Academy Chicago Publishers

Wave of Terror (Jan., $19.95) by Theodore Odrach, trans. by Emma Odrach, depicts the toll of WWII and Soviet repression on a village in Belarus.

Akashic Books

Song for Night (Sept., $12.95) by Chris Abani follows a West African boy soldier’s journey through a brutal landscape in search of his platoon. Author tour.


Cries in the Drizzle (Oct., $13.95) by Yu Hua examines the struggles of a family under Maoist rule in rural China.

ARchipelago Books

(dist. by Consortium)

The Waitress Was New (Feb., $15) by Dominique Fabre. An out-of-work Parisian waiter’s inner monologue reveals much about his character. Author tour.


Gather Together in My Name (Jan., $14) by Tracy Price-Thompson follows a young man serving time on death row for a crime he did not commit.

Atria/Strebor Books

Everlasting (Oct., $15) by Stacy-Deanne portrays the love between two Latino teenagers.


Good Little Wives (Sept., $13.95) by Abby Drake centers on marriage, murder and face-lifts. 40,000 first printing.

Exit to Eden (Oct., $13.95) by Anne Rice repackages erotic fiction that Rice originally published under the name Anne Rampling. The founder of a sexual fantasy resort falls in love. 50,000 first printing.

Big Boned (Dec., $13.95) by Meg Cabot features a pop star turned girl detective. 125,000 first printing.

Avon Inspire

Blessed Assurance (Oct., $9.95) by Lyn Cote sees three generations of women discover their destiny. 60,000 first printing.


The Faraday Girls (Sept., $13.95) by Monica McInerney. A woman who was happily raised by her four aunts discovers that they all have something to hide.


Mommy Tracked (Sept., $12) by Whitney Gaskell. The lives of four female friends intertwine as they struggle with parenthood and careers. 40,000 first printing.

The Darker Side of Pleasure (Oct., $13) by Eden Bradley contains three tantalizing tales of submission and dominance. 35,000 first printing.

Bound in Moonlight (Nov., $13) by Louisa Burton. The Castle of the Hidden Grotto forms a background for an erotic trilogy. 35,000 first printing.


Mona Lisa Craving: A Novel of the Monere (Jan., $14) by Sunny stands as a sensual sequel to the author’s earlier two novels.

Berkley Heat

Decadent (Oct., $15) by Shayla Black. Kimber Edgington turns to her bodyguard, Deke Trenton, for a course in sex education.

Nauti Nights (Nov., $15) by Lora Leigh follows Nauti Boy as the second entry in this trilogy.

Berkley Sensation

Fairyville (Sept., $14) by Emma Holly mixes sex and the paranormal.

Beyond the Dark (Dec., $14) by Angela Knight, Emma Holly, Lora Leigh and Diane Whiteside collects four tales of paranormal romance.

Bethany House

Where My Heart Belongs (Oct., $13.99) by Tracie Peterson. A prodigal daughter discovers it’s not too late to go home. 56,000 first printing.

The Parting (Oct., $13.99) by Beverly Lewis chronicles the separation of families during the New Order/Old Order split among the Amish. 313,000 first printing.

A Daughter’s Inheritance (Jan., $13.99) by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller launches the Broadmoor Legacy series set at the turn of the last century. 63,000 first printing.

Black Cat

The Cry of the Dove (Oct., $14) by Fadia Faqir centers on a young Bedouin woman seeking asylum in England.

Marion Boyars

The Concubine of Shanghai (Feb., $14.95) by Hong Ying follows a young girl who grows up to become a powerful figure in the Shanghai Triads.

Bywater Books

Liddy-Jean, Marketing Queen (Jan., $13.95) by Mari SanGiovanni. Liddy-Jean, an office worker with Down syndrome, writes a book about what’s wrong with corporate America.


When to Walk (Oct., $14) by Rebecca Gowers. A woman reinvents herself after her husband ends their marriage over lunch.

Carroll & Graf

Biting the Apple (Sept., $14.99) by Lucy Jane Bledsoe features an Olympic sprinter turned motivational speaker who finds herself succumbing to bad habits.

Cassell Military

(dist. by Sterling)

Assignment Gestapo (Oct., $9.95) by Sven Hassel studies hardened killers engaged in a battle against the Russians.

Center Street

Just Beyond the Clouds (Sept., $14.99) by Karen Kingsbury. A widower fights for stability as he struggles to trust again.

