(IPG, dist.)


Stolen Man: The Story of the Amistad Rebellion ($7.95) by Barry Louis Polisar tells of the rebellion on the Amistad slave ship. (9-up)


(PGW, dist.)

The Aunts Come Marching ($15.95) by Bill Richardson, illus. by Cynthia Nugent. A sing-along counting book. (3-8)


Runnerland ($9.95) by John Burns is the tale of a teenage runaway who goes underground. (12-up)

The 25 Pains of Kennedy Baines ($7.95) by Dede Crane reveals the angst, melodrama and romance in the life of a teenage girl. (14-up) Paperback Series

Pauline debuts with The Thrilling Life of Pauline de Lammermoor and The Mysterious Adventures of Pauline Bovary by Edeet Ravel ($7.95 each, 10-up).


(PGW, dist.)

Paperback Series

Sirius continues with Golden Boy by Beverly and Chris Wood ($7.95, 8-12). And The Quirky Girls' Guide to Rest Stops and Road Trips travels on with Life with a Capital L by Karen Rivers ($7.95, 14-up).


Potties! ($6.99) by Stuart Trotter. This book for potty trainees includes stickers. (1-3)

Happy Healthy Monsters: Good Night, Tucked in Tight (All About Sleep) ($6.99) by Naomi Kleinberg, illus. by Barry Goldberg. Grover and Elmo talk about getting a good night's sleep. (2-4)

I'd Really Like to Eat a Child ($14.99) by Sylviane Donnio, illus. by Dorothee de Monfried. The girl a crocodile has chosen to eat picks him up and tickles his tummy. (2-6)

Big Black Horse ($14.99) by Walter Farley, illus. by James Schucker, is a picture-book version of The Black Stallion . (3-9)

Never Tease a Weasel ($15.99) by Jean Conder Soule, illus. by George Booth, presents a rhyme offering sage advice. (4-7)

Tomorrow's Magic ($15.99) by Pamela F. Service. Two misfits at a British boarding school are fascinated by a calm, older student. (8-12)

Leepike Ridge ($15.99) by N.D. Wilson. What a boy finds under Leepike Ridge changes his life forever. (8-12)

Elissa's Quest ($16.99) by Erica Verrillo launches the Phoenix Rising trilogy. (9-12).

The Annotated Cat: Under the Hats of Seuss and His Cats ($30) by Philip Nel provides page-by-page annotations of The Cat in the Hat and The Cat and the Hat Comes Back . (10-up)

Nobody's Princess ($16.99) by Esther Friesner portrays the life of the girl who became Helen of Troy. (12-16)


Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection adds Up, Up, Up with the Cat by Dr. Seuss, illus. by Jan Gerardi ($14.99, up to 3). Bright and Early Board Books introduces Summer by Alice Low, illus. by Roy McKie ($4.99, up to 3); and Thomas and Friends: Blue Train, Green Train by Rev. W. Awdry ($4.99, 1-3). Step into Reading-For Baby Board Books releases Ducks in Muck by Lori Haskins, illus. by Valeria Petrone; and I Like Stars by Margaret Wise Brown, illus. by Joan Paley ($4.99 each, up to 3). New Bright and Early Books are The Ear Book by Al Perkins, illus. by Henry Payne ($8.99, 2-6); and Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs: X Marks the Spot by Schuyler Hooke, illus. by Art Mawhinney ($8.99, 3-7). New Sesame Street titles are Baby Play , illus. by John Barrett ($4.99, up to 4); and Lots of Opposites by Christy Webster, illus. by Christopher Moroney ($7.99, 1-4). And Sesame Subjects adds My First Book About Reptiles by Kama Einhorn, illus. by Moroney ($7.99, 2-5).

