Dreamgirls, the film so big it needs two tie-in titles, leads the list of movies with related books debuting in early 2007. As for film adaptations, there's Arthur and the Invisibles, based on the children's book by Luc Besson—not to be confused with the The Invisible, based on the YA novel by Mats Wahl. Both films open in January.

This winter also brings the movie version of Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake and—catering to somewhat different tastes—the return of big screen favorites Hannibal Lecter and The Teenage Mutant Turtles.

MOVIESJANUARYDreamgirlsStarring Jamie Foxx, Beyoncé Knowles, Eddie MurphyDirected by Bill CondonRelease date December 25, limited; January 19, wide (DreamWorks/Paramount)Tie-ins from Newmarket:Dreamgirls: The Movie Musical (Jan. 16; 25,000 combined hardcover & trade paper); Dreamgirls: Collector's Program (Feb. 15; 10,000 paper)Before writer/director Condon gave it the silver screen treatment, this film, loosely based on the lives of The Supremes, was a hit Broadway musical. Variety clocked Oscar buzz as early as Cannes.Arthur and the InvisiblesVoices of Robert DeNiro, Madonna, Snoop DoggDirected by Luc BessonRelease date December 29, limited; January 12, wide (MGM)Based on the novel by Luc Besson (HarperEntertainment, Nov. 21; 50,000 paper)Besson's part live-action, part computer-animated adaptation of his own children's book series; his 10th and last film.The InvisibleStarring Justin Chatwin, Marcia Gay Harden, Margarita LevievaDirected by David S. GoyerRelease date January 26 (Disney/Touchstone)Based on the novel by Mats Wahl (FSG for Young Readers, Jan.; 7,500 hardcover)A supernatural thriller from the producers of The Sixth Sense about a young man whose attack by thugs renders him invisible, suspended between life and death.FEBRUARYHannibal RisingStarring Gaspard Ulliel, Gong Li, Rhys IfansDirected by Peter WebberRelease date February 9 (MGM)Based on the novel by Thomas Harris (Delacorte, Dec. 5; 2.1 million hardcover)This fourth novel to feature psychiatrist/serial killer Hannibal Lecter—also the fourth to go to the silver screen—unravels the depraved doctor's grisly beginnings.Bridge to TerabithiaStarring Josh Hutcherson, AnnaSophia Robb, Zooey DeschanelDirected by Gabor CsupoRelease date February 16 (Disney Pictures & Walden Media)Tie-ins from HarperEntertainment (Dec. 26): Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson, illus. by Donna Diamond (200,000 paper); Bridge to Terabithia: The Official Movie Companion by David Paterson (75,000 paper)Katherine Paterson's Newbery Medal—winning (1978) tale of a boy and girl who imagine a fantastical world of their own, a secret kingdom in the woods.Ghost RiderStarring Nicolas Cage, Wes Bentley, Eva MendesDirected by Mark Steven JohnsonRelease date February 16 (Sony)Tie-in:Ghost Rider: The Visual Guide by Andrew Darling (hardcover)The director of Daredevil cinematizes the long-running Marvel Comics series; superhero and Faustian genres combine.MARCHShooterStarring Mark Wahlberg, Michael Peña, Danny GloverDirected by Antoine FuquaRelease date March 2 (Paramount)Based onPoint of Impact by Stephen Hunter (Bantam, Jan. 30; 85,000 mass market)Originally published in 1993, Hunter's political thriller centers on disgruntled ex-marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger, described by PW as "a thinking man's Rambo."The NamesakeStarring Kal Penn, Jacinda Barrett, Irfahn KhanDirected by Mira NairRelease date March 9 (Fox Searchlight)Based on the novel by Jhumpa Lahiri (Houghton Mifflin/Mariner, Jan. 22; 150,000 trade paper)Pulitzer Prize—winner Lahiri's first novel juxtaposes conflicting cultures in Calcutta and Boston.Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesDirected by Kevin MunroeRelease date March 23 (Mirage Studios/ Warner Bros./Weinstein Co.)Tie-ins from Simon Spotlight (Jan. 23, digest paper): TMNT Movie Novelization by Steve Murphy; TMNT Movie Sticker Book by Irene KilpatrickTie-ins from Simon Scribbles (Jan. 23, paper coloring & activity books): TMNT: Cowabunga! by Scott Nickel; TMNT: The Nightwatcher by Tisha Hamilton; TMNT: Turtle Power! by Danielle Denega; TMNT: Turtles Together by Benjamin HarperThe fourth movie born of the once mega- and now retro-popular TMNT franchise.Meet the RobinsonsVoices of Angela Bassett, Tom Selleck, Harland WilliamsDirected by Stephen J. AndersonRelease date March 30 (Disney Pictures)Based onA Day with Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce (HarperCollins Children's Books, Sept. 2006; 50,000 hardcover)Tie-ins from HarperEntertainment:Coloring & Activity Book 3-in-One (200,000 paper); Coloring & Activity Book and Crayons (200,000 paper); Coloring & Activity Book and Stickers (200,000 paper); Coloring & Activity Book and Tattoos (200,000 paper); Meet the Robinsons: The Junior Novel by Irene Trimble (200,000 paper); Meet the Robinsons: The Movie Storybook by Barbara Bazaldua (200,000 paper-over-board); Paint Book by Cynthia Hands, illus. by Flavia Scuderi (200,000 paper); The Reusable Sticker Book by John Lodin (200,000 paper); A Family for Lewis by Sadie Chesterfield (150,000 I Can Read!); Journey to the Future by Apple Jordan (150,000 I Can Read!); Keep Moving Forward by Katherine Emmons, illus. by Ron Husband (150,000 8x8 paper); Meet the Robinsons: The Chapter Book by Jasmine Jones (150,000 paper); Me, Myself and the Bowler Hat Guy by Annie Auerbach, illus. by Ron Husband (150,000 8x8 paper); Where Are Grandpa's Teeth? by Katherine Emmons, illus. by Ron Husband (100,000 8x8 paper); Who Wants Some Pizza? by Erin P. Rade, illus. by Len Smith (100,000 8x8 paper)Young Lewis's invention, the Memory Scanner, is stolen by the Bowler Hat Guy; mysterious Wilbur Robinson has time machine and will travel.TV—ONGOING SERIES
American Dad (Fox)
Tie-in:American Dad Mad Libs by Roger Price and Leonard Stern (Price Stern Sloan, Mar. 22; 20,000 paper)
Angelina Ballerina (PBS Kids, PBS Kids Sprout)
Tie-in:My First Ballet Class, based on the stories by Katherine Holabird, illus. by Helen Craig (Grosset & Dunlap, Apr. 19; 27,500 hardcover)
Avatar (Nick)
Tie-ins from Simon Spotlight (Jan. 23): The Lost Scrolls: Air by Tom Mason and Dan Danko, illus. by Josie Lee; The Lost Scrolls: Earth by Michael Teitelbaum, illus. by Shane L. Johnson
Baby Looney Tunes (Cartoon Network)
Tie-ins from Simon Scribbles (Jan. 9, coloring & activity): Double-Talk by Laura Floss; When I Grow Up by Marcie Aboff
The Backyardigans (Nick Jr.)
Tie-ins from Simon Spotlight:A Is for Adventure by Irene Kilpatrick, illus. by Susan Hall (Apr. 24, board book); #6 Trouble on the Train by Catherine Lukas (Apr. 24, Ready-to-Read); Meet Tyrone! by Irene Kilpatrick, illus. by Warner McGee (Jan. 10, hand puppet cloth book); The Mud Monster by Kara McMahon, illus. by Carlo Lo Raso (Jan. 23, bath book); #8 The Mystery of the Jeweled Eggs by Lara Bergen, illus. by Warner McGee (Jan. 23, 8x8 paper)
Battlestar Galactica (Sci Fi Channel)
Tie-in:Unity by Steven Harper (Tor, Apr. 3; 25,000 trade paper)
Big Idea's Veggietales (NBC, Telemundo)
Tie-ins from Simon Scribbles (Jan. 9, coloring & activity): Sports Heros by Sonia Sander, illus. by Franchesco!
Blue's Clues (Nick Jr.)
Tie-ins from Simon Spotlight (Jan. 23): Blue Says by Orli Zuravicky, illus. by Karen Craig (board book); Healthy Snacks with Blue! by J-P Chanda, illus. by Dan Kanemoto (8x8 paper)
Charlie and Lola (Playhouse Disney)
Tie-ins from Grosset & Dunlap (Mar. 1, 35,000 paper): My Very Busy Sticker Stories and My Picnic Sticker Stories, based on the creations of Lauren Child
Curious George (PBS)
Tie-ins from Houghton Mifflin (Apr.): Curious George Cleans Up (100,000 Early Reader); Curious George Cleans Up: Bilingual English/Spanish Edition (20,000 Early Reader); Curious George: Tadpole Trouble (100,000 picture book)
Dora the Explorer (Nick Jr.)