Coach House Books

(dist. by Northwestern Univ. Press)

Pulpy and Midge (Oct., $16.95) by Jessica Westhead explores tyrannical bosses and office crushes.

Twenty Miles (Oct., $16.95) by Cara Hedley celebrates women’s hockey.

Coffee House Press

(dist. by Consortium)

The Meat and Spirit Plan (Sept., $14.95) by Selah Saterstrom follows a teenager through her drug-riddled adolescence.

Coteau Books

A Feast of Longing (Nov., $16.95) by Sarah Klassen covers characters who long for significance and meaning in their lives.

Dalkey Archive

Omega Minor (Oct., $16) by Paul Verhaeghen moves from Berlin to Boston, Los Alamos and Auschwitz in recounting the lasting impact of the Holocaust.

Ivan R. Dee

(dist. by NBN)

Collected Stories of Ivan Bunin (Sept., $19.95) by Ivan Bunin, trans. by Graham Hettlinger, collects tales of love and loss and the Russian landscape.


Riding the Storm (Sept., $13) by Sydney Croft. A sexually insatiable navy SEAL has paranormal powers to control the weather. 35,000 first printing.

The Adultery Club (Jan., $12) by Tess Stimson. A married man has a workplace affair, while his wife is also tempted by another. 50,000 first printing.

Europa Editions

(dist. by Consortium)

Lions at Lamb House (Sept., $14.95) by Edwin M. Yoder Jr. imagines what happens when an Austrian psychiatrist responds to the urgent request of a Boston colleague.

Zeroville (Nov., $14.95) by Steve Erickson. In 1969, a film-obsessed ex-seminarian becomes a noted movie editor. 15,000 first printing. $15,000 .ad/promo.

5 Spot

Odd Mom Out (Sept., $13.99) by Jane Porter watches as an unconventional single mother and her conformist daughter come to terms.

Fordham Univ. Press

Manhattan (Nov.; $24, cloth $75) by Hélène Cixous, trans. by Beverley Bie Brahic, follows a young French scholar who travels to the U.S. in 1965.

Frigate Books

(dist. by Midpoint Trade)

The Husband Bench, or Bev’s Book (Sept., $17.95) by Ruth Doan MacDougall explains why a woman decided to reunite with her husband after 12 years apart.


Hundred in the Hand (Sept., $16.95) by Joseph M. Marshall III presents historical fiction from the Native American viewpoint.


(dist. by Sterling)

Doctor Whom: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Parodication (Sept., $9.95) by A.R.R.R. Roberts stars a TimeLord who has come to save Earth from sloppy syntax and bad grammar.

Grand Central Publishing

Robert Ludlum’s The Arctic Event (Sept., $15.99) by James Cobb. An army researcher leads a team of scientists to a remote island, where they discover the remains of a spy plane.

True to the Game II (Nov., $14.99) by Teri Woods turns on a love affair and a case of mistaken identity.

Granta UK

(dist. by Trafalgar Square)

NW15: The Anthology of New Writing (Sept., $19.95), edited by Bernardine Evaristo and Maggie Gee, showcases work from new and established U.K. writers.

Graywolf Press

Refresh, Refresh (Oct., $15) by Benjamin Percy collects stories set in an Oregon community ravaged by the Iraq War. Author tour.


Best New American Voices 2008 (Oct., $15), edited by Richard Bausch, spotlights the work of emerging writers. 25,000 first printing.

Harper Paperbacks

Who Stole the Funny? (Sept., $13.95) by Robby Benson. A “self-made man-child” director is brought in to salvage a TV sitcom pilot. 50,000 first printing.

Crossed (Feb., $14.95) by Nicole Galland blends the history of the Fourth Crusade and the sack of Constantinople in 1204. 40,000 first printing.

Harper Perennial

A Father’s Law (Jan., $13.95) by Richard Wright explores the challenges of being a black policeman and father; published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the author’s birth. 50,000 first printing.

Confessions of a Falling Woman (Feb., $13.95) by Debra Dean collects short stories from the author of The Madonna of Leningrad. 40,000 first printing.

Homa & Sekey Books

September’s Fable (Nov., $29.95) by Zhang Wei, trans. by Terence Russell and Shawn Xian Ye, recounts the rise and fall of a Chinese coastal village.

Houghton Mifflin

The Best American Short Stories 2007 (Oct.; $14, cloth $28), edited by Stephen King, offers diverse voices in fiction. 200,000 first printing.