Harry and the Dinosaurs star in Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School by Ian Whybrow, illus. by Adrian Reynolds ($15.99, 3-7). Thomas and Friends releases Track Stars Book and CD by Rev. W. Awdry ($9.99, 3-7). New to Beginner Books is Fred and Ted Like to Fly by Peter Anthony Eastman ($8.99, 5-8). The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library adds My, Oh My-A Butterfly! by Tish Rabe, illus. by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu ($8.99, 5-8). Junie B. Jones, First Grader reappears in Dumb Bunny! by Barbara Park, illus. by Denise Brunkus ($11.99, 6-9). Little Fur is back in A Fox Called Sorrow by Isobelle Carmody ($14.99, 6-12). Maude March returns in Maude March on the Run! by Audrey Couloumbis ($15.99, 8-12). Magic Tree House releases Dragon of the Red Dawn by Mary Pope Osborne, illus. by Sal Murdocca ($11.99, 8-12). And joining The Five Ancestors is Crane by Jeff Stone ($15.99, 10-14).

Paperback Series

Thomas and Friends continues with Thomas' Milkshake Muddle: Three Thomas and Friends Stories , photos by Richard Courtney ($3.99, 3-6). Step into Reading has eight additions ($3.99 each, 3-6 to 7-9). There are 10 new Stepping Stone Books ($3.99-$5.99 each, 6-9 to 7-11). And Babymouse adds Camp Babymouse by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm ($5.99, 7-10).


A Dog Called Grk ($14.99) by Joshua Doder. Tim discovers that the owners of the stray dog that befriends him have been kidnapped and imprisoned. (9-12)

Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood ($18.99) by Ann Brashares concludes the Traveling Pants saga. (12-up)

How to Get Suspended and Influence People ($15.99) by Adam Seltzer. When he is suspended for a video he makes, Leon finds himself at the center of a town-wide debate over censorship. (12-up)

Notes on a Near-Life Experience ($15.99) by Olivia Birdsall. As Mia's home life starts to crumble, her love life finally begins to come together. (12-up)

The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel ($16.99) by Michael Scott. The secret of eternal life is hidden in the book Nicholas protects. (12-up)

The Noah Confessions ($15.99) by Barbara Hall. The charm bracelet Lynnie receives as a present reveals family secrets. (12-up)

Stray ($15.99) by Stacey Goldblatt. Natalie is drawn to the mysterious stranger who is staying with her family for the summer. (12-up)

Brothers, Boyfriends & Other Criminal Minds ($15.99) by April Lurie. When a Mafia hit man approaches two friends for a favor, they can't refuse. (12-up)

Hit and Run ($10.99) by Lurlene McDaniel. Four young people must find a way to deal with the consequences of their choices. (12-up)

Spells & Sleeping Bags ($16.99) by Sarah Mlynowski. During a summer at camp, Rachel Weinstein's powers as a witch are realized. (12-up)

Switched ($15.99) by Jessica Wollman. Two girls from very different backgrounds trade places. (12-up)

Lemonade Mouth ($15.99) by Mark Peter Hughes. Five narrators tell the story of a band that a group of students start. (12-up)

Feels Like Home ($15.99) by E.E. Charlton-Trujillo. When her brother leaves town, Mickey is left with her drunken father and her anger. (12-up)

Anatomy of a Boyfriend ($16.99) by Daria Snadowsky. Dominique discovers just how complicated senior year can be. (14-up)

Better Than Yesterday ($15.99) by Robyn Schneider. Senior year will forever change three students at an elite prep school. (14-up)

Life As It Comes ($15.99) by Anne-Laure Bondoux. When their parents die in an accident, carefree Patty is appointed guardian of her younger studious sister. (14-up)

Cures for Heartbreak ($15.99) by Margo Rabb. After her mother's sudden death, a teen, her father and older sister find a way to live on. (14-up)

Prom Dates from Hell ($15.99) by Rosemary Clement Moore. Maggie realizes she must discover who unleashed an ancient evil in her school. (14-up)

Grief Girl: My True Story ($15.99) by Erin Vincent. When the author's parents died in a car crash, she and her siblings were left on their own. (14-up)

