AAA Publishing

Featured:AAA PetBook; AAA North American Road Atlas; AAA Easy Reading Atlas; AAA Spiral Guides series; AAA Essential Guides series. Giveaways:AAA PetBook bookmarks. Booth: 3817.

A&E Home Video

Booth: 2381.


Booth: 255.

Abaddon Books/Rebellion

This first-time exhibitor publishes horror, fantasy and science fiction titles; an imprint of U.K.-based company Rebellion. Featured:Tomes of the Dead: Death Hulk by Matthew Sprange; Sniper Elite: Spear of Destiny by Jaspre Bark; The Afterblight Chronicles: The Culled by Simon Spurrier; Dreams of Inan series, including A Kind of Peace by Andy Boot and Stealing Life by Anthony Johnston. Booth: 3776.

Abbeville Press

Celebrating its 30th anniversary. Featured:The History of Venice in Painting, edited by Guy Lobrichon; Italian Frescoes in the Baroque Era, text by Steffi Roettgen, photos by Antonio Quattrone; The Sistine Chapel Revealed by Heinrich Pfeiffer; The Art and Spirit of Paris, edited by Michel Laclotte; Traveling with Van Gogh and the Impressionists, text by Lin Arison, photos by Neil Folberg. Giveaways: anniversary embroidered tote bags and chocolates; koosh-ball standing pens. Discounts: 50% on all front- and backlist titles (returnable). Booth: 4646.

The world’s largest on-line marketplace for books, with over 100 million new, used, rare and out-of-print titles listed for sale by more than 13,500 independent booksellers from around the world. Featured: company information, services. Giveaways: booksellers sign-up to receive first month’s subscription free (offer ends July 31). Booth: 4300.

Abingdon Press

Booth: 1209.

Above the Clouds Publishing

This first-time exhibitor publishes children’s books. Featured:The Grape Escape and The Snowman, the Owl and the Groundhog, both by Sharon Debowski; Alex and the Trampoline by Pasqualino Tamburri; The Crocodile Song, adapted by Eunice Siefkert. Drawings: for mini trampolines. Booth: 342.

Abrams/Abrams Books for Young Readers

Featured from Abrams:Art: A World History by Elke Linda Buchholz et al.; America in Space: NASA’s First Fifty Years by Bertram R. Ulrich, intro. by Neil Armstrong; Enclosure by Andy Goldsworthy; Kirby: King of Comics by Mark Evanier; Planet Golf by Darius Oliver, photos by David Scaletti. From Abrams Image:Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste, and Style by Tim Gunn with Kate Moloney; Pot Culture by Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom; God’s Gift: Over 100 Studs, Stallions and Dreamboats from the 70s and 80s by Lucie Cave; Liberace: Your Personal Fashion Consultant by Michael Feder and Karan Feder; Atlas Schmatlas: A Superior Atlas of the World by Craig Robinson. From Stewart, Tabori & Chang:Talk with Your Mouth Full: The Hearty Boys Cookbook by Steve McDonough and Dan Smith, photos by Laurie Proffitt; Bunny Williams’ Point of View by Bunny Williams; Fifty Places to Go Birding Before You Die by Chris Santella; Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern by Amy Butler, photos by David Butler; KnitKnit by Sabrina Gschwandtner, photos by Kiriko Shirobayashi. From Amulet:Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney; Fell by David Clement Davies; The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley; The Hour of the Outlaw by Maiya Williams; The Lighthouse War by Adrian McKinty. From Abrams Books for Young Readers:Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk; Sawdust and Spangles by Ralph Covert and Giselle Potter; The Discovery of Dragons by Graeme Base; When the Silliest Cat Was Small by Giles Bachelet; The Witch’s Child by Arthur Yorinks, illus. by Jos A. Smith. Giveaways: totes; posters; galleys. Booths:4374—4378; 4375—4379.

