The Rosetta Codex (Dec., $14.95) by Richard Paul Russo. Cale Alexandros, a slave, discovers a powerful book some people are desperate to control.


Amazing Adventures from Zoom's Academy (Oct., $12.95) by Jason Lethcoe. Summer Jones becomes an unlikely hero when she discovers her supernatural powers; feature film scheduled for September release.


The Mark of Ran: Book One of The Sea Beggars (Nov., $12) by Paul Kearney launches a fantasy cycle set on a dying world, where a once powerful ancient race struggles to survive.


Looking for Jake: Stories (Sept., $13.95) by China Miéville. London is a demon-haunted city for the characters in this dark collection.

The Narrows (Sept., $13.95) by Alexander C. Irvine. Jared wants to fight the war in Europe, but discovers sinister doings at home in Detroit. Ad/promo.


Star Wars: The New Essential Chronology (Oct., $24.95) by Daniel Wallace updates and revises the series' history. Ad/promo.


Ghost Hunt 1 and 2 (Sept., Jan., $10.95 each) by Shiho Inada. Ghost stories lead to unexplained events in a school.

Love Roma 1and 2 (Sept., Feb., $10.95 each) by Minoru Toyoda. Hoshino falls for Negishi at first sight-and she just might reciprocate.

Gundam Seed 5 (Aug., $10.95) by Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino and Masatsugu Iwase. A group of teens become embroiled in a war in space

Gacha Gacha 1and 2 (Aug., Nov., $10.95 each) by Hiroyuki Tamakoshi. Kouhei's childhood pal returns from Hawaii with an alternate personality.


No Present Like Time (Feb., $13.95) by Steph Swainston. The sequel to The Year of Our War. 15,000 first printing.


In Stone's Clasp (Sept., $13.95) by Christie Golden. Kevla must join a new dancer to rescue the land from an unnatural winter.

Winter Moon (Nov., $13.95) by Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee and C.E. Murphy presents three novellas of magic and mystery.


Touched by Venom (Nov., $14) by Janine Cross. Zarq is fated to be a female Dragon Master in a patriarchal society that reveres dragons as gods.

Dragon Champion; Book One, the Age of Fire (Dec., $14) by E.E. Knight. A young dragon may be the last hope of keeping his breed from dying out.


The Unreasoning Mask (Sept., $14.95) by Philip José Farmer. Captain Ramstan must save intelligent beings from a marauding creature. Ad/promo.


A Scanner Darkly (Feb., $15.95) by Philip K. Dick is a graphic version of the novel, composed of stills from the 2006 animated motion picture.


Against Gravity (Jan., $14) by Farnoosh Moshiri. A dying intellectual, a tormented social worker and an Iranian immigrant cross paths in 1980s Houston.


The Affinity Trap: Book One of the Structure Series (Sept., $15) by Martin Sketchley. It's the 24th century, and humans live in sterile habitat towers amid environmental decay and societal corruption.


The Forgotten Ones (Nov., $16.95) by Douglas Ferguson. The gods never died, but survive in a world that shuns magic.


GoblinQuest (Oct., $13.95) by Jim C. Hines. Goblin Jig faces down trolls, ogres, the Necromancer's servants and his own nature.


Memories of Ice (Nov.; $14.95, cloth $27.95) by Steven Erikson. The third in a series depicts the war between undead armies and vengeful gods. Ad/promo. Author tour.

Battlestar Galactica (Feb., $14.95) by Jeffrey A. Carver. The robot Cyclons have attacked their masters; of the human world, only Battlestar Galactica remains. Based on the TV series. Ad/promo.


Orphan's Destiny (Sept., $6.99) by Robert Buettner. Young General Jason Wander thought the battle with aliens was over, but that was just the first round.

Circle of the Moon (Sept., $13.95) by Barbara Hambly. When the laws of magic change and threaten her world, magic-trained Raeshaldis must ally herself with a group of women whose powers are still untested. Ad/promo.


The Making of a Graphic Novel: Featuring the First-Time Publication of the Original Science Fiction Graphic Novel The Resonator (Jan., $19.95) by Prentis Rollins. An industry insider takes a novel approach in this how-to book, which includes a complete graphic novel.


The Annotated Legends (Sept., $24.95) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The Dragonlance trilogy collected in one volume. 75,000 first printing.

30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons and Dragons (Feb., $24.95), edited by Peter Archer, lauds the fantasy game on its 30th anniversary. 100,000 first printing.


Outriders (Nov., $13.99) by Kathryn Mackel. The first in a series about a new ark, an old enemy and the warriors who band together against evil.

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