On Agate Hill (Sept., $24.95) by Lee Smith portrays a woman from childhood to widowhood in the Reconstruction era. 100,000 first printing. 15-city author tour.


(dist. by IPM)

An Awkward Commission (Sept., $25.95) by David Donachie follows shipmates bound for North Africa under the orders of Capt. Horatio Nelson.


All Aunt Hagar’s Children (Sept., $25.95) by Edward P. Jones. The Pulitzer Prize—winning author collects stories of ordinary citizens in Washington, D.C. 10-city author tour.


The Guy Not Taken and Other Stories (Sept., $24.95) by Jennifer Weiner collects 12 stories, including a prequel to the author’s novel Good in Bed.

Act of Treason (Oct., $25.95) by Vince Flynn features a CIA operative investigating an assassination attempt that may have been an inside job.

Love Don’t Live Here No More (Oct., $24) by Snoop Dogg. An autobiographical novel from the hip-hop performer about keeping it real while striving for success.


The Rising Tide (Sept., 27.95) by Jeff Shaara inaugurates a trilogy centering on World War II. Ad/promo. 13-city author tour.

Shadow Dance (Jan., $25.95) by Julie Garwood. Fan favorites Jordan Buchanan and Noah Clayborne finally star in a book of their own.

Self Storage (Jan., $23.95) by Gayle Brandeis sets motherhood, love and self-discovery against the underworld of storage centers.


Babylon Rising: The Edge of Darkness (Sept., $26) by Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips outlines a search for the lost temple of Dagon, a Philistine deity. 250,000 first printing.

The Collected Short Stories of Louis L’Amour: The Adventure Stories, Volume 4 (Nov., $24) by Louis L’Amour gathers tales of drama and derring-do on the frontier. 150,000 first printing.

Brother Odd (Dec., $27) by Dean Koontz continues the story of Odd Thomas as he heads to an isolated monastery. 600,000 first printing.

Stalemate: An Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller (Jan., $26) by Iris Johansen follows a forensic sculptor as she investigates the murder of a child. 335,000 first printing.


Dark Celebration: A Carpathian Reunion (Sept., $23.95) by Christine Feehan sees the Carpathians unite to fight against an enemy.

Strange Candy (Oct., $23.95) by Laurell K. Hamilton is a short-story collection that includes one never before published.


Rescued (Oct., $19.99) by John Bevere with Mark Andrew Olsen involves a trapped father and a desperate son in a tale of rescue. 50,000 first printing. $90,000 ad/promo.


The Touching That Lasts (Sept., $24) by Kent Nelson collects 14 short stories about average lives changed in an instant.


Restless (Sept., $24.95) by William Boyd mixes espionage and the personal in its portrait of a female spy. 150,000 first printing. 8-city author tour.


(dist. by NBN)

Mineral Spirits (Oct., $21.95) by Heather Sharfeddin depicts a boy’s discovery of a skeleton, leading to a search for the victim’s identity and killer.


(dist. by Ingram)

Oblomov (Oct.; $45, paper $20) by Ivan Goncharov, trans. by Stephen Pearl, presents an iconic Russian novel. QPB selection.


Baby Jack (Oct., $25.95) by Frank Schaeffer depicts a family struggling to come to terms with a son’s death in the Iraq war.


Windflower (Nov., $24.95) by Nick Bantock and Eduardo Ponti. The author of the Griffin & Sabine novels tells a story of self-discovery accompanied by more than 200 color collages.


Dark Angels (Sept., $25.95) by Karleen Koen sets the story of a smart young woman against the background of England’s Restoration period. 250,000 first printing. 20-city author tour.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War (Sept., $24.95) by Max Brooks charts a horrific 10-year battle for survival between humans and zombies. 125,000 first printing. Ad/promo.


Brothers (Sept., $25) by Da Chen follows the parallel paths of two brothers born to different mothers and their love for the same woman. 75,000 first printing. Ad/promo.


God Don’t Play (Sept., $24) by Mary Monroe considers a threat to the perfect life one woman has tried to create.


Bachelors: Novellas and Stories (Oct., $27.50) by Arthur Schnitzler, trans. by Margret Schaefer. The noted Austrian author focuses on the minds of men who desire, fantasize about and try to relate to women.


H.R.H. (Nov., $27) by Danielle Steel centers on a European princess who learns that ancient traditions conflict with reality. 800,000 first printing. DBC, LG selection.

Darkfever (Oct., $20) by Karen Marie Moning launches a series—spun off from the author’s Highlander series—about a woman drawn into a seductive otherworldly realm.


The Other Side of the Bridge (Oct., $25) by Mary Lawson examines two conflicted brothers and their rural community. 75,000 first printing.


