. Booth: 2510.

Illumination Arts Publishing

Featured:Something Special by Terri Cohlene, illus. by Doug Keith; Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes by Demian Elainé Yumai, illus. by Nicole Tamarin; Too Many Murkles by Heidi Charissa Schmidt; Little Ruth Reddingford by Hank Wesselman; All I See Is a Part of Me by Chara Curtis; A Mother's Promise by Lisa Humphrey; We Share One World by Jane E. Hoffelt; In Every Moon There Is a Face by Charles Mathes; The Errant Knight by Ann Tompert; One Smile by Cindy McKinley; The Tree by Dana Lyons. Drawings: sign-up for newsletter, enter to win entire children's book collection. Booth: 4189.


Booth: 4938. Imagebooks Factory Booth: 353.

Imagination Exchange Int'l

Publishes illustrated children's books. Featured:Sherman Meets the Snow Princess, by Louise E. Flodin, illus. by Elayna Flodin, edited by Jon-Paul Flodin; other titles by Louise E. Flodin: Sherman and the Snow Blower Frog; Timothy's Tunnel; Timothy's Wrong Turn; Lara the Ladybugand the Fountain of Dreams; The Greatest Gleep Fife Christmas. Giveaways: origami flowers and animals; signed copies (supplies limited). Discounts: free freight (U.S. only). Booth: 659.

Imago Sales USA

A print management company with domestic and international offices; offers a wide range of expertise in cost-effective sourcing and production; client base includes more than 300 publishers, from reference to children's novelty titles. Booth: 5169.

Impex Int'l

Booth: 1611.

Incentive Publications

Booth: 718.

Independent Int'l Travel

Exhibiting with Travel Publishers Assn. Featured:Royal London in Context and Venice in Context, both by Robert S. Wayne. Drawings: at show's end for booth contents. Booth: 4406.

Independent Press Assn.

IPA's mission is to amplify the power of independent voices in media; its division, BigTop Newsstands Services, distributes independent magazines to independent booksellers. Featured: services. Booth: 1724.

Independent Publishers Group

IPG provides sales, marketing and order fulfillment to both domestic and international independent presses. Featured: titles from IPG divisions, including Paul & Co. (academic titles) and Spanish Books (Spanish-language titles); titles from client-publishers, including Chicago Review Press, ECW Press, Fox Chapel Publishing, Interweave Press, Nomad Press, Paul Dry Books and Santa Monica Press. Discounts: 50% on 15 assorted backlist titles (spring 2005/earlier). Booths: 2720, 2721.

Index Books

Specializes in books on graphic design and visual communications; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Indiana Univ. Press

Featured from Indiana Univ. Press:Louis Johnson and the Arming of America by Keith D. McFarland and David L. Roll; War in the Empty Air by Dagmar Barnouw; UN Voices by Thomas G. Weiss, Tatiana Carayannis, Louis Emmerij and Richard Jolly; Dew of Death: The Story of Lewisite, America's World War I Weapon of Mass Destruction by Joel A. Vilensky; Judaism's Encounter with American Sports by Jeffrey S. Gurock; Is There an Ethicist in the House?On the Cutting Edge of Bioethics by Jonathon D. Moreno; American Independent Cinema by Geoff King; Still Standing: A Century of Urban Train Station Design by Christopher Brown; Unlocking the Groove: Rhythm, Meter and Musical Design in Electronic Dance Music by Mark J. Butler; Goth's Dark Empire by Carol Siegel. From Quarry Books:Bringing the World to Our Neighborhood: The Lotus World Music and Arts Festival by LuAnne Holladay; Indiana Cooks! Great Restaurant Recipes for the Home Kitchen by Christine Barbour and Scott Feickert; The Lotus Dickey Songbook, edited by Nancy C. McEntire, Grey Larsen and Janne Henshaw; The Golden Age of Indiana High School Basketball by Greg Guffey. Giveaways: galleys; postcards; Bringing the World to Our Neighborhood music CD. Discounts: 47%, free freight. Booth: 3233.

Infinito Ediciones

This Argentinean publisher offers books on architecture and design; exhibiting with Cámara Argentina del Libro. Booth: 2454.

