Let's Go to the Zoo and Let's Start a Zoo ($4.99 each) by Kathryn Knight, illus. by Cathy Heck, are door-hanger board books. (2-4)

Little Pond and Noah's Ark ($5.99 each) by Kathryn Knight, illus. by Cathy Heck. These board books introduce counting and colors. (2-4)

Bow-Wow! Peep! by Kathryn Knight, illus. by Bridget Starr Taylor; and Bow-Wow! Peep! ¡Guau, guau! ¡Pío! by Knight and Natalia Foce, illus. by Taylor ($5.99 each), are an English-language edition and an English-Spanish bilingual edition of a board book tale about barnyard animals. (2-4)

All Things Bright and Beautiful ($6.99) by Cecil Alexander, illus. by Dona Gelsinger. This board book presents the familiar hymn. (2-5)

What Do Two Little Penguins Do? ($10.99) by Kathryn Knight, illus. by Dona Gelsinger. Two penguins romp and rhyme through the months. (3-up)

Walt Disney's Peter Pan and Walt Disney's Bambi ($11.99 each), adapted by Kathryn Knight, are padded board books. (4-6)

Heaven on Earth ($10.99) by Peggy Shaw, illus. by Dona Gelsinger. The beauty of the world unfolds for a young angel. (4-up)

Children's Illustrated Bible ($16.99), adapted by Eve MacMaster, compiles Old and New Testament stories. (7-12)

Paperback Series

New Sesame Street titles by P.J. Shaw are What Makes You Giggle?and Elmo Goes to the Dentist, illus. by Tom Brannon; and Rosita's Easter on Sesame Streetand Abby Cadabby's Rhyme Time, illus. by Tom Leigh ($3.50 each, 3-6).



Launching giggle & grow are Baby's Body!, Babyface!, Color Party!and Baby Counts!($7.99 each, infant-up).


Monkey Tumbles ($9.95) by Margaret Wang, illus. by Rebecca Elliott. Readers help a monkey-shaped play piece tumble through the pages. (All ages)

Rise and Shine: A Pop-Up Book ($10.95) by Dana Meachen Rau, illus. by Melanie Williamson, features animals getting ready to start the day. (2-up)

Hungry Bunny: A Sparkling Learning Book ($9.95), illus. by Alex Burnett, introduces colors, shapes and numbers. (2-up)

I Love You Even If ($9.95) by Danielle Denega, illus. by Dubravka Kolanovic. This pop-up book reveals the love between baby animals and their mothers. (2-up)

Imagine That! ($9.95) by Sam McKendry, illus. by Janet Samuel. A cloud becomes a soft sheep in this touch-and-feel book. (2-up)

Ten Friendly Fireflies ($11.95) by Roseanne Thong, illus. by Amy Schimler. A counting book. (3-up)

The Right Shoes for Me! ($8.95), illus. by Rosalinda Kightly, allows readers to tie, buckle and zip the book. (3-up)

Five Little Puppies ($9.95), illus. by Genny Haines. Five plush puppies search for homes. (3-up)

Little School of Fish ($10.95) by Dorothea DePrisco, illus. by Claudine Gevry. Light-up fish are excited to go to school. (3-up)

Princess Polly and the Pea ($10.95) by Laurie Young, illus. by Johanna Hantel. A pop-up version of this fairytale. (4-up)


Play-with-Me Books presents Colors, illus. by Jill McDonald ($6.95, 3-up).


Rufus the Scrub Does NotWear a Tutu ($14.95) by Jamie McEwan, illus. by John Margeson. A football player must choose between his ballet class and his teammates. (8-up)

The Heart of the Beast: Eight Great Gorilla Stories ($18.95) by Nancy Roe Pimm rounds up true tales of captive gorillas. (10-up)

Princess Nevermore ($17.95) by Dian Curtis Regan is an expanded version of this tale of a princess from an underground kingdom. (10-up)

Cam's Quest: The Continuing Story of Princess Nevermore and the Wizard's Apprentice ($17.95) by Dian Curtis Regan is a sequel to Princess Nevermore. (10-up)

Mysteries of the Mummy Kids ($18.95) by Kelly Milner Halls focuses on mummies of children that have been discovered throughout history. (11-up)


A Walk in the Rainforest ($7.95) by Kristin Joy Pratt. This board book takes an alphabetical tour of the rain forest. (1-4)

If You Were My Baby ($7.95) by Fran Hodgkins, illus. by Laura Bryant, offers a bedtime board-book tale featuring animals. (1-4)

Forest Bright, Forest Night ($7.95) by Jennifer Ward, illus. by Jamichael Henterly, is a board-book counting story set in the forest. (1-4)

Over in the Jungle ($16.95, paper $8.95) by Marianne Berkes, illus. by Jeanette Canyon. A rhyming rain forest story. (3-8)

River Song ($17.95, paper $9.95) by Steve Van Zandt, illus. by Katherine Zecca, is a book and CD package celebrating rivers. (4-10)


Rainy Day! ($16.99) by Patricia Lakin, illus. by Scott Nash. Crocodiles have fun on a wet day. (2-up)

I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean ($16.99) by Kevin Sherry. A giant squid realizes that he's larger than other underwater creatures. (3-up)

The Bravest Knight ($16.99) by Mercer Mayer relates a child's fantasy about being a heroic knight. (4-up)

Floridius Bloom and the Planet of Gloom ($16.99) by Lorijo Metz, illus. by Matt Phelan. Floridius learns a lesson about friendship after finding a source of light on his planet. (4-up)

Gallop-o-Gallop ($16.99) by Sandra Alonzo, illus. by Kelly Murphy, rounds up 21 poems about horses. (4-up)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears ($16.99) by Caralyn Buehner, illus. by Mark Buehner, retells this tale. (4-up)

Granddad's Fishing Buddy ($16.99) by Mary Quigley, illus. by Stéphane Jorisch. Sara fishes with the best fisherman on the lake. (4-up)

Hair for Mama ($16.99) by Kelly Tinkham, illus. by Amy June Bates. Marcus devises a plan to find hair for his mother after her chemotherapy. (4-up)