Ricochet ($15.99) by Julie Gonzalez. A bully, a gun and a dare change Connor's life forever. (14-up)

Tell Me Lies ($15.99) by Patrick Cooper. Set in 1969, this novel tells of a group of individuals living in a communal house. (14-up)


Tattoo ($7.99) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Temporary tattoos give four girls supernatural powers. (12-up)

The Prince and the Snowgirl ($8.99) by Simon Cheshire centers on a boy who impersonates a prince. (12-up)

Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress ($7.99) by Tina Ferraro. What will a girl who was dumped two days before prom do with her dress? (12-up)

Learning to Swim ($8.99) by Cheryl Klam. Steffie falls in love with a lifeguard who offers to teach her to swim-but he has a girlfriend. (12-up)

Shining On: 11 Star Authors' Illuminating Stories ($8.99) by Meg Rosoff, Meg Cabot, Melvin Burgess, Anne Fine and others, collects autobiographical tales. (12-up)

The Celebutantes: On the Avenue ($9.99) by Antonio Pagliarulo. Three heiress triplets find themselves in the middle of a scandal. (14-up)

Paperback Series

The Hollywood Sisters return in On Location by Mary Wilcox ($7.99, 10-up).


Ariel's Wavy Curls and Cinderella's Golden Locks ($7.99 each) are board books packaged with a comb and lock of hair. (3-7)

Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille: I Smell a Rat ($9.99) is a scratch-and-sniff book based on this film. (3-7)

Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille: Read-Aloud Storybook ($8.99) ties in to this film. (3-8)


Pooh Hummables adds Who Cares? Pooh Cares! by Bonnie Worth, illus. by Samantha Hollister ($6.99, up to 4). Pooh Colors , illus. by Rebecca Hahn, joins Pooh Thinkables ($8.99, 2-5). New Pooh Adore-ables are Pooh Builds and Pooh Draws , illus. by Rebecca Hahn ($7.99 each, 3-5). And Disney Fairies fly on in The Disappearing Sun and The Shell Gift by Tennant Redbank ($7.99 each, 6-10); and Fairies in Flight by Andrea Posner-Sanchez ($9.99, 6-11).


Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille: Oh, Brother! ($3.99, 4-7); Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille: Recipe for Disaster ($3.99, 7-10); and Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille: The Junior Novelization ($4.99, 8-12) are movie tie-ins.


Cock-A-Doodle Quack Quack ($15.99) by Ivor Baddiel and Sophie Jubb, illus. by Ailie Busby. A wise owl helps a baby rooster who doesn't know how to wake everyone up in the morning. (4-8)

Uneversaurus ($16.99) by Aidan Potts. What do we know about what dinosaurs looked like? (5-8)

Into the Woods ($16.99) by Lyn Gardner, illus. by Mini Grey. Forced to flee into the woods, orphaned sisters encounter a variety of obstacles. (8-12)

At the Firefly Gate ($15.99) by Linda Newbery. When his family moves to the country, Henry becomes even more of an outsider until an old woman tells him of her past romance. (10-up)

A Swift Pure Cry ($16.99) by Siobhan Dowd. After her mother dies, Shell takes solace in her friendships with a young priest and her childhood friend. (12-up)

Kat Got Your Tongue ($15.99) by Lee Weatherly. When a car accident wipes away Kat's memory, her old diary reveals the secrets of her past. (12-up)


Far-Flung Adventures continues with Hugo Pepper by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell ($14.99, 8-12). And The Edge Chronicles adds The Winter Knights by Stewart and Riddell ($12.99, 10-12).