A Spot of Bother (Sept., $24.95) by Mark Haddon follows up The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time with a story about how your family can drive you mad. 250,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

Deep Storm (Jan., $24.95) by Lincoln Child focuses on scientists excavating an undersea discovery. 125,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author tour.

Family Tree (Feb., $24.95) by Barbara Delinsky explores what happens when a woman’s “perfect world” is torn apart. 200,000 first printing. Advertising. Author tour.


The Gods of Newport (Nov., $25.95) by John Jakes depicts class warfare in Newport, R.I., in the 19th century.


Black Girl/White Girl (Oct., $25.95) by Joyce Carol Oates paints a “double portrait” of America in the years following the Vietnam War. 60,000 first printing.

Ask Again Later (Feb., $23.95) by Jill Davis limns a woman who is trying to resist the urge to live with one foot out the door. 125,000 first printing.


The Name of the Rose (Sept., $25) by Umberto Eco, trans. by William Weaver, is a newly packaged edition of the bestselling mystery set in a 14th-century monastery.

Carried Away (Sept., $25) by Alice Munro collects 17 stories selected by the author.


Magic Time (Sept., $25) by Doug Marlette follows a New York City newspaper columnist as he returns home to Mississippi after an emotional breakdown.

After This (Sept., $24) by Alice McDermott examines the changes in 20th-century America through the experiences of one middle-class family. 125,000 first printing. $125,000 ad/promo. BOMC, LG, DBC alternates, QPB main.

ArlingtonPark (Jan., $23) by Rachel Cusk visits various households during a single rainy day in an English suburb.


Dragon Fire (Sept., $24.95) by William S. Cohen follows the secretary of defense as he works to uncover a plot involving a rogue Chinese general. 200,000 first printing.

The Testament (Sept., $24.95) by Eric Van Lustbader examines the Order of Gnostic Observatines, which has preserved an ancient cache of documents for more than 800 years. 200,000 first printing.

Rage Therapy (Oct., $24.95) by Daniel Kalla concerns a murdered psychiatrist who specialized in anger management.

The Machiavelli Covenant (Jan., $25.95) by Allan Folsom considers a secret society focused around the unpublished writings of Machiavelli. 150,000 first printing.


The Translation of Dr. Apelles (Sept., $23) by David Treuer introduces a translator of Native American texts who stumbles across an ancient manuscript only he can understand.


The Return of the Player (Sept., $24) by Michael Tolkin examines power, wealth and family in the 21st century.


Breakable You (Sept., $25) by Brian Morton discusses a family that is tested when the past comes back to haunt them. 50,000 first printing. Ad/promo.


Motor Mouth (Oct., $26.95) by Janet Evanovich features Alexandra “Barney” Barnaby in her third appearance. One million first printing.

Shape Shifter (Nov., $26.95) by Tony Hillerman marks the return of legendary Lt. Joe Leaphorn. 500,000 first printing.

Ines of My Soul (Nov., $25.95) by Isabel Allende recounts the deeds and loves of a woman who journeyed to the New World to help found a nation. 250,000 first printing.

Sacred Games (Jan., $27.95) by Vikram Chandra merges elements of The Godfather with the suspense of a Victorian novel. 200,000 first printing.


Forgetfulness (Sept., $25) by Ward Just follows a painter and part-time spy living in the south of France after his wife is killed. 35,000 first printing. Author tour.

The Light of Evening (Oct., $25) by Edna O’Brien recounts the travails between a mother and daughter who are estranged. 35,000 first printing. 6-city author tour.


For One More Day (Sept., $21.95) by Mitch Albom explores the question: What would you do if you could spend one more day with a lost loved one? 1.5 million first printing. Author tour.


Zigzag Through the Bitter Orange Trees (Oct., $24.95) by Ersi Sotiropoulos, trans. by Peter Green, merges the voices of four young people in modern Greece; winner of the Greek State Prize for Literature.


Fool Me Once (Sept., $24) by Fern Michaels depicts a woman seeking the truth about her mother’s past.

When the Stars Come Out (Sept., $23) by Rob Byrnes features a man whose writer’s block disappears when he helps a ’50s heartthrob pen his memoirs.


The Road (Oct., $24) by Cormac McCarthy takes place in an American landscape covered with “the ashes of the late world.” 250,000 first printing.

Nature Girl (Nov., $25.95) by Carl Hiaasen stars “queen of lost causes” Honey Santana, who’s trying to teach telemarketers a lesson. 600,000 first printing.

The Lay of the Land (Nov., $26.95) by Richard Ford picks up The Sportsman in the fall of 2000, as the presidential election and Thanksgiving loom. 150,000 first printing. 15-city author tour.