The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2007 (Oct.; $14, cloth $28), edited by Dave Eggers, collects fiction, nonfiction, alternative comics, screenplays, blogs and more. 75,000 first printing.

Kaya Press

(dist. by D.A.P.)

This Is a Bust (Sept., $14.95) by Ed Lin explores New York City’s Chinatown, 1976, through the eyes of a Chinese-American cop.

Kimani Press

After Hours (Feb., $14.95) by Rochelle Alers. Three very different women are united by their secret lives.

On the Line (Jan., $14.95) by Donna Hill. A radio talk-show host gets a dose of payback when she writes a tell-all exposé.

The Knees of Gullah Island (Jan., $14.95) by Dwight Fryer. A free black man in the antebellum South attempts to purchase the slave woman he loves.

Louisiana State Univ. Press

The Animal Girl: Two Novellas and Three Stories (Sept., $16.95) by John Fulton explores the awkwardness of situations in which grief and erotic love collide.

MacMillan UK New Writing

(dist. by Trafalgar Square)

The Deserter (Oct., $13.95) by Peter Bourne incorporates themes of the Arab-Israeli conflict into the story of a Jewish doctor returning to Israel.

McBooks Press

(dist. by IPG)

Tomorrow the World (Sept., $16.95) by John Biggins. A cadet carries the Hapsburg Empire’s civilizing mission to the unreceptive peoples of Africa and Oceania.

McGill—Queen’s Univ. Press

The Torontonians (Oct., $24.95) by Phyllis Brett Young. A housewife’s new carpeting triggers her introspective voyage into how she became who she is.

Mercer Univ. Press

The Convention (Oct., $20) by Will D. Campbell presents a parable about a candidate for the presidency of a church.


Stealing Lumby (Sept., $14) by Gail Fraser. The tranquil Pacific Northwest town of Lumby is thrown into a tizzy when a noted painting is stolen.

Mademoiselle Boleyn (Nov., $14) by Robin Maxwell tracks Anne Boleyn’s adolescence in the French court.

Lumby’s Bounty (Jan., $14) by Gail Fraser. The third entry in this series depicts further goings-on in the neighborly town.

New Directions

Cinema Stories (Sept., $11.95) by Alexander Kluge, trans. by Martin Brady, anthologizes fiction about movies.

Bass Cathedral (Feb., $14.95) by Nathaniel Mackey centers on an L.A. jazz ensemble preparing to release a new album.

New York Review Books Classics

The New York Stories of Edith Wharton (Sept., $16.95) by Edith Wharton collects the author’s novellas and chronicles her changing views of the city.

The Unforgiving Years (Nov., $15.95) by Victor Serge considers the devastation of WWII.

Northwestern Univ. Press

The Sylph (Oct., $18.95) by Georgiana, duchess of Devonshire, edited by Jonathan Gross. This 18th-century epistolary romance is available for the first time in the U.S.

W.W. Norton

If You Liked School, You’ll Love Work (Sept., $14.95) by Irvine Welsh. These five stories feature such disparate characters as a Korean chef, an ex-pat American living on the Costa Brava and a pooch named Toto.

Ohio Univ. Press/Swallow Press

New Stories from the Southwest (Jan.; $16.95, cloth $32.95), edited by D. Seth Horton, anthologizes the work of 19 contemporary writers.

One World Books

The Sweetest Taboo (Jan., $13.95) by Risque recounts the sensual adventures of two women searching for love.

Open City

Why the Devil Chose New England for His Work: Stories (Oct., $14) by Jason Brown. Linked tales tell of forbidden love, runaway children and more in a fictional New England town.


Wolves of the Crescent Moon (Dec., $13) by Yousef Al-Mohaimeed, trans. by Anthony Calderbank. In a Riyadh bus station, a man finds a folder with official reports about an abandoned baby.

Phoenix Press

(dist. by Sterling)

Compact Editions: Anna Karenina—In Half the Time (Sept., $9.95) by Leo Tolstoy condenses the classic.


Cion (Sept., $14) by Zakes Mda observes a man who is investigating a story of runaway slaves. Author tour.


Rashi’s Daughters Book 2: Miriam (Sept., $15) by Maggie Anton follows the middle child of Talmudic authority.

Pocket Books

The Accidental Mother (Sept., $14) by Rowan Coleman centers on a woman who becomes the guardian of a friend’s two young daughters.