How Big Is Bunny? ($11.99) is a puppet book featuring a bunny. (up to 3)

All Aboard Noah's Ark! ($3.99) by Mary Josephs is a board book with flaps. (up to 4)

In the Beginning ($3.99) by Mary Josephs, illus. by Kathy Mitchell. This board book with flaps tells of God's creations. (up to 4)

Wake Up, Papa Bear! ($9.99) by David Algrim. Little Cub tries to wake Papa up in this book with tabs and textures. (1-5)

Cowlick! by Christian Ditchfield, illus. by Rosalind Beardshaw. Who comes in the middle of the night to give sleeping heads a cow kiss? (2-5)

Please and Thank You, God ($6.99) by Dennis Shealy is a padded board book celebrating God's gifts. (2-5)

The Fire Engine Book and CD by Tibor Gergely and The Little Red Hen Book and CD by J.P. Miller ($7.99 each) package these classic tales with a CD. (2-5)

The Circus Is Coming ($15.99) by Hilary Knight is a new edition of this 1978 tale. (3-9)


Barbie Fairytopia offers Mermaidia Board Book ($4.99, up to 5). Barbie High Fashion debuts with Glam & Glitz and Cool & Casual by Mary Man-Kong ($4.99 each, 3-7). The Backyardigans adds All Around the World! Book and CD ($9.99, 3-7). And Dora the Explorer returns in Journey to Fairytale Land Book and CD ($9.99, 3-7).

Paperback Series

Barbie is back in Barbie Loves Cheerleading by Rebecca Frazer ($3.99, 3-7). And Barbie Fairytopia gains Magic of the Rainbow: A Storybook by Mary Man-Kong ($3.99, 4-7).


One Naked Baby ($15.99) by Maggie Smith is a counting tale relaying a toddler's adventures. (up to 5)

Donkey-Donkey ($15.99) by Roger Duvoisin brings back this 1940 bestseller. (2-6)

Scribble ($15.99) by Deborah Freedman. Emma likes to draw princesses and her sister prefers kitties; can their drawings get along? (3-6)

Don't Touch My Hat ($16.99) by James Rumford. A Wild West sheriff thinks it is his 10-gallon hat that sends bad guys galloping out of town. (4-8)

Edwardo: The Horriblest Boy in the Whole Wide World ($16.99) by John Burningham introduces a not-so-horrible child. (4-8)

Together ($15.99) by Jane Simmons. Two very different dogs enjoy playing together. (4-8)

The Wicked Big Toddlah ($16.99) by Kevin Hawkes centers on a mischievous oversized toddler. (4-8)

Nicolas, Where Have You Been? ($16.99) by Leo Lionni is a new edition of this 1987 tale about a young mouse's adventure. (4-8)

The Adventures of Max and Pinky: Best Buds ($12.99) by Maxwell Eaton. On Adventure Day, Max can't find his best friend. (5-8)

The Secret Life of Walter Kitty ($16.99) by Barbara Jean Hicks, illus. by Dan Santat. A housecat imagines himself in various brave roles. (5-8)

Ginger Bear ($15.99) by Mini Grey. A bear-shaped cookie tries to avoid being eaten. (5-8)

Strong Man: The Story of Charles Atlas ($15.99) by Meghan McCarthy profiles this fitness expert. (5-8)

Whale ($16.99) by David Lucas. What happens when a whale lands on top of a town? (5-8)

Diego ($15.99) by Jonah Winter, illus. by Jeanette Winter. This edition of a biography of Mexican muralist Diego has text in English and Spanish. (6-10)

The Friskative Dog ($14.99) by Susan Straight. Now that her father is missing, the Friskative Dog he gave her is more important to her than ever. (8-12)

Summerhouse Time ($12.99) by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Joanne Lew-

Vreithoff. Will Sophie's annual family vacation be as great as always? (8-12)

The Rising Star of Rusty Nail ($15.99) by Lesley M.M. Blume. A mysterious Russian woman arrives in the town of a young piano prodigy. (8-12)

Good Sports: Rhymes About Running, Jumping, Throwing, and More ($16.99) by Jack Prelutsky, illus. by Chris Raschka, rounds up verse about games. (8-up)

Take-Off: American All-Girl Bands During World War II ($18.99) by Tonya Bolden. This chronicle of female jazz bands comes with a CD. (10-14)