Acanthus Press

Featured:Houses of Los Angeles, 1885—1935 (2 vols.) by Sam Watters; Houses of the Hamptons, 1880—1930 by Gary Lawrance and Anne Surchin; Jansen Furniture and Jansen by James Archer Abbott; North Shore Long Island: Country Houses, 1890—1930 by Paul J. Mateyunas; The American Architect series, including The Architecture of William Lawrence Bottomley by Susan Hume Frazer and Carrère & Hastings, Architects by Mark Hewitt et al. Discounts: extra 5% or free freight (U.S. only) on titles published in 2006 and before (15-book minimum). Booth: 4380.

ACC Distribution

Featured:Floral Flocks by Rosemary Harden and Jo Turney; Diamonds and Bars: The Art of the Amish People by Florian Hufnagl; Yunnan by Ann Helen Unger and Walter Unger; Variations on America: Masterworks from American Art Forum Collections by George Gumey et al.; Dutch Eyes by Olaf Koester. Booth: 4174.

Accord Publishing

Featured:Jungle Beat by Jim and Janet Post; The Treasure Hunter by William Boniface; CampWazoo and Dino 2 News, both by Arlen Cohn; Ten Little Dinosaurs by Pattie Schnetzler. Giveaways: bags; signed books; lithographs and cartoon collections from various authors, illustrators and cartoonists such as Jim Gurney (Dinotopia: Jouney to Chandara), EllynAnne Geisel (The Apron Book), Pat Oliphant, Garry Trudeau, Lynn Johnston, Patrick McDonnell, John McPherson, Bill Amend and Stephan Pastis. Booths: 1012, 3257.

Acme Bookbinding

Offers bookbinding and short-run digital printing and binding. Featured: samples, including offset-printed, Smyth-sewn hard-/softcover books and digitally printed b/w and color hard-/softcover books. Booth: 2277.

Actar Distribution

This first-time exhibitor publishes books on art, design and photography; offers direct sales and fulfillment in North America; distributes titles from prominent cultural and academic institutions and other publishing houses. Featured:Verb Natures, An Architectural Bookazine; The Function of Ornament by Farshid Moussavi and Michael Kubo; Blue Monday by Robert Sumrell and Kazys Varnelis; Sanaa Houses by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa; True Loving and Other Tales by Jordi Bernado. Discounts: free freight. Booth: 4079.

Action Publishing

Booth: 726.


Booth: 2315.

Adams Media Corp.

(Div. F&W Publications)

Featured from Adams Media:The Portable Jewish Mother by Laurie Rozakis; Let’s Have a Dog Party by Ingrid E. Newkirk; The 100 Year Lifestyle by Eric Plasker; Office Mate by Stephanie Losee and Helaine Olen; Money, Sex, and Kids by Tina Tessina. From Polka Dot Press:The Divorced Girl’s Society by Vicki King and Jennifer O’Connell; The Little Black Apron by Jodi Citrin et al. From Platinum Press:RenGen: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer by Patricia Martin. Giveaways: books, galleys and/or blads (featured titles). Drawings: KitchenAid mixer (The Little Black Apron); Whole Foods gift certificate (The Everything Green Living Book); Everything Kids’ Books (entire series). Booth: 3915.

Advanced Marketing S. De R.L. De C.V.

Distributes Spanish-language titles; Central and South American relationships sought. Featured:BE: El Concurso un libro con espejos by Nadeem Zaidi and Susana del Moral; Cine en Casa Disney: Princesas; Tesoros de las Grandes Civilizaciones: Los Mayas by Davide Domenici; Caballos by Gabrielle Boiselle; Williams Sonoma: Williams Sonoma al Instante. Booth: 4225.

Adventures Unlimited Press

Featured:The Mystery of the Olmecs by David Hatcher Childress; In Search of Quetzalcoatl by Pierre Honoré; How to Survive 2012 by Patrick Geryl; The Orion Zone by Gary A. David; The Lost Continent of Mu by James Churchward. Booths: 3776, 3777.