The Pastor’s Wife (Nov., $14) by ReShonda Tate Billingsley follows a pastor whose family wants to find him a wife.

Pocket Books/MTV/VH1

Leftovers (Jan., $12) by Laura Wiess. Tragedies befall young women who are considered society’s leftovers.

Publishing Works

Skip to Maloo and Other Stories (Nov., $15.95) by Djelloul Marbrook collects works of literary fiction.

Random House

Special Assignments: The Further Adventures of Erast Fandorin (Feb., $13.95) by Boris Akunin is from the Russian writer of 19th-century mysteries.


Maridos (Nov., $14.95) by Ángeles Mastretta intertwines Spanish-language stories that all contain the word marido, “husband,” in the opening paragraphs’ first four lines.

Red Dress Ink

Sorcery and the Single Girl (Oct., $13.95) by Mindy Klasky revolves around a working single woman with witch’s powers.

Signet Eclipse

The Perfect Ten (Jan., $14) by Janice Maynard. Two sisters invent a wildly potent love potion.

Simon & Schuster

Toehold (Oct., $13) by Stephen H. Foreman sets a love story in an Alaskan town of 200 eccentric souls. 35,000 first printing.

Soft Skull Press

Guantánamo (Sept., $14) by Dorothea Dieckmann, trans. by Tim Mohr, describes the Guantánamo gulag from a fictional perspective.

Waterbaby (Oct., $14.95) by Cris Mazza tells a literary ghost story about a middle-aged woman trying to break free of her past. Author tour.

Sourcebooks Landmark

Frankenstein’s Bride (Oct., $16.95) by Hilary Bailey. What might have happened if Frankenstein had created a female companion for his monster?

Spice Books

Tempted (Jan., $13.95) by Megan Hart. A husband and wife and the husband’s old school friend form a love triangle.

St. Martin’s/Griffin

The Dark-Hunter Companion (Nov., $19.95) by Sherrilyn Kenyon is an illustrated guide to the Dark-Hunter series. 150,000 first printing.

My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon (Jan., $14.95) by Katie MacAlister et al. collects paranormal romances by four authors. 50,000 first printing.

Sunbelt Publications

Guacamole Dip (Nov., $14.95) by Daniel Reveles recounts tales of the Mexican border town of Tecate.

Swedenborg Foundation Publishers

Imagine That! Portals to Other Worlds (Oct., $15.95), edited by Carol Lawson and Robert Lawson, collects short stories, essays and poetry.


(dist. by Northwestern Univ. Press)

A Covenant of Salt (Sept., $17.95) by Martine Desjardins explores the conquest of Quebec and Irish legend.

Thistledown Press

The Reddening Path (Nov., $16.95) by Amanda Hale. A woman adopted by a lesbian couple as an infant searches for her birth mother.


Daughter of York (Feb., $16.95) by Anne Easter Smith. In 1461, 15-year-old Margaret of York’s father dies, throwing the country into turmoil.

Turtle Point Press

Now Voyagers: Some Divisions of the Saga of Mawrdew Czgowchwz, Oltrano, Authenticated by Persons Represented Therein. Book One: The Night Sea Journey (Oct., $17.95) by James McCourt follows up the comic novel Mawrdew Czgowchwz. 5-city author tour.

Unbridled Books

The Lamentations of Julius Marantz (Nov., $14.95) by Marc Estrin. A scientist realizes that his antigravity invention has been used by a manipulative government.

Univ. of Alabama/Fiction Collective Two

Double Vision (Sept., $19.95) by George Garrett explores American literary life and the art of biography.

Univ. of Iowa Press

Whose World Is This? (Sept., $15) by Lee B. Montgomery. Short stories depict women pushed to the edge.

Univ. of Michigan Press

The American Wife: Stories (Oct., $18.95) by Elaine Ford is from the 2007 winner of the Michigan Literary Fiction Award for short fiction.

Univ. of Wisconsin Press

Flight of the Condor: Stories of Violence and War from Colombia (Sept.; $26.95, cloth $65), trans. by Jennifer Gabrielle Edwards. Stories testify to the effects of the last century of violence in Colombia.

Univ. Press of Florida

Matecumbe (Sept., $21) by James A. Michener presents previously unpublished work by the celebrated author.

Wizards of the Coast discoveries

Last Dragon (Feb., $17.95) by J.M. McDermott. A woman is sent to find her grandfather, who is accused of killing everyone in their village.