Leap ($15.99) by Jane Breskin Zalben. When an accident leaves Daniel temporarily paralyzed, he needs his old friend Krista more than ever. (10-up)

Corydon and the Fall of Atlantis ($15.99) by Tobias Druitt is the second volume of the Corydon trilogy. (10-up)

Runner ($15.99) by Robert Newton. After his father's death, Charlie wants to quit school to make money to give his mother and brother a better life. (10-up)

The Middle of Somewhere ($15.99) by J.B. Cheaney. A small-town girl takes a wild ride across the prairie. (10-up)

Wildwood Dancing ($16.99) by Juliet Marillier. When the peace of their kingdom is shattered, five sisters endure tests of trust, strength and love. (12-up)

Am I Right Or Am I Right? ($15.99) by Barry Jonsberg. After her life starts to fall apart, a girl learns how to begin all over again. (12-up)

The Year of My Miraculous Reappearance ($15.99) by Catherine Ryan Hyde. The daughter of an alcoholic must care for herself and her brother. (12-up)

Your Own, Sylvia: A Verse Portrait of Sylvia Plath ($15.99) by Stephanie Hemphill offers a portrait of Plath's life in poems. (12-up)

Bad Tickets ($15.99) by Kathleen O'Dell. This story about Mary Margaret Hallinan touches upon friendship, feminism and 1960s counterculture. (12-up)

Salome ($15.99) by Beatrice Gormley portrays this biblical character from her own perspective. (12-up)

The Decoding of Lana Morris ($15.99) by Laura and Tom McNeal. A foster child realizes that she might have the power to change her life. (12-up)

Open Court ($15.99) by Carol Clippinger. A girl wonders if she can be a tennis star and a regular teen at the same time. (12-up)

Strange Relations ($15.99) by Sonia Levitin. Spending summer in Hawaii with her aunt, Marne thinks about spirituality and identity in a new way. (12-up)

Harley's Ninth ($15.99) by Cat Bauer. A girl reexamines herself as an artist, a girlfriend, a daughter and a person. (14-up)


Sammy Keyes reappears in Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things by Wendelin Van Draanen ($15.99, 10-up).


The Navigator ($15.99) by Eoin McNamee. Owen must take action when time flows backward and the world and family he knew disappear. (9-12)

Tall Tales ($15.99) by Karen Day. The daughter of an alcoholic finally finds a friend, yet she can't resist telling tall tales about her family. (9-12)

First Light ($15.99) by Rebecca Stead. On an expedition to Greenland, Peter meets a girl who lives in an underground community. (9-12)

Lawn Boy ($12.99) by Gary Paulsen. After his grandmother gives him an old lawnmower, a boy's lawn business grows-as do his troubles. (10-up)

The Whole Sky Full of Stars ($15.99) by Rene Saldana, Jr. Barry hatches a plan to make money to help his friend, who's in trouble with a card shark. (12-16)

Harmless ($15.99) by Dana Reinhardt. An innocent man is arrested after three girls concoct a story about why they're late getting home one night. (12-up)

How It Happened in Peach Hill ($15.99) by Marthe Jocelyn. A girl longs to break free of her mother's spiritual advising business. (12-up)


The Flint Future Detectives return in Mr. Chickee's Messy Mission by Christopher Paul Curtis ($15.99, 9-12).


Baby's First Book ($2.99) by Garth Williams portrays Baby's favorite things. (2-5)

Grandpa Bunny ($2.99). This character teaches new generations of bunnies how to prepare for the coming spring. (2-5)

Little Golden Book Collections: Farm Tales and Animal Tales ($10.99 each) compile stories of farm life; and animals. (2-5)

The Story of Jesus ($2.99) by Jane Werner Watson, illus. by Jerry Smath, portrays Jesus's life. (2-5)

Walt Disney's Peter Pan ($2.99), illus. by John Hench and Al Dempster, contains the original 1952 art. (2-5)

Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille ($2.99) retells the tale of this film. (2-5)

Richard Scarry's Chipmunk ABC ($2.99) by Roberta Miller, illus. by Richard Scarry, introduces the alphabet.