ADV Films/ADV Manga

Featured: anime collections, including Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days, Gunslinger Girl, Full Metal Panic and Azumanga Daioh; manga series, including Yotsuba&!. Booth: 0000.

Advocate Art

Booth: 1113.

Aequus Institute Publishing

Featured:Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy; Journey Onward by Lillian de Waters; Mrs. Eddy by Hugh A. Studdert-Kennedy; Mary Baker Eddy: Her Spiritual Footsteps by Gilbert C. Carpenter Jr. Discounts: 50% plus free freight. Booth: 4029.

African American Expressions

Booth: 2172.

African World Press

Booth: 226.

Afrikan World Book Distributors

Booth: 256.


Featured:Racing the Dark by Alaya Dawn Johnson; Brownie Points by Aundrea Lacy; The Chicago School by Johan Van Overtveldt; Sole Sisters by Deborah Mathis. Giveaways: ARCs, Racing the Dark. Booth: 4309.

Agog Creative Group/Relaxation Co.

Booth: 4331.

Akashic Books

Featured:The Session by Aaron Petrovich; Like Son by Felicia Luna Lemus; The Girl with the Golden Shoes by Colin Channer. Discounts: 50% plus free freight (U.S. only) on one in-stock backlist order (minimum 10 assorted books; CBS&D inclusive; no short discount titles). Booth: 2453.

Akindred Ltd.

Booth: 1626.

Lanning Aldrich Publishing Consultants

Consultants on book publishing and related media; advises U.S. publishers on the U.K. and foreign markets and U.K. publishers on U.S./North American and foreign markets. Featured: titles from U.K. client-publishers. Booth: 4417.

Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill

Featured:An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England by Brock Clarke; Swim to Me by Betsy Carter; Breakfast with Buddah by Roland Merullo; Boone: A Biography by Robert Morgan; New Stories from the South by
Edward P. Jones. Giveaways:Water for Elephants posters. ARCs of books listed above. Booth: 4457.

Online media exchange for used books, movies and CDs. Drawings: for a framed print (favorite book cover). Booth: 5244.

Al-Jeel Al-Arabi Publishers & Distributors

Booth: 1424.

Allworth Press

Featured:Brandjam by Marc Gobe; Video Game Design by Matthew Hawkins; The Graphic Designer’s Guide to Better Business Writing by Barbara Janoff and Ruth Cash-Smith; Screenplay Story Analysis by Asher Garfinkel; The Professional Photographer’s Legal Handbook by Nancy E. Wolff. Discounts: extra 2% on 25 or more books. Booth: 4476.

Alpha Counseling Services

Booth: 1842.

Alyson Books

Booth: 2451.

Amacom Books

Featured:Buzz: How to Create It and Win with It by Edward I. Koch and Christy Heady; The Grand Illusion: Love, Lies, and My Life with Styx by Chuck Panozzo and Michele Skettino. Discounts: extra 4% on any one order of 20 units or more (trade backlist). Booth: 2456.

Amadeus Press

Featured:The Infinite Variety of Music by Leonard Bernstein; Redeemer Reborn: The Parsifal as the Fifth Opera of Wagner’s Ring by Paul Schofield; Franco Corelli Biography by Rene Seghers; The Opera Quiz Book by Michael Walsh. Discounts: 50% on backlist (qualifying frontlist order). Booth: 2057.

Booth: 2307.

Amber Communications Group

From Amber Books:2007—2009 African-American Scholarship Guide for Students and Parents by Dante Lee; Real Estate and Wealth, Revised Edition by Sonia L. Booker; African Americans and New Orleans by Philip S. Hart; Blackout by Michelle T. Johnson; 100 Ways to Put Our African-American Families First by Larry C. Harris, M.D.; Literary Dons by Heather Covington; How to Self-Publish That Great Novel Without Going Nuts by Delores Thorton. Featured from Colossus Books:Memoirs of a Super Freak by Rick James; Dr. Dre in the Studio by Jake Brown. Drawings: drop off business card for chance to win new ACG title (June 1—3, noon—4 p.m.). Discounts: 50%. Booth: 258.