The Impossible Patriotism Project ($16.99) by Linda Skeers, illus. by Ard Hoyt. Caleb's soldier father inspires his school project on patriotism. (4-up)

The Little Red Fish ($15.99) by Taeeun Yoo pays tribute to imagination and the power of a good book. (4-up)

Papa and the Pioneer Quilt ($16.99) by Jean Van Leeuwen, illus. by Rebecca Bond. Traveling on the Oregon Trail, Rebecca collects pieces of cloth to make a quilt. (4-up)

The Perfect Pony ($16.99) by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, illus. by Shelagh McNicholas. Katie finally finds her ideal pony. (4-up)

Shout! Little Poems That Roar ($16.99) by Brod Bogart, illus. by Sachiko Yoshikawa, compiles poetry about the joys and pitfalls of childhood. (4-up)

Someday ($16.99) by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Rosie Winstead, is a story about the future's possibilities. (4-up)

Stick ($16.99) by Steve Breen introduces a frog who likes to do things on his own, with no help from his mother. (4-up)

The Twin Princes ($16.99) by Tedd Arnold. A king plans an unusual horse race to determine which of his sons will inherit his throne. (4-up)

Would I Ever Lie to You? ($16.99) by Caralyn Buehner, illus. by Jack E. Davis. A child gets the best of an older cousin who tells outrageous lies. (4-up)

Champions on the Bench: The Cannon Street YMCA All-Stars ($16.99) by Carole Boston Weatherford, illus. by Leonard Jenkins, focuses on a player on this team in South Carolina's African American Little League in 1955. (5-up)

Magical Kids: The Strongest Girl in the World and the Invisible Boy ($15.99) by Sally Gardner. This flip-book presents stories of two youngsters with magical abilities. (7-up)

Where I Live ($16.99) by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Matt Phelan. This story in poems centers on a girl whose family is forced to move. (7-up)

Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree ($16.99) by Lauren Tarshis. A seventh grader tries to use logic to solve her peers' problems. (8-up)

The White Giraffe ($16.99) by Lauren St. John, illus. by David Dean. When Martine's parents die in a fire, she goes to live with her grandmother on a South African wildlife preserve. (8-up)

The Qwickpick Adventure Story ($16.99) by Sam Riddleburger. Three friends bid farewell to an old sludge fountain at the local sewage plant. (8-up)

Missing Magic ($16.99) by Emma Laybourn. Ned finds he's the only student at his elite new school who cannot perform magic. (8-up)

On the Wings of Heroes ($16.99) by Richard Peck. During WWII, Davy grows up quickly after his beloved brother enlists in the service. (10-up)


Sly the Sleuth returns in Sly the Sleuth and the Food Mysteriesby Donna Jo Napoli and Robert Furrow ($16.99, 7-up).


Bring Me That Horizon: Pirates of the Caribbean-The Making of

the Swashbuckling Movie Trilogy ($24.95) by Michael Singer, designed by Timothy Shaner, offers a behind-the-scenes look at these films. (All ages)

The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean ($50), designed by Timothy Shaner, examines the preparation for and production of this trilogy. (All ages)


The PiratesCodeGuidelines: A Handbook for Those Who Desire to Keep to the Code and Live a Pirate's Life ($9.95) by the Brethren Court reveals how to keep to the code to survive on the seas. (12-up)


Disney Learning Discover Our World Globe Book ($12.99) introduces cultures throughout the world. (6-9)

Disney Learning Disney Sea Creatures ($15.99) by Becker & Mayer examines ocean creatures. (6-9)


Disney Adventure Stories ($15.99) is a second edition of this collection. (3-up)

Walt Disney's Peter Pan Special Ed. ($12.99) features a padded cover. (4-8)


Disney Bunnies welcomes Thumper Counts to Tenand Goodnight, Thumper!by Kitty Richards ($5.99 each, up to 5); and I Love You, My Bunniesby Laura Driscoll ($9.99, 2-6). Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse adds A Hot Dog Dayby Sheila Sweeny Higginson ($8.99, 2-5). Disney-Pixar Ratatouille serves up Remy's Adventure in Paris: A Magnetic Bookand What's Cooking? A Cookbook for Kids($12.99 each, 3-7); and Too Many Cooksby Margaret McNamara, illus. by Nate Wragg ($14.99, 3-7). Magical Wishes: A Deluxe Pop-up Storybookis a new Disney Princess title ($14.99, 3-7). New Storybook and CDs are Disney's The Lion King and Disney's The Little Mermaid($12.99 each, 3-7); and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest($12.99, 4-8). And Disney Fairies issues Flower Fashions Book and Flower Pressby Lara Bergen ($14.99, 6-up).


High School Musical Poster Book ($6.99) contains pull-out posters and postcards of stars. (6-12)

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: The Junior Novelization ($4.99, 8-12) and Pirates of the Caribbean 3: The Movie Storybook ($8.99, 10-up) are tie-ins to this movie.

Paperback Series

Joining Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are Scary Sudoku and Spooky Puzzles: A Sticker Bookand Happy Birthday! A Lift-the-Flap Surprise($5.99 each, 2-5); and Over the River and Through the Woods, Are We There Yet?, Look Before You Leap!and Up, Up, and Away!($3.99 each, 2-5), all by Sheila Sweeny Higginson. Disney's Little Einsteins continues with June's New Shoesand Leo's Batonby Marcy Kelman ($3.99 each, 3-5). There are two new Pirates of the Caribbean 8x8s ($3.99 each, 4-7); two new Pirates of the Caribbean Illustrated Readers ($3.99 each, 5-7); and two new Pirates of the Caribbean Early Readers ($4.99 each, 7-9). Disney Junior Graphic Novels offers The Lion Kingand Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest($3.99 each, 6-9). Check It Outjoins The Suite Life of Zack and Cody ($3.99, 7-10). High School Musical Stories from East High debuts with Battle of the Bandsand Wildcat Spirit($4.99 each, 8-12). Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow adds three titles by Rob Kidd ($4.99 each, 8-12). Hannah Montana returns in two novels ($4.99 each, 8-12). And Wildfire continues with Track Recordand Riding Lessons, createdby Chris Teague and Michael Piller, written by Catherine Hapka ($5.99 each, 12-up).