The Purple Balloon ($16.99) by Chris Raschka is a story that aims to help readers talk about death. (All ages)The Bunnies Are Not in Their Beds ($15.99) by Marisabina Russo. At bedtime, mischievous bunnies sneak out of bed. (3-7)

Duck, Duck, Goose ($15.99) by Tad Hills is a follow-up to Duck & Goose . (3-7)

The Police Cloud ($15.99) by Christoph Niemann. A fluffy cloud finds his true calling when he inadvertently puts out a fire. (3-7)

17 Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Anymore ($15.99) by Jenny Offill, illus. by Nancy Carpenter. A girl gets the last laugh after being told what she can no longer do. (4-8)

How to Be a Baby... by Me, the Big Sister ($15.99) by Sally Lloyd Jones, illus. by Sue Heap. An all-knowing older sibling reflects on the present and future life of baby. (4-8)

The Littlest Grape Stomper ($16.99) by Alan Madison, illus. by Giselle Potter. A youngster finds a way to escape from the barrel in which he's stomping grapes. (4-8)

Clara and Señor Frog ($16.99) by Campbell Geeslin, illus. by Ryan Sanchez, is the tale of a Mexican girl whose mother is a magician's assistant. (4-8)

My Dog Is as Smelly as Dirty Socks ($15.99) by Hanoch Piven, presents family portraits made out of objects. (4-8)

How to Save Your Tail ($15.99) by Mary Hanson. How does a cookie-baking rat save his tail from two hungry cats? (6-10)

Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little ($12.99) by Peggy Gifford, photos by Valorie Fisher. A girl is too busy to do her summer reading. (7-11)


Paperback Series

Indie Kidd adds How to Be Goodish and Oops, I Lost My Best(est) Friends by Karen McCombie ($5.99 each, 7-10). And The Caped Sixth Grader returns in Cabin Fever by Zoe Quinn ($5.50, 9-12).


Polar Slumber ($16.95) by Dennis Rockhill is a winter tale featuring playful polar bears and Arctic landscapes. (All ages)


I Wish introduces I Wish I Had Freckles Like Abby/Quisiera tener pecas como Abby and I WishI Had Glasses Like Rosa/Quisiera tener lentes como Rosa by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook, illus. by Bonnie Adamson ($19.95 each, paper $4.99, 5-8).


I Love You the World ($10.99) by Allia Zobel Nolan, illus. by Susan Mitchell. Bunny learns how much his mother loves him. (2-5)

Party Animals: A Book of Counting ($7.99) by Matt Mitter, illus. by Jo Brown, is a lift-the-flap counting tale. (2-5)

Ocean Life from A to Z-Book & DVD ($17.99) by Cynthia Stierle, photos and narration by Annie Crawley, focuses on the underwater world. (3-6)

Sisters ($14.99) by Judy Katschke, illus. by the Pop Twins, takes a look at sisterhood. (3-6)

Little Elephant's Listening Ears ($12.99) by Susan Hood, illus. by Barbara Nascimbeni. An elephant learns to listen in this pop-up story. (3-6)

Dreamworks: Shrek the Third-

Storybook and Viewer by Tisha Hamilton, illus. by Fabio Laguna and Chuck Primeau; and Disney/Pixar: Ratatouille-Storybook and Viewer ($24.99 each) tie in to these films. (4-8)

Disney-Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Storybook with Compass ($24.99) includes a compass and picture viewer. (4-8)

Celebrate! Your Amazing Achievements ($14.99) by Joanne Barkan, illus. by Jana Christy, pays tribute to readers' accomplishments and potential. (4-8)

My Messy Closet: A Totally Gross Flap Book ($10.99) by Allia Zobel Nolan, illus. by Maryn Roos. Flaps lift to reveal items in a cluttered closet. (5-8)