AmericanAcademyof Pediatrics

This leading publisher in the field of pediatrics offers over 500 titles on children’s health, consumer education, patient information and more. Booth: 2644.

American Bar Assn.

Featured:Every Relationship Matters by Peter E. Rouse; The Modern Rules of Style by Paul Marx; The Creative Lawyer by Michael Melcher; Garner on Writing and Language by Bryan Garner; The Little Green Book of Golf Law by John H. Minan. Giveaways: bookmarks. Booth: 3817.

American Collective Stand

Collective of independent publishers, distributors, agents and packagers from the U.S. at the London Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair and Beijing Book Fair. Booth: 2539.

American Girl Publishing

Featured: Historical Character series by Megan McDonald, including Felicity’s Cooking Studio, Kit’s Cooking Studio, Molly’s Cooking Studio, Samantha’s Cooking Studio; New Best Friend by Lisa Yee; See What You Can Be (advice book) by Diane Heiman; The Book Club Kit (activity book) by Patti Kelley; Mini Mysteries 3 (activity book) by Rick Walton; Girls Love Gymnastics (activity book), Paper Doll Fashion (activity book) and Doll Trees (activity book) by the American Girl Editors. Discounts: free freight on $500 net or more. Booths: 632, 633.

American Library Assn.


Promotes conference events for the ALA. Featured: information about the 2007 Conference & Exhibition in Washington, D.C. (June 23—26); the 2008 Midwinter Conference in Philadelphia (January 25—30). Booth: 2541.

American Pie/Interlegal Translations

This London-based translation and packaging company offers a complete range of language services for the publishing industry, specializes in cookery, crafts, arts, literature and history; its Interlegal Translations division offers similar services, specializes in legal, accountancy, insurance, investment and other commercial material. Featured: company information. Booth: 1733.

American Psychological Assn.

Featured from APA:Getting In: A Step-by-Step Plan for Gaining Admission to Graduate School in Psychology, 2nd Edition by the APA; How to Write a Lot by Paul J. Silva; Career Paths in Psychology, 2nd Edition, edited by Robert J. Sternberg; Why Aren’t More Women in Science?, edited by Stephen J. Ceci and Wendy M. Williams. From Magination Press:Lions Aren’t Scared of Shots by Howard J. Bennett; Mookey the Monkey Gets Over Being Teased by Heather Lonczak; Don’t Squeal Unless It’s a Big Deal by Jeanie Franz Ransom; What to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck by Dawn Huebner. Giveaways: Magination Press notepads and pens. Discounts: 45%, free freight on selected APA titles, APA LifeTools and Magination Press titles. Booth: 2281.

American Public Health Assn.

Booth: 2279.

American Society for Training & Dvt./ASTD Press

This first-time exhibitor is part of the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals; offers practical information on topics such as training basics, needs assessment, evaluation and return-on-investment (ROI), instructional systems design (ISD), performance, e-learning and career development. Featured:Presenting Learning by Tony Bingham and Tony Jeary; 10 Steps to Successful Project Management by Lou Russell; Crash and Learn by Jim Smith; Thriving Through Change by Elaine Biech; Staying Legal by Francine Ward. Giveaways: 500 softcover copies, Presenting Learning, ASTD pens. Booth: 3817.

American Wholesale Book Co.

Booth: 4902.

America’s Test Kitchen/

Cook’s Illustrated

Featured:America’s Best Lost Recipes by the editors of Cook’s CountryMagazine. Giveaways: galleys (America’s Best Lost Recipes), magazines (Cook’s County and Cook’s Illustrated). Booth: 4973.


Booth: 1835.

Ameson Demand

Booth: 1302.

Ammo Books

This first-time exhibitor publishes visual arts and pop-culture titles in both limited and popular editions. Featured:Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life by Charley Harper and Todd Oldham; Lulu by Lulu de Kwiatkowski; Gonzo by Hunter S. Thompson; Bomp! by Mick Farren and Suzy Shaw; The Contact Sheet by Steve Crist. Booth: 3569.

