Lisa Tucker combines Antonya Nelson's power of observation with Jacqueline Mitchard's strong family drama. I couldn't put down her wonderful novel Once Upon a Day (Atria, April 11). This inventive novel of family secrets, gut-wrenching hurt, and unnecessary loss is deftly woven in an intricate plot, adeptly observed. Her main character has been sheltered from the outside world for more than 20 years and I thought Tucker did an amazing job of showing us the complex modern world through very innocent eyes. Tucker really has a gift for storytelling. Her voice is unique and her story is absorbing and fast paced. In a world that is unfair, risky and violent, how do we reconcile protecting the ones we love with the risk of losing them? What is safety worth if insanity is the result? I think readers will be drawn to this book because even though all the characters are dealing with their own vulnerabilities and losses, they have a sense of humor and are immensely likable.