The 50 States Book and Magnetic Puzzle Map ($14.99) includes fact book and puzzle pieces. (6-10)


Fisher-Price Little People appear in Let's Go on a Field Trip Lift-the-Flap Book ($8.99, 18 mos.-5 yrs.); and Community Helpers: Let's Meet Police Officer Patrick and Let's Meet Firefighter Cheryl ($6.99 each, 2-5). New Mini-board Books are Caterpillar Spring, Butterfly Summer by Susan Hood and Little Cricket's Song by Joanne Barkan, both illus. by Claudine Gévry; and My Great Aunt Phibian by Sherry Gerstein, illus. by Mara Van Fleet ($6.99 each, 2-4). Sesame Street adds six titles ($10.99-$14.99 each, 2-5). Guess Who welcomes Ocean Friends by Jodie Shepherd, illus. by Laura Ovresat ($7.99, 2-5). And My Little Pony returns in Pony Field Day ($9.99, 3-5); and A Party in Ponyville-Storybook and DVD ($17.99, 3-6).

Marvel Heroes are back in Swinging into Action and Mix and Match ($14.99 each, 3-6); and The Battle Unfolds ($12.99, 4-7). New Transformers titles are Mix & Match ($14.99, 3-6); and Prime Time ($12.99, 3-6). Dora the Explorer offers Dora's Special Memories-Storybook and Toy Camera ($21.99, 3-6). Barbie Fairytopia issues The Magic of the Rainbow ($9.99, 3-6). Joining Nick Jr. is Dora the Explorer-Adventures with Dora, Storybook and Electronic Picture Dictionary ($24.99, 4-8). Barbie reappears in Fashion Designer ($12.99, 4-8) and Music Player Storybook ($24.99, 4-8). Hippo Rules: A Tale of Good Manners by Wendy Wax, illus. by Michael Terry, is a new Board Book with Removable Puppet ($12.99, 4-8). And Disney's Little Einsteins gains Amazing Animals-Storybook and Viewer with 32 Fact Cards ($24.99, 4-9).


Dinosaurs: Book and 3-D Models ($12.99) includes a fact book and pieces for building eight models. (6-9)

Paperback Series

Barbie Fairytopia releases The Magic of the Rainbow-A Panorama Sticker Storybook ($7.99, 4-8).


Nokum Is My Teacher ($21.95) by David Bouchard, illus. by Allen Sapp, music by Northern Cree. This bilingual (English and Cree) story of a boy and his grandmother comes with a CD. (6-12)


Pop, You Rock Because... ($10.95) by Tomoe Sasaki Farley is an ode to fathers. (All ages)


Baby Animals of the Southwest ($5.95) features photos of animals. (1-3)

Do Princesses Count? ($6.95) by Carmela LaVigna Coyle, illus. by Mike Gordon and Carl Gordon. In the woods with her dog, a girl counts animals. (1-4)

There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea ($15.95) by Jennifer Ward, illus. by Steve Gray, gives a familiar song a Southwestern spin. (4-8)

The Great Colorado Activity Book ($7.95) collects mazes, crosswords and secret codes. (6-10)


Abuelita Full of Life: Abuelita llena de vida ($14.95) by Amy Costales, illus. by Martha Avilés. In this bilingual tale, José's grandmother from Mexico moves in. (4-8)


Little Night ($16.95) by Yuyi Morales. Mother Sky helps Little Night get ready for bed. (2-6)

Old MacDonald Drives a Tractor ($14.95) by Don Carter. This takeoff on a familiar song features a variety of farm machines. (3-6)

When a Monster Is Born ($16.95) by Sean Taylor, illus. by Nick Sharratt, offers readers a series of choices between two absurd possibilities. (3-6)

Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories ($12.95) by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, are tales starring a dachshund and a stuffed bear. (3-7)

Un-Brella ($15.95) by Scott Franson. A girl uses her magic Un-brella to change seasons. (3-7)