Ana Print-O-Grafix

Booth: 1807.

Anchor Books

Featured:Atonement by Ian McEwan; Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer; Lust, Caution by Eileen Chang; My Life in France by Julia Child; Love Over Scotland by Alexander McCall Smith. Booth: 4238.

Andrews McMeel Publishing

Featured:Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara by James Gurney; A Labor of Love: An Autobiography by Anne Geddes; The Berghoff Family Cookbook by Carolyn and Janice Berghoff and Nancy Ross Ryan; The Night Before Christmas, illus. by Becky Kelly; Mod Mex by Scott Linquist and Joanna Pruess. Giveaways: bags, signed books, lithographs and cartoon collections from various authors, illustrators and cartoonists such as Jim Gurney (Dinotopia: Jouney to Chandara), EllynAnne Geisel (The Apron Book), Pat Oliphant, Garry Trudeau, Lynn Johnston, Patrick McDonnell, John McPherson, Bill Amend and Stephan Pastis. Booths: 1012, 3256, 3257.

Animalations Publishing

This first-time exhibitor self-publishes a series of children’s picture books designed for language development in young readers using the 3Rs before reading: rhythm, rhyme, repetition. Featured: titles (books/music CDs) by Patricia Derrick, including Dody the Dog Has a Rainbow, Farley the Ferret of Farkleberry Farm, Riley the Rhinoceros, Rickity and Snickity at the Balloon Fiesta and Mr. Walrus and the Old School Bus. Drawings: every hour for books. Discounts: $10 per book/per person/per title (eight-book minimum). Booth: 3146.

Animal Instinct

Booth: 1847.

Anness Publishing

Featured from Aquamarine Books:Korean Cooking by Young Jin Song; Swedish Food and Cooking by Anna Mosesson; The Food & Cooking of Indonesia & the Philippines by Ghillie Basan and Vilma Laus; Gardening for Roof Terraces and Balconies by Michele Osbourne; Smoothies and Juices by Joanna Farrow. From Lorenz Books:The GL Diet Recipe Book & Health Plan by Maggie Pannell; The Secret History of the Knights Templar by Susie Hodge; The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals of America by Tom Jackson; The Complete Illustrated Book of Napkins & Napkin Folding by Rick Beech; Baby and Childcare the Pure and Natural Way by Kim Davies. From Southwater:The Classic Encyclopedia of World Recipes by Sarah Ainley; The Practical Beading Book by Lucinda Ganderton; How to Grow Shrubs and Climbers by Jonathan Edwards; The Low Cholesterol Diet & Recipe Book by Christine France; The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rocks of the World by John Farndon. Booth: 3482.

Anova Books

Offers illustrated nonfiction, promotional and children’s books; exhibiting with Publishers Assn. (U.K.). Featured: new titles from imprints including Batsford, Collins & Brown, Conway, National Trust, Pavilion, Portico, Robson and Salamander. Booth: 3377.

Anpak Printing

Booth: 1107.


Offers a POS and inventory-control system for independent booksellers, including integrated credit-card processing, offsite sales automation, used-book module, e-commerce solution and multistore package. Featured: Visual Anthology and new-feature demos; in-booth business requirement reviews and quotes. Booth: 4966.

Antioch Publishing Co.

Booth: 1114.

Antique Collectors’Club

Featured:Tiffany Lamps and Metalware by Alastair Duncan; Gardens of Europe: A Traveller’s Guide by Charles Quest-Ritson; Room Outside by John Brookes; The English House by John Steel and Michael Wright; Venetian Mosaics by Sheldon Barr. Booth: 4175.

A1 Overstock

Booth: 4911.