Information Today

Featured:Literary Market Place 2005; International Literary Market Place 2005; American Book Trade Directory 2005/2006, 51st Edition; Yahoo! To the Max by Randolph Hock; Cashing in with Content by David Meerman Scott; Super Searchers Go to School by Joyce Kasman Valenza; Theories of Information Behavior, edited by Karen Fisher, Sandra Erdelez and E.F. McKechnie; Wave by Wil Mara; The Underground Railroad, 2005 Edition by William Still; Natural Wonders of the Jersey Pines & Shore by Robert A. Peterson, photos by Michael A. Hogan and Steve Greer. Booth: 2302.

Ingram Book Group/Ingram Book Co.

Ingram Book Group is a leading supplier of book product, DVDs and videos, calendars, periodicals and information to domestic and international bookstores, libraries and Internet retailers; Ingram Book Co. offers the world's largest inventory of book-related product to booksellers and specialty retailers; provides information services to customers and suppliers through ipage, a Web-based account management, title reference and ordering tool. Featured: on-going demonstrations of programs and services, including ipage, companion and direct-to-home. Booth: 3267.

Ingram Int'l

One of the world's largest distributors of U.S.-published titles. Featured: information on competitive terms, various delivery programs and inventory depth. Booth: 3267.

Ingram Library Services

Services public, academic and k—12 libraries; combines the world's largest inventory of book product with collection development programs, cataloging and processing for books, audio books and videos for adults and children. Featured: information about company programs and services, including customized cataloging and processing, opening-day collection and outsourcing. Booth: 3267.

Ingram Periodicals

Ingram Periodicals is a leading direct distributor of specialty-retail and general-interest periodicals and books; offers international import services, fee-based fulfillment services and customized retail marketing and merchandising program development. Booth: 3267.

Ingram Publisher Services

Provides fee-based fulfillment and other services to publishers seeking alternatives to their current distribution; offers warehousing, picking/ packing/shipping, credit/collection services, customer/order-entry services, sales information/reporting services. Booth: 3267.

In My Book

Booth: 1607.

Inner Ocean Publishing Co.

Exhibiting with Publishers Group West. Featured:Stop the Next War Now, edited by Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans (Codepink); 50 Ways to Support Lesbian and Gay Equality, edited by Meredith Maran and Angela Watrous; 50 Ways to Improve Women's Lives by the National Council of Women's Organizations. Giveaways: Codepink Stop the Next War Now T-shirts; Tea Here Now tea samples. Discounts: see PGW booth for details. Booth: 2749.

Inner Traditions Int'l/Bear & Co.

Featured:The Slow Down Diet by Marc David; The Secret History of Freemasonry by Paul Naudon; Strength Training on the Ball by Colleen Craig; The Brother of Jesus and the Lost Teachings of Christianity by Jeffrey Butz; Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming by Catherine Shainberg; The Secret Teachings of the Tao Te Ching by Mantak Chia and Tao Huang; The Virgin Mary Conspiracy by Graham Phillips; Gnostic Philosophy by Tobias Churton; The Reflexology Atlas by Bernard C. Kolster, M.D. and Astrid Waskowiak, M.D.; The Healing Power of Neurofeedback by Stephen Larsen. Giveaways: books. Discounts: 50%, free freight on 10 or more books. Booth: 2631.

Innovative Alliance

Distributes quality hurt and remainder books from major publishers in various technical and general-interest genres, including computer, cookbooks, travel, home/health, fiction and children's titles; returnable and nonreturnable programs; customized assortments, labeling, sales analysis and weekly inventory lists; racks and signage available. Discounts: free freight for first-time customers (returnable). Booth: 4713.

Innovative Kids

Featured:Get Ready for Kindergarten! by Sharon Hinchey, Write to Santa (kit), The Amazing Family Game (board book), and Phonics Comics; Hands-On, Minds-On products (100+ titles); Soft Shapes series; Now I'm Reading series. Discount: 48%, free freight and 90-day billing on orders of 25 frontlist/25 backlist units (one order per location). Drawings: raffles. Booth: 744.

Inra Editions

Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

Insight Guides

A part of the Langenscheidt Publishing Group. Featured: City Guide series, including New York City, Washington, D.C., Prague, Venice, Barcelona, Boston and San Francisco; Insight Guide series, including Utah and National Parks West; Pocket Guide series, including Bologna. Booth: 4302.