The View from Castle Rock (Nov., $25.95) by Alice Munro presents intensely personal new tales from the short story artist. 150,000 first printing. Advertising.

Ten Days in the Hills (Feb., $26.95) by Jane Smiley. The Pulitzer Prize winner models a Hollywood novel on Boccaccio’s Decameron. 150,000 first printing.8-city author tour.


Paint It Black (Sept., $24.99) by Janet Fitch. The author of White Oleander considers a 1980s teen runaway and model who must deal with the death of her lover. 10-city author tour.


Magic Study (Oct., $21.95) by Maria V. Snyder focuses on a woman who must find her family and learn to get her magic under control.


Twilight (Oct, $25) by William Gay tells of two teenagers on the run from a vengeful undertaker.

The Friends of Meager Fortune (Feb., $25) by David Adams Richards ponders love, envy and betrayal in the dying days of the lumber industry.


Tenacious (Sept., $24) by Julian Stockwin. In the sixth volume of the Thomas Kydd Sea Adventures, Kydd joins the forces of Adm. Horatio Nelson and fights in the Battle of the Nile.


The Blue Sky (Oct. $24) by Galsan Tschinag, trans. by Katharina Rout, is rooted in Tuvan culture, weaving the timeless story of a boy on the cusp of manhood and a people on the threshold of a vanishing way of life.


Christmas Letters (Oct., $16.95) by Debbie Macomber continues the author’s tradition of Christmas comedies.

The Reincarnationist (Feb., $24.95) by M.J. Rose follows a photojournalist recovering from injuries suffered during a bomb explosion in Rome.


Kabbalah: A Love Story (Oct., $17.95) by Rabbi Lawrence Kushner interweaves the teachings of Kabbalah with a romance between a rabbi and an astronomer.


Fragile Things (Oct., $26.95) by Neil Gaiman collects short fiction by the author of Anansi Boys. 150,000 first printing.

You Suck (Feb., $20) by Chris Moore melds such iconic titles as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dracula, Bridget Jones’s Diary and more. 200,000 first printing.

Natural Born Charmer (Feb., $24.95) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips represents the author’s latest foray into women’s fiction. 250,000 first printing.

Love and Lies (Feb., $23.95) by Kimberla Lawson Roby brings back the rascal preacher Rev. Curtis Black. 150,000 first printing.


Dividing Line (Sept., $26.95) by Jay Waitkus observes a covert government operative who ignites a war between two criminal empires.


Amulet (Nov., $19.95) by Roberto Bolaño, trans. by Chris Andrews, views the recent history of Latin America through one woman’s eyes.


(dist. by John F. Blair)

The Scar of David (Sept., $27.95) by Susan Abulhawa depicts a Palestinian family from the village of Ein Hod, which was emptied of its inhabitants in 1948 by the newly formed state of Israel.


Ice (Dec., $23.95) by Vladimir Sorokin, trans. by Jamey Gambrell, introduces a rising star of Russian literature.


The Eighth Wonder of the World (Oct., $25.95) by Leslie Epstein reimagines Fascist Italy.


Almost a Crime (Nov., $26.95) by Penny Vincenzi follows a wealthy couple whose lives are threatened by an extramarital affair.


Surveillance (Jan., $24) by Jonathan Raban observes a journalist who is drawn into the life of her latest subject, a history professor whose memoir has become a bestseller.

Only Revolutions (Sept., $26) by Mark Z. Danielewski tells of two kids who magically career from the Civil War to the Iraq War without growing old. 12-city author tour


The Last Cavalier (Feb., $30) by Alexandre Dumas offers a newly discovered novel.


Against the Day (Dec., $35) by Thomas Pynchon. Ranging over the period between the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and the post-WWI years, this novel visits far-flung locales—including a few not strictly speaking on any map.


Oakdale Confidential: Secrets Revealed (Nov., $19.95) by Katie Peretti. This expanded edition of the bestseller exposes new secrets about the As the World Turns characters.

A Christine Feehan Holiday Treasury (Nov., $15) by Christine Feehan collects three paranormal romance holiday novellas.

Little Lady, Big Apple (Feb., $23) by Hester Browne portrays the chaos that follows nine months after Melissa Romney-Jones organizes the perfect wedding for her sister.


The Afghan (Sept., $26.95) by Frederick Forsyth considers modern terrorism. Advertising.

The Godfather’s Revenge (Nov., $25.95) by Mark Winegardner offers the third installment in the epic chronicle of the Corleone crime family. 5-city author tour.

John’s Story: The Last Eye Witness (Nov., $24.95) by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins is the first in a four-book series titled the Jesus Chronicles. Advertising.

