If the Best Picture Academy Award can help a low-budget, literary-based film like Million Dollar Baby earn $100 million at the box office, just think what a Quills Award will do for the books that win the soon-to-be prestigious award. Book publishing is one of the leading high-profile media industries without a significant consumer-driven award. Also, none are televised. When it premieres on NBC in October, the Quill Awards will definitely have the edge.

Promoting literacy and reading are the goals behind the brand-new awards show and NBC was happy to sign on board to work with Quills chairman Gerry Byrne and Reed Business Information.

"From our perspective, we like the whole aspect of promoting literacy," says Jay Ireland, president of NBC Universal television stations. NBC, which already has the Today Show book club, will be taking another step in advancing the cause of the written word. "A lot of people read," says Ireland, "and this show has a broad appeal for our audience."

The NBC Quill Awards show will highlight the October 11 live event. "Our plan in year one is to produce a fabulous one-hour package which we anticipate to enhance in the years to come."

Ireland promises that NBC will deliver a "great show that we feel will be of value to the community."