My Terrific Tractor Book ($12.99) features pop-ups, flaps and farm sounds. (3-5)

Dinner Time! ($6.99). This book with stickers encourages good table manners. (3-5)

Please and Thank You ($6.99) introduces good manners. (3-5)

Zoo Adventure ($19.99) presents animal facts and pop-up play scenes. (5-up)

DK First Dinosaur Encyclopedia ($15.99) focuses on the prehistoric world. (6-up)

Learn Your Fractions and Decimals Kit ($15.99) includes magnets, games and a sticker reward chart. (6-up)

Piratepedia ($12.99), edited by Alisha Niehaus, explores pirates throughout time. (7-up)

Buzz ($24.99) examines insects and other invertebrates. (7-up)

I Can Cook! Recipe Card Set ($15.99) offers recipes and shopping lists. (7-up)

It's Elementary! ($15.99) by Johnny Ball provides an introduction to chemistry. (7-up)

Kids' Fun and Healthy Cookbook ($17.99) includes nutritional info and food facts. (7-up)

Leaders Past and Present: Presidents of the United States of America ($7.99) contains a poster, stickers and a model of Mt. Rushmore to build. (7-up)

Blast from the Past Civil War ($7.99) is a kit featuring a battle-scene mold to paint. (7-up)

Cool Stuff Science Kit ($19.99) provides materials and instructions for 20 experiments. (8-up)

Dinosaur Discovery Kit ($19.99) features plaster fossils, a dinosaur skeleton and fact book. (8-up)

Le Menu de Ratatouille: The À La Carte Guide ($12.99) ties in to the Disney Pixar movie about a French rat who dreams of becoming a great chef. (8-up)

Ouch! ($16.99) examines the body's defense system. (8-up)

Shrek: The Essential Guide ($12.99) tours this character's universe. (8-up)

Transformers: The Movie Guide ($19.99) spotlights this upcoming film. (8-up)

Snowboarding ($12.99) is a guide to snowboarding equipment, techniques and safety. (10-up)

Crime Scene Detective ($15.99) outlines crime-solving techniques and true stories and includes a fingerprinting kit. (10-up)

Star Wars: Complete Cross-Sections ($35) highlights various vehicles. (10-up)

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Visual Guide ($19.99) focuses on this movie trilogy's characters, plots, locations and ships. (10-up)

Spider-Man: The Visual Guide to the Complete Movie Trilogy ($19.99) profiles the characters, plots and scenes from these films. (10-up)


Get Talking Chinese ($12.99) offers an introduction to Mandarin Chinese. (7-up)

Girl World: Quiz Zone 2 ($8.99) by Michelle Hainer includes 50 quizzes about personality types, hobbies, etc. (8-up)

WSUP? ($8.99) is a girl's guide to texting and instant messages. (8-up)

Breathe: Yoga for Teens ($14.99) by Mary Kay Chryssicas is a yoga guide packaged with an instructive DVD. (12-up)


Let's Play and Let's Look each introduce four titles ($9.99 each, 2-5). See How They Grow issues six books focusing on animal species ($3.99 each, 2-5). DK First Steps offers Our New Babyand Visiting the Doctor($6.99 each, 2-5). My First adds Things That Go($5.99, 2-5) and Book of Time($12.99, 2-5). My First Touch and Feel Flash Cards adds Farmand Things That Go($9.99 each, 2-5). Animaland Wordare new My First Box Sets ($19.99 each, 2-5). Joining My First Play Magnets are Farmand Word($8.99 each, 2-5). Touchables presents Bright, Shiny Rainbow Colorsand Splishy, Splashy Sea Life($8.99 each, 2-5). Eye Know continues with Timeand Weather($8.99 each, 4-7). And new DK Readers are My Dress-Up Box($14.99, paper $3.99, 4-up);Submarines and Submersibles($14.99 each, paper $3.99, 5-up); Water Everywhere($14.99, paper $3.99, 6-up); and School Days Around the Worldand Fantastic Four Level 3 Reader: The World's Greatest Superteam($14.99 each, paper $3.99, 7-up).

Joining Photo Pop-Ups are Backyard Bugsand On Safari($12.99 each, 5-up). DK 24 Hours presents Arcticand Mountain($12.99 each, 7-up). There are four new Graphic Readers by Stewart Ross ($14.99 each, paper $3.99, 8-up). You Can Draw adds Star Warsand Transformers($19.99 each, 8-up). Castleand Extreme Weatherare new Experience titles ($15.99 each, 8-up). History Dudes releases Ancient Egyptian Dudesand Viking Dudes($12.99 each, 10-up). DK Biography welcomes Charles Darwinby David King and Amelia Earhartby Tanya Lee Stone ($14.99 each, paper $4.99, 10-up). The Atlas series gains Oceans Atlas($19.99, 10-up). And See for Yourself issues Energyand Water($14.99 each, 10-up).

Paperback Series

Math Made Easy adds four titles ($14.99 each, 7-8 to 10-11).


Anything for You ($8.99). In this plush board book, a kitten will do anything for his true love. (up to 3)

Wheels on the Bus Pop-Up Sound Book ($14.99) presents this song. (up to 5)

The Fairy Who Could Not Fly ($12.99) is a light-up board book about a young fairy. (up to 5)

Spring Surprise ($8.99). A bunny's mother plans a special egg hunt. (2-3)

Farm Babies and Jungle Babies ($12.99 each) are plush board books featuring animals. (2-5)

Phonics Readers: Wheel Finders ($14.99) offers five interactive stories. (3-6)

Paperback Series

Don't Worry, Spike adds ...About the Potty($3.99, up to 5). And Turn and Learn introduces Count and Spelland Busy Day($3.99 each, up to 5).



