Following the addition of Italy to our international bestseller lists in January, Germany joined the ranks in February. Top sellers on the nonfiction list touch on topics that have been the focus of many books on the U.S. lists. The #1 nonfiction title is an account by a young man who takes an extended hike to find himself—in this case, trekking on the Pilgrim Trail in Spain. At #2, The Graduate is a humorous look at the challenges of becoming old, written by Petra Gerster, a TV host. High Times, naturally, deals with the 1960s and is the autobiography of German sex kitten Uschi Obermaier, who was involved, at various points, with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Jimi Hendrix.

Measuring the World, #1 in fiction, has been on the German charts for more than 70 weeks and was published in the U.S. in November by Pantheon. In third place, The Silent Girl is the first novel in about 10 years from Danish novelist Peter Hoeg, whose Smilla's Sense of Snow was a surprise hit in the U.S. in the early 1990s, from Farrar, Straus & Giroux. The fourth place fiction book has an irresistible title: A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian—it's a debut novel about an elderly widower's plans to marry a big-breasted 30-something woman he meets at a Ukrainian social club in England.

France had two new top sellers in February: Digital Fortress finally landed there, and a collection of interviews with Jacques Chirac topped the nonfiction list.

International Bestsellers

Fiction Nonfiction
1 Digital FortressDan Brown J-C Lattes The Unknown at the PresidencyPierre Pean Fayard
2 Adam's PerfumeJean-Christophe Rufin Flammarion A Power Named DesireCatherine Nay Grasset
3 Odette Everybody and Other StoriesEric-Emmanuel Schmitt Albin Michel Coloring Book for Adults Bored in OfficesClaire Fay Panama
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Fiction Nonfiction
1 The Cathedral of the SeaIldefonso Falcones Grijalbo The Soul Is the BrainEduardo Punset Aguilar
2 Corsairs of the LevanteArturo Perez-Reverte Alfaguara Anatomy of FearJose Antonio Marina Anagrama
3 Everything Under the SkyMatilde Asensi Planeta Master of the RepublicMaria Antonia Iglesias La Esfera de los Libros
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Fiction Nonfiction
1 Measuring the WorldDaniel Kehlmann Rowohlt I Am Off for a Little WhileHape Kerkeling Malik
2 TannodAndrea Schenkel Edition Nautilus The GraduatePetra Gerster Rowohlt Berlin
3 The Silent GirlPeter Hoeg Hanser High Times: My Wild LifeUschi Obermaier with Olaf Kraemer Heyne
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