June Publications

Douglas Niles (Fox on the Rhine) updates H.G. Wells's classic novel of alien invasion, The War of the Worlds, with War of the Worlds: New Millennium, in which contemporary Americans battle the Martians bent on conquering Earth. The summer release of Steven Spielberg's film The War of the Worlds, which likewise brings Wells's book into the 21st century, is sure to give a boost. Agent, Bill Fawcett. (Tor, $25.95 336p ISBN 0-765-31142-9)

C.E. Murphy makes an auspicious debut with Urban Shaman, a modern-day fantasy in which Seattle cop Joanne Walker tangles with Cernunnos, an ancient Celtic god and leader of the Wild Hunt. Is becoming a shaman, as Walker decides to do when confronted with the choice, really preferable to death? Agent, Jennifer Jackson at DMLA. (Luna, $13.95 paper 352p ISBN 0-373-80223-4)

The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book, edited by Brian Freeman and Bev Vincent, offers something that previous King trivia books don't—line drawings by Maine artist Glenn Chadbourne that themselves pose questions. Michelle L. Revelle, the founder of SKEMERS (StephenKingE-Mailers), provides an afterword. (Cemetery Dance [www.cemeterydance. com], $40 404p ISBN 1-58767-116-6; $20 paper ISBN 1-58767-108-5)