Happy Tails: Earl and Pearl on the Farm ($16.95) by Cindy and Kirby Pringle. Canine farmers teach the ABCs. (2-8)


A Moose's Morning ($15.95) by Pamela Love, illus. by Lesia Sochor, follows a day in the life of a moose calf and his mother. (4-7)

The Stone Wall Dragon ($15.95) by Rochelle Draper. A stone wall turns into a dragon and takes a child on a ride to the sea. (4-8)

Seagull Sam ($15.95) by Katie Clark, illus. by Amy Huntington. Seagulls help a small boy take flight. (4-8)

A Puffin's Year ($15.95) by Katherine Zecca reveals the life cycle of a puffin family. (5-8)



The Mulhern Twins ($9.95) by Mary Gallagher. Twins recall their first six months of life. (8-12)


Balloons Balloons Balloons ($16.99) by Dee Lillegard, illus. by Bernadette Pons. Young bunnies are thrilled when many balloons float into town. (3-up)

Dino Pets ($15.99) by Lynn Plourde, illus. by Gideon Kendall. The Dino Pets store carries a variety of pet dinosaurs. (3-up)

The Easter Basket ($15.99) by Beth Harwood, illus. by Susanna Ronchi. After discovering a basket, a bunny hops through town to find its owner. (3-up)

I Don't Want to Clean My Room: A Mess of Poems About Chores ($16.99) by Hope Vestergaard, illus. by Carol Koeller, reveals kids' excuses for not doing chores. (3-up)

Little Moon Dog ($16.99) by Helen Ward, illus. by Wayne Anderson. Moon Dog welcomes rowdy fairies who arrive on the moon. (3-up)

The Moon Might Be Milk ($16.99) by Lisa Shulman, illus. by Will Hillenbrand. Gran shows Rosie how to make cookies from ingredients the moon mightbe made of. (3-up)

Panda Whispers ($16.99) by Mary Beth Owens. What does a panda whisper to coax its cub to sleep? (3-up)

The Tale of Pip and Squeak ($16.99) by Kate Duke introduces two competitive mouse brothers. (3-up)

Skippyjon Jones: Color Crazy and Up and Down ($6.99 each) by Judy Schachner are board books teaching colors and opposites. (3-up)

Your Kind of Mommy ($12.99) by Marjorie Parker, illus. by Cyd Moore, celebrates various kinds of mothers and their babies. (3-up)

How Many Mice? ($15.99) by Michael Garland is a tale involving adding and subtracting. (4-up)

If Not for the Calico Cat ($16.99) by Mary Blount Christian, illus. by Sebastià Serra. Will a calico cat bring sailors good luck? (4-up)

The Runaway Shopping Cart ($16.99) by Kathy Long, illus. by Susan Estelle Kwas. A shopping cart takes Kaleb on a wild ride through town. (4-up)

Jack of All Tails ($15.99) by Kim Norman, illus. by David Clark. Kristi's family poses as people's pets. (5-up)

TheRealStory of Stone Soup ($16.99) by Ying Chang Compestine, illus. by Stéphane Jorisch. In China, three young helpers of a stingy fisherman trick him into thinking they can make stone soup. (5-up)

Getting to First Base with Danalda Chase ($16.99) by Matt Beam centers on a boy who knows everything about baseball and nothing about dating. (10-up)

Pretty Is ($16.99) by Elizabeth Holmes. Erin takes a drastic step in this novel about family loyalty, peer pressure and the need to belong. (10-up)

Twelve ($15.99) by Lauren Myracle. Winnie deals with new issues in this sequel to Eleven. (10-up)

Sophisticated Ladies: The Great Women of Jazz ($19.99) by Leslie Gourse, illus. by Martin French, presents the stories of 14 singers. (11-up)

Camp Rules ($15.99) by Jordan Roter. A girl is unwittingly welcomed by the in clique at camp. (12-up)

Dead High Yearbook ($18.99) by Ivan Velez Jr. is a graphic novel offering eight intertwined stories of teens at a high school. (12-up)

Dream Factory ($16.99) by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler tells of teens who fill in when the character actors at Disney World go on strike. (12-up)

First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover ($16.99) by Mitali Perkins. The adopted, dark-skinned daughter of a Presidential contender copes with pressures. (12-up)

Crazy in Love ($16.99) by Dandi Daley Mackall. A high school senior experiences the complications of first love. (13-up)

Black Tuesday ($16.99) by Susan Colebank. The life of a superachiever changes when her car crashes into another car, killing a girl. (14-up)

Freak Show ($18.99) by James St. James relates a gay boy's efforts to both fit in and stand out at his new school. (14-up)

Resurrection Men ($16.99) by T.K. Welsh. In 1830s London, an orphan must save himself and his friends by uncovering the identity of a murderer. (14-up)


Walter the Farting Dog returns in Banned from the Beachby William Kotzwinkle, Glenn Murray and Elizabeth Gundy, illus. by Audrey Colman ($16.99, 5-up). The Society of Secret Superheroes debuts withThe Great Cape Rescueby Phyllis Shalant ($15.99, 7-up). Julep O'Toole is back in What IReally Want to Do Is Directby Trudi Trueit ($16.99, 8-up). And Mary Margaret stars in Mary Margaret Meets Her Matchby Christine Kole MacLean, illus. by Vicky Lowe ($15.99, 8-up).


(IPG, dist.)


All in This Together: The Unofficial Guide to High School Musical ($12.95) by Edward Gross examines the making of this film. (9-13)

The Making of Potterverse: A Month-by-Month Compendium ($14.95) by Edward Gross chronicles Harry Potter's appearances in books and films. (9-up)



Baby and Toddler Treasury offers Baby and Toddler Treasuryby Susanna Davidson ($19.99, infant-up). Cloth Books issues Baby Dinosaurand Baby Monsterby Fiona Watt ($10.99 each, 6 mos.-up). Bath Books presents Splish, Splash, Sploshby Mary Cartwright ($14.99, 9 mos.-up). First Picture Board Books welcomes three new titles ($11.99-$18.99 each, 9 mos.-up). That's Not My Ponyby Fiona Watt joins Touchy-Feely Board Books ($7.99, 9 mos.-up). Play Books adds Busy Truckby Francesca Allen and Felicity Brooks ($10.99, 1-up). Look and Say Board Books offers Homeby Jo Litchfield ($7.99, 2-up). Three titles by Litchfield join Look and Say Flashcards ( $9.99 each, 2-up). Luxury Look and Say Board Books adds three titles ($12.99-$14.99 each, 2-up). Joining First Experiences is Going to a Partyby Anne Civardi ($4.99, 3-up). First Thousand Words gains First Thousand Words in Chineseby Heather Amery ($12.99, 3-up). And Emergency Vehiclesand Tractorsby Felicity Brooks are new Lift and Look Board Books ($9.99 each, 3-up).

