A Life in Balance: Nourishing the Four Roots of True Happiness (Jan., $21.95) by Kathleen A. Hall aims to show readers that the key to happiness is balance between who they are and what they do.


God Is in the Hard Stuff (Sept., $14.97) by Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz encourages turning to God when the going gets rough.


Real Life, Real Love: Seven Paths to a Lasting Relationship (Jan., $TBA) by Father Albert Cutié offers practical advice.


What Will Tomorrow Bring? (Feb., $16.95) by Deanna Beisser discusses embracing change and believing in possibilities.


The 12 Essentials of Godly Success: Biblical Steps to a Life Well Lived (Sept., $19.99) by Tommy Nelson identifies the particular areas in life where one must be successful.


It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken: The Smart Girl's Breakup Buddy (Sept., $19.95) by Greg Behrendt and Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt. Behrendt, one of the co-authors of the bestselling He's Just Not That into You,crafts a manual for getting over a breakup.


Making It Work When You Work a Lot: 10 Power Strategies for Connecting as a Couple (Oct., $22.95) by Joel Block offers an action plan for protecting executive marriages.

How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything—Yes, Anything! (Feb., $23.95) by Albert Ellis shows how to avoid the traps of self-harm and find mental health.


Essential Manners for Couples: From Snoring and Sex to Finances and Fighting Fair—What Works, What Doesn't and Why (Nov., $21.95) by Peter Post explains the little things that make a big difference in relationships.

You Can Wait! (Jan., $24.95) by Star Jones Reynolds. A host of The Viewshows women how to transform themselves in preparation for finding real love.


101 Ways to Have True Love in Your Life (Jan., $12.95) by Daphne Rose Kingma offers advice for finding, keeping and fostering true love.


Love Signs: Hundreds of Ways to Show What's in Your Heart (Sept., $12.95) by Gregory E. Lang suggests ways people can demonstrate their love to each other.


Sorrow's Journey: Words of Comfort to Heal the Grieving Heart (Sept., $20) by Twyla Fisher covers stages of grief for those who are experiencing the death of a loved one.


Turn Your Cablight On: Find Your Dream Man in Six Months or Less (Jan., $17.50) by Nancy Slotnick. The founder of Drip, a New York City coffee bar/dating service, presents a personal dating coach in book form.


If Love Could Think: Using Your Mind to Guide Your Heart (Oct., $23) by Alon Gratch explains why ambivalence must be accepted to find lasting love.


Bad Childhood—Good Life (Jan., $24.95) by Laura Schlessinger. The conservative radio personality delivers advice on how to thrive despite an unhappy childhood. 350,000 first printing.


The End of Karma: 40 Days to Perfect Peace, Tranquility, and Joy (Oct., $17.95) by Dharma Singh Khalsa outlines a program to achieve enlightenment.

Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling (Feb., $24.95) by Wayne W. Dyer. A companion volume to a PBS series explains how humans have chosen to enter the world. 500,000 first printing. Ad/promo.


In Real Life: Powerful Lessons from Everyday Living (Sept., $14.95), edited by Karl Zinsmeister with Karina Rollins, collects true accounts of daily dramas.


What the Bleep Do We Know?: Discovering the Endless Possibilities for Altering Your Everyday Reality (Nov., $26.95) by William Arntz et al. The filmmakers responsible for the eponymous independent movie mix science, spirituality and personal empowerment. 100,000 first printing.10-city author tour.


Eating, Drinking, Overthinking: Women's Destructive Relationship with Food, Alcohol, and Depression—and How to Break Free (Jan., $24) by Susan Nolen-Hoeksema shows how overthinking often co-exists with unhealthy habits.


It's Not Easy Being Green: And Other Things to Consider (Sept., $16.95) by Jim Henson and friends collects wisdom on life, friendship, individuality and more. 150,000 first printing.


The Secrets of Happily Married Men: Eight Ways to Win Your Wife's Heart (Jan., $22.95) by Scott Haltzman, M.D., and Theresa Foy DiGeronimo examines ways to build a successful, long-lasting relationship from a man's point of view.


Getting Control of Your Anger (Jan., $19.95) by Robert Allan presents a three-step program for getting to the root of inherited destructive anger patterns.


Live Your Best Life: A Treasury Of Wisdom, Wit, Advice, Interviews, and Inspiration (Sept., $29.95) by the editors of O compiles 100 articles from the magazine's past two years. 375,000 first printing. $500,000 ad/promo.


The Daily Six: Six Simple Steps to Find the Perfect Balance of Prosperity and Purpose (Nov., $19.95) by John Chappelear. A self-described "recovering big shot" offers an approach to setting priorities in life and at work.


Why Do I Love These People?: The True Stories of People Who Found Harmony in Their Family (Nov., $24.95) by Po Bronson. The author of What Should I Do with My Life?interviews people who struggled to find meaningful connections.


How to Fight Back and Win (Jan., $25.95) by Gloria Allred. The civil rights attorney and TV personality shares life lessons from her career. 150,000 first printing. $100,000 ad/promo


Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget (Sept., $24.95) by Marianne J. Legato uncovers neuroscientific reasons behind age-old disputes between men and women.

Light on Life (Oct., $24.95) by B.K.S. Iyengar. The yoga teacher encourages transforming oneself by bringing yoga principles into all aspects of daily living. 150,000 first printing.


Personology: The Precision Approach to Charting Your Life, Career, and Relationships (Oct., $40) by Gary Goldschneider presents a detailed look at charting horoscopes. Ad/promo.


Life Shift: Let Go and Love Your Dream (Nov., $24) by Aleta St. James articulates the importance of balancing two vital forces: magnetic receptive energies and dynamic force energies.


If We Ever Break Up, This Is My Book (Dec., $14.95) by Jason Logan examines the recovery process in both illustrations and text.


Live What You Love (Oct., $14.95) by Bob and Melinda Blanchard offers stories, reflections, insights and advice.


Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships (Dec., $19.95) by John Welwood. A couples therapist reveals the root cause of all relationship problems. 75,000 first printing


The Four Seasons of Marriage (Sept., $22.99) by Gary Chapman provides a system for determining the "season" a marriage is in, with ways to improve it.


Live Like You Mean It: Engaging in a Life of Passion, Romance, and Adventure (Jan., $14.99) by Kathy Troccoli details seven practices to reenergize a woman's life and rekindle her sense of purpose.


The Power Years: A User's Guide to the Rest of Your Life (Sept., $24.95) by Ken Dychtwald and Daniel J. Kadlec addresses boomers who want a new model for the second half of their lives.

Mean Girls Grown Up: Adult Women Who Are Still Queen Bees, Middle Bees, and Afraid-to-Bees (Oct., $24.95) by Cheryl Dellasega explains how some women carry the aggressive behaviors they adopted as children into adulthood.

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