APG Sales & Fulfillment

This service-oriented distributor offers in addition to warehousing and inventory management, web-site development and hosting, design and print production and direct marketing call center support. Featured: titles from client-publishers, including Aequus Institute Publishing, Arawak Publishing, Aristata Publishing, Aslan Publishing, Compendium, D.C. Thomson & Co., Forrason Press, Foulsham & Co., Inclusive Books, Mary Books, New Knowledge Library, Recovery Communications, Rock House Way Press, Simple Dream Publishing, Zoetic Publishing, Zulu-Planet Publishing. Discounts: 50%, free freight. Booth: 4029.

Appalachian TrailConservancy

Featured: selection of official ATC guidebooks and maps; Appalachian Trail Guide to New York-New Jersey (new edition). Giveaways: drawstring pack. Drawings: for set of ATC guides ($280 retail value). Discounts: 50% on all ATC titles (orders placed June 1—17); free freight. Booth: 4507.

Applause Theatre/Cinema Books

Featured:TV Year, Vol. 1: The Prime Time 2005—2006 Season by John Kenneth Muir; George Clooney by Kimberly Potts; We Are Not Alone: The Making of Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Ray Morton; Raymond Burr: Hiding in Plain Sight by Michael Starr; One on One: The Best Women’s Monologues for the 21st Century, edited by Joyce Henry et al.; The Playbill Broadway Yearbook: June 1, 2006—May 31, 2007 (Playbill Books). Drawings: bookseller/librarian raffle to win three George Clooney DVDs. Booth: 2878.

Applewood Books

Featured:Culinary Treasures: Cookbooks from America’s Living Past. Discounts: free freight. Booth: 3363.

Aquarius Entertainment

Booth: 4280.

Arawak Publishing

Featured:The Passionate Advocate by Anthony Gifford; Bob Marley by Eleanor Wint and Carolyn Cooper; A Book of Afric Caribbean Proverbs by Richard Allsopp; The Caribbean Multilingual Dictionary by Jeanette Allsopp; Jamaica: The Aviation Story by Patrick Bryan. Discounts: 50% plus free freight. Booth: 4029.

Arbor Books

Booth: 5255.


Booth: 3732.


Booth: 5161.


Booth: 1728.

Aristata Publishing

Featured:Aphrodisia II: Art of the Female Form, edited by Craig Elliott. Discounts: 50% plus free freight. Booth: 4029.

Around the Way Books

This first-time exhibitor publishes nonfiction and urban fiction titles. Featured:Jabari Authentic Jamaican Dictionary of the Jamic Language, compiled and edited by Ras Jabari; Pay to Play and The Plexus Agenda, both by Andre Lewis; Chronicles of a Hot Stepper by Ras Jabari; Thug Mrs. by Leevon Young Jr. Drawings: daily for deluxe gift baskets. Discounts: up to 50%. Booth: 214.

Arsenal Pulp Press

Featured:Eat, Drink and Be Vegan by Dreena Burton; New World Provence by Alessandra and Jean-Francis Quaglia; Fame Us by Brian Howell; The Dictionary of Homophobia, edited by Louis-Georges Tin, trans. by Marek Redburn; Comin’ at Ya: The Homoerotic 3-D Photographs of Denny Denfield by Denny Denfield. Booth: 2245.

Artech House

Booth: 2076.

Arte Público Press

Featured from Arte Público:The Lady from Buenos Aires by John Lantigua; Migrations and Other Stories by Lisa Hernandez; El corrido de Dante by Eduardo González Viaña; Enriqueta Vasquez and the Chicano Movement: Writings from El Grito del Norte, edited by Lorena Oropeza and Dionne Espinoza; ¡Macho! by Victor Villaseñor, Spanish trans. by Alfonso González. From Piñata Books:Windows into My World: Latino Youth Write Their Lives, edited by Sarah Cortez; Juan and the Chupacabras/Juan y el Chupacabras by Xavier Garza; Quedando bien by Anilu Bernardo, Spanish trans. by Rosario Sanmiguel; The Ruiz Street Kids/Los muchachos de la calle Ruiz by Diane Gonzales Bertrand; My Father, the Angel of Death by Ray Villareal. Discounts: free freight. Booth: 3483.