Luxury Flap Books introduces There's a Monster in My Houseby Phillip Hawthorn and Jenny Tyler ($9.99, 3-up). Nursery Rhyme Treasuryby Susanna Davidson joins Nursery Rhymes ($19.99, 3-up). There are three new Picture Book Classics ($9.99 each, 3-up). Picture Books adds In the Pondby Anna Milbourne ($9.99, 3-up). Farmyard Tales Treasury presents Farmyard Tales Treasuryby Amery ($19.99, 4-up). There are seven new Kid Kits ($7.99-$19.99 each, 4-up to 10-up). And Poems for Little Childrenby Sam Taplin is new to Poetry Books ($11.99, 4-up).Beginners Nature offers Caterpillars and Butterfliesby Stephanie Turnbull and Night Animalsby Sue Meredith ($4.99 each, 5-up); and Eggs and Chicksby Fiona Patchett, Sharksby Catriona Clarke and Tadpoles and Frogsby Anna Milbourne ($4.99 each, 6-up). Beginners Science continues with Trucksby Katie Daynes ($4.99, 5-up). Beginners Social Studies presents Castlesby Stephanie Turnbull ($4.99, 5-up); and Armorand Aztecsby Catriona Clarke, Celtsby Leonie Pratt and Egyptiansby Stephanie Turnbull ($4.99 each, 6-up). And there are five new Luxury Jigsaw Books ($14.99 each, 5-up).

1001 Things to Spot spies 1001 Pirate Things to Spotby Rob Lloyd Jones ($9.99, 6-up). Art Treasury issues Art Treasuryby Rosie Dickins ($19.99, 6-up). Children's Cooking serves up First Cookbookby Angela Wilkes ($18.99, 6-up); and Children's Book of Bakingby Fiona Patchett ($17.99, 8-up). First Reading presents five new books ($8.99 each, 6-up). Horse and Pony Treasury releases Horse and Pony Treasuryby Rosie Dickins and Leonie Pratt ($19.99, 6-up). Miniature Editions has three additions ($6.99-$7.99 each, 6-up). Stories for Young Children adds three volumes ($16.99-$22.99 each, 6-up). Illustrated Stories issues two collections by Lesley Sims and Louie Stowell ($19.99 each, 7-up). See Inside Science continues with two new books ($12.99 each, 7-up). See Inside the World of Dinosaurs offers See Inside the World of Dinosaursby Alex Frith ($12.99, 7-up). Young Reading Series Gift Books introduces nine volumes ($8.99-$14.99 each, 7-up to 8-up). Pirate's Handbookby Sam Taplin joins Handbooks ($12.99, 8-up). Art Ideas adds Complete Book of Art Ideasby Fiona Watt ($19.99, 10-up) and Watt's Making Cards($14.99, 10-up). Big Book of Things to Drawby Watt and Anna Milbourne is new to Art Ideas Drawing School ($15.99, 10-up). True Adventure Stories presents War Storiesby Paul Dowswell ($12.99, 10-up).

Paperback Series

Young Reading Series

continues with Pirate Adventuresby Russell Punter ($5.99, 7-up). What's Happening to Me? issues a girls' and a boys' edition ($6.99 each, 8-up). Encyclopedia of the Ancient Worldby Jane Bingham and others is new to History Encyclopedias ($19.99, 9-up). And True Adventure Stories issues True Adventures Collectionby Paul Dowswell and others ($9.99, 10-up).


More Saints ($20) by Ruth Sanderson provides biographical sketches of 36 men and women. (All ages)

Sometimes Smart Is Good/A veces es bueno ser listo ($16) by Dena Fox Luchsinger, illus. by Karen Jerome, is a bilingual story underscoring the value of all people. (All ages)

The Elephant's Ball ($17), illus. by Pauline Baynes, presents a 19th-century tale about a grand animal party. (5-up)

Piper ($17) by Emma Chichester Clark. A courageous dog leaves his cruel master to go to a big city. (5-up)

Attack of the Turtle ($16) by Drew Carlson, illus. by David Johnson, tells of a teen involved in the creation of the first naval submarine, used in the Revolution. (8-up)

Ethan, Supended ($16) by Pamela Ehrenberg. A boy from the suburbs moves to his grandparents' home in a diverse area of Washington, D.C. (11-up)



Who Pooped in the Black Hills? ($9.95) by Gary Robson, illus. by Robert Rath, examines wildlife scat and tracks in these South Dakota mountains. (5-8)

Digging Up Dinosaurs with Jack Horner ($12.95) by Jack Horner, illus. by Robert Rath and Phil Wilson, chronicles the discovery of fossils in the Rockies and the Badlands. (8-12)

Storm Chaser! On the Trail of Twisters ($12.95) by Jon Davies, illus. by Robert Rath, explains storm chasing and the science of storms. (8-12)

First Dog: Unleashed in the Montana Capitol ($11.95) by Jag the dog, illus. by Robert Rath, reveals the workings of state government from the perspective of Montana governor Brian Schweitzer's pet. (8-12)

Who Pooped in the Zoo? San Diego Zoo ($12.95) by Caroline Patterson. Facts about animal poo. (8-12)


Animal Poems ($17) by Valerie Worth, illus. by Steve Jenkins, presents free verse poems and cut-paper illustrations. (4-up)

My Brother ($16) by Anthony Browne. The narrator's cool brother is at the center of this companion to My Dadand My Mom. (5-up)

Rip Van Winkle's Return ($17) by Eric A. Kimmel, illus. by Leonard Everett Fisher, adapts Washington Irving's classic tale. (5-up)