Bob and Otto ($15.95) by Robert Bruel, illus. by Nick Bruel, depicts the friendship between a caterpillar and a worm. (4-8)

Every Season ($16.95) by Shelly Rotner and Anne Love Woodhull, photos by Rotner, depicts children enjoying the seasons. (4-8)

Gizmo ($16.95) by Barry Varela, illus. by Ed Briant. A professor's perpetual motion machine takes on a life of its own. (4-8)

Midsummer Knight ($16.95) by Gregory Rogers is a wordless tale of a bear and a fairy who rescue a royal family from a usurper. (5-9)

Penina LevineIs a Hard-Boiled Egg ($16.95) by Rebecca O'Connell, illus. by Majella Lue Sue, centers on an interfaith family at Passover. (8-12)

Cassie Was Here ($16.95) by Caroline Hickey, tells of the friendship between an 11-year-old and her 13-year-old neighbor. (9-12)

Raining Sardines ($16.95) by Enrique Flores-Galbis is a novel about two best friends in pre-Revolutionary Cuba. (10-14)

Walker Evans: Photographer of America ($19.95) by Thomas Nau. A biography. (10-14)

Second Fiddle ($16.95) by Siobhan Parkinson. Mags helps a new friend find her father and get to England to audition for a music school. (11-14)

Hitler's Canary ($16.95) by Sandy Toksvig is a novel about Danes who saved their Jewish neighbors from Nazi occupiers. (11-up)

Captives ($17.95) by Tom Pow. Freedom fighters take two families hostage on a Caribbean island. (12-up)

Holdup ($16.95) by Terri Fields. Told from multiple viewpoints, this tale recounts a restaurant robbery turned hostage situation. (12-up)

The Red Shoe ($16.95) by Ursula Dubosarsky centers on three sisters growing up in Australia during the Cold War. (12-up)

Gone ($16.95) by Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson is a novel about an affair between a high-school graduate and his teacher. (14-up)

In the Name of God ($16.95) by Paula Jolin. A Syrian girl's religious and political beliefs draw her to Islamic fundamentalism. (14-up)

Title in SpanishNochecita (Little Night) by Yuyi Morales ($16.95, 2-6).


The Roman Mysteries adds Sirens of Surrentum by Caroline Lawrence ($16.95, 11-14).


Tiny Tyrant ($12.95) by Lewis Trondheim. A spoiled six-year-old king reigns in this graphic novel. (8-up)

Garage Band ($16.95) by Gipi is a graphic novel about four boys with turbulent home lives who take refuge in their music. (16-up)

Sardine in Outer Space adds Vol. 4 by Emmanuel Guibert, illus. by Joann Sfar ($12.95, 7-up).


Mice, Morals, & Monkey Business: Lively Lessons for Aesop's Fables ($6.95) by Christopher Wormell, features illustrations of animals. (18 mos.-4 yrs.)

The Velveteen Rabbit ($5.95), based on the book by Margery Williams, illus. by Don Daily, is a board-book adaptation of this classic. (18 mos.-4 yrs.)

My Pop-Pop Is a Pirate ($15.95) by Pat Croce, illus. by Julia Woolf. An interactive tale. (3-8)PaperbacksShrek Practical Joke Kit ($9.95) rounds up jokes, riddles a nd trivia. (8-up)

Paperback Series

Kids Across/Parents Down debuts with Crazy Critters and On the Go by Jan Buckner Walker ($4.95 each, 4-8). Nibbles, Bites, & Chomps adds My Amazing Poo Plant and Quack! Quack! ($3.95 each, 6-9); Big Bad Bunnies , Crazy for Cake! and The Too-Tight Tutu ($3.95 each, 7-10); and Catland and Scream World ($3.95 each, 8-12). Joining Blitz Cartooning is Dynamite Video Drawing: Cartooning Basics by Bruce Blitz ($12.95, 8-up). And Five-Minute Mysteries offers Cleverly Crafted Five-Minute Mysteries by Ken Weber ($8.95, 12-up).