July Publications

H.P. Lovecraft's Letters from New York, edited by S.T. Joshi and David E. Schultz, covers the difficult years, 1924 to 1926, that the master of Weird Tales lived in Brooklyn. In letters mostly written to his elder aunt in Providence, HPL chronicles such topics as his fruitless job search, his antiquarian expeditions and his (successful) efforts to find a new suit at the right price. (Night Shade [www.nightshadebooks.com], $40 332p ISBN 1-892389-37-1)

Cemetery Dance (www.cemeterydance. com) rolls out three horror novellas: T.M. Wright's The Eyes of the Carp, a nightmarish ghost story ($30 130p ISBN 1-58767-111-5); Geoff Cooper's Retribution, Inc., about a rock band whose new guitar player has a literally bloody secret ($30 110p ISBN 1-58767-112-3); and Brian Freeman's Blue November, in which a reunion of some high school friends at a remote cabin runs into some fatally rough weather ($30 110p ISBN 1-58767-110-7).