Rogues' Gallery (Sept., $25.95) by John Malcolm follows an ex-rugby player turned banker who gets more than he expected at a village art gallery.


The Protégé (Jan., $24.95) by Stephen Frey. Christian Gillette is offered a shadowy deal for new information on his father's mysterious death.

Capitol Murder (Feb., $25.95) by William Bernhardt. A senator must prove himself innocent of the grisly murder of a female intern.

Perfect Nightmare (Aug., $25.95) by John Saul centers on the search for a group of seemingly disconnected missing people entangled in a madman's web.

Dance of Death (Nov., $25.95) by John Case. A brilliant mathematician plans to use an inventor's research to destroy Western technology.


Gone (Jan., $25) by Lisa Gardner. Both an FBI profiler's partner and the foster child whose case she was involved in disappear. 175,000 first printing. Author publicity.

On the Run (Dec., $26) by Iris Johansen. A single mother revives an abandoned identity and an old relationship to confront a deadly opponent. 300,000 first printing. Author publicity.


Eye of the Wolf (Sept., $23.95) by Margaret Coel. Why has a psychopath murdered three Shoshone Indians and posed their bodies on an historic battlefield?

Murder Never Forgets (Sept., $23.95) by Diana O'Hehir. An Egyptologist works at an assisted living facility where her father lives—and where murderous accidents occur.

Grave Sight (Oct., $23.95) by Charlaine Harris. A new supernatural mystery series featuring Harper Connelly, who sees dead people and shares their last moments.

BLEAK HOUSE (953 E. Johnson St., Madison, Wis. 53703)

The Blood Knot (Oct., $23.95) by John Galligan is the second in the Fly Fishing Mystery series featuring Ned "Dog" Oglivie in Amish country. Author tour.


The Assassins (Oct., $24.99) by Oliver North and Joe Musser. A group of assassins must stop Iranians planning to attack Washington in this trilogy's final entry.


Thirteen Steps Down (Oct., $25) by Ruth Rendell. An obsessive young man takes his first steps toward becoming a serial killer. 100,000 first printing.


Faithless (Aug., $25) by Karin Slaughter. A medical examiner and her police chief ex-husband find the body of a teenage girl buried in the woods. 125,000 first printing. LG featured alternate.


The Color of Law (Oct., $24.95) by Mark Gimenez. A new case forces a college football hero turned law partner to choose between his enviable lifestyle and his conscience.


As Dead As It Gets (Oct., $23.95) by Cady Kalian. An East Coast journalist in Hollywood vows to find the murderer of her mentor.

Shooting Script (Oct., $23.95) by Elsa Klensch brings back Sonya Iverson, hunting down the murderer of a luxury spa's owner.

The Bishop in the Old Neighborhood (Nov., $24.95) by Andrew M. Greeley. Blackie Ryan returns to investigate murders in the sanctuary of a church. 75,000 first printing.


Fiddlers (Sept., $25) by Ed McBain revisits the 87th Precinct detectives as they are stumped by a serial killer who doesn't fit the profile. 50,000 first printing.

Ash & Bone (Dec., $25) by John Harvey. Detective Frank Elder must emerge from retirement to solve a cold case with a devastating present-day impact.


Got the Look (Jan., $24.95) by James Grippando pits Miami attorney Jack Swyteck against an unusually diabolical killer. 100,000 first printing.

The Double Eagle (Sept., $24.95) by James Twining uses the global art and antiquities market as a backdrop for art theft, treachery, and murder. 75,000 first printing. Condensation rights to Reader's Digest.

HEADLINE (dist. by Trafalgar Square)

The Butcher of St. Peter's: A Medieval West Country Mystery (Sept.; $25, paper $9.99) by Michael Jecks. Sir Baldwin Furnill and Simon Puttock seek the killer of a villager's son.

HODDER STOUGHTON (dist. by Trafalgar Square)

Food for Fishes: A Marcus Corvinus Roman Mystery (Sept., $25) by David Wishart follows Corvinus's attempts to discover who drowned a wealthy Roman fish farmer in one of his eel tanks.


Pardonable Lies: A Maisie Dobbs Novel (Sept., $23) by Jacqueline Winspear. Dobbs returns to the site of her most painful WWI memories to resolve the mystery of a pilot's death. Author tour.


Seaside (Oct., $24.95) by Scarlett Thomas. Lily Pascale returns to face a dark mystery of false identity, twisted motives and murder.


The Only Suspect (Oct., $23) by Jonnie Jacobs follows a doctor who awakens with a dead woman in his trunk, blood under his fingernails and a missing wife.

Candy Apple Red (Oct., $19.95) by Nancy Bush. Jane Kelly takes a PI job only to discover she must investigate the disappearance of a man who murdered his family.