Insomniac Press

Distributed by National Book Network. Featured:Tapas on the Ramblas by Anthony Bidulka; Dreamwork Uncovered by Marina Quattrocchi; Investor Relations 4 Suckers by George Gutowski. Discounts: 50%, retail; 52%, wholesale on orders of 25 or more. Booth: 4439.

Institut fuer Internationale Architektur-Documentation

Publishes the international journal Detail: Review of Architecture and Constructional Details in German and English with summaries in French, Italian and Spanish; a part of the German Collective Stand. Booth: 2225.

Instituto Cervantes

A worldwide nonprofit created by the Spanish government to promote the teaching, study and use of Spanish, and to contribute to the advancement of Spanish and Hispanic American culture in non-Spanish speaking countries; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Instituto de Estudios Economicos

Exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública

This Mexican publisher offers books on medicine; exhibiting with Cepromex. Booth: 2438.

Integrity Publishers

Booth: 914.

Intercontinental Licensing

This first-time exhibitor is an international art, character and design licensing house representing individual artists and collectives; exhibiting with Int'l Book Marketing. Featured: Dear God Kids series (five titles) and Angels on Assignment series (three titles), all by Anne Fitzgerald; Hanadeka series (two titles), all by Yoneo Morita. Booth: 3831.

Interlink Publishing Group

Featured:Palestine: A Guide by Mariam Shahin, photos by George Azar; The Fatal Voyage: The Last Great Journey of Captain James Cook by Peter Aughton; Café Life Florence by Joe Wolff, photos by Roger Paperno; A Traveller's History of Venice by Peter Mentzel; Texas (On-the-Road Histories) by Mary Jo Powell; Costa Rica: An Ecotraveller's Guide by Hannah Robinson; Brazil: Amazon and Pantanal (Traveller's Wildlife Guides) by David L. Pearson and Les Beletsky; Charming Small Hotel Guides: France, edited by Fiona Duncan and Leonie Glass; Art for Travellers Prague by Deanna MacDonald; 100 Best Paintings in London by Geoffrey Smith. Discounts: 50% on orders of 10 or more titles. Booth: 4402.

Intermon Oxfam

This Barcelona-based publisher offers cookbooks for adults and children; exhibiting with Federación de Gremios de Editores de España. Booth: 2338.

Int'l Book Marketing

Booth: 3831.

Int'l Publishers

Featured:Marxist Ethics by Willis Truitt; Marx-Engels Collected Works, Vol. 50 by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels; Red Roots, Green Shoots by Virginia Brodine; Anti-Semitism and Zionism, edited by Daniel Rubin; The Role of Force in History by Frederick Engels; People vs. Profits, Vol. 2 by Victor Perlo. Discounts: free freight. Booth: 2653.

Int'l Publishers Alliance

Booth: 5208.

Int'l Publishers Co.

Booth: 2540.

Int'l Publishers Marketing

Offers customized sales, marketing and distribution services to academic and trade publishers. Featured: company services; client-publishers' catalogues and brochures. Discounts: 50%. Booth: 4673.

Intervarsity Press

Exhibiting with Midpoint Trade Books. Featured:Aslan's Call by Mark Eddy Smith; A Reader's Guide to the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe by Leland Ryken and Marjorie Lamp Mead; Into the Region of Awe by David C. Downing; A Parent's Guide to Harry Potter by Gina Burkart; The Crime of Living Cautiously by Luci Shaw; The Soul Tells a Story by Vinita Hampton Wright. Giveaways:Aslan's Call (Fri., June 3); The Crime of Living Cautiously (Sat., June 4); Into the Region of Awe (Sun., June 5). Booth: 4738.

Intervisual Books

Featured:Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth, illus. by Tony Griego; Eight Silly Monkeys by the Staff of Intervisual Books, illus. by Steve Haskamp; Good Morning Good Night by Teresa Imperato, illus. by Melanie Mitchell; What Makes a Rainbow? by Betty Ann Schwartz, illus. by Dona Turner; This Little Piggy by Teresa Imperato, illus. by Steve Haskamp; Are You Ticklish? by the Staff of Intervisual Books; Bluebird's Nest by Dorothea DePrisco, illus. by Jo Parry; All the Ways I Love You by Teresa Imperato, illus. by Julie Downing; Who Stole the Cookie? by Margaret Wang, illus. by Christine Schneider; I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, illus. by Claudia Rueda. Discounts: free spinner rack ($750-net purchase). Booth: 542.