The Escape of Oney Judge: Martha Washington's Slave Finds Freedom ($16) by Emily Arnold McCully recounts this woman's escape to New Hampshire. (6-up)

Being Teddy Roosevelt ($16) by Claudia Mills, illus. by R.W. Alley, introduces a boy who writes a school report on Roosevelt. (7-10)

Jennifer's Diary ($15) by Anne Fine, illus. by Kate Aldous. Iola wishes she had her friend's diary so that she could record her own stories. (7-10)

The Return of the Killer Cat ($16) by Anne Fine, illus. by Steve Cox, is a sequel to The Diary of a Killer Cat. (7-10)

The Story of Jonas ($16) by Maurine Dahlberg. In 1858, the young slave of a spiteful master realizes he is worthy of freedom. (8-12)

Collected Poems for Children ($18) by Ted Hughes, illus. by Raymond Briggs, compiles more than 250 poems. (8-up)

Ben and the Sudden Too-Big Family ($16) by Colby Rodowsky. Ben is overwhelmed when his father marries a woman with an eccentric extended family. (10-up)

Dawn and Dusk ($16) by Alice Mead. In 1987, Azad's Kurdish Iranian hometown is the target of Saddam Hussein's first chemical attack. (10-up)

Way Down Deep ($16) by Ruth White. An orphan searches for the secret of her past. (10-up)

Finding Stinko ($16) by Michael de Guzman. A boy who hasn't spoken for three years finds a ventriloquist's dummy that helps him rediscover his voice. (10-up)

Grace Above All ($16) by Jane St. Anthony. Grace dreads vacation, when she'll have to take care of her siblings-until she meets the boy next door. (10-up)

Fair Has Nothing to Do with It ($16) by Cynthia Cotton. After his grandfather's death, Michael finds comfort in drawing. (10-up)

How Ya Like Me Now ($16) by Brendan Halpin centers on a boy whose mother goes into rehab for substance abuse after his father dies. (12-up)

Hear Us Out! Lesbian and Gay Stories of Struggle, Progress, and Hope, 1950 to the Present ($18) by Nancy Garden focuses on the lives of young gay people. (12-up)

The Invisible ($16) by Mats Wahl, trans. by Katarina Tucker. A teen finds himself trapped between the living and the dead. (12-up)

Falling ($17) by Doug Wilhelm. As a result of his brother's heroin addiction, Matt stops playing basketball and cuts himself off from the world. (12-up)


Fox ($16) by Kate Banks, illus. by Georg Hallensleben. This tale about growing up and moving out centers on a young fox. (3-6)

Leaving the Nest ($16) by Mordicai Gerstein depicts a baby blue jay learning how to fly. (3-6)

Angelina's Island ($16) by Jeanette Winter. Angelina dreams of being back in Jamaica until her mother convinces her that New York is now their home. (4-8)

Daffodil, Crocodile ($16) by Emily Jenkins, illus. by Tomek Bogacki. Tired of looking like her sisters, a girl dons a papier-mâché crocodile head. (4-8)

How to Steal a Dog ($16) by Barbara O'Connor. Desperate to improve her family's dire situation, Georgina plans to steal a dog and claim the lost-pet reward. (8-12)

Anything But Ordinary ($16) by Valerie Hobbs. After a post-graduation separation, a couple finds their relationship will never be ordinary. (12-up)

Dreamquake: Book Two of the Dreamhunter Duet ($19) by Elizabeth Knox. Laura discovers the truth about the Place in this sequel to Dreamhunter. (12-up)


Some Dog! ($16) by Mary Casanova, illus. by Ard Hoyt. When a new dog disappears, a hound dog saves the day. (3-6)

Me I Am! ($16) by Jack Prelutsky, illus. by Christine Davenier. Three very different kids celebrate themselves and their worlds. (3-6)

Two Sticks ($16) by Orel Protopopescu, illus. by Anne Wilsdorf. A girl who wants a drum constantly bangs together her two sticks. (4-8)

The Chicken-Chasing Queen of Lamar County ($16) by Janice Harrington, illus. by Shelley Jackson. Miss Hen meets her match when the title character decides to try to catch her. (4-8)

Sky Sweeper ($16) by Phillis Gershator, illus. by Holly Meade. A small garden is a source of delight to Takeboki throughout his life. (5-up)

Rex Zero and the End of the World ($16) by Tim Wynne-Jones. Rex tries to find his footing in an unfamiliar city during the Cold War of the 1960s. (8-12)

Tasting the Sky ($16) by Ibtisam Barakat. The author shares memories of growing up in Ramallah after the Six-Day War. (12-up)


A Hippo's Tale ($15) by Lena Landström, trans. by Joan Sandin. A hippo finds peace at bathing time only after building a bath house for everyone. (3-6)


Folding Is Fun ($19.95, paper $9.95) by Didier Boursin rounds up 16 origami projects. (4-up)


A Bumblebee Sweater ($16.95) by Betty Waterton, illus. by Kim LaFave. Nellie gets into a scrape each time she wears her bumblebee sweater. (4-8)

Jakeman ($16.95) by Deborah Ellis relays the misadventures of siblings traveling to visit their mother in jail. (8-12)


Behind the Scenes adds At the Racetrackby Nikki Tate ($19.95, paper $16.95, 10-14).

Paperback Series

Redline Racing zooms on with G-Forceby Anthony Hampshire ($7.95, 11-up).


Grandpa for Sale ($15.95) by T. Kyle Gentry. A woman on a buying spree tries to bargain for the one antique that's not for sale: Grandpa. (4-8)


(Consortium, dist.)


Lola & Fred return in Lola & Fred & Tomby Christoph Heuer ($15.95, 2-6).


