50: Percentage of books at the show guesstimated to be available on eBay within the week

1,000: Number of authors who autographed books at the show

350: Number of copies of Specimen Days signed by Michael Cunningham in two hours at FSG's booth

1,376: Number of pages in Hunger's Brides, to be published in July by Carroll & Graf

8: The number of minutes it took Random House to distribute 400 ARCs of Eldest

3,615: Number of day passes sold

250: Number of Rights Center tables (up from 140 in Chicago)

13,440: Number of e-mails sent and received from the Booklog Internet Cafe

1,500: Number of people who attended Bill Maher's ABFFE benefit

32: Miles per gallon for the Mini Cooper given away (one-year lease) by Running Press to promote its Miniature Editions

1,188: Number of titles won by a North Carolina bookseller in the BEA New Title Showcase raffle

1: Number of BEA visits by U.S. Secret Service Agents (protecting Lynne Cheney during an after-hours visit on day 1)

348: Days from the end of BEA 2005 to the beginning of BEA 2006 in Washington, D.C., on May 19.