Following earlier announcements by Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million, Borders Group reported last week that it, too, had disappointing holiday sales. Total sales at Borders's superstores rose 2.7%, to $709 million, but comp sales were down 1.9%. A decline in store traffic was cited as the primary reason for the weaker than expected sales. Although total sales rose at the major bookstore chains during the holidays, same-store sales declined across the board.

Chain Holiday Scorecard

Company Total Sales % Chge % Comp Sales Chge
Barnes & Noble
Superstores 2.6% -0.1%
Dalton -31.3 -7.6
Borders Group
Superstores 2.7 -1.9
Waldenbooks -9.0 -6.3
Books-A-Million 0.7 -2.1