Tie-ins from Simon Spotlight:#13 Dora Helps Diego by Laura Driscoll, illus. by Tom Mangano (Feb. 27, Ready-to-Read); Dora's Special Delivery by Emily Sollinger, illus. by Dave Aikins (Jan. 23, novelty); Dora's Sweet Adventure: A Scratch and Sniff Board Book by Brooke Linder, illus. by Tom Mangano (Jan. 23); #21 Dora Climbs Star Mountain adapted by Alison Inches, illus. by A&J Studios (Jan. 9, 8x8 paper); #22 It's Sharing Day by Kristen Larsen, illus. by Ron Zalme (Jan. 23, 8x8 paper)
Edgar & Ellen (Nicktoons Network)
Tie-in#6 Nod's Limbs by Charles Ogden, illus. by Rick Carton (Aladdin Paperbacks, Feb. 27; paper over board)
Family Guy (Fox)
Tie-in:Family Guy Mad Libs by Roger Price and Leonard Stern (Price Stern Sloan, Mar. 22; 50,000 paper)
Flight 29 Down (NBC)
Tie-in:#6 On Fire by Walter Sorrells (Grosset & Dunlap, Feb. 15; 12,500 paper)
Go Diego, Go! (Nick Jr.)
Tie-ins from Simon Spotlight:#3 Diego and Papi to the Rescue by Wendy Wax, illus. by John Hom (Jan. 23, 8x8 paper); Diego's Egg Quest by Cynthia Stierle (Jan. 23, 8x8 paper w/ holographic stickers); Diego's Animal Science Book by Kara McMahon (Jan. 23, 8x8 paper w/ gatefold map & stickers); #3 Diego Saves a Butterfly by Lara Bergen, illus. by Warner McGee (Feb. 27, Ready-to-Read); #4 Go, Baby Jaguar! by Kirsten Larsen, illus. by Art Mawhinney (Apr. 10, Ready-to-Read)
Jakers! (PBS Kids)
Tie-ins from Simon Spotlight (illus. by Entara Ltd.): #3 The Lost Shamrock by Alison Inches (Jan. 9, 8x8 paper); #4 Big Brother Piggley by Jodi Huelin (Jan. 23, Ready-to-Read); Piggly Jokes All Day!: A Lift-the-Flap-and-Laugh Book by Tom Mason and Dan Danko (Apr. 24, 8x8 w/ flaps)
Jane and the Dragon (NBC)
Tie-ins from Candlewick (Mar. 1, paper): Jane and the Dragon by Martin Baynton (35,000); Jane and the Magician by Martin Baynton (35,000)
Lazytown (Nick)
Tie-ins from Simon Spotlight:#5 Happy Brush Day! adapted by Justin Spelvin, illus. by Tino Santanach (Jan. 9, 8x8 paper); #4 Pirates! adapted by Jane E. Gerver, illus. by Howard Simpson (Feb. 27, Ready-to-Read)
Max and Ruby (Nick Jr.)
Tie-in:Max Counts His Chickens by Rosemary Wells (Viking, Feb. 1; 25,000 hardcover)
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (Nick Jr., CBS)
Tie-ins from Grosset & Dunlap/Callaway (Feb. 2, combined 20,000 hardcover): Flower Power and Giddy Up Bugs! by David Kirk
SpongeBob SquarePants (Nick)
Tie-ins from Simon Spotlight:SpongeBob PartyPants by Orli Zuravicky, illus. by Barry Goldberg (Feb. 6, novelty board); #11 Just Say "Please!" by Sarah Willson, illus. by Harry Moore (Mar. 26, Ready-to-Read); #13 Where's Gary? adapted by David Lewman, illus. by Barry Goldberg (Apr. 24, digest/chapter); #14 Hooray for Dads! by Erica Pass (Apr. 24, 8x8 paper)
Totally Spies (Cartoon Network)
Tie-in:JellyBean Jam by Tracey West, illus. by Jim Durk (Simon Spotlight, Apr. 10, 8x8 paper w/ stickers)
Jump In!Air Date January 12 (Disney Channel)
Starring Corbin Bleu and Keke Palmer
Directed by Paul Hoen
Tie-in:Jump In!: The Junior Novel by M.C. King (Disney Press, Jan. 1; 125,000 paper)
Great Jaguar RescueAir Date January 15 (Nick Jr.)
Tie-in:Go, Baby Jaguar! (Simon Spotlight, Jan. 9; Ready-to-Read)
Dora the Explorer: Dora Climbs Star MountainAir Date March 12 (Nick Jr.)
Tie-in:Dora Climbs Star Mountain (Simon Spotlight, Jan. 9; 8x8 paper)