Artlist Int’l

Booth: 2072.

Art Media Resources

Booth: 4185.

AsiaPacific Offset

Booth: 5046.

Aslan Publishing

Featured:Your Body Believes Every Word You Say by Barbara Hoberman Levine; Foot Soldiers by Deborah Douglas, M.D.; Organizational Zoo by Arthur Shelly; Women Facing Retirement by Bonnie S. Bostrom with Barbara Reider; Maximizing Me by Hart Cunningham. Discounts: 50% plus free freight. Booth: 4029.

Assn. for the Export of Canadian Books

Booth: 4130.

Assn. of American Publishers

Booth: 4876.

Assn. of American Univ. Presses

AAUP is a cooperative, nonprofit organization that promotes the work of university and scholarly presses; provides cooperative marketing and sales efforts to members; AAUP 125 member-presses publish over 9,000 books and 700 periodicals annually. Featured: titles from member-presses; “Books for Understanding,” AAUP’s free online bibliographic service. Booths: 4856—4871.

Assn. of Booksellers for Children

Promotes children’s literacy, literature and the love of reading. Featured: E.B. White Read-Aloud Award winners; New Voices program authors and projects. Giveaways: posters, bookmarks. Booth: 1243.

Assouline Publishing

Featured:Masks by Thierry Despont; A Privileged Life by Susanna Salk; Sex Game Book by Denyse Beaulieu; In the Spirit of Las Vegas by Jennifer Worthington; American Fashion by Charlie Scheips and Sally Singer. Discounts: 50%, backlist. Booth: 4639.


(Div. BookMasters)

Provides distribution and trade marketing services, as well as domestic and international sales representation. Featured: titles from client-publishers, including Aspirations Media, Discipleship Publications Int’l (DPI), Parapsychology Foundation, Purdue Univ. Press. Drawings: for LCD television. Giveaways: selected titles. Discounts: 47%, free freight. Booths: 3157, 3159; 3161, 3163.

Audio Partners Publishing

Featured audio:The Moving Finger and After the Funeral, both by Agatha Christie; Too Many Women by Rex Stout; Roosevelt and Churchill by David Stafford. Booth: 4323.

Audio Renaissance

Featured audios:The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perrotta; Heartsick by Chelsea Cain; The Race by Richard North Patterson; Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson; What on Earth Have I Done? by Robert Fulghum. Booth: 3647.

AugsburgFortress Publishers

Booth: 4960.

August House Publishers

Featured:The Red Scarf by Richard Mason; The Great Smelly, Slobbery, Small-Tooth Dog by Margaret Read MacDonald, illus. by Julie Paschkis; Spicy Hot Colors by Sherry Shahan, illus. by Paula Barragán; The Pig Who Went Home on Sunday by Donald Davis, illus. by Jennifer Mazzucco; new Story Cove series titles. Booth: 3817.

Auntie G Books

Booth: 1822.


Offers publishing and marketing services for authors worldwide through its “author-centric publishing process.” Featured: Authors Across America campaign ( Drawings: one winner will receive a complimentary publishing package. Booths: 2069, 2075.

Authors Guild

Booth: 1239.

Avalon Publishing Group

Imprints include Avalon Travel Publishing, Carroll & Graf Publishers, Marlowe & Co., Nation Books, Seal Press and Thunder’s Mouth Press. Featured: see publishers’ listings for details. Booths: 4203—4207.

Avalon Travel Publishing

Featured: Rick Steves’ travel series; Moon Metro travel series. Giveaways:Moon Metro: New York City. Booths: 4203—4207.

Award Publications

Featured:Classic Adventures, retold by Michael Bishop and Jackie Andrews; A Treasury of Traditional Tales, retold by Howard Hall and Jane Carruth; Aesop’s Fables; Grimm’s Fairy Tales; Young Encyclopedia series, edited by Elizabeth Miles. Booth: 3376.