Judging by the success of Francois de Closets's newest book, the aging of the baby boomer generation isn't causing problems just in the U.S. In More and More, Closets examines the legacy French baby boomers are leaving their children—unemployment, precarious jobs, big debts and high insurance costs. More and More, which topped the French nonfiction list at the end of June, builds on Closets's Always More, a big hit 25 years ago that analyzed the inequality of the distribution of wealth.

There was little movement on the French fiction list, with the exception of Philip Roth's The Plot Against America, which debuted last month at #5. There were lots of changes, however, on the Spanish fiction list, led by the newest novel from Mario Vargas Llosa, whose Mischief of the Bad Girl landed at #1 shortly after publication. Though it's currently available only in Spanish in the U.S., Mischief was selling relatively well on Amazon last week. FSG plans to publish the title in 2008.

In Sweden, two of the top three fiction bestsellers were new to the list, including Digital Fortress. Swedish author Liza Marklund was at #3 with The Will of Nobel, the sixth crime novel involving journalist Annika Bengtzon. The book begins with an attack at the annual Nobel Prize dinner.

International Bestsellers

Fiction Nonfiction
1 Two Little Girls in BlueMary Higgins Clark Albin Michel More and More!Francois de Closets Fayard/Plon
2 In the Woods of EternityFred Vargas Viviane Hamy The President's TragedyFranz-Olivier Giesbert Flammarion
3 The Key StarBenoite Groult Grasset Tsunami at the Presidential Palace, Dominique Ambiel, Antoine Rault, Michalon
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Fiction Nonfiction
1 Mischief of the Bad GirlMario Vargas Llosa Alfaguara The Science of HealthValenti FusterPlaneta
2 The Cathedral of the SeaIldefonso Balcones Grijalbo Light of LuggageIan GibsonAguilar
3 Teacher ManFrank McCourt Maeva The Little DictatorJavier UrraLa Esfera de Los Libros
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Fiction Nonfiction
1 Digital FortressDan BrownAlbert Bonniers The Wordlist of the Swedish Academy Nordstedts
2 The JinxCamilla Lackberg Forum The Battle for SpainAnthony Beevor Historiska Media
3 The Will of NobelLiza Marklund Piratforlaget Our Best GI RecipesOla Lauritzson Albert Bonniers
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