Hollywood has long relied on superheroes to save more than innocents and damsels in distress. Batman, Superman, the X-Men: they've all done their share, and then some, in lifting box-office returns. And 2007 will be no exception. Aside from the familiar faces—among others, Tobey Maguire will re-suit up for Spider-Man 3, and the cast of The Fantastic Four will return—a number of characters from non—brand name comics (some who don't even have superhuman strength) are also headed to theaters. Here's a look at a few of the cult graphic novels, manga, etc. that may see a sales boost when film adaptations hit the screens.

300: The early buzz on this March release from Warner Bro.s is strong. The film is an adaptation of Frank Miller's same-titled graphic novel about the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C., when an outnumbered Spartan army was defeated by a massive Persian offensive. The ultra-violent film has also sparked a tie-in: Dark Horse published 300: The Art of the Film in December. According to Nielsen BookScan 300 has moved 27,000 copies to date.

Persepolis: Marjane Satrapi's bestseller about her coming-of-age in Iran during the 1980s, originally written in French, is being turned into an English-language animated film. The Sony Pictures Classics release, also called Persepolis, is due out later this year and features the voice of Catherine Deneuve. The film was adapted for the screen and codirected by Satrapi herself. According to publisher Pantheon, no plans have been made for a tie-in edition "but that could change." BookScan says the paperback has sold 80,000 copies.

Priest: Tokyopop's manga series about a renegade man of the cloth who breaks with church law to capture a coven of vampires is being pulled together by Screen Gems. Priest the movie, which will be largely based on the first title in the series, has director Andrew Douglas (Amityville Horror) attached, with Gerald Butler (Phantom of the Opera) in the lead. No word from Tokyopop on tie-in plans, but the publisher did say filming is set to begin in February. Priest, Vol. 1 has sold 20,000 copies, according to BookScan.

Hawaiian Dick:Magnum P.I., it ain't. This 1950s-set series from Image Comics about a washed-up detective who becomes embroiled in a local homicide is, according to a rep at the publisher, one of the house's "most consistent sellers," with over 1,000 copies in print. The New Line Cinema adaptation, based heavily on the first volume in the series and also called Hawaiian Dick, currently has Johnny Knoxville attached to star and Click director Frank Coraci behind the camera.

30 Days of Night: Josh Hartnett leads a strong cast (which includes a host of up-and-comers, like Six Feet Under's Ben Foster) in this take on IDW's horror series about an Alaska town infiltrated by vampires during a lengthy stretch of sunless days. Sony Pictures is planning an October 2007 release for the film, with director David Slade (Hard Candy) on board and Spider-Man helmer Sam Raimi producing. The paperback graphic novel pulling the series together has, according to BookScan, sold 11,000 copies.