1. Year PW was founded. (Hint: The president was a future bestselling author.)

  2. PW executive editor in the 1970s and early 1980s who shared her initials with a famous French sex kitten.

  3. PW consumer spinoff that went belly-up in 1978. Extra credit: Who was its editor-in-chief?

  4. PW editor celebrating her 40th anniversary at the magazine this year.

  5. Unlikely corporate owner of PW in the early 1980s.

  6. First writer to pen a Signature review for PW. (Hint: There's a "limerick" that fits this man well.)

  7. Number of books reviewed in PW in 2004.

  8. PW's original name.

  9. The year PW started publishing reviews. (Hint: FDR and Hitler came to power.)

  10. The year PW first published a bestseller list. (Hint: Fenway Park opens, Titanic sinks.)

  11. Fire Island.

Scoring: One point for every correct answer.

0—4—you're a publishing rookie

5—9—you're a publishing pro

10—12—you're a publishing vet