News involving Liz Perl, Margo Schupf and Cindy Ratzlaff spelled the latest changes in an intense streamlining of Rodale Books.

Then (2003)

Steve Murphy, CEO, Rodale, Inc.
Bill Ostroff, Chief Marketing Officer
Amy Rhodes, Publisher, Trade Group

Women's Health Group
Tami Booth, Exec Editor

General Books Group

Stephanie Tade, Exec Editor

Men's Health Group

Jeremy Katz, Exec Editor

Now (2005)

Steve Murphy, CEO, Rodale, Inc.
Tami Booth Corwin, President/Editor-in-chief, Rodale Books
Margo Schupf, Exec Editor
Heather Jackson, Exec Editor
Leigh Haber, Exec Editor
Zach Schisgal, Exec Editor
Liz Perl, Publisher