Vancouver's Arsenal Pulp Press, the Little Press That Could, has hit another home run in publishing The Future Is Queer: A Science Fiction Anthology [Nov. 1], edited by Richard Labonte and Lawrence Schimel. This well-edited anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories offers an amazing selection of talent, including Neil Gaiman, Rachel Pollock and Bryan Talbot. The futuristic genre is perfect for giving us perspective on the present world that we live in. Now that the LGBT community has achieved some degree of acceptance in society, will we still need to socialize or will we find our commonality with other parents raising children in the suburbs? Will queers in the military ever be treated with true equality? What about cloning, gene manipulation and gender assignment? These are some of the tough questions that this amazing fiction anthology addresses. It has always been our fiction writers who must illuminate the way. The editors have done a wonderful job.