I Very Really Miss You ($15.95) by Jane Kemp and Clare Walters, illus. by Jonathan Langley. Though he enjoys having the house to himself when his brother goes off to camp, Sam begins to miss him. (3-6)

Time to Say I Love You ($15.95) by Jane Kemp and Clare Walters, illus. by Penny Dale, celebrates the love between a mother and daughter. (3-7)

Miss Fox ($15.95) by Simon Puttock, illus. by Holly Swain. Miss Fox's wicked plans for the class are foiled by an independent-minded lamb. (5-9)

The Secret World of Magic ($16.95) by Rosalind Kerven, illus. by Wayne Anderson, explores magic through traditional tales. (5-up)

Look! Seeing the Light in Art ($16.95) by Gillian Wolfe reveals how artists have used light in their paintings. (6-10)



Best Behavior issues Pacifiers Are Not Foreverby Elizabeth Verdick, illus. by Marieka Heinlen ($7.95, up to 4).

Paperback Series

Laugh & Learn adds Dude, That's Rude! (Get Some Manners)by Pamela Espeland and Elizabeth Verdick ($8.95, 8-13). And What to Do When introduces What to Do When Good Enough Isn't Good Enoughby Thomas Greenspon ($9.94, 9-13).


Where Is Baby? A Lift-the-Flap Sign Language Book ($10.95) by Michelle Cryan includes 12 questions in American Sign Language with English translations. (1-4)



Ellie's Shabbat Surprise ($12.95) by Beverly Geller. After practicing a special song to sing for Shabbat, Ellie discovers that something has happened to her voice. (6-8)

Is God Sad? ($14.95) by Gil Daleski reveals a father-daughter dialogue about God's existence. (6-8)

Mayor Aaron Levy & His Lemon Tree ($12.95) by Tami Lehman-Wilzig. A mayor finds a way to share his lemons with his village's poor residents. (6-10)

Purim Goodies ($12.95) by Amaliah Hoffman. Two mischievous young maids devour the Purim treats they are meant to deliver to others. (6-10)


P Is for Peanut: A Photographic ABC ($9.95) by Lisa Gelber and Jody Rogers is an alphabet book featuring photos. (All ages)


(NBN, dist.)


Magnix Imagination Magnetic Ink Activity adds Backyard Pirates and My Day of Ballet ($5.99each, 3-6) and Magnix Learning Fun adds My Magnetic Book of Shapes and Color: The Orange Cat's Five Star Garage and My Magnetic Book of Opposites: Big and Little: Best Friends ($9.95 each, 3-6).


One Magical Day ($16.95) by Claire Freedman, illus. by Tina Macnaughton. Animals wake to the beauty of morning. (2-6)

A Kiss Goodnight ($16.95) by Claire Freedman collects lullabies. (2-6)

Our Cat Henry Comes to the Swings ($16) by Kate Clanchy, illus. by Jemima Bird. On the way to the park and back, Henry outwits every dog he meets. (3-6)

Me and My Dad! ($16.95) by Alison Ritchie, illus. by Alison Edgson. A little bear and his father do everything together. (3-7)

Cock-a-Doodle-Hoooooo! ($16.95) by Mick Manning, illus. by Brita Granström. What happens when a lost owl wonders into a hen house? (3-7)

Goat and Donkey in Strawberry Sunglasses and Goat and Donkey in the Great Outdoors ($16 each) by Simon Puttock and Russell Julian are tales starring an easily distracted goat and his organized best friend. (4-7)

Little Bear and the Wishing Tree ($16.95) by Norbert Landa, illus. by Simon Mendez. A bear spends the night in a magical tree. (4-7)


My Very First Board Books welcomes Daniel and the Lions, Jonah and the Whale, Jesus and His Friendsand The Good Samaritanby Lois Rock, illus. by Alex Ayliffe ($5.99 each, up to 4).


Catie Copley ($18.95) by Deborah Kovacs, illus. by Jared Williams, relays the adventures of a dog living in a Boston hotel. (6-up)

Saint Francis & the Wolf ($18.95) by Jane Langton, illus. by Ilse Plume, tells how this saint tamed a wolf that was terrorizing an Italian town. (6-up)

The Land of Green Ginger ($12.95) by Noel Langley, illus. by Edward Ardizzone. First published in the U.K. in 1937, this fantasy was written by the screenwriter of The Wizard of Oz. (9-up)

Electra Collection: How Electra Havemeyer Webb's Passion Became the Shelburne Museum ($22.95) by Valerie Biebuyck focuses on this folk art collector. (9-up)


(B&T, dist.)

Twice a Hero ($18.95) by Dirk Wales, illus. by Lynn Ihsen Peterson, chronicles the contributions that Polish soldiers Casimir Pulaski and Thaddeus Kosziuszko made to the American Revolution. (9-14)


Little Dos and Don'ts ($14.99) by Karen Katz is a boxed set of three lift-the-flap books about sharing and playing fair. (2-5)

The World of Eric Carle: Today Is Monday ($9.99) and Eric Carle's ABC and Eric Carle's Opposites ($5.99 each), based on the story by Eric Carle, illus. by Carle, introduce the days of the week; the alphabet; and opposites. (3-6)


Baby Strawberry stars in Baby Strawberry's First Easterand My Berry First Friend ($4.99 each, 3 mos.-2 yrs.). Charlie and Lola are back in Sizzles Is Completely Not Here, based on the characters by Lauren Child ($7.99, 3-6). New Berry Fairy Tales are Snow Whiteand Rapunzelby Megan E. Bryant, illus. by Tonja and John Huxtable ($6.99 each, 3-7). Angelina Ballerina stars in My First Ballet Classby Katharine Holabird, illus. by Helen Craig ($9.99, 3-7); and Let's Dance!, based on the stories by Holabird and the illustrations by Craig ($10.99, 5-8). Miss Spider reappears in Flower Powerand Giddy Up Bugs!by David Kirk ($6.99 each, 4-7). Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew returns in Nancy Drew Pocketbook Mysteries($19.99, 8-12); The Lost Files of Nancy Drew($19.99, 8-14) and The Nancy Drew Sleuth Book($7.99, 8-14). The Misadventures of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff by Jason Lethcoe debuts with You Wish($9.99, 8-12). And Hank Zipzer stars in The Curtain Went Up, My Pants Fell Downby Henry Winkler with Lin Oliver ($13.99, paper $4.99, 8-12).