To Die For: A Bomber Hanson Mystery (Nov., $23) by David Champion. Bomber's son Tod investigates the case of a college student charged with the murder of her sleazy landlord.


The Lighthouse (Dec., $25.95) by P. D. James. Commander Adam Dalgliesh and his distracted team must solve the murder of a distinguished visitor on an exclusive island retreat off the Cornish coast. 300,000 first printing.


Crossfire (Mar., $24.95) by Miyuki Miyabe follows a policewoman and a woman with pyrokinetic powers as they fight evil.


Cinnamon Kiss (Sept., $24.95) by Walter Mosley pits Easy Rawlins against a terrifying murder during the Summer of Love. 10-city author tour.

The Lincoln Lawyer (Oct., $26.95) by Michael Connelly. A cynical defense attorney's one remaining spark of integrity may cost him his life. 8-city author tour.

The 5th Horseman (Feb., $27.95) by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro follows the members of the Women's Murder Club as they face an unspeakable menace.

Mary, Mary (Nov., $27.95) by James Patterson brings back Alex Cross, scouring L.A. for an ambitious female killer who has it in for Hollywood's hottest players. 5-city author tour.


The Point of Fracture (Sept., $24) by Frank Turner Hollon. A vengeful wife carefully plots to implicate her husband in a brutal crime.


Sacred Cows (Sept., $21.95) by Karen E. Olson. A police reporter navigates a maze of corruption surrounding the murder of a Yale student.

Cover Your Assets (Nov., $23.95) by Patricia Smiley. Tucker Sinclair investigates the murder of an old college flame who had just re-entered her life.


The World to Come (Jan., $24.95) by Dara Horn interweaves a real art heist with history, biography, theology and Yiddish literature. Author tour.

The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The Novels (Nov., $49.95) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, edited by Leslie S. Klinger, collects four classic novels plus notes, illustrations and period photos.


Friends, Lovers, Chocolate: The Sunday Philosophy Club (Sept., $19.95) by Alexander McCall Smith. Isabel Dalhousie meets a man with a recent heart transplant, now plagued with memories of events that never happened to him. 9-city author tour.


Fatal As a Fallen Woman (Sept., $24.95) by Kathy Lynn Emerson. Amateur detective Diana Spaulding uncovers her father's murder in 1880 Denver.


School Days (Sept., $24.95) by Robert B. Parker. Spenser returns to help a troubled teen accused of a horrific crime. Author tour.

Predator (Oct., $26.95) by Patricia Cornwell. Scarpetta and her colleagues return to a haunting series of forensic cases. LG, BOMC, Doubleday Book Club and Mystery Guild main.


S Is for Silence (Dec., $26.95) by Sue Grafton. The 19th Kinsey Milhone outing involves silence—of the lost, of the grave, of oblivion. LG, BOMC, Doubleday Book Club and Mystery Guild main.


The Door to Bitterness (Sept., $23) by Martin Limón. The two G.I. cops introduced in Jade Lady Burning are back for more adventures in Seoul.

The Summer Snow (Feb., $23) by Rebecca Pawel. A rich old lady in Granada is found dead in what may be a political murder.


Immoral (Sept., $22.95) by Brian Freeman. A missing woman is murdered—after her killer is put on trial. $100,000 ad/ promo. International BOMC selection.

Officer Down (Sept., $23.95) by Theresa Schwegel. A Chicago police officer's gun killed her partner, but who pulled the trigger?

Jamaica Me Dead (Oct., $22.95) by Bob Morris. Ex—Miami Dolphin and felon turned P.I. Zack Chasteen returns to solve another mystery set in the Caribbean. Author tour.

Jar City (Oct., $21.95) by Arnaldur Indridason. When a lonely man is found murdered in his Reykjavik flat, the police have no obvious leads.

Shadow Man (Oct., $23.95) by James D. Doss. A Ute tribal investigator looks into the attempted murder of an orthodontist.


Regime (Nov., $25.95) by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The second prequel to the Left Behind series continues the story of the rise of the Antichrist and journeys of the other main characters.

UGLYTOWN (7336 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, Calif. 90046)

Hung Out to Die (Sept., $24.95) by Brett Battles. A juicy case takes freelance spy Jonathan Quinn careering from Colorado to Vietnam to Berlin.


Wolf Point (Oct., $23.95) by Edward Falco. A man picks up a pair of hitchhikers and is drawn into a potentially deadly scenario. 15-city tour.


The Belen Hitch: A Sasha Solomon Mystery (Sept., $24.95) by Pari Noskin Taichert mixes avant-garde art and railroad history with murder.


The Old Wine Shades (Feb., $25.95) by Martha Grimes is the 20th entry in the popular Richard Jury series.

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