Interweave Press

Exhibiting with IPG. Featured:Hip to Stitch by Melinda Barta; Getting Started Stringing Beads by Jean Campbell; Wrap Style by Pam Allen and Ann Budd; Stringing Style by Jamie Hogsett; Knitted Babes by Claire Garland; Folk Hats by Vicki Square; Yarns to Dye For by Kathleen Taylor; Scarf Style by Pam Allen; Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry and More by Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey; Beading for the Soul by Deborah Cannarella. Giveaways: thread skeins, postcards. Drawings: for "knitted babe" doll with wardrobe and accessories. Discounts: 50% on orders of 15 assorted backlist titles (spring 2005/earlier). Booth: 2721.

iParenting Media

Booth: 4900.

IPG Spanish Books

IPG's Spanish book division; distributes Ediciones B, Klutz Latino, Editorial Kairos, Ediciones Norte, Villegas, American Academy of Pediatrics, Pascualina Productions and Sweetwater Press. Featured:El ultimo jurado (The Last Juror) by John Grisham; Que han hecho con mi país, tio? (Dude, Where's My Country?) by Michael Moore; La momia (The Mummy) by Anne Rice; El jardín encantado (Down in the Garden) by Anne Geddes. Discounts: 50% on orders of 15 assorted backlist titles (spring 2005/earlier). Booth: 2721.

IPSOS Booktrends

Offers a tracking service that provides insight into consumer purchasing of adult trade and children's books. Booth: 5161.


Exhibiting with the Bureau Int'l de l'Edition Française. Booth: 2321.

Island Press

Featured:In the Thick of It: My Life in the Sierra Club by Michael McCloskey; Scorched Earth: How the Fires of Yellowstone Changed America by Rocky Barker; Cities in the Wilderness by Bruce Babbitt; Tigerland and Other Unintended Destinations by Eric Dinerstein; State of the Wild by Sharon Guynup; Striper Wars by Dick Russell; Tiger Bone & Rhino Horn by Richard Ellis; Under Ground: How Creatures of Mud and Dirt Shape Our World by Yvonne Baskin; Act III in Patagonia by William Conway; Nature-Friendly Communities by Chris Duerksen and Cara Snyder. Giveaways: recycled tote bags; key chains; fortune cookies. Discounts: 48%, free freight on 10 or more backlist titles. Booth: 3624.

Italian Trade Commission

ITC is a government agency that promotes trade, business opportunities and industrial cooperation between Italian and foreign companies; operates more than 100 branch offices in over 80 countries. Featured: books and multimedia products from client-publishers, including Armando Editore, Casa Editrice Bulgarini, Bologna Children's Book Fair, Edibas, Edizioni E/O, Edizioni Plus, Fondazione Centro Italiano di Studi Dell'Alto Medioevo, Giorgio Nada Ediore, Grafiche Damiani/Damiani Editore, Guerra Edizioni Guru, La Scuola, L'Erma di Bretschneider, Lo Scarabeo, Maurizio Corraini, Paramica, Panozzo Editore, Piccin Nuova Libraria, Sovera Multimedia. Giveaways: from Guerra Edizioni, copies of the magazine In It (for teachers); from Eli Edizioni, samples of Grandi amici. Booth: 2127.

Itrans Services

Booth: 5104.


Provides individuals with a simple, fast and affordable solution for book publishing, book marketing and book editorial services. Featured: selected titles from its Star Program; Cookin' for Love by Sharon Boorstin; Life, Be There at Ten 'Til by Dean Johnson; Dream Season by E. Dee Merriken. Giveaways: promotional materials. Discounts: freight-allowance coupons. Booth: 4873.

Ivy Press

This U.K. packaging company specializes in illustrated books on art, design, popular culture, science, health and New Age; offers gift books and interactive packets under Ivy Gift imprint; publishes books on Web design, digital photography and video under Ilex Press; exhibiting with Publishers Assn. (U.K.). Featured: finished books, mock-ups. Booth: 703.