Tomie dePaola's More Mother Goose Favorites ($3.99), illus. by Tomie dePaola, is a follow-up to Tomie dePaola's Mother Goose Favorites. (4-8)

Paperback Series

Little Robots return in Robot Race Dayand Tiny's New Moonby Cynthia Stierle ($3.99 each, 2-5). Paddywhack Lane introduces Meet the Kids of Paddywhack Laneand Tea for Twoby Bob Fuller ($3.99 each, 2-6). PAAS releases The Easter Egg Huntby Ann Bryant ($3.99, 3-5). Puppy Scooby-Doo stars in Easter Showersby June Eding, illus. by Manhar Chauhan ($3.99, 3-5). And Dick and Jane are back in Hide-and-Seekby Kristin Ostby and Play Ballby Bonnie Bader, both illus. by Larry Ruppert ($3.99 each, 3-6).

Angelina Ballerina returns in Angelina in the Wings, Miss Lilly Is Leaving, Mouse of the Yearand The Silver Locket($3.99 each, 3-6); and Angelina's Silly Little Sister ($3.99, 4-6), all based on the stories by Katharine Holabird and the illustrations of Helen Craig. Charlie and Lola appear in My Very Busy Sticker Storiesand My Picnic Sticker Storiesby Lauren Child ($4.99 each, 3-6); and I'm Really Ever So Not Well, based on the characters by Child ($6.99, 4-7). New Sticker Stories are Meet the Eggsleys, illus. by Ralph Cosentino; and Spring Is Here, Corduroy!, based on the character created by Don Freeman, illus. by Lisa McCue ($4.99 each, 3-6). And Angelina Ballerina Sticker Stories adds A Very Special Tea Party, based on the stories by Katharine Holabird and the illustrations by Helen Craig; and Strawberry Shortcake Sticker Stories offers Tropical Treasure Hunt ($4.99 each, 3-6).

Strawberry Shortcake returns in The Sweet Treats Carnivalby Molly Kempf ($4.99, 3-7). Operation adds Something's Wrong with Cavity Sam!by Siobhan Ciminera, illus. by Steve Haefele ($4.99, 3-7). Lil' Bratz reappear in Stylin' in the Sun($4.99, 4-6). New All Aboard Science Readers are Best Friends: The True Story of Owen and Mzeeby Roberta Edwards, illus. by Carol Schwartz ($3.99, 4-6); and Cheetah Cubsby Ginjer Clarke, illus. by Lucia Washburn; and Bug Out! The World's Creepiest, Crawliest Crittersby Clarke, illus. by Pete Mueller ($3.99 each, 6-8). Night Before continues with The Night Before Summer Campby Natasha Wing, illus. by Mindy Pierce ($3.99, 4-8). Strawberry Shortcake Friendship Club starts up with Join the Club!, Secrets and Surprisesand The Friendship Tripby Megan E. Bryant, illus. by Lauren Thomas ($3.99 each, 6-8). And Sonic X issues Desperately Seeking Sonicby Charlotte Fullerton ($4.99, 6-8).

Pirate School launches with The Curse of Snake Islandand Ghost Ship Ahead!by Brian James, illus. by Jennifer Zivoin ($3.99 each, 6-8). Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo adds three novels ($3.99 each, 7-10); plus Super Special: Camp Rules!($4.99, 7-10) by Nancy Krulik, illus. by John & Wendy. Little Giant-Big Troublejoins Dragon Slayers' Academy by Kate McMullan, illus. by Bill Basso ($4.99, 7-10). Who Was...? welcomes Who Was Anne Frank?by Ann Abramson, illus. by Nancy Harrison ($4.99, 7-11). New to Clear and Simple is The Clear and Simple How to Spell Itby Harriet Wittels and Joan Greisman ($10.99, 8-up). Hip Hop Kidz by Jasmine Beller offers Freakyand Raise the Roof($4.99 each, 9-12). Flight 29 Down releases On Fireand Survival, created by D.J. MacHale and Stan Rogow, written by Walter Sorrells ($5.99 each, 9-12). Melissa J. Morgan's Camp Confidential has three additions, plus Super Special: Hide and Shriek($4.99 each, 9-12). And Flirt releases French Twist, London Callingand Copycatby Nicole Clarke ($6.99 each, 12-up).


Monster, Don't Eat Me! ($18.95) by Carl Norac, illus. by Carll Cneut. A pig that loves to eat must contend with a monster who shares this love. (3-6)

Mee-An and the Magic Serpent: A Folktale from Mali ($16.95) by Baba Wagué Diakité. Two sisters discover that the "perfect" man is not what he seems to be. (4-7)

Sky Blue Accident/Accidente celeste ($17.95) by Jorge Luján, illus. by Piet Grobler, is a bilingual tale about a boy who falls from his bike and crashes into the sky. (5-7)

Tricycle ($17.95) by Elisa Amado, illus. by Alfonso Ruano. Margarita decides to lie and protect her friends when they steal her tricycle. (6-9)

Sun Stone Days/Tonaltin/Días de Piedra ($8.95) by Elisa Amado, illus. by Ianna Andréadis and Felipe Dávalos, introduces the Aztec calendar in English, Spanish and Nahuatl. (6-up)

The Strongest Man in the World ($17.95) by Nicolas Debon is a biography in graphic-novel style about strongman and circus owner Louis Cyr. (7-up)

Arctic Adventures: Tales from the Lives of Inuit Artists ($18.95) by Raquel Rivera, illus. by Jirina Marton, compiles true stories. (8-up)

The Poet King of Tezcoco: A Great Leader in Ancient Mexico ($18.95) by Francisco Serrano, illus. by Pablo Serrano, profiles the life of Nezahualcóyotl. (9-up)

Ellen Fremedon, Volunteer ($16.95) by Joan Givner. A teen meets her match in a blind, rude old man. (9-12)

Payback ($16.95) by James Heneghan. Though Charley tries to keep the school bullies at bay, their next target commits suicide. (10-14)

Pure Spring ($16.95) by Brian Doyle is a sequel to Boy O'Boy. (11-14)

Title in SpanishEl triciclo (Tricycle) by Elisa Amado, illus. by Alfonso Ruano ($17.95, 6-9).