Born in Death (Nov., $24.95) by J.D. Robb chronicles a police lieutenant’s struggles. Advertising.

Treasure of Kahn (Dec., $27.95) by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler follows Dirk Pitt on another adventure. Author tour.

The Hunters (Jan., $26.95) by W.E.B. Griffin brings back Delta Force Maj. Charley Castillo for a third escapade. 5-city author tour.


Thirteen Moons (Sept., $24.95) by Anna Quindlen studies the meaning of success through the lives of two sisters. 10-city author tour. Advertising.

Return to Big Stone Gap (Sept., $24.95) by Adriana Trigiani presents the next chapter in the Big Stone Gap saga. Advertising.10-city author tour.

Thirteen Moons (Oct., $25.95) by Charles Frazier involves a 12-year-old boy who is sent to run a trading post in 19th-century America. Advertising.

The Handmaid and the Carpenter (Nov., $16.95) by Elizabeth Berg reimagines the events of the Christmas story.


Welcome to the Real World (Sept., $21.95) by Carole Matthews. In one week a woman lands a spot on a TV reality show and a job as a personal assistant to a famous singer.


The Zero (Sept., $25.95) by Jess Walter portrays a man trying to make sense of the world after 9/11.


L.A. Rex (Sept., $24.95) by Will Beall follows an LAPD antigang officer as he patrols the streets.

The Teahouse Fire (Dec., $24.95) by Ellis Avery charts the paths of an American woman and a Japanese woman in late 19th-century Japan.


Wind Shift (Oct., $24.95) by Andrea De Carlo marks the English-language debut of this Italian novelist, who journeys into a modern Umbrian Heart of Darkness.


Imperium (Sept., $26) by Robert Harris visits ancient Rome as Marcus Cicero rises to power. 350,000 first printing. 10-city author tour.

Finding Noel (Oct., $19.95) by Richard Paul Evans depicts a woman’s search for her long-lost sister. 500,000 first printing. 5-city author tour.


The Boleyn Inheritance (Dec., $25.95) by Philippa Gregory features the only survivor of the Boleyn family, Jane Boleyn, and the two queens she served and betrayed.


Blind Singer Joe’s Blues (Nov., $22.50) by Robert Love Taylor tells the story of country, “white blues,” bluegrass and rock and roll through a group of East Tennessee musicians.


A Merry Little Christmas (Nov., $16.95) by Catherine Palmer and Jillian Hart contains two holiday stories.


The Law of Dreams (Sept., $24.95) by Peter Behrens covers a young man’s journey from Ireland to Liverpool and on to Wales during the potato famine of 1847.


The Devil in the Junior League (Sept., $22.95) by Linda Francis Lee introduces a member of the Willow Creek, Tex., Junior League whose life starts unraveling big-time.

The Bancroft Strategy (Oct., $26.95) by Robert Ludlum observes two figures who find themselves facing a dark organization that twists global politics to its own ends.


Goodnight, Texas (Oct., $24.95) by William J. Cobb describes residents of a small fishing town struggling to survive economic woes and a looming hurricane. Author tour.


Devotion (Oct., $24.95) by Julia Oliver fictionalizes the life of Winnie Davis, youngest daughter of Jefferson Davis.


Heavier than Air (Nov., $24.95) by Nona Caspers collects short stories set in a world in which people are on the cusp of some deeper consciousness.


Hecho en Tejas: An Anthology of Texas-Mexican Literature (Nov., $29.95), edited by Dagoberto Gilb, contains 100 selections ranging from the 16th century to the present.


Somewhere in Germany (Sept., $24.95) by Stefanie Zweig. In this sequel to Somewhere in Africa, the Redlich amily returns to Germany from their exile in Kenya during WWII.


Paradise (Sept., $21.95) by Koji Suzuki spans millennia of love lost and found by three incarnations of a couple.


Paula Spencer (Jan., $24.95) by Roddy Doyle picks up the protagonist of The Woman Who Walked into Doors eight years later, after she has quit drinking.

The Aeneid (Nov., $40) by Virgil, trans. by Robert Fagles, updates the classic and includes a glossary and extensive notes.

The Mitford Bedside Companion (Oct., $26.95) by Jan Karon features scenes, characters, crossword puzzles and trivia questions from the Mitford Years series. 3-city author tour.


Red River (Jan., $24.99) by Lalita Tademy intertwines the stories of two families during the years after the Civil War. Advertising.8-city author tour.

Dear John (Oct., $24.99) by Nicholas Sparks tells of a contemporary soldier who receives a Dear John letter while still enlisted.


Hood (Sept., $24.99) by Stephen Lawhead retells the legend of Robin Hood, setting it in Wales.